Yasir Qadhi – Remembering Mawlana Muhammad Yusuf Islahi

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The title of The Day of Judgment is a depiction of the death of the sooner-active individuals than the ones who have died. The roadmap is a real roadmap to protect the people of the world, and individuals should not stick to small circle activities. The speaker emphasizes the importance of being aware of the diversity of people across cultures and gives examples of successful growth.
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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam o Allah may Allah be a bad a bad. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in a hadith reported in Sahih memorable Hadi and the Sahaba Muslim my Abdullah bin Abdullah Abdullah Al solo the Allahu Taala and that in Allah Tala la Jacobi element design yenter Zero human pseudo delivered, Allah does not take knowledge away by snatching it from the hearts of the people. Allah does not take knowledge away by taking it away from the hearts of the people what I can, however, how does Allah take knowledge away? Because of the lemma? Allah takes it away by taking the scholars away? Have you done them? Yep, karate man, until finally when there are no

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scholars left it tocado NASA Roussanne Johanna people will take ignoramuses as their leaders, when the scholars are gone, the Johal will become the people that are asked, so what will happen then for the LU they will go astray what Alba Lu and they will lead people astray. So our Prophet sallallahu ala he was selling them informed us that the death of the Lama is in fact the misguidance of the OMA. When the rule ama leave then what is going to be the net result that people will be left without leadership without scholarship. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam reminded us that it is the scholars who are the inheritors of the prophets. hadith is in suna Timothy Lama were author

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to Al Ambia and Rama wa satchel Ambia. The scholars are the ones who are the inheritors of the prophets. And then he explained the Prophets the process and said did not leave denounce or did hum they didn't leave golden silver, what I can what they left behind knowledge to be inherited. So whoever has taken the knowledge has inherited directly from the Prophet sallallahu ala he was seldom, even hedger commented on these Hadith and he said, these are Hadith show that the world shall the source of that knowledge shall be taken away through the death of their own Ummah, that knowledge shall be eliminated from this dunya through the death of the aroma, and it is one of the

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signs of the Day of Judgment, that scholarship will diminish, diminish, diminish, diminish that as we come closer to Kiama. And as we inch our way towards the end of times, our scholars will continue to grow less and less and less. Once upon a time, the default the majority of the Sahaba had a high level of knowledge. If you look at from that time, up until our time, there has been a steady decline. And therefore every time an island passes away, it should be a wake up call for us. It should be something that we take personally, a Ubisoft eonni said when I hear of a scholar dying, it is as if I've lost a limb My hand has been cut off. I don't have a foot anymore. When I hear the

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death of an alum. It is as if my body has been cut off. This is how he felt and this is in his time when there were so many How about in our times. There's a verse in the Quran in surah, right? Our Amuro netctl Auto no cusu Hamin auto raffia Do they not see how we gradually reduce their land from its borders. Eben Abbas commented on this verse had been a bust commented on this verse that the reduction of the land Karabo ilm, the horrible Adam the reduction of the world is through the death of the Buddha and fuqaha when Allah is saying we're going to diminish the Earth. Even Abbas commented, it is not a physical diminishing. It is a diminishing of the baraka. It is the

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diminishing of the blessings and the diminishing of the blessings will happen by the taking away of its ruined Amma the taking away of its leadership and its scholarship or moto Hartog Rhodiola Huta island he commented moto Elfi RB didn't call him in the army lady saw him in the heart. One min Moti aalameen Basir the death of 1000 worshippers who are constantly praying and reading Quran and standing the night is easier for this dunya than the death of one scholar who is preaching the truth. The death of 1000 worshipers is easy

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to deal with the death of one item, and this isn't a helluva Diem, and the reason for this is obvious and it goes back to what our Prophet sallallahu Ito said himself in the Hadith in Timothy, that this is a Hadith that the fog Lu the superiority of the Adam over the abbot of the scholar over the worshipper is like the superiority of the full moon over all of the other stars. So the ILM is the full moon, and the stars are the worshipers. One Moon eclipses all the worshipers. One Moon is more powerful and more beneficial and more useful than all of the worshippers. Imam Muhammad commented on this, and Imam Ahmed said that is because the worshipper only benefits himself. The

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worshipper only benefits himself, but the scholar benefits an entire ummah. So the worshipers benefit is restricted on himself and only himself, but the Scholar can move in shake, the scholar can resurrect the dead OMA, the scholar can preach and teach the Scholar can keep the rulers in check, no one can do this other than the roadmap. And that is why we know the Roma are the inheritors of the prophets. And therefore Dear brothers and sisters, we should really appreciate our dilemma when we have them Subhanallah especially in this last year or two during COVID Subhana. Allah, I myself have lost so many of my own teachers that taught to me and so many great Rama around

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the world. I don't know what it is. But during these days, it's as if there is a expedition expedition if you like one after the other, we hear greater Adama just departing much more in our query quantity and frequency than before this timeframe. So my humble advice to myself and to all of you is to benefit from our dilemma when they are amongst us because we're Allah He we do not recognize the worth of an item until after he has gone until when we miss his presence. We don't realize how much comfort and how much Baraka we had from their demeanor from their interactions. You know, when we learned that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the scholars are the

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inheritors of the prophets. This means the closest we will get in our lives to seeing how the prophets interacted to seeing the Ark of the Prophet is by being with our dilemma, the real dilemma because they will remember May Allah protect us from being amongst them, there are no real, we're talking about the real dilemma dilemma that have Riba, the ruler mother have Taqwa that really mattered HUBZone, the Adama that have genuine o'clock those lemma, the real roadmap, they are the closest me and you will, we'll get to seeing how the promises have interacted to seeing his o'clock and wallah, he, I swear to you, and will like this doesn't even need to be said, which group of

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humanity more embodies the values of the prophets and the mannerisms of the prophets and the lack of the prophets, then they're gonna tell me by Allah tell me who else is there that when you're around them, their dignity, their humility, their generosity, they're controlling of their anger, they're constantly teaching the people wherever they go, benefiting wherever they go, who is closer to the to the reality of the prophets than the lemma. Now, obviously, no alum can ever take the place of the Prophet, but collectively, the Ulama take on the responsibility of the Gambia, when we don't have Gambia and that is why our prophets ism, call them the inheritors, and Rama what I say to an

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MBA, and I also strongly advise every one of you to benefit from Rula Ma, not just those that you are familiar with, but those that are outside of your circles big because again, and let me be very, you know, blunt and Frank over here, what happens usually is that once we get involved with a trend or a philosophy or an understanding, we like to stick with one small sub sector or lemma, the aroma that we are most comfortable with. And I was also like this 25 years ago, but Subhan Allah is beyond one small group and all mainstream groups and all mainstream movements, they have things to benefit from. So you know, a chef slahi is coming from a particular madrasa and a particular you know, a

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mushroom we call it a particular way and that's different than what I have studied, you know, from Medina, but interacting with people like this being with them reading their books, it broadens one one's horizons, it makes one humble it makes one appreciate the diversity of the OMA and I strongly suggest to every one of you to not just stick with your own little small circle because that will keep you in your own bubble. This is not healthy. Learn from aroma of many different strands learn from aroma that have studied in different geographic regions. This is another problem we have that for a lot of people

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are restricted to their own ethnicity or maybe to one ethnicity and this is wrong. It is transnational. There in goes all the way across the globe. There are great aroma in Africa. By the way, recently, one of the greatest aroma and Hadith of Africa passed away one of the greatest scholars of Hadith of Africa. He passed away in Nigeria, this was three days ago and somebody whom I had heard a lot about he had graduated from Medina back in the 60s, and he was the greatest more additive Africa in Nigeria, he just passed away and I had benefited from him and we have now shifted slightly he passed away two weeks ago, we had benefited from him across the globe, there are people

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of different ethnicities, different backgrounds, different studying routines, but what combines them is the love of Allah subhana wa Tada and a knowledge of scholarship of the Quran and the Sunnah and our love and our field that benefits the entire OMA and so in sha Allah Tala, I want to emphasize this point, that let us take advantage of the people, when they are amongst us, let us benefit from their presence, let us benefit from their books and lectures, let us make dua for them overlook their mistakes. And let us just simply the baraka that comes being with an Adam, it is narrated that Amma dim numbers Halaqa had over 100,000 people, only 1000 would take notes, the rest of the 99,000

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they would just be for the baraka of being in the gathering of Mr. Mahajan, the humble learning from his manners and his UCLA just to see the presence of an item and to see the dignity and the humility that is enough of a person to benefit from even if they cannot benefit from them. And of course, along with this comes the baraka and the and the angels making dua and just to hear the Quran and the Sunnah, being recited on the tongue of the roadmap. And so with this insha, Allah Tada, very briefly, I'm not going to go over the biography of the chef, we have people far more qualified. And the fact of the matter is, and I will not pretend that I was one of his main students, that is not

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the case at all. However, I do have an interesting, if you like, personal connection with the chef, and that is that when I was still a very young lad, literally 12 years old, the very first book of fifth that I ever read, when I had no idea that I would myself study, fifth professionally dedicate my life to the scholarship of Islam, when I was still in middle school. And it just so happened in my father's small library, there was a book, you know, Assan film, you know, the, it's translated to English as fifth Made Easy, I think, right, everyday fifth, and it was the only book of fiction English back in 1986. I think it was 85 Like, this is we're talking about when I was still, you

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know, I didn't have a beard back then. That's how young I was. And I remember clearly that, you know, I found this book in English and I had no other there was no book in English at the time. So the first book of fiqh that I ever read in my life, was the book of filk, by Shia fields of Islam, he Subhanallah and I had no idea who he was, I had no idea that one day I would meet him many, many times, I had no idea that a time would come, when I will be speaking next to him at the Econet stage multiple times that happened, that we're speaking together, but Subhanallah This is Allah SCADA that, you know, one generation, I'm a little child reading his book, and another generation leader,

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Subhan Allah, he's an elderly man, and Allah has blessed him to be touring the entire world. And you know, Abdullah faqeer, myself, who is not worthy to be next to him, but Subhanallah there, I was sitting next to him, and I remembered when I was sitting next to him on the stage, I remembered SubhanAllah 30 years ago, here I was just a child reading the shifts book. And now Allah has blessed us to be on this stage together. And we met him, you know, multiple times. In fact, the last time I met him was last year when he came to Dallas, in our brother obey his house, Hoover where's our brother obeyed it when he invited us to come? And we spent an entire afternoon, myself and my father

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and Madonna we spent an entire afternoon and I always found him to be a person of utmost dignity and utmost humility, and utmost modesty. You know, subhanAllah, Lazarus had the o'clock of the album, it speaks more than just his in and the way that he carried himself the way that he would sacrifice his time and his simplicity and his demeanor. It always impacted me. And so, without a doubt, we have lost one of the greatest roadmap who would be touring the world. He wrote almost I think 80 books but his plan will tell us more. All of them have been translated into English. He traveled the world preaching and teaching he always emphasize giving time, especially to the children and the sisters.

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One of the things he always did is to make sure that the next generation and also to make sure that our sisters they got time for this

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