Islam Spreading in the Philippines

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Have you heard of law long before law long was the largest crocodile in captivity and we went to visit his hometown of bislig in the Philippines.

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The people here live in the river on tiny patches of land scattered all over the place. We had to walk through swamps and avoid toppling into the water. Well,

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our team visited the villagers sharing this beautiful message. We bring some of the candies and toys for the season, and also groceries bag of groceries for the for the family. The response to our call was incredible. They were delighted that we have visited and shared with them the beautiful message of Islam.

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Muhammad, Muhammad Rasul Allah, Allah, one brother in particular stood out, he spent many years working in Saudi, but he never accepted Islam. But Islam followed him all the way to his home in the Philippines.

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Muhammad, Muhammad Rasulullah I'm very happy because you are you're

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delivering a beautiful message about God. We invited everyone to the City Hall, which was just a chance to learn more about the slab as you can see, some of them are paddling, they don't even have motors on their boats and literally the paddle all the way to the school.

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By the end of our talk, almost everyone present accepted Islam.

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But we did not stop there. The team took this opportunity to give them a brief understanding of the deen and solidify their belief. We showed them the times we praise salah and we made it into quizzes with prizes so that everyone would get involved. One minute for one minute.

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We showed them how to do would move step by step and how Muslims pray their Salah, ask yourself this question. Will you be getting the reward of people in these remote places who live on water accepting the message of Islam? We have 5504 Shahada is last year, so don't miss out on that reward this year, especially in the month of Ramadan. Donate less than the price of a cup of coffee a day for the dour, and please don't forget to share this video you can get the reward of others donating completely free from your share. So click the button and donate now. JazakAllah