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In Hungary

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indeed all praise and thanks are brutal law, not Madhu. And we praise Him, one is starting over.

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And we asked for his help one movie, and we believe in him or not.

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And this belief makes us trust solely unless we place our trust solely and alone, when our will to be learning.

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fusina so I seek refuge and we seek refuge, protection, sanctity, we ask protection from Allah subhanaw taala from the evil that's within ourselves.

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And we also ask protection,

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refuge from the repercussion of our bad deeds. When I tell a lie, my face it becomes darker. When I cheat in finance, my bank account goes up but my reserves goes down. These are repercussion. I want I disrespect my elders,

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my youngsters, my children, my young will come and disrespect me. We asked a lot of protection from the evil within ourselves and the repercussion of our values.

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And then we realize that whoever lost Madonna has guided, nobody's going to miss guide that person, because he has received guidance from Allah.

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But whoever a last Padma Dada has not chosen for guidance, ie whoever loves Allah has been guided. No.

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No Byeon no holy water, no necklace, no me wiping my hand on their head, nothing is gonna guide them except the guidance of Allah, Allah. And because of that we collectively say by sitting in this room.

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We all for that reason, undoubtedly sign on the dotted line, we've testified sanctifying swear, there is no other creator sustainer there is no other giver of life. There is no other God. Other than

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there's no other dealer other than a law.

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And how is this going to communicate with us? We sent the by testify sign on the dotted line with our blood.

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And we all just by being here in this game for dumar. We sanctify testify swear.

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We testify the pursuit of love, love love while he was selling them is the final messenger and he's the slave of a lot.

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What was the function of this messenger?

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We said when a gentleman diagraph is a law that we bear witness and testify. There's no other ILA a law, there's no other God sustainer judge, there is no other creator, other than a law. And to us, we testify that we're School of Law, so the law of audio, so is the final messenger and this leave of alone. But what was the function of this messenger? Who will be

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He, when he when

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said to us, as soon as

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we testify, be sanctified, and very simply every demo when I saw the one guy

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and it kind of fulfilled that religious void? What is it that Allah, Allah said, he sent unto us a messenger receiver, blah, blah, blah while he was sending me a Buddha, with guidance, everything that you take a measuring stick and you call it guidance, spirituality, namaz topi Rosa does be as

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these things are guidance. What at what level? Does this guidance come to? Me and the brother we pray

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to that affects me and the brother.

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But the song stop at spirituality and he died just guidance. You know what, God knows you God loves you. So God wants to live in your life is that is that when the buck stops? What does the if say three times in the

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He Allah, Allah sent to us receive a lot of a lot of ideas, with guidance.

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And the true system of living

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guidance will get you so far, me and these five brothers here, we're gonna work on animal rights. And these five brothers over here, we're gonna work on women's rights. And we back here we're gonna work on, you know, just getting taxes down. This is the problem when you compartmentalize a system of living.

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What is this group going to do when all the animals have rights to the goal is gone? When we start just working for just women's rights or just humanitarian causes, or just educate the people breathe the deen into little tiny parts, right? We break it into this awkward, awkward parts but until we bring the complete system of living,

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we won't have anything so Allah, Allah says in this ayah

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Buddha, what do you mean? How do

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the holy so that Hidayat guidance could come and bring us the complete system of living guidance, the complete system of living for what purpose so that it can become dominant upon all other systems of living? Why? Why should this system be done?

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We just say 30 seconds ago.

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So who's gonna know a better system than Allah subhana wa Tada. So it doesn't seem that far fetched to say, you know, what, the book that he communicates with us with it has a complete system, not just to be good, not just pay 2.5% soccer, not just free, but a complete system. But that makes you feel uncomfortable, right? Rather dominance of Islam hang on there. But now,

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what is the next word that says

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de PUE? Even if the bushi the polytheist. And let's loosely translate this, the one who chose another system, a system other than the system of a lot one penny hat, even if they have hatred for this, even if those were chosen. Who told another system even he hated this it will come to pass. Who under the D

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D, D, D, D.

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D, D.

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D meet

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on the

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boo la Bula very

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loud me a setup party who want to lie It's not gonna fit for you to answer but will not be the first time I met you. So I send in the figurative speech. A salaam aleikum. wa rahmatullah wa is an honor to be in your presence in in your time. And I spent 15 minutes of the clip, but I didn't talk about my topic yet. That just shows. Can you imagine what I decided at the beginning of the football is what we recite every week. Every week we say in our handling

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me to

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kind of fulfill that spiritual thing now, but we lose the essence of what we've been seeing for the last 1819 years may have been in love with

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the guidance counselor guides.

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So where is the guidance

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on the show?

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That led me to say with all the things that are going on, what is it that me and brother and brother the average of the law, what can we do for guys

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The demand and the machinery of our community, they have different problems. What can me and the brother do? Me and the good old camera man, what can we do to better our relationship with God?

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And I said, Let's start from the very beginning where everyone deletes the book of of law backwards book, baby, it's a worldly book, the book for the Messiah. It's an old book, right? But to do birds and don't do, right, that's basically what that's what it's made to be portrayed to us, not knowing that the hope is so much more for us. So we start with that argument. Maybe

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it was good back then. Let's take the argument. Now. Surah Yunus is number 37. We start our journey here on how can we and yes, there are a lot and Fatima and Selena How can we better our relationship with on smooth landing rock Maggie rock, In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful. So what I benefited from the TSA letting me do security this morning, is because of love that could benefit them. So I praise Allah. And when my mother didn't toss me away, when I soiled my nappy, when I was a little kid, she had mercy on me. And she had mercy on me because of a blow so I,

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I think my mother

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because of loss putana asked me to so next time you say this means

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with in the name of Allahu Allah, Allah mama writing, he's not just merciful, brother, some of the apartments by today they weren't merciful to me.

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But Allah, Allah, when we say a man is the most merciful and even evil brother, I'm getting benefit from them. It's because I lost count, I'll put that benefit there. Surah Yunus is number 37.

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And it is not such that this book

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is not such that this time, and you've the wrong, meaning that it is not such it is not possible that this will add a new thought and our grammarians can tell you it was produced and attributed to a lot I mean, do Neela It is not possible that it was produced,

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or written or fabricated. The truth is meaning that it is from a loss.

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And now that's the statement that I made. But look how Allah, Allah proves it to us.

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It is not such that this woman was produced other than from

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lacking, but on the contrary.

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On the contrary, all human beings who use your rationale to say, Well, I brought an old book, one napkin on the contrary, whether that's the finale, this book that's here right now with you, it is an affirmation. It is a solidified confirmation of the books that came before. And all people ask, what do we do to our books before the interview? What do we do? We took the religious parts of them. And anything that had to do with daily life, we do a behind our backs. And if we needed a fatwa, we found a rabbi or a priest and said today, it doesn't work for me, give me something. So the books that came before us, it confirms them.

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And it is the explanation of the book, but who has the right to give this explanation?

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It has no doubt in it. Why? Who is in front of Sealand kidambi. Now, he may be like me, because it is from the Lord of all the worlds the worlds that I can't see and cannot see. Remember these words lovely Buffy and middle of the line? remember seeing them?

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I mean,

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you see a lot of putting the thing that he confirmed at the beginning of the book. If you didn't catch it, here it is. So what is it that this book, the book that we said it only has spiritual things in it, but I see so much more. I see how to deal with the people. I see the true aspects of this book. What can I do?

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So we look at this and we say what are the there are five basic obligations for me and I'm delighted

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by this congregation, maybe we'll get to three what is the first

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commanding bourbon. What's the first revelation? The first fear in, in the parade? zombie army?

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No, it wasn't that. It was pretty here, right? The first commanding word was pretty here.

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The first commanding verb in the

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The first six items were then repeated. And this is as an instructive symbol was some A lot of it was something to do to recite, or bananas or to propagate. But the system, the first thing that could ask us was to read. But then you say, Brother, what was the second the second revelation unto all of mankind? What was the second revelation?

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and seven came down from the mountain overwhelmed. If I can use the word anxious, he told his wife that we need to cover him. Second, Revelation surah number 73 is one through five.

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one through six one through five.

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What is the lowest cantata revealed to mankind second

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DVD name?

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purchase last month genuine question answering your heart is the second revelation on how long my beard is supposed to be. is the second revelation about how many prayers didn't work?

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We didn't know it must be the second revelation was to pray globally or locally for Intel. All right.

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Wait a minute. The things that plague our oma today that divide us don't even make the top 10

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zubi harmonica. It doesn't even make the top 10. So let the machine decide whether we play globally or locally or are we pretty moderate on the timer 10 minutes afterward? What I do, what can I do to build a relationship with the number one thing

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and the second revelation as we read this before to recite the Quran as it was revealed? Oh, Zindani he walked into

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the lab, not for the law, not the name. No, as of last panel data revealed.

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You know, we all know last Ramadan. Last Ramadan. When Ramadan started, Obama made a little message. He made a message at the beginning of Ramadan. And he said it's happy Ramadan to all the Muslims out there. And then when he said it was the month where it was decided to how much solo audio salon and what words did he say? He said, If

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and upon seeing these words, you know that before he said it for free? he consulted three specialists. And he said, You know what, I don't want to offend anyone by mispronouncing these words. You know, the problem was is the President has said that we then we do that's the problem. The issue of the oma is not magnanimous and huge.

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The guy who doesn't believe in the law necessarily is worried about offending the book of Allah.

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But I can get up and say 100 all

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the cookies on my head, it's okay, right?

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This is the strangling that we have sprinkled

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with things that may not be completed in our lifetime. Because before I was born, my dad asked one of his features and one of his elders. So should we play globally or locally?

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On the 1969

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are we still discussing now.

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But it is our opportunity to read the book of Allah as it was revealed. So the first thing pulled on us from us was to be the second thing was to resign as it was revealed. But let's stop here. I'm not gonna lecture you on that we what was the third thing? What was the third element that I'm wanting from me and Nasim Rashid, what was the coupon said 27 times in London. I can't even count and give you how many times it says this in market. So I'm giving you modeling.

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What is the third obligation right? We need to build a relationship with Iran is number three. We'll find it once amongst at least 27 times into an ad in Milan. It is 27 times in the run, but we'll also find this in io 191

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I'm in Milan, in.

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The third thing that I asked the average, the average Amina to do was to think,

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to think about the signs and the realities around us. Is it possible that everything in the universe has a set code to follow? But somehow we human beings don't have that code? Is it possible really, genuinely, that the purpose of this religion was to fight on whether I hold my hands here or hold my hands here? Really just step out of the box? Leave here? for one second, just step out of the box and tell me is the function of the Quran to bring the people or join the people?

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Does it make any sense to you that we take the same book that bound the Sahaba of your blog,

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together more than the bond the blood

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doesn't make any sense that everything in the universe of forget animals, I'm talking about me, you're sitting with your legs folded, the blood is able to get through the joint of your knee when you're sitting right now. But if I close the holes,

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everything follows along. If I drop the mic, the mic will fall. But blood goes down to my toes and comes back up to my heart. So blood, something unclean has a system to follow. Is it possible, but the most advanced creature doesn't have a system to follow a system not be good, be nice.

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Is it possible that this being was genuinely about whether we pray for God? So number four, though, or

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is it just rationally speaking, but this is just asked us again, and again and again, think, just think about the realities around? Think about how slowly becoming and being more of a sudden, it's harder and harder. You think it was tough post 911? What are we doing now? That guy has a nice shape up and he had a house and a mortgage and his wife? Pretty modern person. Right? The face that we keep seeing on TV right now is pretty chill guy. He didn't have a huge beard. To think that this is what the dean came to do. It just kept getting harder and harder to practice. Because we kept putting a wall

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on wanting to be read as it was revealed, and to think about the signs around us, the function, the purpose of this religion.

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There is a narration that the sittings between the football, the sittings between the football, that if the God that is made between these two siblings is not protected. You can say that this is not the strongest marriage and I agree with that. I said that if somebody has a yearning and need for something foreclosure, you need to get engaged someone has finally

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given the last few seconds.

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If there was hard reality, purpose function and what you heard in the last 18 minutes, then print with your own words. Oh, Allah made this unadulterated thought reach my heart like rain reaches fertile land and see this, Oh Allah if he has some immaturity or some agenda behind his talk. I pray it falls on your ears like rain falls on Deborah

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to leave here saying it made sense. Go home and make sense up to home and do something with the book of law as he asked us that much. I don't have to do this. Just need you. The everyday of the law everyday.

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Danny was while

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he was

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in LA

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was Luna nebby

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Come on later.

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forgiveness and mercy amongst those who are steadfast and consistent in our good actions and worship, or lawmakers amongst those who have guidance will have the data. And that leads us to functional action that implements the rules of this team of lawmakers amongst those who are not cheap, who are not lazy and who are not cowards with a life in the time of aloneness amongst those who can act on the little word that we hear, as opposed to listening to many words and doing that.

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in the public domain avoid me, I end on the idea that we read every single week. You hear the same verses out of Iran, but forget about reading it.

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We just became like kind of like a machine to listen to the idea that possibly you've been listening to for more than 15 years, in a lot more will be like this. X is

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indeed a war. Madonna has been joined on justice. If something makes sense. And you're like man, I don't know what to do. Then do something about it.

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allies enjoying justice and money, what do you want me to say? Son consciousness awareness of us that Allah subhanaw taala sees us and we are in front of him when we make our prayers

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we're either in orbit and spending on your family or was enjoying justice has enjoying a son has enjoyed spending on your family when you go home and your wife says so what do you do when you're here in the hood? But today we like nothing I don't share with your family see something about him. He just kept talking Arabic English and Arabic English. I didn't really get it but something just put on.

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Hold on.

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The flip side of this

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in the law

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On the flip side of this coin of justice and awareness of a lot of spending time and money and energy with your family, there's three things that are flipped on the other side. Forbidden if you enjoy these, he has forbidden these what is the number one thing all my young people what is the number one thing that was forbidden inside

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but it loosely translated for you. factor is High School Musical 1235 and 10 five

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what they call you to clean his

00:28:46--> 00:28:48

late night at www his

00:28:50--> 00:29:04

disrespect of your parents is 511 cut the line in the sand between heaven and hell? Alas forbidden. Close to the line. Everything has been one belt

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and oppression.

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We end up the word of oppression. brothers sisters don't bomb it's I don't impress my kids. What about this? You? Can you literally leave here think it makes sense and oppress your

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Don't be impressed by learners. But the Word of God to make an impression on you. When something has an impression impression.

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It stays with it forever.

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And the book of a lot stayed with us. What are the long he

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won't long we are now