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Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of the word "will" in the visa M ranse and how it relates to the actions of Allah. They explain that the "will" meaning is the ability to take on and overcome challenges, and that it is crucial to avoid becoming bored. The speaker also suggests praying differently to achieve success and offers solutions for those who become bored.
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In the visa Mullah while he was sending me he said the best words I ever uttered, and the prophets before me ever said was there ilaha illallah wa The whole luxury color level we'll call it

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a condition. When you come to this word, what the whole, what the whole means alone him no one else. This will law he this worldwide who is like a sharp knife that cuts everything in the heart besides Allah subhanho wa Taala it cuts the desires, the evil desires, the temptations, the sins, the addictions that a person has upon the harm, the evil and the bad habits and the treats in the heart of envy and jealousy and hatred, and animosity and so on. All of that is cut with the word whack the whole, when you see this word whack the whole, which means that only Allah is worthy of worship alone by himself. So reflect over this word when you come to it and see it. Look at what level To

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Him belongs everything level more.

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You're going to realize at this world, how insignificant you are that we don't own anything, our social owns everything, even the habits within us. Allah sosial owns it and he turns it the way he wants. So at that moment asked him Allah keep my heart steadfast and firm upon your de la Holy moly, what happened to him belongs all praise or condition in career and he is capable over all things when you see this part of the diet where who

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Abele reflect and remember your problems and within the your difficulties. And remind yourself that Allah is capable over all things. He's capable to remove everything he's capable to return and to give you that peace. Because problems that are in life, they come and they go, they come and they go, there's no problem. But the issue is, if these problems come and they begin to test us in our body and we leave our Deen altogether, we leave and we neglect our Salah altogether Actually the problem is so when you see Allah keep me steadfast upon my Deen, remove my difficulties remove my worries, when you're asking Allah subhanho wa Taala that he made these difficulties easy upon you

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that he makes you able to pass these tests. So these are the three main things to be done fasting with Vicar, La ilaha illa Allah, you say it, you keep saying it, see it, see it, see it until the heart is filled with the meanings of a toilet in your heart, then stop and make to help keep making dry, keep making, keep making dry, until you've said everything that's in your mind for that moment, then switch back to advocate

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lamotta who knows that he cannot handle another condition, Sage 50 100 times 200 times once you feel that the heart is full, and it's charged with the dough head Allah move on down to and meet to have once again and then move from a diet that ethical and spend the entire day like this alternating between between utterly and if you start getting bored on a however over the 11th hour but this is the reality we begin to get bored. You know why? Because we have not experienced the sweetness and the beauty of seclusion with Allah subhanho wa Taala that's why we get bored. So if that feeling begins to right, take over you then switch, pray, get up and pray between both and also is a time

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where you can pray after it's not allowed to pray. So pray after both. To select an answer. To pray some like I had this is a permissible pain to make extra effort to pray, do some do some general of care and Vicar any alternate? Give us all the time remember the poor remember the needy? Do something good for your parents if they're still alive if they're not making to Allah so again, forgive them and why didn't they grieve and illuminate the grieve with light and that Allah Allah His mercy and His blessing upon them, do something move move from one worship to another. This is one of the best solutions for someone that becomes bored and gets bored of a certain worship or a

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certain routine. So mix up and move around in these worships

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