Seeking Allah’s protection from Wrongdoing

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Alhamdulillah Bananaman so Allah Who saloon Baraka buna Muhammad Anwar earlier so he was selling with a slim and cathedra to my my god.

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Another dua from the Quran found in surah Allah Allah of chapter and verse seven and there will be a number 47 Number 47 in which Allah subhana wa Tada speaking about 100 Out of the people who are off who will stay in the barrier between Jana and Jana May Allah protect us from the settle but I mean, they say God, Allah azza wa jal slowly for upside on tilaka as have enough cod or a burner later Jana, Malcolm Solomon, and when their eyes are turned towards the Companions of the Fire, they say Our Lord do not place us with the wrongdoing people. So the DA This is our banner letter Jana Malcolm Nadal Amenia Allah do not place among those wrongdoers. So let's take the context first

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before we get into the dryer itself insha Allah azza wa jal, the candidate is ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala earlier spoke about Allah Jana and Allah Luna and those in between Allah azza wa jal speaks in the context of this da by three categories that people will Jana, the people of Johanna, and those who are stuck in between.

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So the people have agenda, those who are there has an ad, their good deeds and their merits will outweigh their bad deeds. I mean, no one is pure. So we're going to all come and carry with us good and bad. As long as your good deeds are hamdulillah outweighing your bad deeds, you're in good shape. So those people will be in Jannah. Now lawmakers some of them are Bananaman.

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Those who are bad deeds will outweigh their has an ad.

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Unfortunately, they're going to have to pay for it. If the reconciliation with the people wouldn't be enough to keep them afloat. mean the Hassanal will go below their say they will end up out of the law, suffering and John, like in the Hydra Prophet Salah Salem, fall at a drone Emeril mirthless. Do you know who is the bankrupt one? Call jasola al mafia Safina mela hamara Hawala, Dina, them mirthless amongst us is the one who doesn't really have money doesn't have gold or silver? The Prophet said that Brank that bankruptcy is easy. Well, I can mirthless, the true mirthless the true bankrupt is the one who comes on the Day of Judgment will be Marian Keji belt, the hammer comes with

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good deeds, the size of the mountains of the Himalayan mountain range of the hammer of Salatin was the Iman was Sadako they will make an Salah fast a lot of charity, however, that comes with liabilities, they have cursed this person, they hurt this person they you know, like this person and so on. So fair, Kodama has an active admin has an address, I'll take it from there Hassan ad, when it's not sufficient they take from the SE ad and dump on theirs. And that's personal. I will I will, I will be doing unfortunately. And then we have those who are stuck in between. Why are they stuck in between because it has a rotten say cancel each other.

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They don't have enough good deeds to qualify them to go straight to Jana.

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But they also don't have, you know, bad deeds big enough to get them straight to Jana. So there are in that barrier between Jana and Johanna imagine a bridge or some sort of like a station where these people are looking into the right side they see that people have agenda. They look into the left side and see the people of Johannes Allah Allah Afia that site in itself is terrifying Kojima. So Allah subhanaw taala speaking to us about this call, call one Latina Ahmed Mohammed Oh, sorry, this is from i 42. In this in sortal a lot of well Levina Armano I'm sorry, Hatillo califone of son in law was Aha, hula because Habel Genetti and via kalido. He said Subhana wa taala.

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Actually, the i before that Allah speaks about the people of Ghana, because in a Lydian occurred that will be it I was talking about one lot of atonium Ababa what I'll call agenda had had a little German a few sermons

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were Catholic energon and moody mean, and this is number 40 Carlota waterco Tara, indeed those who deny Our Verses and are arrogant towards them, the gates of heaven will not be open for them nor will they enter paradise until a camel enters into the eye of a needle. Would that be possible Gemma?

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No way you can for a camel and through the needles hole obviously. So it's basically like saying it's impossible that's an Arabic expression means it's impossible.

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Lahoma and Johanna mummy head on and follow Him with our Shiva Dalek and Solomon. He says Subhana wa Taala these are the will will be the wrongdoer the criminals, and they will have from from hell a bed and over them covering or they will have fire and thus do We recompense the wrongdoers. Then he came to talk about the believers while Latina Mo Mo Salah had as for those but those who believed and did righteous deeds we were charged

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No soul except within its capacity. Those are the companions of paradise, they will abide there in eternity. Allah subhana makers among them, speaks about the quality of their life. But when Zanna Murphy has to do with him and will, one of the most important qualities that we wish we have in this dunya and we will have removed whatever is within their their hearts of resentment. Like imagine you live your life caring, absolutely no hard feelings towards anybody. Nobody can imagine the kind of peace of mind you have in this life. But if you worry about this individual, you're afraid of this individual. And you hate this individual. And you hold grudge against this individual, your life is

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not going to be an easy life, you're going to be living a life dictated by all these negative emotions.

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And you're not going to have an easy life. So Allah subhanaw taala in addition to get all the cardinal delights, he says their hearts will be at ease.

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In addition to the lovely reward of Jannah the best reward here in this matter, is to have a very content, beautiful feeling. So Allah says here, we have taken removed from their hearts all those ill feelings they have towards anybody, nothing can tell you the mental activity now they have rivers flowing from underneath them. Were called hamdulillah they sell hamdulillah Praise be to Allah Subhan Allah they had that and they had a whole guide us to this one McEnery Natalia Lola and had an Allah if it wasn't for him, will never be guided to Allah subhanho wa Taala Naka Jethro So Robin abdulhak one will do until como janitorial tomorrow, my cooking time alone, there will be told

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that the messengers have brought you the truth, the promise. These messengers, promise you word, the truth, and that promise shall be fulfilled. What was promised Gemma Jana and I will be told this is the agenda that you've been promised you now and heard this Jana will be Makoto Tamela because of what you have done of your good deeds. And that's when Allah subhanaw taala starts talking about the debate that happens between all these three categories. When others have agenda does have a knock the people of Ghana they start calling to the people of Ghana. In parallel Khadija nama Abouna haka. We have found what Allah promised to be true. He promised what paradise we got it for her was it to

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mA buco. Have you received what Allah subhanaw promised you to be true? Like that punishment Jana? Obviously. I mean, there is no there is no denial now, what do they say? Cardona said yes. Yes, that punishment he promised. It came true. Further than then obeying Allah Anna to Allah Allah volumen. A quarrel between them says May those or the wrong themselves may they be cursed? Cursed or the wrongdoers? That's the core.

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And Nadine, so Deunan sebelah whoever when I watched those who try and everything in their power to evade people from the way of Allah subhanho wa Taala and they like everything to be crooked, will humbly occultic iPhone denying the Hereafter. And then Allah says obey nahama hijab and between them there is a hijab, a barrier and that barrier Allara and that like a partition, and there is an elevation on that partition. Those people can look over look into Jana and overlockers JANA so the people of Jan and dance don't see the people of Jana and the people of Jenna don't see the people Johanna under Salah allows him to but the people will arrive they're seeing both sides. Their their

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their faith was not decided yet. May Allah protect us from this failure Ebola element? Because if anyone was in that situation, what do you think is mine is going through right now? What are they hoping for the gym? I

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don't put me there, right. I don't want to be on the left. I want to be on the right side. And that's when they ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Tala colourway now my hijab and Guadalajara flagellin yadi funa a coulomb BC Maha Monado. So they recognize the people of Jana and the people Jana, and they start calling the people of Jana and Salaam Alaikum Salam Alikum let me add Hulu, our milkman they did not antigen and they hope for it. I want you to look at that.

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There is a nice beautiful party happening somewhere. Right? You don't have a ticket.

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You don't have a ticket. But you know people who are going there. So you take your risk, and you go on the stand by the door. And as the people who are invited are coming through what are you doing? Hey, Santa Monica, I'm sorry if

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you want someone to do it. To recognize you. Because Oh, come come. I'll get you in.

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This is exactly the same feeling out of our habit with the people of Jin as Allah describing the way they recognize that people of Jana they are referring busy moms look. Oh my god. I know this guy. Hey, Santa Monica, Santa Monica. Let me ask Could they did not interject. They couldn't get in. While I'm here to my own. They would love the day

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They are on hope they will be admitted and they'll be allowed to go the people have agenda Karva sort of upside until cars have enough. But when their sights are turned to the other side, you know when you look they're so excited then you hear something just look back to see what's going on. You see somebody that horrific. What did they say? Called a banana John, Mr. Commodore lemon,

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even though they know that they've wronged themselves, they said yada, yada not what these people know what these people

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want to be with the prime time with the prime location with these people, the elite with the VIP. But now what is miserable ones?

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And that's Allah subhanho wa taala. When he when he instructed us to make that DUA and then they said kind of wider sort of upsample cos have another call Rob BANA Lata Jana Malcolm agreement, this is the dua that we ask ALLAH SubhanA to protect us and then the story continues a little bit farther afterwards, when others have arrived at JRF and obviously my home Carlo Magna uncle German coma come to the state capitol they also recognize some people from Japan and just love you. Oh my God, look at you. You see, we told you then all what you earned in this dunya didn't even help you. Whatever that you saw arrogant about your wealth and health and fame and name. It didn't help you at all.

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Look at you where you are right now.

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And then Allah subhana wa Taala is telling them how Allah Allah didn't accept him. This is other people that you told you said they will never see any good from Allah azza wa jal look Allah give them Jana, look at you.

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You are miserable and Johanna and Allah bless these people. Will Jana and that's when the people Johanna Medina that they're doomed. What do they say Carlo. Now they caught on to the people of Jana.

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When others have Nereus, Hubble Jannetty and a few Allah in Amman alma mater Osaka Kumala Could you please spare us some water or something from Allah has blessed you with the Can I Can we get at least water from there something but the people will Jana what would they say to them?

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Say no, no, no. In Allah Hara mama Allah Catherine.

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Oh Allah made it forbidden for them to receive any of those blessings like you get what you deserve.

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So that is kind of like the warning that Allah subhanaw taala is showing us in this ayat, and in the middle of all that, the wonder that these people are trying to acquire and achieve response from Allah subhanho wa Taala for it is a simple drag. And what is that dua or a burner Loretta Jana mal como la Lehmann.

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If Allah answered this call from you, then why would you be

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with the people agenda?

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Because Allah said those people entered the Jannah because of the wrongdoing.

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And we ask Allah subhana wa to protect us on the set of bribery. So it's very simple and short, but it's very, very profound. When you understand the context of shallow Tabata, Kota Allah will repeat that together Bismillahi as origin inshallah.

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What are hum na learn Hakuna nominal ha serene

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Allah Hola Hola. Hola.

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from bene Mahabharata ha ALLAH

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were made of aluminium and I'm sorry

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was a bit

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what Ivana Rasool

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Wattens, y'all milk amendment Asha.

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What was Zuma Sasha?

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What was the lumen Tasha?

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viatical higher

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in NACA Allah coalition Kadir

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to the July love in the heart

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were to region the heart of a lion.

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We're talking to Jill Hi Yemen al made.

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in nesina Astana

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WA for Anna, work for Lana or Hannah and Tamela Anna funciona RL co mil Catherine

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