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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the negative impact of giving money to individuals without proper consideration and the importance of researching and giving back to others. They emphasize the need to address individuals and avoid them from receiving their money, and mention a program that provides support to individuals affected by the pandemic. There is a brief advertisement for a program related to addressing these individuals.
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I asked for it

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Oh really? This first shot here, masha Allah would you move from wild? Wildly come on you're never

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alone or ever Smilla Salam aleikum Jamal Salam aleikum?

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Gemma you can you can take their emails later

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Alhamdulillah wa sallahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa salam to Sleeman Kathira mama bad. Are you allowed to give us a cat rich person?

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Repeat the question. Are you allowed to give your car to a rich person?

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I thought the question has got to be so simple what seems to be complicated? Don't overthink it? Zeca Are you allowed to give it to a rich person?

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Why not?

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Why is

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this correct?

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But in this situation is not rich at that moment.

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He's just at home but in that moment, I will say is different. But we're talking different in general standards Arreola to give you as a cartridge person the answer is no. Because Allah says in the Quran in the masala total for Quran oh you can hear

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so many can you check the speakers on the women's section please take a look. So

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again, the prophets of Allah Allah sponsors in the Quran, Kalenna Masada, Koto, therefore, Kurosawa Masaki for God, so the start would have for Kurama second, poor and needy means the rich don't take care but are you allowed to give charity sadaqa to the rich person?

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Yes, your man. Yes. Can you give sadaqa to the rich, the rich person or are you allowed to give your sadaqa to someone who is disobedient?

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Someone who drinks a lot to give them that can you give you Soraka to achieve?

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I mean you're already doing that give it to the government.

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let's see what the professor said about this hadith number 6018 65. And the other side of hand, remember no Rahim Allah Tala Karwan, Abu Huraira to the Allahu TerraNova and Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam makan

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Coloradan la tasa de condado sadaqa. So the Eman like amongst the people in general. He spoke he was thinking to himself, one of those nights he goes out or one of those diseases called today I'm going to give a charity back in sha Allah I'm going out to give a charity has good intention. He wants to give a charity club for hundreds so Ducati so he went out secretly found somebody called for the half year the setup, he gave it to someone that person was a one in one known thief.

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He's a robber, basically he gave it to our caller first Carmen vagina shahada to the next day that people were talking about, oh my god, did you hear someone give charity to XYZ and that XYZ is not to be operative.

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So the man he heard the news that his charity ended up in the hands of a thief for Colorado vlsr I give it to a thief hamdulillah and then he says God inshallah I'm gonna give charity again. He goes out Cara for Harada you saw Ducati he for the half year designing.

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It ended up in the hand of a Zania prostitute.

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I mean, now the first to consider disobedient in that sense, right? For carnival, the Avia designer for us but we had to had that to the extent the Morning everybody was talking about it. Did you hear it man gave his money to you know, prostitute. For Cara Subhana Allah Zania

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hamdulillah Allah Mala Ken Ham, it doesn't show I'm going to give again. So for the third time, he insists to give a charity hoping they will fall into the hands of one whom he believed to be illegal or an eligible recipient, right? Someone who deserves it.

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God for Harada you saw the 34 year journey. He gave it out and it ended up in the hands of someone who was wealthy or rich.

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First, the first 100 is the head doesn't the next day in the morning people were talking about it someone gave charity to a rich person. For color of the Allah Allah certain. What Allah Zania what Allah Allah Hamanaka hand of y'all

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I give it to a thief to a prostitute a rich person hamdulillah

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like I did my best he says I did my best Carla for ot for it for clear hello so he was approached in a way that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala knows how an angel human being someone comes to him you know with an with news for OTF Aquila. Or maybe he asked someone to also listen called em Masada Katakana Sara as for the charity you have given to the thief for con for Allah ASDF and sericata Perhaps he was stealing because he was in need. So the charity will given him probably will stop him from doing that.

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God will Amazonia follow Allah tester f1 Xena, perhaps she did that not because she was doing it only because she's enjoying. Rather Unfortunately she's in a circumstance that she cannot find way of living but that fear perhaps test the F phobia. She will stop doing this quite well. I'm Melanie Farrell Lavanya.

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As for the rich, he might at least take an example from you.

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Now you say maybe someone who's less than him in terms of wealth. So he's now the learners of Hana someone who has less and given charity all I should be given that shirt Yeah, for an Alanya tuber. So basically as if the province doesn't say that this man he takes the word for all these examples for Karla fernbrook.

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Mata Hola. So this man will learn from you, and give from what ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala has given him. So what they will learn from this, you know, good intentions are valuable. Even if we went in the wrong hand, when you give your charity hamdulillah because you got your reward

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for giving the charity out, you got your reward, where it landed, that's a different story. Like many people, they keep asking me, why should they trust this organization? Should I give to this organization or that organization? This This people are asking for, you know, for this project and this project? Should I give them my money. And so I said you have to give them so that you trust them? I said, look, listen, you give your money, to the best of your knowledge of the trust, these people will give it to them. It will land in the right hand Alhamdulillah Obama, if it didn't, you got your award.

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You got your award for given that charity, and they will be responsible for not delivering what word should be. Now going back to the question, are you allowed to give you as a cat or rich person? The answer is no. But what if you do give us a get rich person knowing that he or she was rich person?

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Would that be accepted?

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So should you still pay the garden? Like I get my cousin who studies in such and such country? Because in my assumption, I think he's in need. So I'm going to give him my second shot. Like this happens a lot. Like whenever they say, you know, I'm giving my sucker to my cousin who's studying medicine, for example, in Pakistan.

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Okay, but he's not poor.

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Well, I know but his family couldn't afford in order expenses, but he is not cool.

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I mean, he's starting to become a doctor. I'm assuming you have some resources. And just because you would like to make it easy on his parents, to help him out, support him with his endeavor to become a doctor. That is not justified cause to give you as a company for them, are some people just say, I'm giving my Zika to the to the item to the orphans. Look, not every orphan is poor. So you need to make sure, just because these are your nephews and your nieces, because your brother man was trying to protect your families or your sister past does not mean that they're actually deserving of the car. Just because they're orphans. Because orphans is not one of the categories that has mentioned

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the eight categories to deserve Zika unless they fall under a different category. Like being for Cara and Misaki, in addition to being orphans. So you have to be careful. If you give us a car, knowing that this person was rich, that didn't count, and is still liable to pay the Zika again, what about the money I gave this man that counts as sadaqa for you, or you can ask for it back if you want to, if needed, because it's supposed to be given as okay. Now what if I give my car to somebody? I thought he or she was poor. But then later on I realized they were not. So what do we do in this case? Do you play soccer again or not?

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That's what Alma they have an argument.

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Some they say you did your best and you give them musica as they say, Well, you realize that did not fall in the right category of recipients, so you're still liable for it.

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Allah I cannot imply in store saying no, you did your best. And now the liability wasn't the recipient for accepting it knowing that they are taking the car money.

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And if they know that they've taken their money, and they know that they're not in need of it. It's on them as a sin to take it and accept it. Allahu Donna

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And a question Gemma

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behind us is

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what defines a poor person? So the IRS isn't for Korra or Moroccan right for clear and Miskin for clear. We say poor Miskin needy, the difference between folklore and musket, their money definitions, but the most common one that they say, and folklore is the one who beds and the needy or miskeen. The one who doesn't, but it's still in need. So for clear miners have jobs, and they're just sitting there, you know, begging and asking for help. I'll miskeen might have a job, but his income is not even Yeah, and eternal covering the basics. So they still are in need of more assistance now.

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Well, I mean, those who go to Makkah for hunger or hedge, for example, and they get stuck over there, I don't know the circumstance, even if they're big. They might be actually at Mississippi, Allahu Ana. I don't know, because I know some people what they do, they only have enough to pay for the ticket. So when they arrive, they hope that they will survive there on people's charities and kindness. I mean, if this is the case, they're not supposed to go there for Hajj or Umrah because it's dangerous. But May Allah forgive them and make it easy for them. Allah

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you know, someone is even

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supposed to call them out or

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so you know, someone who's taken Zika. And you know that they take the car, but they're not eligible for this car. Is that what you're saying? Should you call them out? I mean, advise them,

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advise them, you talk to him call this as a man, I know that someone gave us a car. And I think that you don't fall into the category Have you told the person that you're not qualifying for the car, and then say, that's not of your business, you shouldn't be doing this, then it's a duty on you know, the person who gave us is just so that you know that the person mashallah is actually hamdulillah has a decent income, they only does occur, and this case you did your part of Allah, but you're not going to post that online and put this picture and say, beware of this scammer, and all that stuff, and you're not gonna do this.

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Now? So are you supposed to do some basic homework or investigation before giving that to an organization? So are you supposed to? Are you supposed to be given doing your due diligence, you know, or basic research if that person deserving does occur or not? By the way, can we give the microphone to the sisters, please?

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I can organization. Here's the misconception. Some people they think that

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it's my personal duty to give the car to the recipient? Well, that's not the case, actually, Islamically speaking, it was the the responsibility of the state to deliver the care to the poor, your job, as a member of the community in the society, you're supposed to be given as a car to the vital man to the Islamic treasury. And they have left a centralized system to take care of the poor and the needy. Right. Now, that is no longer the case in our situation. So now what was left for everybody's conscious to calculate Desica and give it out, you know, during the due time for it, and Ramadan, other times, and so forth. As a result, a lot of people started taking more responsibility

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by even thinking who might might get into Missouri cattle. So that's checking on their neighbors and the relatives on the many, many individuals, you don't have to do that. You simply can investigate these organizations, and see the one that you trust the most with yours occur, and you give it to them, and they have the reliable the liability to deliver to the right person. Well, aha, but if you do the calculation yourself, and you decide to give it on your own, to the individuals directly, then you make sure that they deserve it. Now.

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If there is

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someone who doesn't,

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can you ask for your money back? If you give Joe's a car to someone who doesn't deserve it, because the rich? How long was it? From the time you give this accountant figured out? He doesn't deserve it? It's almost immediately, immediately. Can you ask for your money back? Well, did you tell them was the camera? You told that? It didn't happen?

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Oh, oxygen, assume what happens? Come and talk to me.

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But if you tell the person Hey, listen, I'm giving you the car money. And they took it. And you didn't know that they were rich, for example. That's where the argument comes in. Did you do your part or not are used to level for this account? Am I allowed to go and ask this person for that money back? I mean, in this case, if you told him it was a car, and he took it, then you can say, look, I gave you the car, and I don't think you're the only one of those recipients who deserve DACA. So you just do your part to let them know that they've taken a man and their hand, right? Allah? Yes. Is it one of the categories to relieve someone of their debt and if not, what are they

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to relieve someone of their debt. What does it mean exactly? elevada mean, basically, sort of odd, I mean, is a special case. And alarm is when someone at the hangman hemolysin Fill community and in the end, they're gonna and within the community, what does that mean? There is a specific, let's say, conflict between people a specific

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argument in the society that is really affecting the quality of life for the people in the community. So you go, you try to mitigate the situation, you arbitrate between them, and eventually, as a result, that you make a settlement for them. And a settlement requires some, let's say, some payments. So you told the individual said, Look how much how much you want, because I need to shift my $15,000, the other person doesn't have those 15,000 hours. So it's a you know, what, if it's $15,000, I got it.

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I got I'll get to the 15,000.

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That is that person that we pay him the 15,000 from the car to resolve this issues. Not just because someone who owes money for his car, and his, you know, his house and his furniture. I was like, given the money like that, because they now they owe money to these companies. It's not the case Wallah. Now, unless if the person is in debt to the extent that they are going to go to jail because of their debts, then yeah, we take we help them out with that.

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There was some

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$1,000 for training.

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So he got like your financial aid?

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Not enough for him. So he's asking why.

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One of the categories like getting music. So someone has someone has invested in investment money, and he lost it.

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Yeah, so he took it from people to invest. And he lost that money. Right? So what is the situation right now? He's asking for Zika.

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For what

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Lavon, you're not going to give the people out. You give him the calf, he can't survive anymore. If his money also lost with that trade, that he can't survive himself. So you will give him money for him to survive. We're not going to give them money to pay the people back. And

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you can't do that. That's not part of the company. And

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there's no specific amount you give a person to for the car, it's best to give people enough to get them out of poverty if you can. But if not, then give them whatever you can Aloha.

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we don't have the money to pay taxes.

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So the tax that you pay to the state or the alarm machine.

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Exactly. So if the tax that I'm paying to Uncle Sam, and does that count out of out of my pocket, the answer is no. It doesn't count. Nice try. Now.

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The last question, God

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bless you.

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I mean, if you doubt the person to be a recipient of the DACA then you need to let them know. Like Listen, this is a company

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just saying I'm saying and if you feel if you think that you you you deserve it and take it but if the person had you know that they're poor, for sure, don't tell them just give it to them out of dignified, dignified situation. Leave it for them. Like I remember one time it happened with me actually, to be honest with you. I was living with Damien Rahim Allah Tara. So

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students we always broke. So we live sometimes have some of the assistant to help to get them the shoe and so on. So one time I was visiting one of the streets of Chicago Musleh Halliwell, Allah is son in law. And then the chef was anime actually some money. I was having excited, really, is someone who just Luchino, that's the company. I said exactly. Like I'm not gonna take

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what you said, just take it. I mean, you guys still could qualify and as Misaki nanny, but I was too proud to accept the money.

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And hamdulillah I've never really taken as a company for the data, vertical data, but there was a situation I was put into and I learned that from my share that you are allowed to disclose and you tell the person that you're given look, this is a company so that you know, and if they feel that they deserve it, or they you know, they can potentially take it. Allah Spanner cologne behind it. I should order several direct summary comments.