Why Did The Prophet (PBUH) Marry His Adopted Son’s Ex-Wife

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When we use the word “adoption,” we have to differentiate between Islamic adoption and what is currently practiced.

In the modern world, an adopted child may have their name changed and previous ties to their biological parents removed. This is contrary to what Allah has legislated.

When the Prophet’s “adopted” son Zayd divorced his wife, Allah commanded the Prophet ï·º to marry his ex-wife. Why was the Prophet ï·º commanded to do so?

Shaykh Hasib Noor explains the wisdom and reasoning behind this.


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Why did the prophets lie selama marry his adopted sons ex wife.

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This question requires a level of clarification when the prophets Allah Azza wa sallam had adopted a son by the name of Zee David had that he changed his name to zayde, the son of Mohammed, and the last panel tender revealed revelation to say that this is something a lot does not legislate that you cannot adopt children and change their names rather let these children take the names of their real fathers. So when this happened, Allah subhanaw taala wanted to even ingrain this type of legislation. Furthermore, Wednesday, David Haditha divorced his wife, he commanded the prophets I send them to marry this woman to say that there's no relationship between father and son between the

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prophets lie Selim and they and rather this marriage solidified that the prophets I said marry this woman and that no one take a child as their son and change their name. And to just give another reflection. Look how beautiful this is that these two righteous and good people divorced but Allah subhanho wa Taala willed that they marry people that was just as good for them and better for them individually. And this shows us that the last panel said I wanted to teach us this lesson through the example of the best of human beings and prophets, Mohammed Salah Hawaii's