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Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a woman who was rushed into a tree for a job and felt the pain of labor. She was rushed into a tree and felt the pain of labor. The woman is pregnant and is experiencing stress and anxiety. The transcript suggests that Islam may make things easy for women who are the mother of a child.
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one another

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daily life, we see, especially for a woman, but also for noon. is having a baby delivery. Is that mentioned in the Quran? The answer is yes. It's the story of seed ammonium in solar flooding and chanted mining in chapter 19. Tomas says for Hamlet to Penta with a to be mccannon ossia. So she conceived she got pregnant. Now this one is different. This one there is no man, a wasp pantalla just real in her from his spirit and she got pregnant. What did she do? She was drew Winton, pregnant with a baby with a fetus to a remote place for a job, a home a home. Now here we are set ajaw Who Mahabharata just enough that Pilate violated me we

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are continuous human see. Now in reality, it's the pain of labor, the pain of labor Subhanallah and the Quran drove her to the trunk of a palm tree. So much in pain holding to a palm tree and the ship crying

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from pain and from worse coming I wish I died before this and I become nothing and nobody will remember. I will become something that is completely forgotten.

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Per Dehaan and Tatia Alatus ASAN but Gitelman bouquet after Khesari a voice madeha It's actually received an answer from under her reassuring voice and he said to her Don't worry, don't leave Latin pajama keep tactically Surya Your Lord has made under you provided a stream at your feet fluid. Why? One what was the key ridges and Nakhla your soft goodbye they killed Bob and Jenny shake the trunk of this palm tree to you. It will drop fresh of light dates upon

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Taku Westropp Whakaari Aina te monitoring in a visually I had already Mina those two level of money Salma put on can you in your mind see eat drink

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or commonly Eigner feel good to worry

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don't would cut you mattering in maintain, especially

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once in case you're gonna probably you will when you see any of the people just say this I have decided I've made a covenant to lie about silence to the most compassion in those two level humanI sama sama gonna be talking to anyone

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and then the story continues was a nicer start talking.

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You could hear and what do we learn?

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Delivery having a baby is something human beings woman will go through.

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And it is important that Allah subhanaw taala mentioned it in detail in the Quran. He could have just said she delivered the baby. But he went into the detail Agia on Mahajan, Mohawk Islam delivery is the pain of the delivery the process of neighbour Muhammad means she's going through this one. Now she felt in pain. Sad. What did a special for her but also some woman may be in the same single mother.

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The husband passed away. She's pregnant. I know no family around her. We see this all over the world. Allah told her shake the palm tree that that dates comes to you.

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Eat, Drink from the water and renew and don't worry. lessons to learn. Allah could have easily send the dates to her. Why did he ask her to shake the palm tree? We need to take lemmings anything we want. We have to take the knees went for it. Work for it. That's number one. Number two.

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The woman in labor needs support. She needs not food and drink only Amina feel good. Someone to support her. In case of Sita Maria she was a norm but almost hunk Allah was with her. And Cigna. Asa was on Docker at when we see this a woman in pain during labor. We need to feel it ready to help her way to support her hand and not a brownie these days. It's a long ways to make it easy, but in some parts of the world it's not available at all. And currently I know this is for every woman who is delivering the baby. Think of the baby

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This is what I say to my patients. Once you see the baby, all this will go away. Think of the baby. And then I was pantalla gave this a special for singer Madonna, where he said to her Don't talk, when you are worried about what the people will say just don't talk

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and say I don't want to talk about those today. Man the song. What do we take home from this beautiful four or five verses in the Quran?

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Labor is painful. Labor is stressful. But Allah makes it easy. Say the Maria was unknown. There was no physician. There was no label. There was no nurses was no support. No husband, nobody, by law means tz so for every woman he was inshallah gonna go today but soon, or do you just start, find out you're pregnant, don't worry Allah and make things easy. Number one, number two, take the means to make sure things ease

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as almost 100 other such shitty, the palm tree, whatever makes things easy do it. But don't depend on these things depend on a loss pantalla that he wouldn't make these things work. Subhanallah and then always think this is in Yemen. This is a blessing is an amazing process. Subhan Allah and what comes out of it is the miracle of all miracles. When a life comes out of a wife, may Allah make things easy for every woman that is going to go through a bar and may Allah give everyone that she wants a child like just like Gollum began

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