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SMIL Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah who Allah Allah He was so happy woman wala Hammerberg today's brief Hatha is going to be about the concept in the Quran of Jahai. Leah. We all know that Janelia is a timeframe we all know that Yahaya is pre Islam. In the famous incident of job photo saw the sorry job for a BMW thought of going to an A Joshy and explaining to him What is Islam, the cousin of the process my job what he says in Kuna fija Helia we used to be in a time of Jamelia, and the time of evil, then Allah azza wa jal brought Islam. So Jah Helia the utter state of ignorance is pre Islam. The Quran mentions the term Jah Helia four times and only four times. And it

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is extremely profound that each one of these four times presents a very powerful reality to what Jai Leah was about. And all four of these times all four of these verses are found in the Madani surah is not in the murky, because in the Macan phase, Julius was still not fully eradicated in society, society was still mixed. So in Medina, now you had an Islamic society, and Jah Helia was completely eradicated. So Allah references the negation of Jai heylia and references for things about Jay Leah, in Medina. We in our times should study these verses so that we understand what are the four defining characteristics of Jahi Leah and we avoid them, we learn evil in order to recognize and

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avoid it, we learn what is wrong and evil so that we avoid it. So what are these four verses? The first of these verses is in surah? Allah Imran and Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions that the hypocrites of Medina, Vaughn and someone Naja Helia, you had presumptions of Jah Helia? What are these presumptions your coluna Helena min and muddiman shape. They said, What have we got to do with anything? The reference is the battle of art. And the reference is those people who didn't want to go and fight they wanted to stay here. And they said, if you had followed us, you wouldn't have died. If you had remained here, then death would not have happened to you. But because you disobeyed

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us, you know the Hipparcos remember the story? Because you disobeyed us and you weren't there, then you all faced your death. Allah calls this presumption, one Naja Helia. Why? Because it is based on a theology of secularism, a theology of no God, a theology of cause and effect being based upon what I do and you do. And that's where Allah says Paulo Quinto free booty come labourers. Alladhina coochie bada to their mobile Jerry him if you were in your houses, and Allah's decree was that they would die, the people on whom decree was done, they would have left their houses and they would have died in their death point. In other words, you do not control Allah controls the assumption that I

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control ven Naja Helia, the assumption that Allah is not in charge. This is done. Naja Helia This is Jah heylia of theology. When you eliminate God from the picture, you are Jay Haley, this is point number one, point number two so Telma Ada, so memorize this. This is the jolly of theology, where God is removed and natural causes only are in effect and if you believe this, you're living in Jania it is Allah who is in control. Yes, Allah is Musa bibble as Bob and there are as Bob what I do has an impact but that is by the will of Allah that's what we believe. Point number two surah Tenma ADA of a hill Kamal Jaya Helia Tia Boone, do they want the law and order of Jah Helia so this is in

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reference to once again groups of people the Bani Israel and others rejecting the law of Allah and wanting the law of their lands, the previous laws. And Allah says will you reject the law of Allah, morality of Allah? Will we reject the laws

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Allah have a hook myalgia Ilia mon Do you want to hear come of joy heylia So this is the second type of jaw helliya jaw heylia of laws. Allah is the One who legislates the Shediac comes from Allah azza wa jal and anybody who says the Shetty comes from other than Allah, the Shediac comes from a majority of vote what is ethical or what is what not is what not this is something that is joy Haley. Yes, society has its ways of doing it, but we as Muslims believe it is Allah who is the Shatter when one of Allah's names is a HECM and Allah's names is an Hakeem. He is the one who judges in the law who will become the halal is what Allah has made halal, and Haram is what Allah has made

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haram. So this is the second type of Junya and that is the Jai Leah of laws. The first majority of theology when you reject God being in the picture, the second is god of laws. When you reject God or Allah is the One who legislates The third type of Joe Helia. The third type of Jai Leah is mentioned is sort of a sub.

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Wala Terracina tuber Raja Jai Helia till Oola This is the Jah Haley of morality. Number one jelly of theology. Number two gitea of what guys, laws number three gyla of morality. Do you want to Tuber Raj means to discard your clothes and be naked, be nude? Do you want to go back to the tuber route of Jah helliya. So, those who are wanting to have fascia, and you understand what I mean by fascia, those who are embracing this version of licentiousness and of nudity, and nakedness and complete free for all. This is Jah Helia and Allah has revealed a Shetty to protect our world to protect our dignity to protect our clothes. Allah says in the Quran, and yeah, Benny Adam a cadenza. alikoum

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Lieberson are Children of Adam, we have sent clothes down to you. What a powerful verse clothes Libous and Zelina the same answer that Allah reveals the Quran, Allah reveals the rain Allah reveals the Rama and Allah says, I have revealed clothes. What does it mean revealing clothes? It means the desire to be clothed is from Allah. And the material to wear clothes is from Allah, what do we use to wear our clothes is there blessings from ALLAH, so both the desire and the material, but on Zanna they come, it's ingrained in us and that's why our mother and father they were clothed in gender. They were clothed in gender. There were no other human beings there was still clothed the default of

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the adult man or woman they are clothed, then when they committed the sin, which was the tactic of Shavon Liebe, the Allahumma hoody Alma Mr. ottima Shavon wanted to unclothed them and that's why Allah says in the Quran Yeah, Bunny Adam life Tina comerciais THON are Children of Adam make sure shaytaan does not test and tempt you karma Raja boy Camila Jannetty like he tempted your parents and cause them to be expelled, causing their our to be exposed. Allah says do not fall prey to shape on this is the third Jahi Nia joia of what? Morality fascia. Anybody who wants to go backwards in this this is John Healy. Yeah, this is not a doom This is not progression. This is regression. And what

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is the fourth John Helia in the Quran Surah Al Fatah, Hemi Yetta Hemi yet Elijah Helia. Hermia Tanja Helia means the tribalism of Jelenia, the partisanship of Jay Haley, the division of mankind of Jay helliya. And this is in the in the in the context of tribalism, this is the context of each group thinking just because I belong to this group, I must protect and defend this group tribalism. And of course, this John heylia My people, right or wrong are going to be right, let's Jania whatever my group does, whatever my ethnicity does, whatever my tribe does, whatever my nation does, this is Jania and Allah calls it Hemi yet Elijah heylia. This is the the anger of tribalism, or the the if

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you like the false jealousy of tribalism, and we see it all the time in modern nation states. This jingoistic type of mentality that my country, my nation, actually, what is a country a nation? How long has the country been around is a country a god? A country is a group of people imagining a collective identity. These lines between countries are imaginary, and they are fictional and they are temporary, and they are something that only goes back 100 200 300 years and they change from time to place. So this notion of a country being something supernatural, this is John heylia. Yes, it's okay to be divided into countries and have civic order no problem, but one your country

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identity becomes more important than anything else. One your tribe there's nothing wrong with tribes.

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The Prophet says was, quote A sheep and he said, I am the son of Abdul Muttalib and he talked about the blessings of the Quran the blessings of the unsought no problem with a tribe. But when your tribe or your race or your nation state becomes your defining characteristic, this is hammy yet Elijah Hillier, and that is the jelly of society. These are the four pillars of Julia, Julia of theology, Julia of laws, Julia of morality, Jay Haley of society, Islam has came to destroy all of these Jah helias in our lives. Allah azza wa jal is the one who tells us the theology number one, our whole worldview is shaped by our Eman in Allah subhana wa Tada number two our halal and haram

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comes from Allah. Yes, we follow the laws of the land we live in. But the laws of the land do not make it halal and haram, we follow them for civic order. But even if the country allows alcohol that's their allowance in our Shetty it is out on and the laws of morality, same thing the country can say whatever we have our laws and the laws of society as well. So these were the four Jah helias Islam came to eliminate. And if you look at the the perfection of the laws of Islam, and if you look at the goals of the laws of Islam, and the Civic order that would come if these laws are implemented the laws of Islam, you will find a very different worldview than what we find in our times. Problem

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reality is that we are not living in those times. Still we try what we can in our personal lives, in our communities, in our families, even as we obey the broader laws of the land. We understand that in our personal lives, we have the law of Allah and in our personal commitments, we have the law of the Shetty and the laws of the OMA, this is what we try to do our best to strive long point here I'm not going to go into too detail. Sometimes there's a clash and gray area and that's what we have to work with and be frank with living in the lands we live in. But we try our best to find that common balance and we ask Allah azza wa jal for hedaya and Clawson tofield until next time, Zack will look

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