Tabukiyyan Tips – The Outcasted Nomad

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We love the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. We may say that and we may try our level best to do it. But do we realize and remember what the result of that will be? I'm talking about on a social level with your family with your friends. You may be someone that is strange. You may be someone that is doing things that is not going along with the status quo. What will your response be, then? What's most important is to embrace the fact that you may be a nomad. What is a nomad? a nomad is someone that is traveling and they are a wanderer. They are trying to get somewhere, but everywhere they go, everyone knows as well as he or she does that their state is temporary. This

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migration to Allah and His messenger is literally that it's a migration to him to where when you will meet him in sha Allah. This world is a station that is temporary for you, as a prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Maddie when it dunya what is for me in this dunya in the mat and the mythical rock even is the whole lotta shadows into mahkamah. Also maraca okemah kasasa Let me said Verily, I'm like a traveler, that sees the shade of a tree, sits there rest for a little then gets up and leaves it he compares the dunya this life this tangible life that we're in now as a shade of a tree, it's something temporary and when one migrates to the messenger them following the

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Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam you will really see how you will be strange amongst people even okay and even goes to the degree when he says to kind of love this person. You couldn't have even been in a bad he will be someone that is strange amongst the people. Musto Haitian men, maybe he is Stephanie soon, almost nice to me, maybe he gets there he soon he will be dejected by from what from that which delights them, and you will be delighted by the things that deject them. So you praying you getting married you staying away from drugs, you being honest, you being upright, you speaking out against any oppression against anyone, this is something that may not please the

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people because everyone is not doing it. And that's where you will be strange, particularly in the way that you implement your Islam, which is the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you'll be strange, you'll be an outcast, you may be looked at differently, when they speak to you, they may speak to you and sometimes remedial way because they may think that you're prehistoric, barbaric, uncivilized, etc.

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But with that reality of what people may view of you and what the real you is, you have no problem with that you're comfortable in your own skin, whether it's the self esteem that you have, from this a man

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in realizing that following the sooner the promise of a line or something, is what God wants it. And you're comfortable with that you're content with that. But even Okay, it makes that beautiful point that you will be someone that may be dejected. You will be someone that is delighted from what rejects them what they are not pleased what they don't like they find this Dean in and you're okay with that rather, you find is you find might in honor in that because you understand how it is a treasure. You know, the promise of a law it was selling was asked by a companion named Abu Salah Shani.

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And this companion was asked by another companion about this particular verse and the chapter of makhija verse number 105 where lots of panel data says if there are the banana chittaranjan Yeah, you have the Dena Avenue layer the rockem alikoum and for second layer guru C'mon Bala today to eat a lot more JIRA comm Jimmy and for unit b okuma. Quantum Tamminen Allah Subhan Allah says, Oh, you who believe.

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Worry about yourselves, I lay come in full circle layer, the Roman Bala today to the ones that have misguided or misguided will not harm you as long as you stay on the guided path. Why? ILA humor, Jericho, Jimmy and all of you are going to return to a lot and he is going to inform you of what you used to do, do not, you know, torture yourselves over the misguidance of people, you tried to tell them about the good and they don't listen to you look back here in a second. Perhaps you want to kill yourself, as Allah mentioned about the promise of a lie that was sent him at the beginning of the 18 chapter. What's important here is to know that there is a level that Allah is the one that

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guides So Allah is what God is saying here. Don't worry about them, because they're going to have to answer to me anyway. Upon this, when I booth that level question he asked the province of Allah who I knew was tell him about this verse. The Prophet said, Bill, it Tim it'll be tomorrow with a Navajo and in monka. He said rather, don't misunderstand this that you are not self

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Don't worry about the people, you'll call them too good. He said rather call the people too good and forbid them from the monkey hut, either eight or shanmuga. And even if you were to see

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miserliness being obeyed, miserliness being obeyed if you were to even see that we're doing Yeah, I'm a theorem and people that are mesmerized by the dunya and they're affected by this worldly life. You were to see this if you were to see this in these days that are coming during Mr. othera will show Hambleton

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and you will also see what till I couldn't lower it and cooler the rot even more jibber jabber Kula de la, NB Rai. And you were to see people that are amazed by their own opinions.

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Right? You were to see them have their own opinions, and they're amazed. So he mentioned these three things He also mentioned, he also says, Well, how am whatever and and you will find people following their desires. When you see these things happen, for either it could be hard enough sick, then worry about yourself, what data and color

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and leave off everything that the general folk are doing. And Subhanallah you see this with Ibrahim, you see this with nor, you see those are the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the beginning of his message. The majority of people lose. I mean, what were the people of lot doing in the community at 200 agenda? What am I doing in the verily you are coming to the you know, is telling them that you're approaching the same gender with this fulfilling this desire without women but uncommon lusophone that you are people that you are diverting from the path so people doesn't matter about the numbers The truth is not based on the numbers.

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It's upon what you know, that makes you principled, sticking with those principles and staying with it, because it requires Subbu that's what the promises Some even at the end of this I even is talking about these four characteristics to worry about yourself and leave off the general folk. He said because the Enderman What are equally am will suffer a Salafi hiner mythical cobden eligible, he said for very they will come days, the days of patients in which the patient one is like the one holding on to hot coals.

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And then he said, so the one that does this will receive the reward. And Uh hum. Seen Roger alone, yeah, might only be missed the harmony. He said the one that is patient in these days will receive the reward of 50 men that act in accordance to him. That act is though he is acting. And there's another narration where some companions, they came to him and they asked him how I'm seeing Roger than men whom ye Rasul Allah. He said, hum seen Roger and minko. He said, 50 people, they said, 50 people like him, he's going to receive the reward of 50 people. And the promises, some said, it's going to be 50 people from you all, which shows that Subhanallah you today, if you were to be

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patient in these times of fitna, where people are losing their minds and people are obeying their thirst and everyone's doing it and the numbers are rising. And it's the popular thing to do. But you being principal knows that it's the wrong thing to do. It can lead to a desecration of holy sites, it can lead to lack of morality, you stay away from it, because you know that the guidance does not want you to do that. It wants you to stay away from it. And to leave it off.

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You'll receive the award of 50 people have the likes of the companions.

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us of those that choose to be patient that do not allow the status quo to effect our principles. And that stay firm upon that to be a rippling effect of guidance and influence on this earth to where he will be pleased with us. And we see him when we leave this earth tsunami it comes to light or better cats. Thank you.