Signposts During COVID-19

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welcome back Today is our first session after the COVID-19 suspension for five months. The last

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class we had was on March 7. And that's been five months and one day.

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Hopefully, we have learned some lessons. And I think these are practical lessons, they should be even more powerful than the verbal ones.

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A lot of so how fragile the whole human raises, taught us about our fraternity and taught us about the unpredictability of life. And there is nothing called routine, you know, routine is not guaranteed, routine can change overnight.

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our whole lives can change overnight if Allah wills and I hope that we have learned this lesson. But we should. It is not always, like doom and gloom. And we should always

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recognize another lesson here, which is that life carries on life continues until its appointed term. And if the appointed term has not come yet,

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life will continue. So don't lose hope and don't despair and

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keep your heads down, carry on continue to see without which is of benefit for you, your family, your community and humanity

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throughout your life and don't stop.

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The lever should never stop and that was embodied in the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam with a comment of here the adequacy of

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our horizons and one of you has like a sprout in his hand. And if he can sell it, if he can plant it, let him do that.

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believer never loses hope.

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Because we know that this is a just a phase of our existence and we have a mandate we have like a mission to fulfill during this phase, we just finish it no matter what the circumstances are, we just carry on

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and we finish this phase and hopefully inshallah

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often does not allow and this phase for us in a good way.

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So going back to