Heart Matters 19 – Viewing the World Through the Lens of Tawakkul

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Smilla Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah why the early he was so happy woman Wala.

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Today inshallah we'll discuss one of the most important aspects of the heart. And that is the aspect of telecoil the aspect of the work will have no claim remarks that work cool putting one's trust in Allah is actually half of all of our actions when it comes to Allah. If no claim says, I apologize, I have a sore throat so my voice is a bit hoarse. If you know play em says half of our actions are related to worshiping Allah and the other half are related to to work called in Allah and he derives this from Surah Al Fatiha yeah can I do that? Yeah can stir in you alone do we worship and You alone are the one who is help is sought. And Tawakkol is the end result of his Tiana to work cool is the

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fruit of asking Allah for help. So if we perfect the second half, then that is all about Tawakkol and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada mentions the work cool, and links it to Iman in multiple verses. Are they are common quantum among Tom Billahi Valley hito curlew, Musa said to his people, if you have Iman in Allah, you must put your Tawakkol in Allah in another verse, what Allah He photowalk Curlew In Kuntum Muslim in if you are Muslims, your talk code must be in Allah. In another verse, Allah Subhana Allah Allah says in the Allahu hipbone, mutawa Killeen, Allah loves those who have to work cool. And if you look at the biographies of all of the prophets of Allah, they have manifested to

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work cool in the highest manner, when you put on him, was thrown into that fire built by Nimrud. When Abraham was thrown into that fire, Ibrahim said, has to be Allah who will kill and ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala change that fire into a coldness when Musa was stuck between the army of fear down on one side and the Red Sea in front of him and the people of Musa the Bani Israel said, we are destroyed in that and with the Rakuen. Musa Tawakkol came out and he says Paula Kola, no, that's not going to happen. In Nehemiah Rob bisa Dean, Allah is with me he shall find a way out for me. When our Prophet sallallahu either he was selling them was trapped in the heart of throat he was trapped

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in that heart and the Quraysh were outside and even Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Allah and begins trembling ganas will Allah, if they just look they will catch us and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Lata has been in Allahumma Aina Don't worry, Allah is with us. Ask yourselves where does this confidence come from? Musa is being Ibrahim is being thrown into the fire. Musa is trapped between the army and the Red Sea. Our Prophet system has no army and in front of him is the Quran. There is no help but Allah is to help. That confidence that comes it can only come from the heart full of telecoil and the reality of Tawakkol brothers and sisters it's a very simple and yet difficult to

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understand. It is simple in that to work cool, only exists in the heart, it does not affect your actions, you will not know to work from outer actions now every say day I'm doing something different. I said sub is manifested in the in the body I said Shaka is manifested in your actions. I want to read so many aspects the majority of them you will see them in the actions but what call you will not see the work call is not shown outside. It is only known to Allah and it exists inside the heart. Why? Because listen to this carefully. To what cool is a frame of mind. That's what it is to work coal is something that you are looking at the world through it's a lens that exists in your

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heart and your mind. What is that lens? Allah azza wa jal summarizes in the Quran, colon you sleep and in Khattab Hola Hola, Anna, who am I? Alana? Nothing will happen to me, unless Allah has decreed it. Allah is my molar. This is what Tawakkol is your heart, your soul, your mind is attached to Allah and your body will put in the physical effort, but your heart is not attached to the effort. So if you are sick

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You will go to the doctor, you will do your therapy. You will take your medicine you will do your chemo all of this, but your heart is not attached to the chemo. Your heart is not attached to the doctor. Your heart is attached to Allah subhanho wa Taala if you want anything you want to get a farm, you will buy the farm you're going to PLO you're going to make the seeds you're going to put the water but your telco will not be in your efforts it will be in Allah subhana wa Tada we all know you've heard too many times to work cold doesn't mean being lazy. We know this by now. The famous Hadith tie your camel and put your to work in and Allah teleco doesn't mean you sit at home and do

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nothing. You do everything you can. The entire Sierra demonstrates that you keep on knocking on doors. When the Qureshi rejects you go to thaw if one tries makes fun of you, you go to all of the other tribes and Allah will open a door from places you never expected to what cool means you put in every effort, but your heart knows Allah will find a way out not because of my efforts in spite of my efforts, Allah will find a way out my job is to put in the effort. My job is to keep on trying and where help come from, I don't know but Allah will find a way out for me to work called brothers and sisters can only come from a heart that knows who Allah is and knows that Allah controls every

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single atom of creation and that is why to work cool is such a high level. You cannot have to work cool with weak Eman. Think about it. You cannot have to work cool with weak Eman. Your Eman has to be strong. You must know La hawla wala Quwata illa biLlah nothing happens except by Allah no change and there is no power to change except with Allah. When you understand that, then how can your hope and your desire and your optimism rest in the creation? The creation cannot benefit you as a Prophet sallallahu sallam said if all of mankind attempted to harm you, and Allah had not willed it, they could not harm you. And if all of mankind gathered to help you if Allah had not willed it, they

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could not help you. If we understand this reality we understand what what cool is I repeat to work cool is a frame of mind to work cool is your heart relegating itself to Allah even as your body puts in every effort to get to the solution and final point here again?

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Look at the life of our Prophet system and how often he had mentioned to what cool Subhanallah is interesting. The last dua he would say mentioned Tawakkol and the first dua when he walked out of the house mentioned stoical always he's reminding himself to what his double Quran Allah the dua of going to sleep it's a very long one but of the phrases Allah mica, amen to what I like to work girl to the last dua he would say before going to sleep. He's reminding himself and this is also a dua of Allah, I believe in you and my Tawakkol is in you. And what would he say when he exited the house? What is the door after exiting the house Bismillah Tawakkol to Allah, Allah and the DUA goes on. My

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point is by saying these phrases you're automatically reminding yourself and also making dua to Allah subhana wa Tada. So brothers and sisters, put your Toba Quran Allah Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, If you truly had to work cool, the way it is befitting that you have to work cool, Allah would give you provide for you like Allah provides for the birds, they leave in the morning, their nests, they don't know where their their food is going to be found. They don't know where their seat is going to be found. But when they come back at night, they come back on full stomachs they leave with Tawakkol by the way, they leave their nests, see doesn't fall onto their

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nests, they have to leave, they have to fly, they have to search but in their hearts they have to work cool. So let us be like the birds go and find your risk go and get whatever needs to be done. But your heart should be attached to Allah nothing happens unless Allah wills it. So let your unbuffed dialogue with him and not with the creation of Allah and inshallah we'll continue tomorrow. Also brothers and sisters tomorrow night is the first odd night so a reminder to myself and all of you to make sure you strengthen your efforts especially on every odd night from coming up a childless family conference alone

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