The Khutbah of Shaytan #04 – The Whisper of Shaytan

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Even I am also mentioned when he talks about the wisdom of the creation of JSON, that is important to understand how shaytaan gets to us just to briefly summarize some of the main things, obviously, of the simple tactics are shaped on is the tactic to cause us to forget to cause us to neglect and this is Alhamdulillah we thank Allah that if shaitan succeeds, we are not held accountable if we forget something so of the tactics of shaitaan is he causes us to not think about our timing of Salah we don't realize it's time to pray. We don't realize for example, we can sometimes oversleep, even though we wanted to wake up shaitan might help us in extending that sleep. We don't wake up at

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all, anytime this happens. It is from Shaytaan once in the lifetime of the process, and he overslept. Fajr that is a wisdom of Allah, if Allah had wanted to, he would never have overslept. Fajr and he overslept Fajr because it was the Battle of the day before and the army was tired, they went to sleep late at night, he station Bilal to wake them up for Fajr and beloved himself fell asleep and the whole army overslept budget. They're excused by the way was Jihad the previous day, their excuse was, wasn't watching a film that previous day, it was doing jihad the previous day. So if there is any excuse than that is that excuse the processing woke up and said, this is an area

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where shaytaan so and so is we will move somewhere else, and he blamed it on shape on so she upon kind of sort of helped them persist in that sleep, or it caused them to forget and sort of tell God woman and Sandy who Illa shape on one of Cora that shaytaan caused me to forget. So that tactic of Shavon even though it is effective in the sense that we don't do the good deed, we will not be held accountable, and ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala will overlook and forgive. Of course, the main tactic of shaitaan is West swiza. And that is to whisper Westwater means to whisper and the Westwater of shaitaan. It is to implant in our hearts an idea that should not be there. And this is a very, very

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evil tactic. Think about it. Our hearts are pure. We don't want to disobey Allah. Our hearts have been created to worship Allah Welaka darkness Hanafi X, Anita cwieme. We want to pray, we want to enjoy religiosity. But shaitaan comes and he throws something into our heart. And he causes us to think about something we never thought about doing and he continues to persist in trying to push us to commit a sin. How evil is that? We won't even want to commit the sin. And this is generally the case my dear brothers and sisters when an evil thought comes and the thought even surprises us like where did that come from? How is how am I thinking is oh the biller? You yourself are disgusted by

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what you think you are thinking but you think you are thinking it is not you who is thinking it is shaped on who threw it into you. And that is why the existence of shaitaan actually makes us realize that hamdulillah our hearts insha Allah generally they're pure. And so we blame chez THON for the bulk of our evil. Isn't this a wisdom from Allah? When Yusuf alayhi salam, what happened happened and he was saved at the end? What did he say? mean that the Anessa shaytaan Vainio been a hottie it was shaytaan who caused my brothers to do what they did. What a beautiful wisdom. And I mentioned this that we blame shaytaan for the evil. It's not my brother who did this shaytaan caused him to do

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it. What a beautiful tactic that you blame * on because he's worthy of being blamed. He is the one who did it. Then your anger is not at your Muslim brother. Your anger is not as somebody who did something, it's at shaytaan who whispered them who did the Westwater. And so because of that your hearts can be pure towards your Muslim brothers and sisters, and you can blame shaytaan Oh shaytaan caused them to say that shaytaan caused them to slip shaytaan caused them to backbite they wouldn't do it otherwise. And in fact most of the time this is the case and that is why it is of the greatest wisdoms of the existence of shaitan that we blame him for the evil and not mankind.

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