Yasir Qadhi – The Repentence of Malik b. Dinar

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © Kimiuggari, a famous Islam icon, was born in the era of the Sahaba and studied under some of the Sa'aba. He became a middle level tabula and eventually fell in love with Monica employers. The story involves a thief and a man who wrote the Quran and sold it to someone, who later sold it to them. The transcript describes a disturbing story involving a thief and a man who earned their job. The story touches on the topic of a church's boastful sermon and the portrayal of the church as a Service. Other speakers discuss the loss of a woman named Zalee and her impact on her life, as well as the importance of not over till death to avoid sin.
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Charlotte today we have a short halter I'll introduce you to one of the main famous figures of early Islam and he is one of the ascetics that is known in the books of history and his name is Malik Ibn dinar and his story is a beautiful story and there are certain benefits and for what we can derive from it, who is my the Cuban dinar mighty Cuban dinar is at Tilbury. He's not just a hobby is a Tabori. He was born in the era of the Sahaba and he studied under some of the Sahaba It is said that maybe even he saw had been Abbas as a child, but he studied with Annette Sidney Malik and he studied with the senior tab your own of basura and he became a middle level tabula, tabula and themselves

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levels depending on their era. So you have the great era of the tabula rasa nobody, then you have the next generation like Monica Bundeena. So this is Malik Ibn Dino after the death of an Hassanal boss at the famous, you know, scholar of Buster Maliki dinar became the main icon of religiosity of Zeus of asceticism, and he was known for not only him but primarily for a bother for worship, he was an icon of the city in terms of his lifestyle, very simple, very frugal, in terms of constant worshipping Allah subhana wa Tada always being in the masjid. Anybody wanted to see him he would go to the masjid find him there, he wants famously remarked, had it not been for the fact that I have

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to break my will do and do will do outside. I will be sitting here day and night he would want to stay in the masjid. And there are many beautiful anecdotes about him. You can look up in any book I'll just mentioned some of them. Once it is narrated that a thief came and broke into the house of Monica Medina, and he was in the corner doing vicar and the thief did not notice. And he scoured the house, he couldn't find anything to steal. There was nothing to steal in the house of Monica Medina. So then Malik saw and said to him, You didn't find anything of this dunya Can I gift you something better? So the thief became shocked and he became embarrassed. What is it? What can you give me

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better than this? He said, Do will do and stand with me into Hadoop. So the thief fell so shy he did we'll do pray to her. The Adana Fajr was called and Malika Medina went to pray Fudger with the thief, somebody was shocked that he saw him who is this guest you never have any guests who is this person with you? Malik in Medina said this was a person who came to steal something from us. But we ended up stealing from Him meaning his battle cloud, we stole it from him. And now we are going to start at Al Fajr Maliki Medina as well. He was a person who earned his livelihood. His it is was by writing the Quran, he would write the Quran. And in those days, you know, the Quran had to be

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written down. And then you know, obviously, sell the Quran the copy that he had written, and he would then live off of that, it would take him four months to write one must have four months to write one most half. And then as soon as somebody purchased the most half, he would take that money and he would immediately go to the grocery store, not even take it home and leave it as a deposit so that he could just purchase food and he didn't have to touch money. So the grocery store had a credit with him based on the money he would come every once in a while the money would come in pause your footnote, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the subject or the profession that

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has the most right that you pay for it is the Quran. Hadith isn't Buhari and some people think, Oh, how can I pay for the Quran, you're paying for the Quran teacher or you're paying for somebody writing the Quran. Our Prophet system said if you're going to pay something for anything, the most blessed thing to pay for is the Quran. By this hadith our scholars derived that the Prophet CISM opened the door for getting a payment for that which might be religion, you keep your Nia sincere for the sake of Allah but if you're going to get paid then the best thing to get paid for is the Quran is a Hadith so we pay our Quran teachers and we pay people who write the Quran and we buy the

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Quran from the Musa from the people all of this is completely jazz so mighty give it the nod would earn his livelihood by writing the Quran he considered this to be the most noble livelihood and as I said he would not even keep the money at home the thief would come there is nothing there's nothing there. Once the Almighty has appointed a governor for my for bus era, he was from Boston right once you lay is appointed the governor and the governor walked in with fine garments boasting his chest puffed out walking like this

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is through the streets and Malik mdnr saw him and said, Do you not fear Allah? This type of boastful walking is not allowed in Islam, unless you're on the battlefield and you have to show the enemy in that case, yes, you walk like that. Otherwise you do not puff your chest and walk like this. So this omega Prince became insulted, he said, Do you not know who I am? Do you not know who I am? And Malika dinar said, Yes, Wallahi I know who you are. You are a creature who was created from a fluid that is despicable even to mention. And your end result is going to be a corpse that is so sinful, nobody will want to smell it or see it. And in the middle, you are a sack carrying your own

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defecation. That's who you are. Now, what are you going to do about that? Literally? So yeah, I know exactly who you are. You're beginning is something embarrassing to talk about your end is disgusting. Nobody wants to see it. And in the middle, you are carrying your own what you're gonna go to the toilet. In other words, when somebody tried to be arrogant by his wealth, by his prestige and pride might have put him in his place like who do you think you are? We're all but who are them. We are all created beings. Now, there are many interesting stories and many beautiful things about you know, Monica Medina, but the main key point I wanted to bring up is that Malik in Medina was not

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like this for his whole life. No, he was not like this for his whole life. He actually had a very non religious beginning. He was a member of the paramilitary elite of the government, you know, they had, you will call them the Secret Service. Okay. So when the government didn't like somebody, they would send the Secret Service to arrest roughed them up maybe even killed them, you know, that you know, we all have them in our country's backup, you know, talking about he was of that group of people, and these are considered and they are still considered the worst of the worst. Everybody despises them. They have sold their deen and duniya. For the sake of money they have sold their is

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for the sake of a paycheck, right? This is the worst of the worst, the lowest of the low. And he grew up as a young man. He was of that group of people. And he would drink constantly. He was a drunkard he would drink as a young man. And Allah blessed him with a child, a daughter, and he loved this daughter immensely. The daughter passed away at the age of two. The daughter passed away. The dying of the daughter the death of the daughter triggered him into depression and drinking more. That's what usually happens when you don't have Iman. Right? The Depression that he went into, he became a complete drunkard. And one night he was drinking and he fell asleep and he didn't even pray

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Orisha back then even the drunkards prayed a little bit here. There's different hero back then. Right? So in his drunken stupor, he didn't even pray salata, Aisha, and he wants to sleep. In the dream, he had a dream that night. And this is the story of him flipping over. In the dream, he saw that he was in front of a massive furnace, and the furnace became hotter and hotter, and the fire became unbearable. So he turned around and he began to flee. But wherever he ran, the furnace was right behind him. He couldn't run away wherever he's running. The furnace is right there. Then he saw a man in the dream. Very beautiful, handsome, very impeccable clothes. And he thought this man

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can save me. So he said to the man, oh man, use least seem like Roger saw that a good man saved me from this furnace. The man said, I am too weak. I cannot save you. And in the dream that he is going and he sees his two year old daughter, two year old daughter, and the daughter recites to him a verse of the Quran. Lm yet needed Latina Amanu and Tasha Kuru boom LiveChat Illa hasn't the time come for the people of iman, that their hearts soften towards the remembrance of Allah isn't enough now, Hollis. Not hasn't the time come that your heart becomes soft? And he said he had been to you know the Quran? She said yes, we know it in this world better than you? Yes, we know it. So she said

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you have been to my daughter. What is explained to me what is happening? What is this fire? What is this man? So the daughter says that fire it is your sins and it is going to engulf you. It is your sins, that good man. It is the small amount of good deeds you've done which is not strong enough yet to save you from your own fire. You haven't made this man strong enough your good deeds, they are too weak to save you from this fire. So he woke up and right then in there, he broke all of the bottles of wine in his house and he turned over and you leave he quit this evil profession he was in and this was the the flip that happened to him that he turned over completely dedicated the rest of

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his life to Riba and Zote and Taqwa and spreading around he has a number of Hadith as well. In the famous six books, even Buhari mentions his name in his famous saw here, and this shows us so many things and of the most beautiful lessons and we have so many lessons like this, that Allah azza wa jal judges P

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by their ending, not their beginning, and we should not lose hope. Even if we might be at a phase of our lives where we're not living our best Subhanallah there's always time to change doesn't matter how we are today, as long as we're aiming to be better tomorrow, and we put in the effort. So this is a person who grew up as a young man, a drunkard grew up with doing the worst profession possible. And then Subhanallah a flip happened. And it is also shows us that sometimes, in fact, usually, if we have Iman, a calamity is a blessing in disguise, a calamity becomes a blessing in disguise. If we have Iman, something that is so painful, it is used as a catalyst to bring about a blessing. And in

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fact, the loss of his daughter was eventually what triggered him to become a better Muslim and the most pious Muslim have in fact, you know, it is said of the city of Basra of his generation, he died in the year 127 hedgerow, so early on 127 Hyjal. And it is these are legends that are set Allah knows but when I say legends, I mean, we find it in some books of history, we will not know for sure certain, it is said that towards the end of his life, he was of the first people you know, the conquest of sin had begun at that time the conquest of India. So it is said that he was of the first people to go and start preaching Islam in India. And to this day, there is a small village in the

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southern coast of India, there is a masjid of Malik Ibn Dena and the legends the people firmly believe the people will swear to you that this is the cover of Malika Medina and we find this mentioned in some of the books of the past that he was of the first batches of people to go and preach Islam in India. And to this day, there is a cover in this I don't know the name of the village is in the southern coast of India. And it has said as I said, there's a cupboard and his Masjid there and the people of that village and town they say that the first person to spread Islam in our community and we have been Muslim. This is by the way, the Kerala community in South India,

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right. So there's two places of Indian Islam. There's Northern, and that's where Muhammad Qasim came. And that was you know, different and then you have southern Islam, southern Indian Islam, that's the Kerala and Malayalam and other states there. And in those regions there was no Mohammed bin Qasim in those regions. There was no army. It was people that came and preached and taught Islam and it is said that Malika Medina was the first to go and preach Islam and as we know the entire southern coast has our Muslim because of people like Monica Medina. This is the story of my they can be data we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to resurrect us with the righteous of the past. We ask

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Allah to allow us to benefit from the stories we ask Allah azza wa jal to make us righteous and to overcome our sins and to make our Ebro our final days, the best dates and our final deeds, the besties we ask God that we all die upon to hate any of us and the Kadima on your show will continue later said I'm about to catch up

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