Yasir Qadhi – The Siege of Gaza in Light of An Incident from the Sirah

Yasir Qadhi
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In that hamdulillah Muhammad who wanna start you know, who want to still fiddle. We're not Altavilla Himanshu Rudy and fusina woman say Dr. Medina, Mejia de la who for LA medulla warmer your dean who further ha de la worship Allah ilaha illallah wa Tada Hola, Shetty Kela wash hairdo Anna Mohamed and I will do who are pseudo you Khaled Hina Manu tabula HELCO to quarter wala temotu illa. One two Muslim moon, Amma bird dear Muslims in the eighth year of the makin Dawa, three years or four years before the hijra, after the Quraysh had tried multiple tactics and Islam was still rising. They try the tortures of Yasser and Somalia. They tried the tortures of Bilal. They tried preaching against

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the prophecies and making fun of him. When multiple tactics failed, and Islam was still rising. Hamza had just embraced Islam. Remember that no hot dog had just embraced Islam Radi Allahu anhu, the Quraysh came together and they did one of their most dastardly, one of their most evil, inhumane tactics, what did they do? They all came together and they said, We shall boycott the Muslims. We shall isolate the bundle Hashem, we will not sell them food or water. We will not intermarry amongst them. We will not allow anybody to sit in a gathering where there is a Muslim and we will force a booth all him to hand over the process and we can execute him or they will have to leave and get rid

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of stuff for the love from their perspective, this nuisance. And so they came together. And Abu Jahan was the leader of this boycott, and Abuja has enacted a treaty in which every major tribe signed on except for the bundle Hashem, that they would boycott the bundle Hashem no buying and selling anything. No social interaction, no marriages will take place now realize sisters and brothers Maccha does not have farmland. There are no agriculture and crops, everything you have to purchase from the market. Everything you go there there are people coming and they're selling. When you stop the selling of products, where are they going to get food from? And the boycott affected

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only the Muslim community and of course the Banu Hashim, the tribe of Abu Talib, Abu Talib tried to negotiate he tried to play with them. This had never happened in history. Never had this happen. How inhumane can you be you're not going to sell food to your own relatives, you're going to let your own relatives starve. And nobleton have tried and tried but Abuja hidden his arrogance one day Abuja Hill was you know who he was, you know, his reality and people were scared of him. And he had a physical persona and an aura that intimidated people. And he was the de facto leader of the of the arratia, who thought he was a gentle man. He was respected, but Abuja Hall was the vicious, you

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know, the tyrant. And so Abuja has will was in fact enacted, and they wrote this boycott the treaty, and to give themselves a bit of ego boost, and to make them feel nice, they said, we will hang it inside the cab, as if hanging it inside the cab made it less evil, as if hanging it inside the cab made it more sanctified and holy. They wanted to placate their guilt, they said, We're going to put it inside the cab. And so that's exactly what they did. I will thought it was so incensed and enraged, that he decided to physically boycott MCCA itself. He took the Muslims and he went to a valley that the bundle Hashem owns is called the Shabbat, the bundle Hashem it's outside of Mecca

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these days, of course, it's inside the city. It's an entire valley. Now, he didn't do this out of fear. He did it for two reasons. First and foremost, there was a genuine sense of rage. How dare you do this? And to show how angry he was? This was a type of protest, how dare you boycott your own relatives? How dare you not sell us food and water and secondly, to protect the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam from physical harm because up until this point in time, there was no physical harm, but things are changing talk of assassination has begun, as you know, after the death of what we thought of they will actually attempt to assassinate you know this, but right now it's still the

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eighth year of the Dawa. There hasn't been any actual assassination attempts, but talk has begun. So Abu Talib to protect the Prophet system physically withdrew, and there was a valley there that only had one entrance so you can garden protected and they went into this valley for how long? In my analysis of the seed of Allahu Allah I think around 18 months is the more reasonable a year and a half. They stayed in this valley. Now how did you survive? How did they survive for a year and a half without interacting with the people without

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are, you know going to the markets without being sold food? How did they interact Subhanallah multiple ways. First and foremost, they attempted to buy from outside of Makkah, because again, when you're boycotted when you're ostracized What will you do? And so when caravans would come from outside of Makkah norm Karachi the treaty is not binding on them is it the treaty is not binding on them. The treaty is only for the people of Makkah. So outside caravans when they would come, the Muslims would send people negotiate and purchase even for higher price, but then Bucha * found out and Abuja then came to these caravans and Abuja has said, Whatever they're giving you, I'll give

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you a double, I promise you, I will give you a bigger bigger profit. So he tried his best to outman them to out veto them. He tried his best to shut off this avenue as well. And sometimes he was successful. Sometimes he wasn't How else did they survive for a year and a half kindness of relatives because again, the bundle harsher, more boycotted, but the bundle Hashem have relatives, marriages and cousins and whatnot that are involved in the entire society. And so non Muslims, pagans, idol worshipers who had conscience who had love for their relatives they would give surreptitiously amongst them is the nephew of Hadiya, hottie just nephew Hakeem in his arm. This is

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Khadija his brother's son. Hakeem had been his arm, Hakeem him to his arm was a very wealthy merchant, and he was not a Muslim at this time. Eventually he embraced his Islam, and he would go and he would give food to the people and once a Bucha had caught him, and he was with his servant and he had barrels of food to give. And Abuja had said, Where are you going? He tried to, you know, change the subject. Eventually he had to confess, I'm going to the Shah Baba, no Hashem. And Abu gehele began beating him up. And Hakeem was no, you know, as a small man himself, a physical fight ensued until other quarters, she's got involved. And Hakeem was allowed to go in but a one off

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basically was told not to go after this. They didn't want the bloodshed to occur amongst them, but there were people who were physically fighting the boycott. There were people who because of their blood relatives were not allowing this to take place and that is Hakeem even Hazama in another group, there is yet another group there no blood relations, but still people of conscience no physical relatives in you know the Shabbat bundle Hashem but they have a non Eman they have humanity I should say. They have a sense of of compassion. How can this be happening? You're allowing people to starve it is said in the books have the syrup in the oven size, the booklet and others it is

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mentioned that the cries of the children in the shower could be heard by the people of the hungry children without any food. They're crying at night. And the people of Makkah could hear those cries. How can it not move your heart and these are in the end of the day, even if the Bible Hashem is one tribe, all of the other tribes are related by blood is the third fourth cousin is basically are all related to one another. You've grown up together, you're the same group, you're the same population. So there were people who were moved with compassion, even though they were not from the bundle Hashem and they were not related to the bundle Hashem and most prominent amongst them and I've given

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multiple lectures about this person. multimorbid Id multivitamin. At home, the Prophet saw some himself honored in the Bible of Buddha and I don't have time to get into there. He died a pagan he didn't ever accept Islam, but most of them had compassion in his heart, and he was the chieftain of his tribe. He wasn't no you know, lowly, he was a chieftain and he could not stand this inhumanity. So in the middle of the night, can you imagine a chieftain waking up at 3am and himself taking a camel every few weeks or months he would do this he would take a camel one of his own camels generosity, he would load it with barley with food with grain with dates, whatever there was there,

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he would load it and in the middle of the night, so nobody stops him. Nobody catches him. He goes to the valley and he just releases the Campbell insight and a camel full of food is going to last you a few months by by the way the rationing it out. So this is how and by the way, there's also mentioned that Bill and others they mentioned that when biller was asked how did you survive he said we would eat the shrubs, the the cactus the lay the leaves on the floor, that's what we will eat sometimes in order to survive. They literally had to become stuck for a long eating like goats this whatever is there, they will eat it. And this is mentioned in our books of Sierra as well. 18 months, a year and

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a half. Some books say two three years, but I think realistically is 18 months or so. But then how did it end? How did this evil inhumane time end? Two things happen? Firstly, a bill positive himself after this time frame after a year and a half. He himself came back in with a delegation and he had a public challenge to the nadi to the Parliament of the Quraysh and he attempted to negotiate even though it wasn't quite successful, but he attempted to negotiate with them immediately. How long can you this last? How long will you keep us there? So both of them took a delegation back into the city and he attempted to cancel that treaty around the same time again, we don't have eyewitnesses to

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many but we're trying to piece it together. Perhaps in the same week. We don't know exactly when was the final camera the straw that

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broke the camel's back as the saying goes, and this was the internal dissent amongst the Quraysh, the internal dissent amongst the other tribes who could not bear to see the inhumanity to see the pain to see the suffering to see the starvation, because people in the end of the day there are people of conscience, even amongst the elites, even amongst the people who don't believe in Allah and the final day, you have humanity. And so groups of people began, you know, there's fomenting dissent. But who's going to challenge a Bucha? Who, who's going to be that person who can actually take on this tyrant this fit around the process? I'm Sid Bucha, who is the founder of our OMA He is

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the founder of our OMA who's going to challenge this fit around SubhanAllah. We're Shahida Shah who don't mean early her Abuja Hills cousin from the same tribe of bonobo zoom. His name is Hashem he Shamli been amor Abuja has cousin, another Masumi and Mark zoom, by the way, and the bundle Hashem were the biggest rivals, they hated each other's guts. They were competitors, but this is too far too much pain. And so even somebody from the bundle Mark zoom, his heart stirs, and he happens to be the cousin of Abuja, Han. And he began visiting some of the senior delegates of the kurush. And he goes to Zohaib ibn Abi omega, who is also a very famous person from their tribe, but but who hide it

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from the tribe of Khadija, and in fact, he is also a cousin of the Prophet system from his aunt Attica, ie, the prophet Sessoms. father's sister is to his mother. So he's the aunt, son of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he goes to Sohail, and after they have dinner, he goes, Hey, how can you have dinner when your own cousins are starving? And so he says, I know, but what do you want me to do? I'm one person. I agree with you. I don't like this, but I can't do this alone. And so he sham says, Don't worry, I'll get somebody else. And so he goes to multimillion ID, and he says to moto Moto M, you know, this is not right, let's do something. Moto M says, what can the two of us

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do? He says, Don't worry, I'll get you some other people. And so he wants to zoom out even at a sweat. And he said the same thing. Each one of them he is going and he's saying and what and he chooses the right people, and he knows whose hearts are soft, and he persuades them one by one, until finally, when all four or five, six of them come, he goes, Look, now we have the core that we need. We have the critical mass to lift the boycott. We have now developed an internal dissent to overcome this veto. Now, what do we do? Now? Here's where Hashem he plots a plan, a halal plan, a very ingenious plan. And he sets up a beautiful strategy of how to overcome the boycott. So he says,

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call us at this time when everybody gathers there's an afternoon time where all the Quraysh would come in front of the garbage just chilling in our in our vernacular, sipping coffee or whatever. You know that time from everybody sits in front of their houses. We're going to come at that time. You sit here, you sit here, you sit here and I'm going to do so off when Acorah she did throw off. This was a sign that I have something important to say when somebody from Quraysh when he's doing throw off, this is a sign guys, I have an announcement to make. And so he goes and then you do tawaf and so zoo Hey, he said to go ahead, you do tawaf and then you say these lines to put to summarize, so

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So hey, then the cousin of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, so he did throw off and everybody is saying, oh, so he's going to have this means there must be an important announcement. After Zubaydah finishes off there waiting for him to say something. He then says, oh, people have Quraysh How long can we sit in our houses and enjoy our families and food when our own kith and kin are starving to death? How long can we do this? Now why was he chosen? Because oh hey it out of all of them. He's the first cousin of the as I said his mother is the aunt of the Prophet system. So it makes the most logical sense that you hate was chosen. So So he says, Look, it's not fair our

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relatives are dying, as soon as this was the cause of Bucha had obviously immediately stands up, sit down and be quiet. This is a done deal. You have no right to speak speak against our agreement, but all of this is planned. And so as soon as a Bucha Hill says this, I will battery another of the you know elite of them stands up and he goes no, this plot that you did or sorry this treaty that you did, it was done in haste. You didn't follow protocol. I was not consulted so he brings up a technicality This is not fair. The one you passed it I wasn't there and I was supposed to be voting. So then when when he says that then one of the third stands up and the third one says I to disagree.

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We need to get rid of this. And then finally the last of the midterm even ID who is the senior most the eldest Moto M stands up and goes It is time we cancel this treaty. It is time we know this treaty, and Abuja has seen 12345 all the different places and he realizes it goes, this is a plot you guys have done from before this can't be happening, but it's too late. Why? Because public sentiment had turned the corporation's themselves did not want this boycott anymore. They realized this was too inhumane. They were lazy was too unjust. And so the tide had shifted, and Abuja who was out vetoed and the siege will

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was lifted up. So the Muslims were then allowed back into the city of Makkah. But even when they were allowed back in, this was not the end of it all. This was still persecution, they still had to migrate. But it was better than the boycott. It was better than the shadow of the bundle Hashem, the assassination attempts are still to come. But still, the Muslims are back in the city, they can breathe, they're back home, they can eat and drink. It's better than their status quo. Now, sisters and brothers, you all know where I'm heading with this. Obviously, we're talking about this in light of Jose. And obviously, when you compare any two situations, you find similarities and you find

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differences. So please, I'm not saying it's exactly the same, please be a little bit more mature. I'm trying to derive points. Nobody points out there's no of course is different. No two situations will be exactly the same. But I'm trying to derive benefits about what we can look at some of the positives from this incident that we can look at insha Allah to Allah because the similarities are way too many. The people of Gaza have been trapped up like the bundle Hashem the people have as bizarre economically boycotted, like Abuja, * goes to the other tribe says don't sell to them. The United Nations our own country has vetoed. Nobody can interact with them. They shut the border

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down, just like Abuja Hill did now we have the United Nations in his place doing the exact same thing nobody should sell. You can't even give baby food to the babies. You cannot even give humanitarian aid except 20 trucks a day for 2 million people 20 trucks a day. If this is not Abuja, then what is Abuja * and the similarities as well, again, you find this reality have nothing to eat and drink Subhanallah I saw a tweet yesterday of a famous chef, well known author in London, he's written many books and a famous Moorhead and he wrote it, you know, when the internet came back up, he goes, I want the world to know there are three of us living here and I found an old onion.

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That's all I had. And we boiled the onion and three men ate from boiled soup onion, and we peel the onion up and wait that was our food for today. They ate an onion three men. This is again Subhanallah what is happening? Well, Allahu Musa on the callousness of the people, just like the Quraysh could hear the children crying and the Shabbat bundle Hashem. Now we see children crying, we see dead children, and where is the humanity of the world? But here's the point, what can we learn? And again, there are differences. But what can we learn from this story? We learned so much sisters and brothers, we learned so much of them is that there will always be people always be people on the

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other side, who are standing against injustice, they have some humanity, you will find the hishammuddin amorous the Multilib and it is disobeyed, you will find these people and when you find them of the benefits we learn as well is that the delegation of authority, but you need to go and negotiate a bowtie that went with the delegation, there must have been Muslims in that delegation, there must have been people negotiating with the Quraysh How can you do this? So I will politics negotiation along with the internal dissent put together, that is how it broke in the end. That is the two things that came together, the internal voice and the external voice, they came together. So

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you have this reality in this incident of the theater as well. We benefit from this as well, that Subhanallah sometimes it takes an immense amount of pain and suffering, the loss of lives really to see the reality of the situation to see how evil one side is and how pious and righteous the other side is to see to eventually elicit the sympathy of those who didn't have sympathy at the beginning. In the beginning when the boycott was enacted. The majority of Qureshi sided with Abuja, *, but after a year and a half of torture, a year and a half of starvation, a year and a half of children crying, many hard hearts melted, many people who are first on Abuja hillside now came on the side of

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his Sham, another same side of multiman ID. This is the reality of humanity sometimes, and this is not a stock for the last stock for Allah to justify the last loss of life. May Allah accept all the demise, shahada will have died in hundreds. But sometimes it takes a lot of pain, a lot of suffering to elicit sympathy from those whose hearts are hard to elicit sympathy from those who don't have Eman and we see this in the Sierra as well, that there is a tipping point, there is a turning point and eventually people will see this is not fair. And it is not right to do. Also, we find over here that there's always dissent from the leading class and the most important voices without doubt are

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going to be the most powerful voices. You needed a cousin of Abuja, when you needed his charm from the bundle Masoom none of the others could dare begin the initiation and the plot or else they would have been executed they would have been boycotted themselves. So we need power and strength from the people within and by the way, he sham in all likelihood never embraced Islam. Sometimes people do it out of humanity, and that's fine, no problem. We just want to bring an end to the suffering and your iman and Kufa is between you and Allah subhanho wa taala. So we need the he Shams, the powerful people who are of the elite and who side with truth and justice.

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They need to be put in charge. But we also need the people who have relationships. Hashem was the one who's the brains but who was the voice? Zhuhai wise? Oh, hey, because he was the cousin of the prophets of Saddam he Sean was the brains but the ambassador became so hate he's the one who stood up because if so, hey stanza people understand your cousin is there, there's and he's the closest relative who's non Hashimi, a first cousin, and actually was the business partner, if you remember my co directors, he was a business partner the process of in the days of JD who would travel with him. So he was a close friend, and a cousin and a brother figure to the Profit System. Everybody

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knows there's bonds between them. So for him to stand up, it is logical and rational. Similarly, in our times, for the people of that region, for the Palestinians who are living in this land to be on the vocal on the forefront. This is again, a common sense reality, because that's the way things work here, but there always must be the he Shams as well, the people who are, you know, up there who are helping in this regard as well. Also sisters and brothers, one of the most difficult things to say. And again, I'm simply going to say it and you guys think about it, is that sometimes a temporary solution that brings some peace is better than an ideal solution. That never happens, a

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temporary solution because this was a temporary solution for the Muslims to come back to Makkah. Well, the torture didn't stop the the the evil, you know, rhetoric, the the maligning the slander did not stop the physical alterations between the Muslims, and the Kurdish did not stop. In fact, the process of them eventually, they attempted to assassinate and remember the Knights of the hero. So it's not as if at the end of the boycott, everything is fine. That's going to take another four years for the hero, that's going to take another battle. It was a small win, but it was an immense win, because at least they can eat and drink, at least they're back in their houses. Now, this is

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where again, I'm not a political analyst. But again, that we have to be brave enough to start talking publicly amongst ourselves before we go outside. What is a realistic solution in that part of the world? I don't know. I'm not an analyst, but go to the Muslims go to the Palestinians who have the ultimate choice in this regard. I'm not aware which is the best solution, a two state solution or even a one state where everybody's equal, we get rid of this political Zionism because we have always said Zionism is apartheid Zionism one group of people think they are chosen by God, how can this not be racism? How can it be 2023 And we are still thinking Zionism is a legitimate

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philosophy. Our country went to war against Afghanistan against Iraq wanting to spread democracy Wallah. Why don't they spread democracy in that region, bring everybody to be equal, one citizen, one vote, it would be way better than what is happening right now with trapped people 2 million behind a wall. I don't understand we invade other countries to spread democracy. And yet this country that is supposed to be an ally, we are not doing anything and saying it's okay to have two and a half million people locked up a second class citizens. Zionism is a racist ideology that does not deserve to exist as a political philosophy. We have nothing against Jews and Christians want to

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practice and pray we have our enmity is not with them. But we do not accept Zionism. And frankly, every person of intelligence, every secular humanist, every Democratic liberal person should see this. It's not humanity. When you think one race, one group of people is better than the other. So I don't know the solution. But I do know some solution is better than current status quo. And I do know, just like in the in the time of the Sierra, sometimes a partial solution that has a temporary benefit, it'll bring about long term, but it is better than status quo. So from all of this, we learned sisters and brothers from this era, that sometimes sometimes victories are not something

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that are, you know, militarily can be strategic. In this case, it was a strategic victory. It was a victory of ideas of victory of negotiation, a victory of contracts and sometimes that victory is not a massive victory. This does not bring about the medina state, but it is better than status quo. So from this we learn sisters and brothers that it is our job, it is our job to help in whatever way we can we have to look at who are the Shams who are the Zoom eyes, who are the motorhomes who are double batteries, we have to be like Abu Talib and negotiate and bring about we have to understand each one has a role to play. Not everybody is going to be a sham. Not everybody is going to be a

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Zoomer not everyone's going to be so hey, everybody has a role to play. And if we play our role properly, put our trust in Allah subhanaw taala at least we have done our job and insha Allah to Allah insha Allah to Allah, it's only a matter of time before the humanity of the most hard core hard hearted person will eventually be moved. It's only a matter of time 12,000 lives have been lost. 5000 children have been killed for how long will the world remain silent Alhamdulillah we are seeing more and more and more voices from around the world bring attention to this tragedy. We hope insha Allah to Allah very soon, inshallah in our own lifetimes, a permanent solution will be done

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for the safety of our brothers and sisters in Lhasa. May Allah subhana wa Tada bless all of us with

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send through the Quran and make him make us of those who is versus they understand and applies hella Netcom throughout our lifespan ask Allah's forgiveness who as well ask him for his love of food and the ramen.

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Alhamdulillah HillWalker that I had a summit, Aladdin, Amelia Willa mula de la mia Kula who phoned ahead what I do in my second hood, but I wanted to remind myself and all of you have a number of points that are explicitly mentioned in the Quran, that bring about Allah's victory. Now there are many points but time is limited. I'm only going to mention three but there are at least seven or eight that are explicitly mentioned in the Quran and I have given other lectures in the last 1015 years you can look them up the causes for Allah support the reasons for Allah's Nasir to come down, I'm going to mention three of them that are especially pertinent for our times in our in our and our

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situation number one, and without a doubt the most important one. Number one, every one of us has to have an increased awareness of our own religiosity, our own spirituality, our own connection with Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah's help comes to those who deserve it. Allah's help comes to the righteous and pious and if all of us come together, this is step one, it's not the only step please understand people always get very emotional whatnot, but I firmly believe step number one strong Iman step number one increased awareness of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada increased, loss increased Tawakkol increased dua increase tahajjud we all have to be better at our individual lives and will Allah his

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sisters and brothers look at what he is doing. Look at the image of the people of Gaza. Look at how they are demonstrating to the world the bravery that they have. We don't even have a fraction of it. Look at what they are doing. Can we not in our own lives increase and raise the bar? Can we not increase our own piety? Living in the safe circumstances surrounded by wealth and money and and family and so much luxuries? The least we can do is to increase our own Ariba to live better and more Taqwa filled lives. Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran, what are ya allah Hulan caphyon Me Nina sebelah. Allah shall never allow the kaffir to be above an oboe over the movement. So if we

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have Eman Allah azza wa jal will eventually always give victory to the moment Allah subhana wa Tada says, what kind of how can I Lena nostril meaning it is our duty? How can Allah is Allah and Allah says it is my hack that I will help them meaning what kind of help can Elena not Salam meaning Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran, what are the Allahu Ludhiana mean? Kumar Muto, Salah hottie Leia starkly Fenner whom fill out of the coma, stocking stuffer for letting him a couple of him. Allah has promised those who are pious amongst you and those who do good deeds that you shall have security in the land. Allah has promised the pious that you shall have political security, this is

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in the Quran. So point number one, it's not the only point but I firmly believe I firmly believe the beginning of everything is a strong emotion in Allah, we have to be better in our individual lives. Point number two, explicit in the Quran very clear. Why the till Kalama coming together as much as we can, ignoring our internal differences, a physical unity of the OMA, we have to come together why I tell SEMA will be heavily la he Jimmy and Walter Ferrara, who all of you hold on to the rope of Allah and do not divide amongst yourselves and in the Battle of Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions the reason why what happened happened had the ADA shield from Wattana Zahra Tom, Phil Emery when you

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lost hope and you began arguing and you differed amongst yourselves one of the causes of one of the causes of what was the OMA was not united and the OMA began bickering amongst itself. Sisters and brothers, I say loudly and clearly. Any group any chef, any preacher who at this point in time, is pointing fingers to other mainstream movements and shoe and whatnot, something is massively wrong with this person. There is a time and a place to talk about internal differences. Right now, the OMA needs to be united for his unit. It needs to set aside its sectarianism. Its internal political differences, its ethnic divides, its nation states, the OMA has to come together. Now I don't

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control the entirety of the OMA but I control myself and my family and friends, you control your family and friends, you strive to be united in your own group as much as you can you start from small and overcome these differences and come together for the sake of a greater good, this is explicit in the Quran. And the third and final point and again because of the hood, but otherwise, there's many other things to say is to take the legitimate ASVAB to take the legitimate causes. The Quran and Sunnah does not ever tell us to sit back in the masjid and worship Allah and expect a miracle to happen. That's not the way the CRO works life.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:31

works. And I'm sorry. And again, I know it's gonna irritate some people, because some people, they think you should not do anything, do not protest, and they think this is wrong and whatnot. And again, I don't want to be harsh because I just said, we have to unite. Right? I'm trying to be wise, I'm trying to be SubhanAllah. I'm not quoting you from the Sierra, that Abu polyps event is a protest. I'm not saying that because you're gonna say, Oh, he was a golfer this and that. But I'm saying the ASVAB or the mechanisms change from time to place to era. And what have you thought of did and what the prophet system did throughout the Sierra was used, the tactics of his time was used

00:30:31 --> 00:31:09

what was available at his time. In our times, the tactics are different in our times, the tactics are public protests, bringing awareness to the cause, writing to your Senators supporting the right people. And I understand it's a long term battle. But this is the only equivalent we have and there's nothing wrong to availing ourselves with the tactics of our times. Anybody who says this how often descend up again, I don't want to be harsh here. I strongly politely but strongly disagree. There's nothing in our Shetty out to make protests haram. There's nothing in our Shetty that says as Muslims in this land, we should not influence our politicians. We are part of this land. We are

00:31:09 --> 00:31:49

Americans. It is our tax dollars that are going there. Sisters and brothers. I'm sorry to be so blunt here, but 14 billion of Mayan your tax dollars. We need to teach and preach to the rest of the American community. We have schools that can use that money. Our health care system is in shambles. Somebody said that to solve all of the homelessness of America requires $22 billion. I find it shameful that we're spending 14 billion in another country. And there are people in our country that are sleeping on the streets. Let's use this line. Simple as that. You don't have to bring in religion, don't bring in politics bring in common sense. Why should my tax dollars go to another

00:31:49 --> 00:32:26

country? I want my tax dollars to be spent here, sisters and brothers, especially those that have come from other lands and become American citizens. You need to understand this is what it means to be a citizen of your country. This is what it means your taxes are going there. These are your politicians. They're being paid by you. How can you be silent? I understand where you came from. It was a political there were tyrannical regimes you go to jail, that's long gone. This is a different country. And yes, there are social pressure. And yes, you know, the only Palestinian American in Congress simply tweeting something about Palestine, she will get the center of the entire Congress.

00:32:26 --> 00:33:06

How shameful is that our Congress votes for more aid, our bombs are being dropped there. And the one Palestinian voice for simply tweeting freedom to my land, our Congress voted, she should be censured, Wallah he sisters or brothers. If we don't understand that, at this point in time, we need to stand united against this hatred against this bigger tree. I'm not defending every single thing this sister or that Congressman has done. But at this point in time when you have people in Congress that are standing up for the cause of philosophy and for the cause of because we really need to put our differences aside and support our members of Congress support what they are doing, because if

00:33:06 --> 00:33:41

we're gonna withdraw right now, who's going to support them, even the Congress has censured them. But here's the point. Let them censure This is the United States of America and we have the right to disagree. We have the right to lobby and campaign and campaign and we have the right to reelect those same people if we feel they're better for the OMA, this is the minimum we can do. And anybody who says it is haram. I'm trying to be you know, gentle here. They're just wrong. I'm sorry. They're wrong. They're living in a different time and era and place. There's nothing haram there's no shame, there's no comfort in this. This is our tactics that we need to do. And we learned this from the

00:33:41 --> 00:34:17

Sierra sisters and brothers will law he I understand is gloomy. I understand we feel overcome with emotion and depression. But still the Sierra teaches us the Quran teaches us we must always look to optimism. We must always think tomorrow will be a better day. We must always put our trust in Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and inshallah hooter Allah insha Allah to Allah, nostril la here Karim, the help of ALLAH is close and we will see this help inshallah to Allah we need to do our job and leave the rest to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, Allah many died for aminu. Allahu Allah that said, I've been holding on to them and it never falter when the hangman Illa forged while I Dane and Illa

00:34:17 --> 00:34:54

Kobita What am I read on Alicia feta while I see Ron Illa you're sorta Allama fildena Well, if one in a linear sub opponent an email and we'll attach I feel Karuna Zilla Lilla Dena Amano Robina in Nicaragua for Rahim Yeah, how you yada yada yada yada Columbia send me I do. Yeah, they will Ikram. Yeah Robin Robertson, our two separate horrible outershell Aleem, oh Allah you are the co you are the Aziz Oh Allah, we ask you Oh ALLAH to send your aid and help upon the people of Gaza. Oh Allah, send your aid and help upon them. Oh Allah, Oh Allah bless them with sub O Allah, O Allah, grant them success over their enemies of Allah, O Allah, they're hungry. So feed them O Allah, O Allah,

00:34:54 --> 00:34:59

they're thirsty. So give them clean water, O Allah, O Allah allow them to see the freedoms that we take for granted. Oh Allah

00:35:00 --> 00:35:34

Oh Allah to you we complain of our weakness so Allah to you we complain of our incapacity Oh Allah, Oh Allah you are the CO Yoda Aziz show us Oh ALLAH your power show us your strength Oh Allah show us there is that you have promised the messenger and the believers Oh Allah upon you we put our trust and they knew you and you knew we believe everybody's Allah and Allah to another American bank robber that'd be enough say within Nabi Medaka decoder say was hailed as a bit of a you know an engineer who were insane for call as an accordion aneema In Hola Hola. Hola. Como saloon either Nebby Yeah, you already in Amanu Sallu alayhi wa sallam with a steamer Allahumma Salli wa Sallim wa

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Barik well, and I'm allowed microsurgical Mohammed while earlier he was a big marine about Allah in Allah to Allah Morrow Bill idli what you're signing waiter at the quarterback wire and hand fracture you will move very wealthy you are either coming to Allah come to the Quran, the Quran Allah Allah Allah may come wash crew who uses Allah come what are the crew Vita Akbar welcome is Salah

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either call

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me Ms de Heaton doll Seanie when she

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