Move Yourself in the Right Direction

Mufti Menk


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The speaker discusses the success of Islam in the United States and the importance of being moved along with one's closeness to Islam. They also mention the success of people coming to the house of Allah to pray and encourage them to be moved along with their closeness. The speaker also suggests that people may come to the house of Allah to pray in a different way, but it is not recommended.

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Masha Allah Tabarrok Allah He has accepted us to come to his place I always say you won't go to someone's place if you're not close to them. So if you've come to the house of Allah and you feel comfy here I feel good I feel nice especially ALM mashallah Nice place you know, we've got a lot of space we've got mashallah good facilities, may Allah excepted from those who made it happen. And mela continued to use such beautiful places to serve and spread the good cause. If you came and you feel good and comfortable, it's a sign of your closeness to Allah. And it's also a sign of the goodness of those around you. Why would you come to the house of Allah for what why are you here

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today? Why would you come you want to pray? You want to remember Allah, you want to perhaps listen to a good word. You could have been here without even knowing there's going to be a dentist or a lesson and you came and you sat Why did you sit because you felt I just want to be moved a little bit so move yourself in the right direction. We are sitting here because we wanted to hear something that would move us how can we leave without being moved in the right direction? Is your life going to change a fraction? If it changes even a millimeter you are successful? The trip was worth it. No matter what it costed you it was worth it.

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Let's be upright let's think Allah, Allah brought us to his house no matter who we are. So the others around you are also the guests. Of whom?

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of Allah.

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Those around you other guests have Allah

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they've come to the house of Allah. I said earlier greet them.

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Perhaps a little smile, a good expression the face. You don't look at someone look down like like, what are you doing here? I mean, what are you doing here? Basically Subhan Allah.

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That might only happen in Haram places. Where you ask a guy What are you doing here? This is the same thing you're doing here.

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May Allah Almighty forgive us? You don't make someone feel uncomfortable no matter what. A person might come here with a hairstyle that is

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something let's not use the word absurd. Let's say something different. Subhanallah right. Something unique. Okay, totally. We haven't seen it.

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And to respect the dude's someone might think I'm, you know, talking about someone in particular, no, I'm just giving an example. Someone might come in with something Subhan Allah that you may not have expected to have seen in the house of Allah do not ridicule them. If the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam didn't ridicule a person who came in, peed in the masjid, but corrected him and slowly told him things and answered his question and engaged him.

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I mean, that's not being in the masjid.

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Something brought him here to the house of Allah don't chase him away. You might want to Subhan Allah if they inappropriately dressed for the house of Allah, you may want to beautifully say guess what, guys? I have a cloak. Would you like to have this? Mashallah, is it difficult to take it out? might cost a fortune but no problem.

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That's okay. You can give it no problem. Cover the brother covered the sister for example, in an appropriate respectful way, without making them feel your unwelcome here

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and see how Allah welcomes you into the hereafter.