A Day With The Sultan’s Family In Istanbul

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Bismillah Salam aleikum. In today's video, I had an amazing invitation to go to ballybay Palace and meet one of the last surviving members of the Ottoman dynasty Allahu Akbar. And we might might even get to look around the palace, where we're not normally allowed to take cameras. If you appreciate these videos, especially on Turkey, on Islam and on faith generally, then don't forget to subscribe to my channel. Alright, let's head off to Beylerbeyi Palace inshallah. So the family of Osman affendi They don't live in this particular Palace, they live 200 meters away within walking distance, and inshallah I will be meeting them shortly. They're not actually allowed to own any

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property as a rule of law in Turkey. So the returning family of the Ottoman Empire, were never allowed in Turkey to own property. Again, so much history Subhanallah what must it have been like to have had two days to leave the country?

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You know, the Empire?

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The place that had been built up for 800 years, by by members of your family by by by a state led by face Subhanallah it's gonna be fascinating to hear this story.

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This men are AHIMA Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu. Salam and peace brothers and sisters. Today I am sitting in the beautiful Beylerbeyi palace gardens in Istanbul, with a surviving member of the Ottoman dynasty

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in English, what you call a period friends,

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chefs, chefs.

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a friendly

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member I should tell you that right. This is going in the outtakes

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address me on say Osman FM. But if you want to put CESA there first or smaller, then there's no need for it.

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Okay, it's one or the other? Yes. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. You just say Osman FM, which is in

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excess of a little slower slower.

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kindly agreed to tell you his story of being a member of the deposed Ottoman royal family and what that was like, offend you in Alexandria as a young man. I wonder what the court system was like, for your family when they were no longer in Turkey. So what year did they leave Turkey? And who was the kind of was this still a Caleb? Did everyone defer to how did that work? The exile took place in 1924. And at the time of the exile, the that was

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the last Kalish official kind of of Islam, as it happened was an uncle called Abdul Majeed offended, often lived in mostly in Paris. And he, he was the very last official case of Islam ever since after him, there hasn't been a case.

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But within the family, the hierarchy after his death, would pass to the next eldest male member of the family.

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From the main line,

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unlike in some countries where where the line can descend from, from the females, in our case, that would never be that wouldn't count if you had to be a descendant from osmangazi in the 13th century, to be to be considered a chef's.

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there were there were about

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37 chefs out there at the time of the exile. And when the calyx died in 1944, in occupied Paris.

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The next head of the family was in fact, my father's father, because he just happened to be the member of the family at the time, and he remained as not killed. But but the head of the family, as we call it, even today, we have somebody

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Who is in a position of Head of the family for what it squares.

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And he presided in this at the time, and then eventually moved to Beirut, where he passed away in 1952. Now he is the

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grandson of Sultan Murad, the fifth and Murad the fifth,

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or became Sultan in 1876

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when he replaced his uncle, Sultan Abdul Aziz,

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who was deemed to be too

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old fashioned. So he was supported by the liberal

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sort of wing of the Turkish politicians. And

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he had a lot of West western style ideas such as such as well, he, first of all, he spoke

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you spoke French fluently, and was an exceptionally good musician. He composed 550 pieces of western style music that are still played today in concert halls throughout the world. So that within

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the space of 1876, you had three separate Sultan's ruling the Ottoman Empire Could you say a split in the family to do with faith modernization what what were the different schisms going on in that year that were taking root

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say face to face was they were all obviously clearly moslem, and by being Sultan, there would also automatically cave surface now. So the faith was the common ground, but it was more to do with custom and whether to turn west or remain more like a Middle Eastern country. Very excited. We've got permission because we will Osman affendi to Phil Collins is absolutely not permitted.

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ah ha

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we're going up the stairs, women's quarters, always known as family quarters I think

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often the harem is painted as some lascivious kind of like, ooh, look what went on there. But let's be honest, women's lives went on here in the Sultan's marriages and the interaction with the children time off went on here so when you hear that phrase, it's quite good to have a little rethink about that. This is the equivalent of the family home if you like away from the state quarters downstairs we're only a few quarters would have been invited in

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Unix in fact no male quarters would be in this area at all tadi they were Unix

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that's a whole other

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whole other discussion in itself they would have been allowed to attend the women of the household

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second hole of the Sultan's mother her apartment

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Hi, yes, well spotted.

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Well spotted.

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And still that kind of autumn and blue being pulled through as a motif as to areas that are more interested in interesting to us about lives. That's the bathrooms. How do they how did that look in the kitchens right? Yeah, it's two amazing areas Luiza to be quite honest. I'm old enough for this not to look that old to me.

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These wonderful tiling on the floors.

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Beautiful window, getting the warmer in the summer than about in the winter. It has a very modern radiator there. You actually had those in apartments when I was a kid.

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So, and you know what I recognize those taps to Yeah. Feels like home. But that is about that is about now have to say before my time and look or tips will sit there.

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nicely tucked away currently.

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Right now we're approaching to room where amateurs second died in 1980

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in the Beylerbeyi Palace

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was a very tragic

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moments for all Ottoman society. Well, there's suffered many years

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after he

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left from the throne. Yeah, you bring the Ottoman Empire spend festive times. We can call these times best at times off the autumn days.

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Well, that was a very simple rule. Yeah. It was simple. It was praying here and also it was wishing handful pray.

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Simple. It was dervish.

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Very humble. Very humble, because in

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the past you can see it's so simple.

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Simple color palettes.

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My answers. He was in prison his probably his reason. Yeah. You weren't here by choice. I told you. It was. Yeah, isn't here. Yes. Is that something

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that you end up being in prison? That's going to be something

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that was an incredible visit. Thanks very much to affendi for taking us and giving us his time to take us around the palace in ballybay. And introduce us to what happened after the last Caliph of Islam was deposed Allahu Akbar. Leave your comments below. If you'd like more videos like this great news. I have got an audio book coming out in the next months. And it'll be accompanied by an ebook of my travels around the Ummah and also how I came to discover the Islamic faith and change my life and the impact it's had on me. So keep an eye out subscribe to this channel for all of those updates and please keep me in my family in your Dias, Salam Alikum Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh