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I was pondering over a verse in Surah Yunus where Musa alayhis salam, when his people are trapped, and when they think that there is no hope. He has a very powerful verse here and it really it struck me and it caused me to go down bit of a thought process. Musa said to his people when they lost all hope, Musa said that, yeah, call me on my people In Kuntum mentum Billa he finally he took Curlew in control Muslim in

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all my people, if you have Iman in Allah, then put your Tawakkol in him. If you are Muslims, it's such a powerful phrasing that your Eman and your Islam is linked to your Tawakkol. And this is said at a time when Frauen is behind them. The Red Sea is in front of them. They think Hello acid is all gone. They're the lowest of the low. And Musa comes and says if you have Iman, where is your token? If you have Islam show me that token. And this caused me to think about so many other verses in the Quran, where Allah subhana wa Taala directly links Iman in him with the concept of Tawakkol like it is intrinsically linked you cannot have eemaan real eemaan Except that it will be manifested in

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Tawakkol for example, the very first verses of Surah Talon found that in normal movement on Alladhina De Luca La Jolla the crow boom way there truly are to Allah him it was added to me mana and then how does it end? While our behavior tower karoun in normal mode me known the believers are only those there's exclusivity here, you cannot be a believer unless these characteristics apply in normal movement on and then Allah lists two or three things. And then he says and they put their Tawakkol in Allah and of course it is very clear in the Quran. Why Allah He felt that our Khalil me known for its our Khalil moto our ketone Botha dimension, if you have Eman you will put your

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Tawakkol in Allah subhana wa Taala the concept of Tawakkol there have been many hot buzz many lectures about this. And we should always remind ourselves of this reality in the famous Hadith in Sahih Behati, the regular dua of the Prophet sallallahu I said before going to sleep he would say that Allahumma laka Islam to a beaker are meant to alayka were killed once again this direct connotation. Yeah Rob I believe in you. And I submit to you and I have to according you look Eman Islam tower could literally put together in one phrase just like what the Prophet Musa Eman, Islam Tawakkol all put together. But why? Why is Tawakkol so important that it is directly linked to Iman

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in Allah such that Musa is saying In Kuntum Amen to belief if you believe in Allah so rhetorically, you know, as they believe it's a rhetorical right. They know they believe he knows they believe he is saying if you have Eman, show me that our code? Why is it so intrinsically linked? If you look at the Quran, the reason also becomes clear. And that is the following that the reality of Tawakkol it stems from Iman in Allah and the methodology of Tawakkol. It stems from Eman in the Sharia of Allah. So the healthiness of tobacco the reality of tobacco. You don't need to have a lot of knowledge of the Quran and Sunnah. If you know who is Allah, you will have to chuckle. But how do you do TOA? You

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need to have some knowledge of the Sharia. Right? And I'm going to get to this point, as I'm saying the reality of Tawakkol how cool it is linked to Yvonne why and how? Because if you know who Allah is, then automatically to what could will come from that. And that's why in the Quran in multiple verses, Allah links the concept of Tawakkol to Him and His names and his attributes directly. If you know who is Allah automatically you will have to work with him. So for example, Allah says in the Quran, all who are up de la ilaha illa who are later worked, he is my Rob La Ilaha illa Allah Tawakkol in him, notice how clear also in the other verse, what our curl Hey, hola de la jolla moot

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another name of Allah al Hey, put your Tawakkol in Al Haj the one who never dies also in the Quran. What our color fatawa Allah Aziza Rahim, put your Tawakkol in Al Aziz Rahim. Allah the Urraca Hina TOCOM the one who sees you and the one who sees when you're standing and praying and the one who knows everything. So the concept of Who is Allah that Allah isn't Hey, Allah is Allah Aziz. Allah is Rahim in Surah Tabarak Allah azza wa jal says of cool who are Rama? No, I'm an OB, what are they? hito wa Kalina once again, the notion of Allah's names and Allah has attributes being linked to the Tawakkol and Allah why and how? Because if you know that Allah is Allah Aziz. Allah is Allah we

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Allah is a severe if you know that Allah azza wa jal is Rahman Al Rahim. When you recognize who

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Is Allah automatically none of them are hook has what Allah has none of them are who has the control the knowledge, the power. So then how can your heart go and be attached to a hook when it is Allah? Who is the ROB Allah? Who is the Illa? Allah who is the Aziz Allah? Who is the Hey, every other being is not alive, they're going to die. What's our call Alhamdulillah de la jolla moot, how can you put your Tawakkol in a mahalo that is going to die. What's our cause? Alhaj Allah de la jolla moot. So when you know who is Allah, automatically, your heart will have to work on in him because only he has the characteristics of the one whom you put your trust in. And that's why Allah azza wa

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jal, one of His Names is L workin, which means the one you do Tawakkol L the one you do Tawakkol he is Al working. That's one of the names of Allah Nirmal Mola, when everyone knows him, there is no work he'll other than Allah subhanho wa taala. So as I said, a knowledge of Allah, when you understand the names and attributes of Allah, automatically, it's like, I mean, giving you a simple example of this dunya and of course, to Allah belongs the most perfect example. I'm not trying to compare, but imagine that there is a I mean, just imagine a scenario where I don't know somebody's drowning. You have a qualified swimmer. He knows how to save and you have a child, who do you think

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is going to save this person? Who do you think's gonna jump in and save the qualified swimmer? The Olympic gold medal, you put your, your human, not human trust, but a non Muslim trust, you get my point? What did it matter? Either you get my point here when you understand Allah is infinite in His podra. In his summer, in his Rama in his schoolwork in his hierarchy, Allah azza wa jal, Who is Allah, how can your Torah could not go to him? So that is why the concept of Tawakkol is directly linked to Iman. And if you don't have Eman, then you will not have to work coal so not having to work coal is not just a weak Eman. To be honest. It is a lack of iman. And that's why it is so

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intrinsically linked. If you have Eman, where's your Tawakkol if you have Islam, show me your tow vehicle. So I said the reality of Tawakkol comes from Arcada from Iman, as for the Haqiqa or ask for the methodology of Tawakkol. This we need to know the shadow era. Why? Because it is possible theologically if we were to not know the shadow era, it is possible still believing in Allah unfolding understanding Allah to say okay to what cool means Allah will take care of me and I do nothing. If somebody says this afternoon otherwise his belief in Allah is still strong, but his knowledge of the Shetty is weak. Right. It's not affecting his Eman and Allah azza wa jal if he

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thinks that you know what, I'm just gonna sit back and Allah will do everything that's happening to the world. But we know from the Sharia This is not typical. Our knowledge of the Shetty Allah tells us when we know the zero of the prophets of Allah has no when we studied the Hadith and the Sunnah, then we realize that the methodology of Tawakkol is different than what I have just given as an example. And that methodology is that Tawakkol has nothing to do with the outer limbs, it is only in the heart to Work Code is not shown in your outer actions. It is only manifested in your Eman. You do everything as if there is no Tawakkol but your heart does everything as if there's nothing but

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our code. This is the perfection of our iman our outer body, our methodologies, how we want to get somewhere what we do to get to our goal, it is as if there is no Kedah as as if that is all in our hands but in our hearts are to what good is not in the action or to what good is not in the effort. Our code is in Allah subhana wa Tada and this is understood the famous you all know the Bedouin, you know, sort of Allah, should I leave my camel, or should I tie my camel, or should I put my Toba code in Allah the same dichotomy, right? It's understood because it is possible it would not be against theoretically after either. If we were taught, no, no, you should leave it and Allah will take care

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because Allah is Allah Krishna. But our Sharia has come and every prophet has shown and the entire Quran has demonstrated and the Sierra of every Nabi and Rasul especially our Prophet salallahu Alaihe. Salam has shown that the reality of Tawakkol does not affect our actions. And this is the reality of Musa when he is running away from Freetown and he is taking precautions our Prophet system in the hijab, so many things he's taking the story of the hero, you all know and yet when he is in the hall, and when Abu Bakr says to him, they might catch us. That's when he says Allah azza wa jal will take care of us the what cool is coming from the heart. The actions are they're hiding

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in the cave three days the cave is logistically located right making sure the food is coming, covering the tracks hiring, a trustworthy guide every aspect of the heartache of this world and how it operates but then the heart is attached to Allah subhanho wa Taala this

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Since the reality of Tawakkol, it does not affect our actions. It only affects the world. And that's what we learned in the Hadith the famous editor did MIDI, our Prophet sallallahu sallam said, if you were to put your Tawakkol in Allah, the way that Allah deserves that you put the record in him, he would give you your risk, like he provides the birds their risk. Then he gave the beautiful example. They leave their nests early in the morning hungry, and they have to buckle and they come back in the evening with their stomachs full. Our scholars have commented This is the perfect analogy. The birds Tawakkol was demonstrated not in them sitting in their nests and thinking that grain is going

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to fall on them. No, they leave their nests every morning. This is a biological fact. They don't know where they're gonna get their grain from. They have no idea but they leave early in the morning, because they need to put in the effort. They don't oversleep until 10pm or 10am or whatever they leave early at budget as you know, that's the birds start chirping about Dawn and they're flying around all day long looking for the risk. So they put in the effort and then at the end what happens they come back to their nests fool this is the reality of Tawakkol we put in the effort but our hearts are attached to Allah subhana wa Tada final point because Tawakkol is linked to Iman. So

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when we have to work good, and when it is manifested in our culture, Allah Subhana Allah Allah loves this. In the Allahu hibel motorworx Killeen Allah loves this because you have demonstrated to Allah What have you demonstrated that you have Iman, when you're called is much more in when you're called is completely resigned. There are commands you assign your heart to Allah you will leave your affair to Allah when Allah sees that what cool in you inside of you, then Allah loves this because you have demonstrated you have Iman and when Allah azza wa jal loves you what is going to happen? WOMAN Yeah Tawakkol out Allah He for who has smooth who right whoever puts us there, what could and Allah Allah

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will take care of him because Allah azza wa jal loves that person. So it is a loop here when you have Eman it will demonstrate to what called when you have to work on Allah azza wa jal will give you what you want. So Inshallah, the more we learn about Allah as names and attributes, the more we think and ponder about the reality of Allah azza wa jal and his smile so far and also of course, other I didn't want to go there but to what couldn't further are intrinsically linked as well because that's the reality of belief and a lot then it will be manifested in Allah's blessings on us and then Allah taking care of us may Allah Subhana Allah Allah grant us Eman and philos and your

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pain and Tawakkol and may Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us to teach the fruits of our code in this world and the next project we'll look at Santa Monica Welcome

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