Ramadan 2022 – Reconnecting with Revelation #04 – Punishment

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Gita Boon

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who Eli gamba kuliah, de mo, de Wiley, salaam, Alaikum, Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. My brothers and sisters, at times we see people committing sin, and we see evil people. And we wonder, why is it that the Almighty is not punishing them? Why does he allow them to get away with whatever they're doing? Well, the reality is, Allah doesn't allow them to get away, he just gives them a chance. He gives them a time to think about what they're doing and to stop it on their own. So if you are doing something wrong, don't think that just because everything in your life is moving smooth, that Allah is happy with you.

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Perhaps he is giving you a time to turn to him. He's giving you an opportunity to turn to him before the punishment strikes. And this is why it's very important for us to reconnect with Revelation to see what the Almighty is saying.

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So Allah Almighty clearly says, Well, we are evil luck on NASA bill will mean if Allah had to punish the people for the wrong and the oppression that they've been engaged in Mataranka Allah Minda button, there would be nothing left on earth. Nothing that moves would survive, he would have destroyed everything because the amount of sin and the amount of oppression and wrong that has happened if people were to be punished, because of the transgression they've engaged in, and they were never forgiven or never given a chance. If that was the case, everything would have been destroyed. Allah says, Allah can your funeral home ala agenda Muslim Subhanallah This is verse

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number 61 of Surah two Nan,

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where Allah says but he delays them up to a prescribed time, a fixed time. So Allah delays you and I and everyone else, up to a fixed time. And Allah Almighty, has decided that he will punish people when he wants SubhanAllah. And this is why

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if you look at the prophets, and what's mentioned in the Quran about them, they prayed for the guidance of their people because their mission was to convey the message of guidance. Just like the Quran is a message for you and I and all mankind and jinn unkind.

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The messengers who came with the messages, were instructed to give that to the people and to guide them. And when they saw that these people are reacting in a negative way, there came a time when they actually said, Oh Allah guide are people if you haven't written guidance for them, like the Prophet Noah May peace be upon him. He says, Oh Allah. If you haven't written guidance for these, then destroy them, or protect us from them in whatever way you feel fit. And then the punishment came at the time of the Prophet Noah, may peace be upon him in the form of floods, in the form of water. Water is a gift of the Almighty too little of it may be a punishment, and too much of it may

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also be a punishment, which leaves us with the fact that water in the right amount at the right time in the right place, is a gift of Allah. And that's why the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him used to pray, not just for rain, but for beneficial rain in the right place in the right quantity. May Allah Almighty grant us an understanding.

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When we reconnect with Revelation, we humble ourselves, we realize the greatness of the creation of the heavens and the earth, and everything besides man, if all of that is so great. man shouldn't think that he is

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somehow above the law of Allah Almighty. Just because Allah created him in the best posture. Allah created him as the most noble of creatures of Allah Almighty.

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Generally, Ashraf mclucas, that's what we're known as. We're known as the most noble of all the other creatures we have brains, we have eyes we have sense, we have ability that others or other creatures do not have be the plants or fish or birds, whatever else it may be animals.

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Allah has granted us an understanding unlike the other creatures. So all of this should humble us. But without revelation and guidance, we wouldn't be able to realize this

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That's why this is the month of Ramadan. And in this month of Ramadan, it is a month where we should be reconnecting with the Quran, recitation, as well as learning the meanings of taking lessons from changing our lives because of the words and verses of the Quran. My brothers, my sisters, Allah Almighty says when the prescribed time comes for any one of you, Allah says he will not be able to delay it by a moment, nor will he bring it forward, meaning the person will not be brought forward nor delayed, the person will not be able to delay it, no, bring it forward.

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And Allah Almighty will not do that. Because he has set a time when Allah has time comes. That's it. So there are two times that we speak about here. The first is a time for the punishment to overtake a person.

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When that time comes, anyone who is going to be punished is doomed. There is nothing that they would ever be able to do, that would divert the punishment from them

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to something else, but

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if that time has not come, nobody would ever be able to bring it forward. That's what Allah say. So number one is the punishment. We're taught to turn back before punishment overtakes us, and when is the punishment coming to me or to you? I don't know. So what's my best bet? The best thing to do is turn now and turn every day, seek the forgiveness of Allah every day, Allah is Most Loving.

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The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him sought the forgiveness of Allah so many times a day. Why, in order to teach us that we need to do the same. So if any one of us would like to learn a lesson from Revelation, it is that we should emulate the teachings and the method and style of the Prophet Muhammad, may peace be upon him.

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So we would achieve the forgiveness of Allah on a daily basis, and therefore, the punishment would not come to us. But there is another fixed time that will definitely come to us. What is that? The point of death of every one of us. Death is a gift for believers.

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A person who believes in Allah Almighty, do you know that they would look at death from a totally different angle, they would say, Everyone has to die anyway. And we have to return to the Almighty. We were with him before we came on to the earth anyway. And now that I'm going back to him, I've done a lot of good deeds. I've tried to be a good person, I worshiped Him alone. I fulfilled my obligations. I've stayed away from prohibition. I've tried to assist all other human beings. I've tried to be kind to a lot of others, but at the same time,

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the gift that I have is I know I'm going to a good place. I know that the almighty the Lord I'm going to is a merciful Lord filled with kindness, compassion. He is the Most Forgiving, the Most Beneficent. He has beautiful names and qualities. Yes, he has warned us and I have taken heed and I've tried. And yes, there is a concern, but I still have greater hope than anything else in the Mercy of Allah.

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Where would we learn this from Revelation? If you're not connected to revelation in the correct way, you either have too much of fear or too much of hope. But if you're connected to revelation in the correct way