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Salam aleikum everyone this bill Sato salam ala Rasulillah. While he was a huge buyer, this is not a lecture. I just wanted to come live before Ramadan was over and talk to you guys a little bit about something that's been on my mind. I think a lot of you have been following my work, I hope you guys are enjoying the Susan Legend series. And I just wanted to give you a picture of what's ahead for Vienna and what you might expect in sha Allah and just talk to you kind of like one on one, I just want you to pretend that I'm sitting across the table from you having a chat with you about your own journey through the Quran. So the first thing is that obviously, I tried to study the Quran in as

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much depth as I can, along with my team and whatever I think I've come to understand I try and share that with you guys. And I want you on that journey along with me. Right and I know some of you don't know where to begin with that I personally felt for a long time that studying the Quran, we talk about having a connection to the Quran reciting the Quran, we're in the month of the Quran. But practically speaking, it's really hard to get started. And a lot of us don't know where to begin. And translations are, they don't take us far enough. And tafsir feels like it's too complicated. So it's, we're kind of stuck in between, right. And that's where sort of my team and what we provide as

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a service comes in, we're trying to make your connection to the Quran easier. And to try to help at least be the bridge before you become an advanced student or something like that. You all have different careers, different pathways in life, some of your university students, some of your kids in school, some of your parents, some of your full time employees, you can't all become full time students of Islam or students of the Quran. So something has to be there that allows you to Little by little, build your knowledge and build your connection to the Quran, right? That's the whole vision. And so but you know, just became about two things and it's going to stay those two things,

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it's, I got to figure out a way to make Arabic easy for everybody. And I'll there'll be announcement about that soon as a new one. And

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we've got to figure out a way to make Quran study and Quran translation and contemplating the Quran and feeling connected to the Quran, we've got to figure out a way of making that easy for people and I think we're doing a pretty decent job of that. But there's lots of new horizons for us to cover. So inshallah in the near future, you're going to see more and more soon as being released. On Vienna TV, I've been traveling the world quite a bit different community every time with a different surah. So I'm heading after Ramadan to a few cities and inshallah soon in Europe. And then soon after that across some parts of the Muslim world to cover as much of the Quran as I can. And I've this, this

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journey has made me more of a student than anything else, right, and it's just so rewarding, I can't just turn the camera on or go go somewhere and give a speech, I have to put in 10 times as much work before I can even go give a lecture about any of these tools. So I'm, I'm really enjoying that journey. But coming to you, I want two things from you, those of you that

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cannot afford it, I just want you to sign up and ask for it. Even if you can't afford it, just get started, get started with a gift subscription. And just get get your journey started through the Quran. And those of you who can afford it, there's two of you, there's those of you that are already subscribers to be in a TV. And I'm really grateful that you have subscribed and you're benefiting from it. And you've also helped others contribute, you know, get on their journey, I just want you to help them this year to theirs. It the growth has been incredible. And I'm not able to keep up my team is not able to keep up with the growth, there are 30,000 students around the world that want to

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study the Quran with us. And we can't afford to give them a subscription yet we've maxed out. So I need your help. And being able to sponsor these students, it costs a little over $100 a year to sponsor one student, there's a there's a link in the description of this video. If you guys can help, please do help. And if you can't help, that's okay. I just want you to get started anyway, if you and if you just can't afford it for yourself, do it for yourself. And this, I think this would make a really nice eat present, right? Because this is the month of the Quran and you give somebody a pathway they can start learning the Quran also. Right? So that's actually, you know, what I'm

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hoping for? What's also on the horizon. Inshallah soon is we're going to take some of the senior lectures that I've been doing, and the research that we've been doing, and start organizing that and compiling that in book form and publishing that. So I think my my hope for future generations is Inshallah, some of the materials we produce can become a basis, and they can build on top of that, and I think we should have in multiple languages, we should have like libraries of Quran studies, so that anybody who says hey, I'd like to have a deeper relationship with certain insight, or like to have a deep connection with silicon najem. How do I do that? Like, how do I take any Surah of the

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Quran and say, You know what, I want to dive deep. And I don't want to get intimidated and feel like it's too much information or I don't know where to, I don't know how to process it in a way that a teacher would teach not the way a scholar would teach. And that's the last thing I want to share with you are my mission isn't to give advanced lectures on the Quran. My mission is to do advanced studies in the Quran. But do the lectures in a way that even if your 12 year old is sitting near a 10 year old is sitting there, a new Muslim

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sitting there, they shouldn't be able to get something out of it. So that's the that's the mission. Lots of suitors left for the deeper look series of the Quran Alhamdulillah we've done about I think 40 42% now and the next seven to 10 years or so we're hoping to finish the rest of the Quran and that's a full time occupation, to be able to do the rest of the Quran, their translation of the Quran and with brief commentary that's already done that's already on being a TV and I want you to guys to go check that out, check it out and then start now that you're coming to the end of Ramadan, this is a time for you to build that long term relationship with the Quran with the law so let's do

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that let's let's become become really serious students of the Quran. Let's give it a commitment. You don't have to have a full time commitment, a part time regular commitment. And if you guys can help sponsor students please do so I really really appreciate it. And those of you that have been patrons and have been subscribers to be in a TV I'm truly grateful for you to have been part of the BNN TV family so much of what we do so much of what I produce so much we put it up put out there for free also on social media, other platforms are only able to do that because there are subscribers like yourself that are supporting the platform. Just like Kamala Hayden some are gonna have to Allah and

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an early evening black to you guys