Omar Suleiman – Umm Kulthum Bint Uqbah Ibn Abi Muayt (ra) The Enemy’s Daughter – The Firsts

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the history of the Prophet's teachings and the importance of returning enemies to their home. The woman who was married to the Prophet's daughter is seen as a woman with a man-like partner, while the woman who was married to the Prophet's daughter is seen as a woman with a half sister of earth and half sister of the god. The title "verbal" in the Islamic system is used to describe the woman who was married to the god.
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Salam aleikum, wa Rahmatullah able to catch everyone snowed him the last time or so now and he will sabio Manuela Welcome back to the first sorts where we are covering the lives of some of those companions about whom we don't have much information, but who made major contributions or have major stories behind them. It's Pamela, the person that we are speaking about today, I want to begin by actually speaking about her father, who is not a praiseworthy man who in fact is someone who is known for being one of the cruelest people to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and who is distinguished by a particular incident where he showed his evil most and I want you to go back to a

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moment where the Prophet sallallahu wasallam is praying in front of the cabinet in Mecca. And as he is praying in front of the cabinet in Mecca, the messenger SallAllahu wasallam is being watched by his enemies and they are looking at him and they make a challenge amongst themselves. A Buddha says, Who will take some of the intestines of a camel and dump it on the back of Muhammad Sallallahu and he was sudden them while he is in prostration, while he is Institute so take camel guts, and dump it on his back and humiliate him while he had while he is in his prayer in front of the cabinet. And this men are going to be more he says, I will do it. So he goes and he gathers all of the guts of

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the camel, all of the filth of a camel. And while the profit slice of them is Institute, he dumps all of that on his back it his Salatu was Salam. And it collapses the prophets I seldom in his sujood and it is one of the most humiliating moments and all of these elites of Quraysh from the enemies of the messengers lies on them start to roar in laughter. While they do that fall tema, well, the Allahu Taala on her is at home, and this is after the death of Khadija or the Allahu Taala on her. Fatima is at home, a young girl who should not have to witness such a thing from her father. And she hears what is happening to her father it his Salatu was Salam in front of the carrabba she

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goes out. And she is in tears as she is trying to clean off the back of the Prophet sallallahu any who has said them what he had put on his back, and the prophets lie some comforts faulty model the LA hotel, and he tells her that do not be sad, Allah will give victory to your father. And the prophets lie some also at that moment may do as against some of those people whom we would find would be killed in bed. And so somehow, that is a moment that captures a great deal of arrogance from BookBub and be more apt, and captures a great deal of sadness on the part of the Prophet slice element on faulty metal the Altana and shows a man who was willing to descend to the lowest of low

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to prove his arrogance and to prove his opposition to our beloved messenger SallAllahu I think he was setting them. Now when this happens. And you see this the scene, you know, unfolding. Think about the children of that man. Think about what they were nurtured upon the hatred of the Prophet slicin them that they were taught. And remember that the prophets lie some had hope in the children of his enemies, he had hoped for many of his enemies, and especially the next generation, the children of those enemies and Subhanallah out of all people, this man all six of the children of Okuma became Muslim, all six of them became Muslim, you know, iqama who had became Muslim, for

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example, in the case of this man, all six of his children, and it will lead him in Oklahoma, who in fact would go on to be a governor under if model the outside governor of I believe Kufa Amara became Muslim harlot, the son of aqua but it'd be more he became Muslim. On Hakeem became Muslim, Hindu became Muslim, but there is one that stands out amongst them and that is the woman that we are speaking about today was unconsumed bint Akbar be more eight on consume Vinter Akbar but even be more eight May Allah subhanaw taala be pleased with on chromosome the daughter of merkaba be married. So she is a person who will proceed her siblings in Islam and of course, whose father will

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pass away in a humiliated way as he tried to humiliate the prophets of Allah hadI was an unknown could form while the Altana Anna is also the sister of Manuel the low tide and that they had the same mother so she's the half sister of earth not have been found with the low tide on home because they shared the same mother whose name was otherwise Vince Coates. So Earth model the low tide on home. Of course we know his position in Islam and how early on he became Muslim. They have the same mother. What is she distinguished by in terms of her Islam? Not just the fact that she embraced Islam early on, she didn't wait until the Fatiha until the conquest where many of the children of

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the enemies of the prophets life

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Some of the enemies themselves became Muslim. But in fact, she became Muslim at a very inconvenient time. And she is known as the first woman to make Hijra alone from her parents home. What does this mean? She wasn't married, she was single. And she leaves the home of her family to go and to join the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And this was right around the time of her they BIA so this is not around the time of the Hijra from Mecca to Medina that we know of, but rather this is around the time of her day BIA. Now, if you remember from the story of agenda, or the Allahu taala, and one of the conditions of her they BIA was to return anyone from Medina to Mecca when they came to the

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Prophet slice Allah. So if anyone from Mecca came to join the prophets, like summon Medina, the condition of Davia was that they would be returned. And so we know the painful incident that took place with Abu Jandal all the time and who shows up right at the time of Saudi Arabia, one consumer the Allahu Taala and her she escapes and she goes to join the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as well. And she joins the Prophet slice of them. In Medina, again, the first woman to make his law alone single, without a husband without anyone with her from her parents home to join the Prophet, slice Allah. And as she arrives her brothers who at that time were not Muslim, yet, Amara and

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unworried. They come to the Prophet slice on them and they say, Yeah, Mohamed Ramadan in Austin, Abdullah Abdullah, the bane of our Beynac O Muhammad, you have to return our sister in accordance with the conditions that were made and unconfirmed protests to the Prophet slice alum. She says Yasuda law, I'm not like the man. You know what they're going to do to me. And they did not mean women like me when they made the condition with the meaning when they made that condition. They were speaking in the context of young men and they were speaking in the context of battle. And you know, what this means in terms of, you know, the tribal loyalties and things of that sort. But they were

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not speaking about me. They didn't have me in mind when they made that condition with you, Yasuda, I'm a woman. I'm very vulnerable. I don't have anyone to protect me if they take me back. You know what they're going to do to me? So the prophets I saw them was in a difficult situation. And also last lesson, of course, only acts upon revelation. And so an idea comes down in regards to her situation. Yeah, you Alladhina amanu either Giacomo Minato mahadji Rotten from Tahuna Allah Who Anna will be Imani hinfo in Adam two more one not me not in Fela authority reunited kofod Last palletizers Oh, you believe when the female believers come to you as migrants, either. Giacomo

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Minato Mahajan writes when they come to you, as Mahabharat when they come to you as migrants from Turkey who hon Allah Who annovi IMANI hin, then test them and Allah knows best about their Eman about their belief. So if you find them to truly be believers, then do not return them to those arrogant disbelievers. And so this comes down in regards to her and Allah subhanho wa Taala

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rescued her from the situation and she was allowed to stay in Medina rather than go back with a Walid and Amara. So now she's in Medina. This is the daughter of oak Bub and Abby moreet. And she is single and SubhanAllah. I mean, think about what it took for her how much Eman she had to have how much faith this woman had to have to bring herself out of the situation. So what would ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada bless her with Zaidan and Hadith well the Allahu Tada and who would marry her? So she's married to Zaid, well, the Allahu Tada and, and he had two children from her and then Zaidan Hadith or the Allahu Anhu dies as a Shaheed then after as a diviner Hanifa as innovative not a one or the

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Altana and who also married her and she had a daughter from a survey, it will the Allahu Anhu. And they were at some point divorced. Then the prophets lie some requested on her, her hands on behalf of Ron had been out for the Allahu Tada, and who, who married her and they had several children. So she was married to Zaidan Hanifa. And then she was married to a surveyor, and then she was married, Tom did not under oath, and she had several children from that amendment oath. And then after he passed away, she was married to Ahmed and also the Allahu taala. And,

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and Ahmed I'm going to ask died, you know, I'm sorry, and she died. A month after her marriage Tom lost and it was under the feed off of her brother Earth mountain marathon, while the Allahu Taala I know Subhanallah this says this this woman made hijra ended up marrying these men having several children, some of whom would go on to narrate a few Hadith from her having the companionship of the profit slice. I'm having these distinctions, think about who her father was, and think about who she was and think about the power of Allah's guidance to this person. Despite all

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all of the obstacles that would naturally be ahead of her all the allotted time on hand. And you know, we're talking about, you know, people that were persecuted, as, as you know, being enslaved in Mecca, and all that they went through. And each one has their unique challenges, right? And you think about her and what it took for her to bring herself out of that powerful home and that powerful tribe, in those moments because of no reason not because her husband dragged her along, she wasn't married, no, because she believed in Allah, and she believed in the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So Luca, who made the daughter of the Prophet slicin Cry, his daughter goes on to

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embrace the prophets of Allah Heini Muslims message and become one of the great companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and so it's penalize me said she died a month after her marriage Tom loss. And this was under the Khilafah of if not have been affirmed the Allahu Taala and, and it was said that Earth modeled the Allahu Taala and who He led her janazah and he himself carried out the burial and he was seen after the janazah standing for a long time over her grave making draft for her. So I just you know, I think about this woman Subhanallah how blessed that she must have been to have a man like Earth model the Allahu Tada and whoa, standing over your grave for a long

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time making do app for you, the man from whom the angels were shy. And of course Allah subhana hota would answer the dots of this man will be a lot of time on and she goes on. And while her father is prominent amongst the people of the earth, for his disbelief and for his rejection of the prophets of Allah, he was suddenly asked Allah, that she be amongst the most prominent from the righteous believers for her sacrifices, and what she went through to become a believing woman to become a more Hydra, the first Mahavira in her situation, and to become a woman who would marry some of the greatest men and have children that would go on to become narrators of the Hadith of the messenger.

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SallAllahu wasallam. Alumna Amin just like malachite and see you all next time in sha Allah was salam or aleikum wa rahmatullah. He will go to Qatar

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