Reflections on The DC Capital Assault

Yasir Qadhi


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Tip number seven,

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we praise the law, the one and the unique him do we worship and his aid do we seek, he aids the one in distress, and he gives strength to the week. Dear Muslims, in the last few days, we saw signs, we saw images that seared in our heads of mobs attacking our own capital. And we saw chaos and mayhem fitting up and facade, the likes of which we were not accustomed to seeing in these lands. Again, much can be said, and I was debating whether to mention this or not. But I feel very strongly about this issue. And so there are natural law. And we will see what this message will do. Dear Muslims, as I was scrolling through Facebook, and even listening to what others were saying, I saw some

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amongst us some who were, in some sense, rebelling, maybe even gloating about this reality that they are seeing. They expressed a sense of happiness, about seeing the chaos and the fitna and the facade. And you know, the fact of the matter, we can understand why certain segments are so angry at the reality of this nation and land. There is no doubt and I have said this numerous times that our country has a dark side, it has an underbelly that we don't like to think about, it has a history of having a lot of negatives, as well, how the indigenous people of this land were treated and decimated, how millions of people were brought over from Africa and treated and how their

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descendants are still being treated. We have plenty to criticize when it comes to foreign foreign invasions, when it comes to foreign policy, when it comes to philosophy when it comes to Guantanamo. And the list goes on and on and on. Let this not be assumed that I am exonerating much less defending that dark underbelly. But I want to make a point here that might not be popular, I say loudly and clearly that it is neither healthy nor Islamic, to gloat over a tragedy of this nature. This is not an exoneration of the evil that has happened in the name of and by this country that we live in. No, it is a reminder of who we are not to who others might be. It is a reminder of our

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religion of our principles. It is a reminder of what we are here to do. We are not here to wreak vengeance, we are not here to have a tit for tat, we have a goal and a purpose. And that goal and that purpose is nittaku, shuhada. idleness to be a witness unto mankind. Is it really healthy for us to harbor such negativity about the very land that we live in? Is this the way forward and I say this at the beginning of this year, because dear Muslims, it is very likely that we're gonna see a lot more such things happening if you understand what is going on. In all likelihood, this was not the first nor that is going to be the last. So what is going to be our attitude as this calamity

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precipitates? Are we going to be in the sidelines cheering? Or are we going to understand that neither is that healthy, nor Islamic? In the end of the day, this is our land. These are our peoples, despite all the negativity that is happening. And if we learn anything from this era, well law, how can we read the incident of thought if over and over and over again? since we were children, we were taught the incident of thought if and yet when something like this happens, we turn our backs to the tragedy of life, and we don't learn anything from the lessons of life. Should we want destruction for our people? Or should we want to die? And grandma? That is the question I'm

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asking you. It's a very unpopular question. It's a blunt question. It's a wrong question. But it needs to be asked, What is your goal for being here? What is your purpose for having come to this land and benefited from all the benefits? Because in the end the data let's be honest, here, almost all of us have come and benefited immensely. That's why we are here or our fathers came before us. Is this the Islamic attitude? No doubt. There's much to criticize. No doubt. We're angry about 1,000,001 things. But in the end of the day, what we want is not destruction. We want a dire we want compassion. We want a loss blessings to come down. So all I'm asking for in this second part of the

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whole All I'm asking for is a reevaluation.

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Our attitudes of our paradigm of our framework. How do we view the people around us? How do we view these incidents taking place? Should we not be at the forefront using this as a teaching moment? Yes, well, ah he we can talk about the hypocrisy and double standards. We all know that if a person in a in a beard and another flag were in the Capitol, what would happen? We all know if people have a darker skin color, we're doing what they did, what would happen. This is the time to use as a teaching moment. This is the time where we need to display leadership and not hatred, compassion, and not bigotry. This is what we are here for dear Muslims, and will lie in distressed me to find so

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many amongst us online and whatnot, to have a sense of gloating and happiness about the reality of what is happening. Do we not realize that the destruction of these lands is the destruction of our own family and friends, is the destruction of where we are. A man came to the Prophet system, the leader of one of the tribes of DOS, and he said, O Messenger of Allah, my tribe has rejected me and my tribe is an evil tribe make dua to Allah to destroy them. The Prophet system that made up he raised his hands and the people became happy that he thought they would make up for the destruction. He said, Oh Allah, guy dose to Islam, Allah guide the tribe of dose to Islam, Allah guide them to

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Islam and bring them to Islam and SubhanAllah. Within a few weeks, the tribe of dose embraced Islam and came to Medina, embracing Islam, even though one of its own leaders, one of its own Muslim leaders came to Medina and he said, O Messenger of Allah, my people are evil, my people are bad, make dua to Allah to destroy them. That's what he wanted. Because it's only natural, you feel extra angry? Do you not think we understand I understand Guantanamo is still open, our blood should be boiling the foreign invasions of Iraq or Afghanistan, of course, we speak out. But that does not mean we want destruction. That does not mean that we pray for the annihilation are very, very people

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we live amongst, it means that we channel that anger and we temper it with the compassion of our religion, with the lessons of our Sierra and we then become productive members, role model people that we demonstrate what is it mean to be Muslim? What is it mean to be leaders of religion in a land where religion is becoming lost? That's what we should use this opportunity for. This is not an exoneration of the past crimes of this land. It is a call for reflection about who we are as a Muslim civilization living in this land and our priorities and our paradigm, let us learn from this era. Indeed, what is happening is tragic, and there's much to criticize, but our role, our goal is

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not just to destroy, it's not to annihilate our role is to be role models, to guide people to the beautiful religion, to explain to them why we are here and to tell them about the message of our Lord and the life of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam That should be our paradigm. So let us reflect upon that and use this as a teaching moment. And indeed Allah subhanho wa Taala is the one who guides to the straight path Hello How many died for a mineral aloha method a few 100 yummy them a lot of water. What 100 Manila for Raja while identity la kobita water Medina Elijah feta what I see on La assaulter Allah fildena where the one indigenous discover who's been a man, what are you

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even as a Latina man provena in Nicaragua Rahim? Allah Hama is an Islam and Muslim in Allahumma is an Islamic Muslim in Allahumma. Israel is number one Muslim in Allahumma Adana Arden is now one Muslim in a suit and French regiment.

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Nero fitted Vidya cobia as he is about the law in the law to Allah. Amara Raja Habib NFC Wesson abimelech todo se was held at the

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end he will insert for Call Recording edema in the law How could you saloon either never nebby yeah you alladhina amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam with us Nima Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ab de kado Sudhakar Mohammed while he was married, hey, by the law in the law to either your mobile ID with your Sony. What are the Porsche 100? For sure I will moon cardiopathy here. Allah come to the Kuru Kuru la de mer Kuru. Kuru what are the cruel Vita Allah Akbar waka masala