The best deeds to enter Jannah

Abdur-Raheem McCarthy


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As Muslims, we're always looking for that one deed that homerun, that's going to make us enter into the agenda, say this, do that, enter into the agenda, when actually what's going to help us reach the agenda, or the consistent small actions as our beloved prophet that a Salatu was Salam said, a humble man in Allah that the most beloved actions to Allah, Adama were the ones that are consistent, even if they're small in number. And those small consistent actions are the ones that help us build a strong foundation, the foundation that makes us strong and keeps us firm on the hook. And when you have that strong foundation, you are more likely to be from the ones who are blessed to hit that

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home run, to be able to combine between the small consistent actions and those big actions all of which will help us Inshallah, enter into the agenda. We often tend to overlook the small actions but our beloved prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. He told us letter pyranometer Lima roofie che Do not be little anything from their good he said even if you meet your brother with which tender with a cheerful face and action as small as a smile, and he said at another Hadith that acela was salam it took now to the Hellfire will be shifty tomorrow, even if it's just with a half of a date, because those small deeds when they're put into our skin of good deeds, your mental piano, they could be

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what save us from the hellfire and help us interest agenda