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In this video, we come face to face with the life and times of the famous Sahaba – Amr Ibn Al ‘As RA. Here, we touch base on the three generations of the ‘As – the grandfather, the father and the son.

Al-‘As ibn Wa’il was the father of ‘Amr ibn al-‘As . He was a non believer in Islam and died before Hijrah. He had two sons – Amr Ibn Al As and Hisham Ibn Al As.

Amr Ibn Al As was a shrewd politician and he had the talent of influencing leaders which was in the best interest of Islam. He fought in every single battle on the wrong side. After the Battle of Uhud, The Prophet ﷺ made dua to Allah to deal with him and Allah then revealed verses in the Qur’an which explicitly revealed that this matter had nothing to do with the Prophet ﷺ and do not decide who goes to heaven or hell.

Details are elucidated upon incidents that happened in connection with Amr Ibn Al As especially after the Battle of Khandaq. Amr ibn Al As participated as a New Muslim in the conquest of modern day Palestine and Syria and Battle of Yarmuk and he convinced Umar RA to conquer Egypt via indication of a threat from them.

In a hadith narrated by Amr ibn Al-‘Aas “When I wished to convert to Islam, I went to the Prophet ﷺ in order to swear my allegiance to him. When he extended his hand to me ,I said,’O Messenger of Allah ﷺ, I will not swear my allegiance to you until you seek forgiveness for me for all of my previous sins!’The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said, ‘O ‘Amr, do you not know that migration wipes away all of the sins before it?’

In another hadith, the Messenger of Allah ﷺ said: “The people have submitted (to Allah) but ‘Amr ibn Al-‘As has believed (in Allah).”

Once, when he sent a messenger back to Muhammad ﷺ asking for reinforcement during a particular battle, Muhammad ﷺ sent 4000 men, which included Abu Bakr RA and Umar RA, under the leadership of Abu Ubaidah ibn al Jarrah RA.When Abu Ubaidah RA arrived and ascertained his position as commander, he was met with complete opposition by Amr Ibn Al As RA. Abu Ubaidah RA accepted this in the wake of the conversation that had happened between the Messenger of Allah ﷺ where he had been advised to not create barriers based on leadership.

For more such anecdotes and also Hadith relating to the death of Amr Ibn Al As RA, please give this video an intent listen.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. Juana de he will be here.

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Today we will be doing. The family of amber Eben allows we'll be doing the biography and the hadith of amber Eben allows and it's a very interesting story of ambit have been asked for many reasons of them. One of the main reasons that I like the story is that also the loved one demonstrates the differences between generations the Father, the Son, and the grandson, if you like the patriarch of the family, and that's also been while and then his son and then his grandson. Each one has a very, very different

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story. And it really shows that whoever your father is, it doesn't matter. You have a completely different way if you like of carving your own place out in history. So we begin with an Alice had been widened the father of Amr, and allows him in WA in has already been mentioned half a dozen times in the CLR because he is one of the worst enemies of Islam allows live and while the father of armor is one of the worst enemies of Islam, perhaps second or third in the list of enemies number one is Abuja and then you have maybe second or third will be announced urban was in an urban war. It was one of the chieftains of the Qureshi. Remember the whorish had many sub tribes. And just like

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there was the boombox zoom and the new Hashem There was also a tribe that is not as well known. To most of us it is called the Balu Sam and Ubuntu Sam is one of the sub tribes of the whorish it mixes with the profitsystem at gabin UI and you all the way back to gather window a and the bunny was Sam there chieftain was allows Eben was the father of Amara and Allah azza wa jal revealed at least five or six verses in the Quran that we recite to this day with regards to allows him and why in and of them. So this is just a very quick summary of the Father and also been why and by the way, also been why it is mentioned from the very beginning. He was one of the first people to approach a body and

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demand that Abu Talib, excommunicate the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and allow the courage to deal with him directly. A number of verses in the Quran that most of you know will reveal because of allow seven one of them is the sutra that all of us have memorized so telcos so it'll go through was revealed because of an all in one. When Abdullah the son of the prophets of the law of war, it he was seldom died. It was allowes, who made fun of the profits of the laquanda he was selling them and he said, The Butera Mohammed, Butera, Mohammed, and another version, he said, leave this avatar alone, because when he dies, then his religion will die with him. So he made fun of the profits of

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the laquanda he was selling them by the term, the verb batata, which means to amputate to cut off and he ridiculed the prophets a lot while he was setting them. And Allah azza wa jal revealed as a response in the Atlantic or Lakota for suddenly they're a big one out in Shani, Africa. And that is allows a bit while shanika here the one who hates you, the one who opposes you allow him in what is the avatar, the one who has been cut off and of the verses revealed is also suited to McAfee rune because it was an individual who at one time suggested that Okay, let's reach a compromise. One day we all worship Allah, and the next day, we all worship our idols. Okay, so it was an artist who

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suggested this compromise along with the other groups of the Quran. And Allah reveals hotel coffee room as a response to this. This ridiculous attempt to you cannot compromise when it comes to tauheed. And yet another verse that was revealed with regards to it also been while

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is the ending of Surah motilium, the ending of surah Imodium, It is reported that one of the famous Sahaba by the name of hubub ebenen. Alright, and we haven't given a biography of Bob, maybe I'll do that someday. How Bob was one of the earliest converts and he was one of those severely tortured until the point of almost death, and how bad was an Iran Smith and he would make swords and weapons and allows had purchased or had commissioned a number of weapons to be made by hubbub. Finally the time came to collect the payment and hubbub then went to announce and said, Can you pay me my wages? And then I'll said I have heard that you have converted to the religion of Muhammad Sallallahu it he

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would send them so hubbub said yes. So an owl said I will not give you a penny until you reject Muhammad Salallahu idea he will send them so how about

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became angry and said, well law II, I will not reject Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wasallam until you die and are resurrected, I'm not going to reject the Prophet sallallahu I do send him. So Alice made fun of Islam. And he said, so you think that I will be resurrected. And you teach that when we are resurrected, we will be with our family and children in Jannat in gardens and we will have houses and we will have gold and silver. So when I am resurrected and I have money, then I will pay you back. Okay, what I'm resurrected after my death, you say I'm gonna come back, then I will pay you back because that's your belief. So he refused to pay hubbub. And so when hubub complained to the

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profits of the law while he was send them about this, Allah subhana wa tada revealed verses that we recite To this day, for eternity cafaro Biya Tina wakad, Allah EU, TN the Merlin Well, what are the ultra hyper amitava in the Romani? I can sign up to my Hulu whenever

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it goes on. And on that, haven't you seen this one who has rejected our signs? And he says, I'm going to be given money and wealth is the ending of sodium. So allow us is the one who ridiculed the resurrection. So Allah azza wa jal revealed these verses in the Quran, and there are other verses as well. And also his death took place. At a time when Allah subhana wa tada revealed a very powerful verse that essentially took care of the main ridicules of Islam before the Battle of butter. at a particular

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egregious incident, when the Prophet system was severely mocked, the Prophet says and went home and made dua to Allah. And Allah then revealed in the Koran the famous verse in cafe na Kalam was dezign, we will take care of those who mock you, we will take care of those who are sarcastic against you, when this verse was revealed, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, then went outside, and he pointed to various people of the kurush, who were mocking him. And each and every one of them then died, a miserable death of them is an animal hero, who is the father of Hollywood and Walid and of them is some of the other evil people of the Pradesh. So of them was as well as even while that

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the prophets of the Lahore, I said, I'm pointed to the foot of Laos, even while and wherever he pointed to the people, they had a particular disease at that, at that point where he pointed and they died. And he pointed to the bottom of an individual's foot. And shortly thereafter, and Alice was riding a donkey, and his the bottom of his foot, the place that doesn't touch the soul, basically, the inner soul, it pricked a thorn, and it was a trivial thing, but it became infected, and then the foot became swollen until the house was bedridden, and then the entire body became swollen, and then it became infected. And they want to try to get a doctor but from five because

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there were no doctors in Makkah, and he passed away. We don't have an exact date when I was passed away. But this was before the Battle of others so allows did not see the Battle of better he died before the hero of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam allows a bit while therefore is one of the most evil of the members of the Quran. And Allah revealed multiple verses about him, and Alice had two sons, and both of them converted to Islam. And there's a beautiful Hadith in the Muslim Imam Ahmed, where he said that Ivana allows meaning the two sons of an Alice are believers, okay? Because Alice was one of the worst gaffers, okay. And the prophets have said, both of the sons of Alice are

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believers, and the fact that he mentioned that there are more men is a testimony of the highest rank, because the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, No one shall enter agenda except a min and he testify to do two sons of a house that they are mins and there's another famous Hadith as well, that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, a solemnise were gonna I'm gonna vanilla house, the people accepted Islam, but I'm gonna ask the one that we're talking about today. I'm gonna ignore aos has a man. The people accepted Islam This is the conquest of Mecca, but I'm a diviner aos has a man. So these ahaadeeth testify to the rank of the two children of an OS. And they are armor and a

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sham. So these are the two brothers amber and a sham. We'll be doing both of them today.

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And then inshallah next week we'll do the sons of Abdullah have also been one that somebody else so allow us as we said had two sons he Sham and Amma Amma is the older one but he converted to Islam later he Sham is the younger son and he Sham is of the earliest converts we don't know exactly when but he converted when the persecution had begun in Makkah, and he Sham even allows the brother of ambrym announced his Sham the US was tortured by his own father allows him in one and eventually he escaped his own Father's house, and he fled to Abyssinia when the Muslims had already migrated there. Once the Prophet system migrated to Medina, he Sham decided I should also migrate to Medina.

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So he returned to Makkah.

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And at that point in time his father had died. But the bunu Sam took him and put him in an improvised jail. maka did not have a jail, there was no jail present. But they took an abandoned house, and they chained their own nephew and cousin and whatnot. And this is his arm, the son of armour, and they chained him and they left him in that room for many many years, maybe five years we don't know exactly how long and of course they fed him and whatnot but he was essentially kept in jail for many years until butter takes place also takes place. Finally, the the profits of the law Why don't you send them then asks who amongst you will help free and he mentioned to people who had

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been chained and locked up in muck for many years and they are is a bit labia and his Sham Eben allow so he said who will volunteer to freeze a daring raid upon mcca at a very, very precarious time who's going to volunteer, so it was none other than a lead the brother of hunted at this point hot it is also not a Muslim. And we need the older brother of hunted. And Walid says I will volunteer. So I will lead left in the middle of the night. And he staked out if you like muck up and he tried to figure out where is this prison until finally he saw this lady going back and forth. And he realized this must be the place that they're keeping them. So he followed her turns out Yes, it

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was the prison that they had made. And so in the middle of the night he jumped into the prison. And he unfreedom if you like he broke their their shackles and he took them on his horse and he returned back to Medina. So this was the freeing of adhesion. It allows and he showed us was freed after the Battle of conduct. So imagine how many are around the Battle of hanbok. So at least six to seven years he had been in that jail until Allah subhana wa tada freed him. And he participated in the conquest of Makkah and then to book and her name. And then finally he passed away as a Shaheed in the Battle of Yarmouk in the conquest of Syria. And we don't have much information about a sham he

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never got married, he never our children. We just have tidbits here and there. And one day I'm gonna ask was asked, Who is better you are your brother? Because I was the older one who is better you are your brother. And I would have said, I will tell you on the night of your MOOC, both my brother and I made do our to Allah for Shahada.

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And Allah granted my brother Shahada, and he left me on this earth means who's better? Okay, so I'm gonna answer it. I'll tell you who's better. We both made dua, and Allah answered his da, and I'm left over here. Okay, so this is his brother, his Sham ebenen also is the younger brother. Our main talk a little bit about the older brother, I'm going to also we talked about an Australian law and we talked about his sham. Now we get to omniplan house and then inshallah next week, inshallah, Allah will do Abdullah number and other stories about the family of an individual and their descendants. As for omniplan house, His story is one of the most interesting, and also the one in

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which there is quite a lot of controversy between the Sunni and the Shia historians. There's one of those major disputes about how do we understand this particular Sahabi. And therefore, you need to understand that before you even begin studying

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liberal arts, you have to ask yourself, where am I getting this information from? Because there are a few people who are so controversial between these two sects that it's as if you're reading two different narratives, you cannot reconcile the two. The narrative that you will find in one version of history is something and then the other version is the exact opposite. Okay, so

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At the very basic level, you need to ask yourself, which historians Am I going to trust. And obviously, for the purposes of this class, we will trust the Sunni historians. And we will assume that their version is the more correct one. And obviously, there are theological incidents as well, that theological points, excuse me, that help us to make this decision because we believe all of the Sahaba are righteous people. And we do not accuse any of them of hypocrisy, or of pretending to plot against Islam, and the other side, accuses many of the Sahaba and especially, especially Abu Bakar, on Earth, man, and I'm going to blur out and another a number of those who oppose the folly of

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literally wanting to destroy their religion. So we have to be very careful when we get to the sources of ambivalence. And from our sources, we get a very different perspective. I'm gonna ask is first mentioned in the CLR

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when the people of Porsche sent him to negotiate with Najafi to release the Muslims Jaffa, olive and the other Muslims. Remember the story that Jaffa had sought refuge in Abyssinia. And they had not actually met in a joshy. And Ahmed Abdullah house was sent by the kurush. to negotiate that then the joshy ex communicates, gets rid of exiles, the Muslims. And we already see what Ahmed will be known for throughout his life, his political acumen, some use the word shrewd politician, and this is something that even the Arabs use the Arab historians, they say that I'm going to ask not just the era of historians, but the early scholars as well. They say he was the shrewdest of the Sahaba. And

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shrewd here does not have a does not necessarily have a negative connotation, as an alum, and adhan out of it means that he understood politics. And he understood how to get his point across with the leaders. And that is a talent that can be used positively and it can be used negatively. And we believe as Muslims that whatever ama did, he did after he converted to Islam, obviously, he did, believing that it is in the interest of Islam. And as I have said many times, we do not believe that the Sahaba are infallible only the prophets are infallible. However, we do believe that the Sahaba did what they did, thinking that is, it was in the best interest of Islam. We don't have to agree

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with their individual HD hats. And we have the right to disagree that we say this wasn't the wisest decision, we can say that, but we can never ever criticize their knee. We can never doubt their eemaan because Allah has said robiola, one home what old one and the story. And especially for people like us, as we will see, it becomes impossible to doubt his Islam, and we will see why that is the case. Nonetheless, before his Islam, obviously he's doing things, obviously, that are potentially harmful for the Muslims. He is not a Muslim at the time. So what does ammo do go back to the story of no joshy.

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He already understands how to get his influence across. The first thing that he does is he bribes all of the ministers under the joshy go back to my lectures about this incident by five, six years ago. He bribes each and every minister under the joshy. The night before the meeting of the joshy. He goes to the houses of the main ministers and the patriarch of the church. These are all the right hand men of Najafi and he gives them camel hides, which is what they really wanted from the Arabs camel hides was the biggest, if you like gift that they could give and he gives them expensive, you know, hides and furs and whatnot. And he tells them you know, we have a group of rebels that we are

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the reason I'm here is to get these rebels back. So he puts it into their mind. This is why I'm here and he hands them the bribe without telling them as to bribe the next day. When he comes in front of the new joshy. He gives him the best of all of the Campbell hides he gives him all of the gifts. And Naja. She has known Ahmed from before because Ahmad has come for business and trading. He is the son of the chieftain because his father is the chieftain of the exam. So he has come before and he knows him. And so he then says that

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owner joshy we have a group of rebels, young kids fools, they have left the religion of their forefathers, they have left the religion of all other religions, neither are they on your faith, nor are they on our faith. They are a new faith and they have caused havoc they have wreaked fitna and facade and they are now living here amongst you. We want them to come back so that we can knock some sense into them. They stop embarrassing us this and that. So

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Give us your permission to take them back. And all of the ministers chimed in and said yes. Why should we interfere? This is their business. These are young children, young kids, fools, send them back with the leaders of the aurash. But we all know the joshy was a righteous man. And he said, How can I send them back without at least hearing them? Let me see what they have to say they came here, choosing my land, and they chose refuge with me, at least let me hear them. And amber did not want Jafar to meet the judge, because he was scared that Java and the others would convince the joshy. Nonetheless, there's nothing he could do. And so the next day, as you know, they called Java and the

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beautiful lecture that Java gave all of you should memorize it a beautiful story. We've gone over it many times you've heard it since you were young, the speech of Jaffa tuna, joshy, can be written in gold, the joshy is so moved, he essentially at this point in time, even if he doesn't officially convert his heart converts to Islam, even if he doesn't officially at this point, convert to Islam. And so he says to Jafar, that you have my permission to live here. I'm more than devices part two,

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an hour then request another meeting with the agency. So again, this is a politician. He's a shrewd politician, he's not giving up on what his companion himself says just leave it we lost, okay. Don't make things worse, you're gonna If you lose, now, you're going to make things much worse. Right? But Allah said, No, I have a tactic. And I'm more than asked for another audience the next day. And I'm a den says that owner joshy. Actually, you did not ask them what they say about Jesus. Because they're saying about Jesus is blasphemy. Now, it's not as if I'm gonna believe Jesus is God, His own belief is blasphemy. But it is basically using a tactic to persuade than a joshy to get rid of the

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Muslims, okay. And again, this shows you the political mind, armor doesn't believe in Jesus in the first place, so that he cares what they believe in Jesus, but he knows that he believes in Jesus. So he says, Ask them what they say about the volume. And you will see that this is a heretical group, because he knows that the Muslim belief of Jesus is not the Christian belief of Jesus, right? And again, this shows you amber is aware of these things, despite the fact that he's not even a Muslim at this stage. And so the joshy being the pious Christian, he has to now understand Hold on What is going on here. So he sends the message to Jafar, come now and tell me, what is your belief about

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Jesus, and if it is hot mentions, an omen cinemas, narrating because she's an eyewitness, that when the messenger of Naja she came,

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we became more terrified than we had ever been. And we said, what are we going to say now means we're trapped in a corner, because they realize that this is going to potentially get us in trouble. And job for said, Will law he we will not say, other than what our Profit System told us to say, we will not change or increase anything, we will speak the truth, regardless of the consequences. And so you all know, Jafar then came back again with the Muslims in the presence of the joshy and he recited Surah Maryam and he said that we believe that Isa is the Royal law the Kadima to law that he gave it to Maria, the, the the Virgin, pure virgin whom Allah bless. So he basically explained the

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teachings of Islam without apologizing without watering anything down. And he was firm, and he recited the Quran. And you all know that Naja, she was so moved, he picked up a small twig. And he said, Well law what you have said, Jesus did not add even this much to what you have sent means Naja, she understood the message of Jesus and he understood later Christian additions as well. And I have said many times it is possible that the, what is called the Aryan controversy, the area's creed, perhaps came down North because there was anyway, that's besides the point. The point is that joshy understood that this is the true teachings of Jesus Christ. And he then essentially embraced

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Islam. And he taught Well, he embraced Islam privately. He didn't publicize it, and he became angry at dharma. And he commanded all of the ministers to give up their gifts. And he returned their his own gifts to amber and he said, Get out of here. As long as they are here. They have not only my permission, I have now given them my protection. Anybody who harms them, or curses them shall face imprisonment or fine or whatever. So he went more than just allowing them to live. He gave them a sacred status, a special VIP status. Anybody who ever

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Tate's you will then have to face the Royal, if you like Wrath of the court. And so our plan worked against him. And that was what ominous companion was saying that okay, we lost this one, if you push it is going to push back even more, but our did not win that battle. And then also he fought against the Muslims in every single battle. So with analog, some of the Sahaba were doing, we say we fought with the Muslims, and some of them were doing he fought against the Muslims. Isn't that other a large region, right? We're talking about so many of the Sahaba ago, he fought in every single battle fought in every single battle. On the other side. In the Battle of buttered, he was there. And then

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bottle of oil. He was there in the bottle of 100. He was there, but it's on the wrong side. Right. And so Pamela, this is a lot harder. And in fact, one of the most amazing things that according to a Swahili one of the great authors of the Sierra, he has one of the main famous books of the Sierra, that after the Battle of boyhood, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in his frustration, we all know this, we've talked about it at that stage, he raised his hands and he made against three or four of the people by name or a lot deal with Abu sufian Allah deal with Ahmed infinite house and he mentioned in my name, I will not deal with so and so and so on. And so and when he made this drop,

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Allah revealed sooner or later in Milan, which is a very explicit verse laser that can mean an empty shame on

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the matter is not yours to decide. Right? Because one phrase that our Profit System said how can a lot ever forgive them? How can you ever forgive a people who have done this to their profit, okay, this is something that our profit system, a troop and Allah then revealed in the Quran, lay silica, Amina Emery Shea, this matter which which matter.

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forgiveness and judging this matter, has nothing to do with you.

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Ladies, Allah committed

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whether Allah forgives some of them or Allah punishes, they have done boom, yes, for in the home volume is in the corner, and you can read it on Amazon. It's very explicit. And this is one of the most powerful verses about tauheed. And about the status of a law versus the status of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he is the greatest human being he is the most blessed creation of Allah, but he is not God or the Son of God lays Allah come in many shapes, and Subhanallah he made against ambra blouse. And later on, he himself would say, a solemnise arm and

00:27:46--> 00:28:28

he himself would say this, right. Later on, he himself would say the two sons of ours are believers subpanel. At that stage after the Battle of Horford, and you know what happened and I don't have to go over it. His uncle, it's under it was a very traumatic defeat, and he himself was injured. And Ahmed is in the army that's doing the engineering and he's one of the leaders of that army and Abu sufian and others. So we would say he has every right from his perspective. But Allah said no, you do not have the right to pass judgment. You do not have the right to decide who goes to heaven and hell lays like a minute somebody shake oh yeah to body Oh, Abraham, for in the home volume, whether

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Allah forgives, whether Allah punishes that's up to Allah. But yes, they have done boon. So Allah affirm the womb, but he said, whether they are guided or not, whether they're punished or not, that is up to me. And in fact, Allah did punish some of them. They died in the state of gopher and allow repented on others. Two of them that he mentioned, I've also found an abandoned house. We know what happened, they embraced Islam. And when Ahmed last participated in the Battle of hand up the Battle of 100, as you know, was miraculously turned around a lot of xojo.

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A large xojo sent the winds and the Battle of cleaned up and then understood that it is only a matter of time before MK is conquered, and there is no point in fighting against the Muslims. He was the first of the orange to understand this, which shows you again his political acumen, he was the first to understand that the defeat of hon duck for the kurush meant there is no power now to stop the Muslims. So our narrates in the first person, we have this in his own in his own words. I said when I came back from conduct, I went to my group of friends. And I said to them, that we should leave Makkah. We should leave Mecca and go to Abyssinia because one of two things will happen.

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Either Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will come and conquer Makkah, in which case we would have

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escaped, and we're living in peace in Abyssinia. Now the negus knows me, I know him, he's gonna let us live there no problem.

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And if Warhammer saw some conquers we are safe. And just in case on the slim chance the orange went over, and they eliminate the Muslims. Well, we haven't humiliated ourselves where we're respected amongst the college, and we will be able to come back and live in Macau again. Okay, so we will withdraw before the final battle, because it's very, very dubious what's going to happen and by not participating, will basically hedge our bets no matter what happens again, this is a wise, shrewd move of somebody who wants to look after himself and not get harmed. Okay, so this is I'm gonna ask, we get already the personality of this Sahabi. So small group of friends agreed. And so I'm gonna

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ask then travels to Abyssinia. This is in the seventh year of the history or before the conquest of Makkah. Okay, so by one year before the conquest of Makkah, Amber then travels to avicennia. And he

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enters in upon the joshy, to try to get permission to live. And it's so happened, that at the time of the meeting, there was another Sahabi president that had been sent by the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and whom Allah had a very strong personal grudge with because of some incidents in the Battle of Britain and or heard this particular Sahabi had killed some of the origin. So I'm going to now has very much animosity with this particular person. And He then said to his companions, that let me get permission from the joshy to have a duel with this person. Okay, his name is also Amore, so I don't want to confuse you even more. His name is Romania, Romania, and I'm

00:31:50--> 00:31:59

ready now to hombres Okay, so I would have said that, let me get permission to withdraw the

00:32:00--> 00:32:46

the security that is given by the new joshy. So pause you remember, when you're a visitor in another land, so the owner or the king was going to give you a temporary security, that's your path to go. And whatever else cannot harm the other armor as long as it's under the protection of the king. So he asked, he wants to ask the king to withdraw the visa, so that he can now have a one on one and get rid of this person. Now, he did not realize what is the purpose of my years there. I'm an Omega had been sent by the prophet sallallahu Sallam to tell him the joshy that it is now time to send Jafar and the 70 plus Muslims back into Medina. Okay, this is now the seventh year of the hedgerow

00:32:46--> 00:33:05

and Medina is now established. And now the Muslims that are seniors are going to return permanently leaving all that they had, you know, 10 years they had been there now leaving all of that and they're returning back to the city to Medina, and permanently leaving the land and then a joshy. So

00:33:06--> 00:33:49

I'm going to winomania had been sent to get Jafar back and to thank the new joshy for all that had happened, when I would have the loss and turn it upon the new joshy. He asked permission after the end of this conversation, he got permission to stay. Then he asked the joshy can you allow me now I have a personal issue with this person. Can you allow me to have my own one on one my dual and the joshy amor did not know she had converted to Islam. He didn't know that. The Joshua had converted to Islam, it was a secret. And then also when he said this, the joshy became extremely angry became furious, he exploded. And Ahmed said, I wish the earth swallowed me up because you're in front of a

00:33:49--> 00:34:37

king. And you are a stranger in the land. And now the king is getting angry at you. I wish the earth had swallowed me up and he apologized. He said, owner joshy if I knew that it was so big of a deal, I would never have asked you I'm sorry, but I didn't mean to cause you so much anger. Then Then the joshy said to me, do you wish me to hand over the envoy of the one whom the role hell kudos comes and visits. The angel who comes and visits He has sent me his invoice and you want me to give you that envoy to harm the same spirit that visited Moosa visits. That man meaning the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Amar became surprised because now he realizes in the Joshua is a

00:34:37--> 00:34:59

Muslim. Okay, now he realizes no Joshua is a Muslim. And Ammar says that is it really the case that Rouhani comes and visits him and the ninja she said yes, and he shall win and vanquish his opponents, like mosa vanquished over the round. Then ninja she began to give

00:35:00--> 00:35:42

Word to ambivalent is one of the most amazing conversion stories. It's also a quiz question, which Sahabi converted at the hands of another king, not at the hands of the process and directly at the hands of another king. And we can say In fact, there were two who converted at the hands of a king, one of them converted literally at the hands of a king. The other one, the seeds of Eman were placed by the king. Okay, and the one who converted at the hands of the king is Najafi and I'm gonna build a house. Okay? Now Josh, he gave us Dawa. And he said to him, listen to me and obey me convert before you are destroyed.

00:35:44--> 00:36:30

And I would have never asked respected than a joshy he was friends within a joshy. When then the joshy is telling him this as an outsider who has never met the profitsystem, something stirred in his heart, and some handle so far away, after having fought in bed that are then hand up, and this is a less partner anyhow. And where does he die? Or come? After having seen the Muslims seen the Prophet system? How does he accept the man when an outsider tells him that the man whom you fought is an actual Rasulullah. And this is the reality of how weak we are as human beings, that sometimes in our rage, in our anger, we become blind. And we don't see what is in front of us. And our had

00:36:30--> 00:37:15

been blinded because of the familiarity of the people around him. And when an outsider tells him, that of course, he's the messenger, Are you a fool? He's gonna vanquish you, unless you convert, for your own sake, I'm telling you convert when the outsider knock some sense into him. So I'm going to convert it on the spot. So parallel after so many years, right, literally, we can say almost 20 years, not quite yet, but almost 20 years. And I want to By the way, I forgot to mention that as a young kid, Ahmad was just a few years younger than the Prophet. So I said, Amber is not like a 15 year old when Islam comes. Um, it was already probably around 3035 when Islam began, so he's already

00:37:15--> 00:37:59

a full man. And amber is just a few years younger than the Prophet. So sort of, so he is seeing all of this as a man, and yet, it doesn't register in him until then a joshy. knock some sense into him. Now, who is the second person? It is Abu sufian with heraclius, right? heraclius told Abou soufiane that essentially, you know, if this man has never lied to you about golden silver, do you think he's gonna lie to you about God and the earth here? And he answered, that was the first time a man entered my heart. Now, ironically, neither heraclius nor Viviane, were Muslim at that time, and heraclius never officially converted. And Abu sufian converted at the conquest A few years later, at

00:37:59--> 00:38:44

this point in time, then a Joshua is a Muslim, and he essentially listens to the Shahada of girls who convert right then and there in the palace of denna Joshi, and I'm going to kept his Islam a secret, and He then returned back to Makkah, and this is in the seventh year of the digital, and he decided to migrate to Medina, secretly, without telling anybody he had converted to Islam, he decides to migrate to Medina. And on the way to Medina, the road to Medina is only one and it's a desert, as you know, and you know, you can see, you know, signs of life and whatnot. Eventually he meets up with Harley, the vanilla lead on the way on the road to Medina. And the conversation begins

00:38:44--> 00:38:56

between the two of them. And slowly it becomes clear that the both of them are going for the exact same reason. And that is to convert to Islam. And then on the way a third person comes in that is

00:38:59--> 00:38:59

that is

00:39:01--> 00:39:03

earthman, even palha which he who is

00:39:06--> 00:39:48

the keeper of the keys of the cabin, right? These three I asked you to memorize their names all the time, because they have a very special blessing. These three Who are they honorable Rouse Harley livanova lead, and earthman Eben talhah. These three are the last of the Mahajan. That's it. Hydra is now shut forever and ever and ever. These three are the last of them. Oh Ha Joon, because barely a few months after this, the conquest of Makkah takes place and that's it. No more hedgerow. Okay, so it is very important to note that even allows is a Mahajan.

00:39:50--> 00:39:59

That, in and of itself indicates his blessing and his rank. And no one can doubt the man of a Mahajan. Especially why

00:40:00--> 00:40:05

Because nifa only began in the middle of the face.

00:40:06--> 00:40:53

The FARC only began in the madonie phase, there was no new FARC in Makkah, and that's why, amongst the more Haji Rhone, there is known if you can't be a monastic in that phase, yes. When Islam became powerful, and you had Abdullah maneuver in a saloon, and you had the other one after horn, yes, that there is the possibility amongst those were not the only by the way, we know who they are. That's another story altogether. But in Makkah, and amongst them, Oh, hi, Joan. Never. And so Abdullah, sorry, I'm going to have an analysis his son is Abdullah Ahmed of their house is of the last batch of the Maha Joon and he becomes the person with the final blessing of achieving the status of

00:40:53--> 00:41:09

Mahajan. When I finally arrived in Medina, and he comes to the mercy of the the Prophet sallallahu, I knew he was setting them, and they are waiting in line to now the way that the Prophet system would embrace their Islam, he would literally hold on to their hand, and he would give the oath of allegiance because it's not just

00:41:10--> 00:41:33

a theological embrace. It's a political embraces, well, I eat I am now a part of the Muslim community, and I will fulfill the laws just like if you take an oath, you're going to raise your hand, in those days, they would hold the hand, and they would give the testimony in that manner. That's how they would embrace Islam at the hand of the Prophet system. So the Prophet system stretched his hand out, and armor even allows house pulled it back.

00:41:34--> 00:41:52

So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Ma, what, what is the matter? So he said, What do you do? And I started, I have a condition before embracing Islam. So he said, what is the condition? So he said, I want a law to forgive all that I have done in the past.

00:41:53--> 00:42:43

And Ahmed is narrating the Hadith. And he himself says, and I did not mention the future, because that wouldn't be fair. I just mentioned the past. I want a lot to forgive everything that happened in the past. And this indicates his genuine Toba. He wants to be forgiving, he knows what he's done. He has blood on his hand, but awkward when he knows what he's done. It's not trivial. And he has a whole long list. Okay, so now that he's embracing Islam, he says My condition is I want to clean slate. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Yeah, don't you know that Islam and the hegira and the Hajj, erase all that has come before. So there are three things that cleanse you have your sins.

00:42:45--> 00:43:31

Islam, a person who converts hegira this is specific for those who had to migrate from Mecca to Medina, that digital As for other huge roles, we hope it is a massive blessing, but that guarantee does not apply. The guarantee that is in the Quran and Sunnah, that hedge law is a special digital, okay, so Islam and the hedgerow, but we have one avenue left and that is the Hajj, we have one avenue of complete forgiveness left and that is the Hajj. And so he then embraced Islam at the hands of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Within a few months, the prophets have said and put him in charge of an expedition known as the data celestial. And I have an entire lesson in the Sierra on

00:43:31--> 00:44:09

that to selasa you can listen to it again. But there's a beautiful incident actually, coincidentally, the last caller. And the very last goodbye gave right here. I actually quoted this Hadith, because the the Hooda had was talking about the issue of money. And I'm gonna also just converted to Islam. The Prophet system, sent a messenger to him, come immediately, and be prepared for come with your armor and everything. So I'm going to put all of his armor on. And he came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam who had just finished doing judo. And the process of them looked him up and down. And he said, Oh, Amber, I want to send you on an expedition. And I hope that Allah will,

00:44:09--> 00:44:15

you know, give you success, and I am hopeful that you will gain a good amount of money.

00:44:16--> 00:44:49

So our he felt a little bit like miffed like, insulted a little bit. He said, Yeah, rasulillah I didn't embrace Islam for money. Meaning he felt there's a presumption that I came to you for money. And amber said jasola I didn't come for money. I came along Oh button de la he was I came desiring a line is messenger. And all of this shows the status of I'm living in a house and the Profit System then said that phrase that I started my whole offer, which is just literally Few days ago, guys, what was in the hopper, who attended the whole book?

00:44:52--> 00:44:54

No, not don't worry about that is when I shake

00:44:56--> 00:44:59

naremburn model saw the the Roger the solid

00:45:00--> 00:45:46

naremburn model saw the Rogers solid, okay? How beautiful is good money for a good man? Right? How great is pure money for a pure man, meaning there's nothing wrong if I want to bless you with some money if Allah gives your money, it's good if you're a good man nimble model slider, Roger slider. So here we have another test here that the Prophet system is calling him on giussani. He's calling him a good man nierman model soil erosion of soil. And he sent 300 people with ometer from the house to the tribe of law, a number of stories I mentioned, you can go back and listen to them. You can already again, he's also a military general Ahmed is also a military genius. He would travel only in

00:45:46--> 00:46:26

the middle of the night and camp in the shade in the day. And it was also the winter time. And he told his army, no fires, no fires at all. And his army later complained to the processors at him. And he explained to us what a lot, you know, we were trying to make our way as fast as possible. I didn't want to give our location away. If we lit fires, the enemy would have seen us. So no fires the entire way. And when he got to the tribe, he realized that 300 is not enough. So he quickly said, and this was just a few days outside of Medina wasn't too far away. So he sent a messenger bag we need reinforcements before we attacked. So the Prophet system immediately sent a boar obey the

00:46:26--> 00:46:44

ambit of the giraffe with another 200 men. And in those 200 we'll also look at Under Armour. And when the two met together, there was a slight tension between armor and aborto Vader who is in charge, and armor insisted I sent for you guys, so you are underneath me.

00:46:45--> 00:47:29

And I will obey. They said no, I am an independent commander the process of send to me and Amber and Amber is a new Muslim. Amber is just a new Muslim about obey. There's one of the 10 promised paradise he goes back to the beginning of Islam, and in that side is obachan in Oman as well. But the prophet system had told about obey there that make sure you do not differ together letter telefone don't differ. So Abu Zubaydah said or armor, even if you are wrong, and I am right, I will still attend as I still give up my right and come under you. So armor took the leadership of this entire group. And they were successful in that race. And as the profitsystem said, Amber did in fact

00:47:29--> 00:48:13

to get a lot of minima in that battle. And I also mentioned other things you can go this into it into that to sell assets online, you can listen that to Celeste, there are other things that happened with Amber as well. Amber was also chosen as an envoy as a messenger to the people of Oman. So the Prophet says him sent him to Oman. And many people embraced Islam as a result of his going to the lands of Oman. We also have a very beautiful Hadith, in the books of Hadith from Amazon warehouse. And remember, number is barely a new Muslim at this time when this Hadeeth takes place. But being in the company of the Prophet sallallahu I sent him felt so much love from him, and he

00:48:13--> 00:49:01

felt so special that he asked one of the most famous questions of the serum. Amara was the one and he's barely a new Muslim. He says Yasuda law men have been nasty like, okay, who is the one who is the most beloved of all people to you. Now this is, as I said, a very interesting Hadith we all know the answer to the processing game. Why is our asking it at this stage? Why is our asking? Because I'm going to felt that this much love coming from the processor must indicate that I am number one. And Ahmad is a brand new Muslim. And yet he still feels that I am number one. And this indicates that our profit system would be so genuinely warm around everybody that everybody felt you are the

00:49:01--> 00:49:45

center of attention literally. Everybody felt that that must be you know, the process of must love me the most. Amber's not only felt it he actually asked it. And we all know the profitsystem said I am going to be embarrassed because I didn't mean amongst women, I meant amongst men. And the profitsystem said, What did you say? He didn't say worker he said her father linking it to Ayesha abou so Allah said who next? So he said Rama said who next with man and he said I kept on asking until I stopped being scared that I will be at the end of the list. After all the Sahaba run out I got worried I might be at the end of the list. So he stopped asking after a while. So the point

00:49:45--> 00:49:59

being the very fact that Ahmad is asking this question indicates that the Prophet system any he's showing so much love to the people around him that I'm gonna got this impression from that friendliness of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam

00:50:00--> 00:50:44

After the death of the Prophet system Ammar was immediately appointed by Abu Bakar to be one of the military commanders and our played a decisive role in the conquest of Sham all of Syria, and especially in the Battle of Yarmouk in the Battle of Yarmouk, which was the decisive battle in the conquest of Damascus. The Battle of yoke was the main battle that broke the back of the Romans and the US was one of the main four generals of course the main general was harder to maneuver lead right hand man of harder goes right under hard it was, um, it had been announced, and Khalid then sent our to conquer other portions of blood to Sham and much of modern philosophy, including the

00:50:44--> 00:51:14

modern lens of Gaza, and other places were conquered by amber Eben allows. And amber therefore, played a decisive role in the conquest of modern Philistine and Syria, when Roma hapa came to, to Jerusalem to collect the keys of the city. Hammad was the one who then convinced or whatever hottub that we need to conquer Egypt.

00:51:15--> 00:52:09

And Omar was initially hesitant on the last one. But amber convinced him and he said, if we don't conquer this land, then we're always going to be under threat. We're always going to be under threat from the Romans. And so Romano hapa gave him a small meager force of 4000 men. Now, we, many of us have no idea what is Egypt, Egypt has always been the cradle of civilization, the bastion of knowledge is secondary Alexandria was the intellectual capital of the world. At that time, the largest library, while it was in Alexandria, most of the early church fathers are from Alexandria, okay, we have no knowledge because we're only thinking of the Islamic Egypt, pre Islam. Egypt is, of

00:52:09--> 00:52:54

course, the land of the Nile, the land of so much civilization. And Ahmed Morales has his eyes over there, it was not even in the minds of a worker of Roman Egypt is, you know, other side, but I'm going to says if we don't conquer this land, we're always going to be facing the Romans coming down. And with just 4000 men will live this isn't a miracle from a larger than what does and I've said many times, we as Muslims firmly believe these early conquests are a miracle and a gift from Allah. Otherwise, statistically, logistically, from a preparation point of view, from a army point of view, from any point of view, those habba were not militarily militarily qualified to meet the Romans and

00:52:54--> 00:53:34

the Persians, but they were qualified with something far more important than military might. And that is the blessings of Allah subhana wa, Tada. They had a lot of xojo, even if they didn't have the techniques, and the logistical skills and the armaments and the weapons, but they had raw he man, and that will get you much more than all the weapons in the world, and so out of the house, then invaded Egypt, and miraculously, Egypt was then conquered after just a few years, and all of our Egyptian brethren love us. That's where every second third Egyptian is named ambit as well, just a joke there. But anyway, they love the name. And they ama is one of their favorite characters of

00:53:34--> 00:54:21

rewrites. He has every right to be that is definitely a big blessing and a favor that they Oh, I'm a ignant also the Allahu Tada, and who and armor as well founded the city of fusspot founded the city of force thought. And first thought is, of course, I mean, it's not technically technically, Cairo was founded outside of forethought. Okay. But realistically, Cairo and facade are the same. Okay, first thought is original Cairo. And the US had to decide on a capital, and he chose a capital with great strategic importance. And the books of history mentioned that he actually did a survey and he looked, where's the Nile coming where would be a strategic place, and he chose the most strategic

00:54:21--> 00:54:54

place to build the capital, the Muslim capital of Egypt. And so he founded a new city that he called four stars and four stars was a glorious city for 300 years, until the fall demons came and the fall term is wanted to cut off from the earlier dynasties and they wanted to kind of show that they're better than them. So what did they do? Mashallah, to vatukoula they went right outside the city and they found in another city. Okay, so Cairo was two miles outside of hallstatt. Well, two miles those days, what is two miles now? So these days four start is old Cairo

00:54:55--> 00:54:59

and the masjid of Ahmed Morales. All the Egyptians know where it

00:55:00--> 00:55:37

As it is in dead center Cairo. Okay, the same machine obviously not the same bricks, but the same location, the exact same location that would have been announced first put his tent, and then eventually the masjid was built over there. To this day. It is the masjid of Cairo. The Masjid of Jamia, I'm gonna browse, everybody who has been to Egypt, you know, probably has been there every Egyptian knows the gamut of minerals. Everybody knows where it is and what it is. And it is a beautiful mystery. But of course, the mystery of is not the original mystery. That's obviously not how much time but it is goes back to the mameluke era, I think where the Mamelukes have built it

00:55:37--> 00:55:38

now. But in any case,

00:55:39--> 00:56:24

I'm going to ask is the founder of force thought, if you say he's the founder of Cairo, that's technically inaccurate, but realistically correct, because the name Cairo or call hero was given by the fatimids. Okay, the fatimids were the one who called Cairo Cairo. So the call hero means the conquer and call hero that which conquers all and we get Cairo from that, the fatimids founded the city outside of force thought, and the name for thought was basically envelope. The modern city of Cairo envelope the ancient city of thought these days, the city founded by Ahmed is in the middle of Cairo, we call it old Cairo, and eventually I'm going to ask Concord, the greatest city in the world

00:56:24--> 00:57:10

at the time, or one of the greatest cities, and that is Alexandria Iskandariyah. Alexandria was the City of Knowledge, Alexandria was the city of libraries, Alexandria was one of the most strategic cities because it's right next to the ocean. And it was a very necessary port for the Romans. And that's why it took a while for animals to conquer Alexandria, but eventually Amber, and the Muslims conquered Alexandria as well. And when Egypt was conquered, or mobile, hot, Bob appointed, Ahmed Abdullah asked to become the governor of Egypt. Hence the first Muslim governor of Egypt, ever in the history of mankind was even asked eventually with man, even a fan became the halifa. And as you

00:57:10--> 00:57:21

know, there were some issues and and, you know, skirmishes, verbal skirmishes between some of the Sahaba northmont and Ahmad was was one of them who didn't quite get along with

00:57:22--> 00:57:36

him and I found out the laquan earthman got rid of him and put another person in charge. And so as you know, we talked about this time of Earth man, there was not there was some unease and discomfort. And when Earth man was assassinated,

00:57:37--> 00:58:28

he decided to join the side of more are we against it, it'd be positive. And while we recognized how important Amr was, an AMA became essentially, one can say his primary minister, his primary advisor, because we saw in our, that intelligence that he needed, and I'm not even an ounce, participated in both Safin and German, both of these battles. And he also played a key role in the arbitration between Wow, we have an idea of the law one. Now here is where we will say, the famous or the infamous story that is found in many books were our most shoddy, and admirable and ours had a conversation. And now more than backstabbed of almost surely I'm not going to tell you the details.

00:58:28--> 00:59:17

If you don't know what is better for you don't know that infamous story is false. It is volatile, it is not true. And it is primarily narrated by our mission, a lot of and yahia, who is the primary narrator of the sheary version of Kabbalah and all of these incidents, we talked about him when I did the Battle of Karbala, this historian is not really a historian. He is a propagandist. And he has a version of history that is used by the non Sudanese and we recognize him to be a liar, basically, and all of our sources say this is a person who cannot be trusted. This infamous story where a woman Salah Shadi seems to be some naive person, and I'm going to have knouse very

00:59:17--> 00:59:56

viciously, treacherously very easily conniving Lee manipulates Amazon ashari. I'm not going to go into detail, but it's the if you ever come across a jewel exactly I'm talking about this is a false story. It is not true. There wasn't arbitration. And the arbitration didn't really result in anything tangible. Nothing really changed other than the war stopped. And within a year earlier of the law, Juan was assassinated by the hostage and therefore, nothing really came of the arbitration, rather than a temporary ceasefire. As for the story of double crossing, it did not take place and that's something we do not believe in.

00:59:57--> 00:59:59

Nonetheless, when

01:00:00--> 01:00:42

Do the law one is assassinated. Remember, the Hawaii outage targeted three people? Three people simultaneously were supposed to be assassinated. I'm Ross. And where are we? And Ollie are the law one. The fact that the Hawaii outage are targeting us indicates the status along with the house. The two are clear while in alley. The third person they wanted to assassinate was I'm leaving the house. And it just so happened that he got away without a fatal injury. And while he was sick, he didn't leave the frigerator. And so the person that was leading Frederick was killed or harmed or forgotten what happened, what was the harm to kill, and it was the only one that was

01:00:43--> 01:01:09

their leading budget because they were supposed to attack on the same day. It was a simultaneous suicide mission on all three, they had agreed on this particular day that we're going to attack. So in three different places, they all attacked, and the one that attempted to kill armor completely was unsuccessful. Marawi himself fell sick, so he didn't go live for federal and then added to the law, one was there and he was stabbed and he was assassinated by the cottage writes.

01:01:10--> 01:01:35

In Moscow, he then became the halifa. And while we reinstated him, I would have been asked to be the governor of Egypt. So he remained the governor of Egypt until he died in the year 43 hit Europe at the age of 8888 years old, a very old man, and his place of burial is still known in the city of Cairo, there's still a place that is known as the place where Han would have

01:01:36--> 01:02:22

died. And his his grave is there. And there are beautiful Hadith narrated by our we're going to do some of them and also we know as well the story of his death. Let me just mention some of the things that we know of Ahmedabad only has like 1015 Hadeeth not that many had these. And of them. I would just want to mention the ones that we are interested in. I'm gonna I'm gonna ask narrated the Prophet sallallahu Sallam called for me and he said where your garments and your armor and your weapons and come to me so I came to him while he was doing will do and he looked at me and he raised his eyes up and down looking at me. And then he said I want to send you at the head of an army and

01:02:22--> 01:02:51

Allah will protect you and you will gain much booty and I am hopeful that you will gain mal saw the honey I'm good amount of money so he said yes to the la ma a slim to manage little man I didn't accept money for the sake of man. Well I can the Islam to rock button Phil Islam you want a Coronavirus su de la? I want to be with the Prophet system for the sake of Islam. So the prophet of Islam said nierman model saw the literal Judas soldier who already did this hadith.

01:02:52--> 01:03:16

I'm gonna ask narrated that sorry, a man narrated that I'm going to pronounce was distributing money to the people as the governor and he gave a model vinyasa more than he gave the others. Somebody complained Why are you giving I might have been yes and more. So he said, I heard the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say Dr. olfi

01:03:17--> 01:03:36

the rebellious party will kill a mob so I think you should be honored extra Okay, now who ended up killing a mod which side ended up killing or might have been yes it the side of Where are we? How do we interpret this? Listen, this is what again, these are HD hide from the Sahaba

01:03:42--> 01:03:44

Okay, what's the next one here?

01:03:45--> 01:04:36

These are all about 15 nature. I'm Debra house narrated and this is a famous heading that Amon would use himself. I'm gonna I'm gonna ask narrated that I heard the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say, when the judge decrees something, when the hackin when the judge decrease something and he tries his best to come to the truth. If he is correct, he will get to rewards. And if he is incorrect, he will still get one reward. Now it's interesting this hadith is narrated by Ahmed mouse, because this hadith we use it for him. We need to use the same Hadith he narrated for him because if he sincerely tried to do what he thought is the best he will still get one reward because

01:04:36--> 01:04:37

in number moto Binya.

01:04:41--> 01:04:42


01:04:43--> 01:04:50

yes, this is the one I wanted to do. I might have been Yasser was killed, and I'm going to pronounce was informed.

01:04:51--> 01:04:59

So I'm going to said, I heard the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say the one who kills our model.

01:05:00--> 01:05:05

The one who takes his armor off of his body, the both of them will be in Jannah.

01:05:07--> 01:05:13

So somebody said to him, oh, I'm here you are fighting him

01:05:15--> 01:05:49

means you're the one who's killing him. You're the one on the side that killed him. So I'm going to said, The Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, the one who actually kills him. And the one who actually takes his armor means the one who used the sword to kill him, and I didn't use the sword to kill him. So he exonerates himself that I didn't kill Amar directly, personally. And the prophets have said the one who kills more than one Atilla who is the singular The one who kills him, and I didn't actually kill him.

01:05:50--> 01:05:52

Here we have the the

01:05:54--> 01:05:57

How do they interpret the Hadith to refer to the value?

01:05:59--> 01:06:26

Okay, there's the long Hadith. I don't have time to get into it. But this is Amara narrating this isn't Muslim by Mohammed, that after the Battle of hunted up, I came back and I told my friends of the Quran, that, you know, it seems clear that the matter of Mohammed will eventually win over us that is the long 33 pages long where the whole story of his conversion, so it is never ending it in the first person. And it is in the midst of a man. Here we have the narration I want to do

01:06:27--> 01:06:30

when I'm on a vinyasa was killed.

01:06:31--> 01:07:23

I'm going to be evening hasm another ama visited. I'm gonna Laos. And he said, I must have been the arson has been killed. And you know that the prophets of Allah who I said him has said, the rebellious group is going to kill him. So I'm at a morass became scared and terrified. And he immediately stood up and went to muawiya. And told him, what do we do now? So ima is now doubting What am I doing? Am I on the right side, which shows he genuinely thought he was on the right side. That's why he's doubting now. So he was to come to Mongolia. And while we are calms him down. And a mama says to him, don't you know Amar has been killed. So while we assess so what Amara says, Don't

01:07:23--> 01:08:05

you know, the profitsystem said, all of this, by the way is in the Hadith, you don't you know, the prophet system said that the rebellious group will kill him. So look now at how where there's a will there's a way, and we still say it'll be a lot one whom and we don't say anything but good. This was what they interpreted. And they were sincere, even if we disagree with their interpretation. Okay, I say this because we shouldn't say anything bad about morale. We are the last one. And I'm gonna do one more hour we said he uttered something vulgar towards, on but basically, have you gotten mad? Are you crazy? And if this is something like this, like, do you think we killed him?

01:08:06--> 01:08:20

Rather, it was Ali and his group who killed him? They were the ones who brought him to the battlefield. And they were the ones who threw them at our spears and our javelins.

01:08:21--> 01:08:30

We didn't cause the death, they cause death now. Mr. Ebony acid at this point in time, was in his late 80s. And he was

01:08:32--> 01:08:34

what do you call that thing? What do you call that?

01:08:36--> 01:08:39

Whatever you call, you know, not dementia.

01:08:40--> 01:09:26

He had tremors, he had tremors he couldn't he couldn't he couldn't carry the weapons with firmness, right? So you would have these tremors so he wasn't. But uh, Mark was adamant. I'm gonna fight on the side of Ollie. Even though he is no longer capable of fighting. So more are we are saying it's their fault. He is not qualified to be on the battle. He shouldn't have been on the battlefield. They're the ones who brought him at this stage and knowing his condition and they threw him at us. It's not our fault that our spirits happen to kill him. Okay. And so Subhanallah look at how they managed to get out of this issue. Okay. The final Hadith which is so beautiful, it is so beautiful.

01:09:26--> 01:09:29

And inshallah tada it shows that

01:09:31--> 01:09:59

whatever any we can agree or disagree. In the end, while we are the last one and especially the mouse, they had hearts of eemaan and dakhla. And as is the reality, there are also people and so there is power, there is money there is influence and this is the reality of human beings. This is a beautiful Hadith It is also in the Muslim is a Muslim is also a Muslim. It's 100% authentic, so it's like a Muslim. And it goes up

01:10:00--> 01:10:05

follows when Alex was on his deathbed he began to cry

01:10:06--> 01:10:46

his son Abdullah we're going to talk on the next week said to his father Do not cry my father Are you scared of death of the low we're going to come to next week Abdullah was a tough a min Abdullah was a za his bid, we're gonna come to him. As I said the three descendants are very, very interesting you have a house, you have the politician armor, and then you have the ascetic monk type of figure, Abdullah Ahmad, these three are totally different from one another. Each one has his own niche. So his son is telling the father, Surely you're not scared of death, you're not worried you're a man, you're gonna meet a lot of us. So I'm gonna have an all said, No, well, I'm not

01:10:46--> 01:10:49

crying, because I'm about to die.

01:10:51--> 01:11:31

His son says to him, my father, don't you remember, you took part in the conquest of Syria, you took part you were a Sahaba of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam you did this, you did that. So this shows us when a person is dying, it is the Sunnah of the Sahaba, that you remind them of the good things they have done. So the son is telling the father, how can you be worried Everything will be fine, you did this, you did this, you did this. So armor said, you have left the best thing that I have ever done, my son you have left the best thing that I have ever done. And that is my Shahada of law in the law that's more important to me than all of these resume that you agree with me. Then he

01:11:31--> 01:12:24

says, I have been through three phases in my life. No one knows except me. I have been through three phases. Now I'm telling you, first phase of mine, I was a caffeine. And at that stage, I was the most worst enemy of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. If Allah had caused me to die at that stage, I would have been in Jannah. Then I gave my oath of allegiance to the Prophet salallahu idea he was sending them. And I was the most full of emaan and love and higher of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and I could never get enough of seeing him. You know, the famous Hadith I mentioned this in other books that we didn't have time to get into it. But I would say I never would

01:12:24--> 01:12:33

satisfy my desire to look at the Profit System, it always would try to steal as many gland glances were you saying, I never got enough of seeing him.

01:12:34--> 01:12:52

And there was nobody who had more higher of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam than me. And if I had died in that state, then what a beautiful state that would have been and I would have been upon plan and I would have hoped gender for myself in that second state.

01:12:54--> 01:13:00

And then after that, I got involved in politics missile bond.

01:13:01--> 01:13:11

Then after that, I got involved in the political games, and things of that nature. And now I do not know what will my fate be.

01:13:12--> 01:13:34

After that second phase, I don't know what my fate will be. So when I die, then do not cry over me. He's giving the will see ya now, do not cry over me. And do not allow the people you know, they would follow the grave. They would follow the procession with lights and whatnot, do not allow any of them to follow

01:13:35--> 01:13:45

me in the in the in the cupboard, and fill my grave with sand. And then once you have covered me up, then wait

01:13:46--> 01:14:34

at the grave for as long as it takes to sacrifice the camel and distribute the meat means like around 40 minutes or so. Wait there so that I can get some comfort in your presence? While I answer that assume from Allah subhanho wa Taala meaning Monica and Nikita. Okay. And this is the Sunnah of our religion as well, that when a loved one dies, we wait a while at the grave, and we make dua for the deceased. Right. So our prophecies would actually wait at the cover after the cover after the the grave has been done. You wait there for a while, and you make dua. So here is our telling his children, once you put the sand on me, pack the sand and then wait there for half an hour, 45

01:14:34--> 01:14:59

minutes, whatever. I like to get some comfort with you. Your presence will give me comfort while I answer the angels from my Lord. And then he passed away we have as well exactly what he said that his son said to him that oh my father, you would say I remember you would always say that. I'm amazed at an intelligent man who is about to die. How come he doesn't describe his death.

01:15:00--> 01:15:40

Now you're about to die. Tell us how his death. This is Abdullah ibn Ahmad asking his father, right. He's telling his father, you at the end of life, tell us how his death. So I'm going to open an asset. I feel as if, and this is a testimony from a Sahabi, a few minutes before he dies, may Allah protect us from an evil death. May Allah give us a beautiful death, may Allah make that easy for us. I feel as if the skies and the earth are squashed, tight. And I cannot breathe except as if I'm breathing through the eye of a needle. Like I feel constrained as to trying to say, and then he said,

01:15:42--> 01:16:05

Oh Allah, you commanded us, and I disobeyed you. And you forbade us, and I entered that territory, and I have no excuse in front of you. And I have no power against you. All I can say is La Ilaha, Illallah, La ilaha illa Allah. And he kept on saying that until he died,

01:16:06--> 01:16:50

what a powerful and beautiful death of Ahmedabad, the loss. And you can sense the struggle that he himself has that I skipped over those 20 years, because there are issues that are problematic. But this is the reality of politics. I skipped over all of the time of Maui, and just quickly went over it. In the end of the day, you sense there is turmoil within him. And he is saying himself, that, in my second phase, how beautiful and pure I was. Now there's this third phase that I have dealt with politics and power and money. And I don't know what's going to happen now. But look at how beautiful he died. And we say and with this, I conclude. We say the fact that our prophets, Allah said, he

01:16:50--> 01:17:29

said that he has a man. And the fact that he was appointed as an envoy to the people of Oman. And the fact that he was appointed as the governor. And the fact that he's of the Maha Joon, all of these things indicate whatever else happened in shallow to other we have your clean that he did what he did, because he genuinely thought there would be benefit for Islam, and he was never treacherous to Islam. That is not something we can ever believe. And his death is a beautiful death that indicates a genuine soul of repentance. That is the death that we all want when we're meeting Allah subhanho wa Taala. Next Wednesday, inshallah we'll be doing his son, Abdullah him down with a mouse

01:17:29--> 01:17:40

who is another very different story from the Father and the grandfather, and we'll talk about his son inshallah, without any quick questions about our medieval house.

01:17:41--> 01:17:43

With that, inshallah we'll conclude then we'll do it next week.