Yasir Qadhi – The Great-Granddaughter of the Prophet(SAW) – Sukayna bin Husayn

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the cultural and political culture of the time of Islam and the culture of marriage between Cana and R tet. The couple had a long history of embarrassment for rejection and hesitation from couples, but was eventually taken out by the Ommaya. The lack of common culture in the US after the likes and dislikes of Cana's "naughty smile" and "naughty smile" marriages was also discussed, along with the loss of a woman named Zayn during a marriage. The segment touches on the lack of clarity in relation to men's appearance and the importance of past experiences and beauty.
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Today's hotter, I thought I'd do something slightly different. We speak a lot about the biographies of famous people, famous scholars, and almost invariably they happen to be men. Today let's do a biography of a famous female in our history. And a person who has left an interesting Mark, if you like and interesting anecdotes around her. And this is the great granddaughter of our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Not many people know about her life and ties but she is somebody that is well known in the books of history, and she has gone through a number of tragedies and also left her mark as well. Her name is sukeena bint Al Hussein Ibn Ali ibn Abi Talia, Radi

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Allahu Taala and who sukeena bint Al Hussain. So this is for saints daughter Rhodiola Guan her saying you all know the grandson of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and Hussein's daughter is sukeena. So in today's brief, Hatha will give you some highlights of her life. And just a bit of an academic note that we don't know that much about her life and even some of the details, there's sometimes you know, two different opinions. So what I'm going to say is one narrative if you go to the books, you might find another opinion, but for these authors, we just have to be at least one narrative. So So kinda been told Hussein, in fact, even her birth and even the marriage of her

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parents is itself a story. It is said that once it Rhodiola one was sitting in the messiness of Ramadan hardtop, convertible hardtop, and it was sitting with Hassan and Hussein and a man came into the gathering. Hassan and Hussain are young children. They're not married yet. A man came to the gathering, tall, handsome, dressed very elegantly, they didn't recognize who he was. And he walked through the crowd, as a person of dignity, like he's coming straight to remoto hottub de la Juan, and the crowd becomes quiet, like who is this man? And he's literally walking all the way to our modal de la Juan. And he says to him, the greetings of Jamelia, right so he doesn't say Salaam

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Alaikum. And Omar says, Who are you? And he says, I am immortal is the chieftain of the Bernal Kinder by the way for the Arabs here this is not the famous image of case of the poet toughened up key media crabby Roman city, that's another image of places before Islam that's the JD poet in Madonna faces a famous name this is one of the people named emerald place, his tribe the blue Kinder or you can say the Keylab tribe you have from it is a Debian Hadith other adopted son of the Prophet system, quote unquote, you have also the here and kalbi, these are the people from that tribe. And this tribe was known for its handsomeness. That's why when God would come, he would take the form of

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who the * Kelby right so the amongst the Arabs, this tribe was known, it was taller than most Arabs, and they had this elegance and, you know, demeanor about them. So this is a man who's the chieftain, and he's said to me to the club, I am a Christian, and I have heard of Islam, and I want to embrace it. So explain Islam to me. So I'm a little hotter rhodiola, Juan explained Islam to him, and he said the shahada on the spot, and when he said the shahada, remember hottub said, hand me the spear. So you know, in Victorian England, what they do is they take the knife for the sword, and the night too, right? Okay, in Arabia, they would take a spear, and they would invest an office in you.

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So he said, hand me the Spear of investing, like basically this guy, I'm gonna appoint him, and he appointed him the governor of that entire region. One of the people sit in the audience said, I have never seen a man who didn't offer a single rocker that was appointed a governor in the time of Omar other than this man. He hadn't even said a prayer yet. But because of his demeanor, his dignity, his background, or whatever thought made him the governor immediately. And so he returned to his community, a governor, when he left it to the ALA one went outside the masjid with his sons, Hassan and Hussein. And he said, I am the son in law of the prophets, aside from the bundle price, why

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should it be thought and I want my children and yours to have the bond of marriage, right? In those days, that's how they did it. The fathers were just talking, the children followed along as you're aware, right. So MLK said what a noble family How can I say no, I give my daughters to has an upper St. Okay. So in my case, this noble chieftain, the governor, he gave his one of his daughters to has another law one and another to her saying at the time

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They were young when they got older they got married. So Rabab Binti embro of case married her saying Rhodiola Juan from this marriage came to girls raka yeah and suka Inna. And so Cana was the younger of the two of the year and sukeena. So Roca yeah and so Cana are born in Medina and because of the OMA year the revolt the Almighty has come and they you know capture Medina as you know they tried to force the the oath of allegiance and as you are aware 100% of the Allah Who did he ever give the oath to do my yes yes or no? Does he ever hidden he never gave the oath to the miners right so we're saying oh the Allah Han fled to Where did he go? MCE? Right, who was in charge of MCE at

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the time

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of delivering azubi So her saying no the Allahu and spend some time in Makkah. And Rokia and sukeena are raised a few for a period of time a few years in Makkah. And this is where we begin to hear so sukeena is now probably any preteen, probably like young lady, not quite a lady yet right? yet old enough to engage in conversation talking what not and her reputation begins to spread. Her grandmother is Fatima Binti Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam right? Her grandmother is Fatima her grandfather's ID and the prophecy ism is a great grandfather. And she became known in the entire city as a very sharp witted very intelligent, and also it is known that she was a beautiful lady and

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how can she not be when she is from Bernal Hashem and her ancestors are as they are. And Hussein Rhodiola. Juan would come allow sukeena to accompany him. In some gatherings, she would respond and speak and diversify. And she became known even as a young child as a poet tests she would make lines of poetry even as a young lady, and she became known for her entire life as being of the most famous poets of her generation. And of course, she's a young lady growing up, of course, she becomes the talk of the town and the eligible bachelors want to marry her. And one of the most aspiring claimants was none other than the brother of Abdullah bin disobeyed the youngest brother and that is

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Musa ibn azubi, not Urawa there's another brother Otowa famous Urawa. So there's lots of brothers Abdullah Musa, Vedas, the Sahaba, the son of the Sahaba, grandson of the Sahaba right is obey the Hawala do the processing of his son is Abdullah Abdullah born the first year in Medina, Abdullah his younger brother Musa, who's not as a hobby, okay, he didn't see the Prophet system his younger brother Musab became infatuated with so Cana and by the way, you know, a lot of us have this image of early Islam as if they're not human beings. What's wrong with wanting to marry a pious lady? This infatuation doesn't involve secret night trips, or, you know, is just her lineage and her

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personality. There is no private meeting between the two. But all of most ABS friends know he's infatuated, he wants to marry sukeena. So they tease him, why don't you go apply for the position and you knock on the door of the alarm on and save, and most he was known for his whole life, he was known as being a man who exuded a sense of of extreme annual Rujuta or manliness, like he never wanted to be humiliated. He had this sense of I am the man so he said to his friends, if Hussein or the Allahu Allah says no to me, how can I possibly show my face anywhere? Right? He was so embarrassed about rejection, that he did not propose to sukeena because of this that what if what if

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he says no, how can I you know, go around and show my face so he had that sense of of pride in him that any highlight right nothing wrong with this like, I don't want anybody to say no to me, eventually, percent or the Allah who engages sukeena to her cousin, that's Abdullah ibn Al Hassan, so Hassan son, right, so her first cousin, and they marched to Kufa Karbala you understand Catawba is happening. Abdullah and Sakina have not yet consummated the marriage. There's simply as if they could pick it up. So there is an agreement that they're going to get married. So Abdullah does not actually live with Sakina. So they go to Karbala. You know, what happens in Karbala, right? The

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entire clan of W Hashem, you know, 70 plus people went there, all of the men were massacred, as you're aware. So Qeynos in the tent, she's hearing everything, right. She knows exactly what's going on. She's the one the wounded are coming back in, she's treating them and, you know, witnessing what's happening and then her and the women of the tent I mean, when when finally the battle is over, the troops, you know, put open up the tent, they shouldn't have done that and they barge in and they say marched to the palace, you know of Knizia then Kufa and they marched to Cana barefoot barefoot. She is the great granddaughter of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam they marched to

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Abdullah ibn Ziad palace, and there there is threatened of killing even Zayn and I'll be the you know, the one son that was left of her sandal the Allahu and he was sick in the tent, right? So this is sukeena his older brother bye

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From a different mother, half brother so Qeynos older brother from a different mother. So there's even talk of killing him and it is said that so Cana spoke to Ibn Ziad so Cana and she is a tween She's literally not even a full lady yet she's you know 1112 years old and she says a very harsh statement are you not content with although the blood is it not enough all the blood of the family of the process of you've killed aren't you happy? Haven't you done enough damage and it is even said that she held her brother that you dare kill him. You have to go through me. This is a young child or young young girl and her bravery is being demonstrated by the ones who murdered her entire family

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and she's in that palace and it is even said that one of the rough Ian's of the troops, he begged Dibnah Zia to take Sakina as a Javadi you know if you get the point and even as yet at least had some one line he drew that I'm not going to do that. So they sent them the family to Damascus and they're easy to set gifted them honor them sent them back to to Medina. And so So Cana returned to Medina, Abdullah Zubaydah is now getting more and more active. His younger brother finally proposes there's no person anymore, right? So they get married Subhanallah This is a type of love story in his own way. So eventually they get married. So the first marriage was not consummated with Abdullah

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Ebner Hessen. So Musab Ibanez obeyed and sukeena get married. And it seems like this was the happiest time of her life. They had some children. Her, Abdullah Abdullah Abu Zubaydah made his younger brother, the governor of Iraq, he lived a few years as a successful Yanni warrior and fighter and governor and most of the younger brother was the right hand of Abdullah bin azubi. He was the one who defended the you know, Dominion of Amazonia did everything his brother wanted. And so the Ommaya decided to take him out. He's now the big guy up north in the cufon region. And so they send the famous hedgehog news of his everybody should know his name, the infamous general and

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he makes it a point to attack most of them in his obeyed in a famous battle. And sukeena is again President Subhan Allah, and so she loses her husband in another battle against the OMA yet and also just like, you know, her saying, Oh, the Allahu Allah and his head was cut off. So to Musa there was a time frame or the bill, I know, it's shocking to hear there was a timeframe where this pagan practice became common in some circles, you would cut off the head of the enemy and send it to the palace. This became common for a few years, then it became uncommon after that, but for a while that was common. So most subs had also was SIP severed. And so Cana saw this and whatnot. So can you

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imagine so Cana by the way, saw the bodies of precentral, the loved one in the entire family outside the tent, she saw that and it just said that she touched it and kissed it and whatnot. Now she sees the body of her husband Musab and also the father of her children. After this, it appears that her marriages were not of that nature, either her husbands died. So perhaps for marriages after this, we don't know exactly how many. And by the way, those days, if a lady was single, nobody cared whether she was widowed or what not a single lady she was proposed to it was understood that somebody has to take care of her right. The concept of a lady being single was very rare. And in our culture, as

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you're aware, it's very different. Like once a lady becomes widowed or divorced, her loss, nobody can touch her. But in that society, they understood somebody has to take care of her somebody has to marry her. There was no stigma attached to marriage remarriage. It is said she had four maybe even five according to one book six husbands. Of course, they include an Hessen sorry, I'm not living the husband home never got actual knickers done except for the kids pick it up. But after most of the number of husbands now here. So kindness personality is shown again, we have a we have an image. Oh, I forgot to mention a very important thing we learned as well when she was growing up in Makkah.

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This is something very interesting, guys. We have a very, very naive notion of reality. One of the things who Cana was known for can you believe it was a new hairstyle that she invented. And it was called Altura. Asuka near the so cania hairstyle as a young lady 1112 13 years old. That's what young ladies do what you expect them to do. Right? She's at her home. And she she had very long beautiful heritage that so she made a certain type of knot and a certain hairstyle. And the ladies of Makkah began imitating so Qeynos hairstyle and it became the Vogue so much so the books of history mentioned some men began imitating because back then men had long hair as well. Some men

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began doing it. The governor in Medina or Madonna Abdulaziz said if I catch any man doing this, I'm gonna whip him because it's effeminate. Let the women do it. No problem. Point is who could have ever imagined that the great granddaughter of the profitsystem is going to start something in fashion. Think about that, right? That she was that type of personality. She wanted to have that so she had a different hairstyle called a total zucchini. It's known in the books of history. In any case, back to her story as an adult, we forgot to mention this

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As a teenager, she went through a number of you know, marriages, some of our husbands passed away. And one or two she divorced. So one famous incident. So she married the grandson of Earthman Rhodiola. One. And by the way, this notion that some groups have that there was tension between Aldo de la Juan and between obok on Earth man, well, like it's not true at all. You just look at history, how can it be that sukeena is marrying the grandson of Earthman or the Allahu, and how can it be? There is no problem, right? There's no issues between them. So the he dies, you know, a natural that then another person proposed son of Paul had been arrested at one of the action was shut up, but he

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was known for be a very stingy man, and he was very wealthy, but very stingy. So So Cana made conditions upon him. This is one of the books of the great granddaughter of the Prophet system. She said to this man, if you want to marry me, number one, you shall not marry any woman besides me. You shall not touch a lady besides me, as long as I'm your wife, she put that condition right. Nowadays books are filled discussed, she put that condition number two, she had other conditions as well that I will have access to wealth because he was a very stingy man, etc, etc. It's so happened this man

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did take a milk I mean, a giardia, right. So Cana found out about it. And she dragged him to the court and the judge. And she said Hamas first Kanika and I get my mind Maha back because he disobeyed the contract. Literally, this is the great granddaughter of the Prophet system. And it is said that when the judge was there, silent, not knowing what to do, she turned to the husband. And she said, to take a good look at me, because this is the last time you will ever see me after this the house. And that's the end the marriage ended over there. It is said after this that she remained a single lady. She didn't get married after that, but she became known for her poetry. And her

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poetry is recorded in the books of history. So much so that some of the most famous poets of the time people like jetty and for us duck if you know your Arabic poetry, you've all heard of Faraz duck. And these names for us duck would make it a point to visit the house of sukeena from the outside and exchange poetry. And it is said that in one occasion after hedge, the famous poets of Arabia gathered, and they decided to hold the competition, and they chose sukeena to be the judge. So Cana is going to decide who's the best Shire amongst us. That was her reputation that she's going to be the the hakam between us, and she lived an apolitical life after this and she was known for

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her generosity and her wit, and she passed away in the year 117 of the hijra, she was born 49 to set some say 4749 Hegira she was born and she passed away 117 Hijra and she is buried in Buckley a lot of blood with most of the the Ubuntu abdominopelvic and this shows us really Subhanallah that our conception of the past you know the people lived it's actually very different than reality. And when you read books of history, it actually makes you more broad minded and makes you understand that the versions of society we think existed never really existed. Nothing wrong with a lady showing, you know, her talent in that manner. She's properly dressed you everybody knows her. There's no nothing

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negative going on. Her personality was known. She did certain things in fashion. She did certain things in poetry. She participated not on the battlefield but she was with her saying oh the Allahu on you know, and Catawba and with her husband Mossad but obviously not armed to the hill, but still participating in her own way and she left her mark on history. So this is a name that we should be aware of the great granddaughter of the Prophet sallallahu it was set up May Allah subhana wa Tada have mercy on her and on all of them Izaak moolah hit Send I want to come back to lawyer Baraka Yeah, man

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