The Fiqh of Salah #07 The Qiblah (Direction of Prayer)

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the fifth shot very quickly I wanted to finish the shoot because we have to go quickly. The fifth shot a shorter hummus is stick bow relatability you have to face tequila. Okay this is another necessary condition of Salah and there are no exceptions except now listen to the exception elaphe enough Allah, Allah ra Hila lil Musa offered three conditions to make an exception number one Nephele Sala. Number two, you are writing something you do not get on to the right, you are on the camel or in our case car, boat, whatever you are on the mountain transportation and you decide to pray nothing. So you do not decide to pray nothing while you're facing the criminal or whatever,

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then you get on no if you're already on the Mount, or you're already driving the car, then you want to pray nothing. So number one, it's nothing number two you're already in the act of you know driving or on the camel. And number three you are in suffer.

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So if you are not in suffering, it's never allowed for enough.

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So facing the Qibla is dropped. If you are praying Nephele Salah in suffer writing an animal or driving a car. And in this case for in no usaully Hazel Ghana whoo hoo. He may pray whichever way he is going. How do we know this? Because even Omar says that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would pray knuffel On the back of his camel and his face would be pointing in whichever direction the camel went and he would simply lower his head on the camel for Rocco and sujood and Addyson metaphorically and in one another Hadith we learned the Prophet system would pray with her on his camel in suffer and this is one of the evidences of the other three myths I have to say with that is

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not watching because if it were watching, you wouldn't be praying it on a camel. Okay, so if you are and this is something that is completely halal for us and it is in fact a sunnah for us to resurrect, which we don't do. When we are driving long distance between cities. It is following the Sunnah. As we drive we worship Allah subhana wa Taala and we just say Allahu Akbar, and we recite Fatiha now in recording sudo don't go down below the dashboard, or else you might never come back up.

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And recording studio, what do you do?

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You may OB Rossi is in the Hadith on the camel, he would just go a little bit down right on the camel. Imagine when you're driving a car is completely halal. As you're driving a car, you just go down five degrees that you record 10 degrees your session, that's it, and this is completely valid, and you will be rewarded for the Nuffield but it's only allowed for the Nuffield one year musafir and you're in or on the Mount. Okay, and that's Nephele salah, and this is an excellent way to pass the time an excellent way to worship Allah subhana wa Tada and follow the sooner our processor would pray nothing just on the way and this is hard for us to do okay never fought never fought never

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fought. Well I just wanted to stick barley another reason why the crypto will be dropped the one who cannot face the criminal law how often Oh Heidi he whether he scared or for any other reason for you suddenly K farmer I'm kinda who then he will pray however he can. So scared means the salah of the jihad, the salah al hope, you have to face the enemy. You cannot turn your back to them and face still Kabila. On the battlefield. Salah will be prayed facing the enemy if you have to for answers. So the Quran says so right on the battlefield you will pray facing the enemy. You're forgiven. Libya is forgiven or any other reason for Lady prisoner of war tied up whatever the reason might be if you

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are not able to face the fibula, then you pray however, however you are able to do so. Wama Ida Houma besides these two scenarios, the two scenarios, nothing for the musafir on the Rockmount or somebody who has a legitimate reason that he cannot face the Kabbalah. And a legitimate reason, by the way, does not mean embarrassment. That's not a legitimate

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treason, embarrassment, you're embarrassed, people are going to be looking at you. That's not a legitimate reason, legitimate reason you're going to lose your life. If you turn your back to the enemy. That's legitimate reason, okay? Or you're tight as a prisoner of war, and you cannot face the Qibla. That's a legitimate reason other than this lateral Hosoda to who Salatu was stuck below Qibla the salah will not be accepted, except when he faces the fibula for incana collibra and minha Lezama to Sala to Eli Neha, if he is close to the Kaaba, he has to pray facing the camera directly. So if you're in visual distance, even five degrees 30 degrees is not forgiving, because the guy was right

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there. So you have to pray facing exactly the guy but, but if he is far, then he may pray in the general direction. And what is this mean? This means that the one who is far away from the Kaaba, Allah has forgiven the

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exact latitude and longitude This is not something that luckily for not enough son in law was you just pray for example in our times, suppose before this app comes out of the whatnot these days with app we have direct what not suppose before this app, you have a general idea Quibbler is northeast.

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How will we know what is North is between Here too there will be northeast? And guess what? It's all good.

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All heroin and this is authentic hadith of the Prophet system. He told the people of Medina Medina and machete WorldMark Libya Kabbalah

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your Kabbalah is between the East and the West. What is the Caribbean for the people of Medina? Guys? South do South is the favorite for the people of Medina. Exact South By the way, literally. Okay, what is the Hadith say to the people of Medina? Ma wbnl? Mazuri weldmesh Iraqi Qibla anything between the East and the West? Is your criminal don't worry about it.

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Talk a little this moolah. No big deal. Why? Because again, before there were compasses before there is just a general direction, general direction, and therefore if somebody has prayed salah, and another person was okay, it's not this way is that way.

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We don't care, even if it is this way. And that way, is the correct way. Now this way, and that way is not the correct way. Okay, but a good spectrum of even 90 degrees is completely forgiven. And by the way, no matter how exact you want to be, when you stand in South Africa, North America, I can guarantee you, even within the soft people are standing, by the time your trajectory reaches, you will be somewhere in East Turkmenistan or something I don't know, you know, you're going to pass over complete is redo a straight line is not going to happen. So, and by the way, this is a realistic scenario, where for example, I went to a masjid.

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And they had purchased the masjid from a church or whatever. And the app had told them the table was literally I think eight or nine degrees from the room structure. They didn't build the masjid. And so the whole like the Imam had to stand here and there's three lines five people so awkward. I said, Yeah, whoa, you don't need to do this. It is allowed to pray within the rooms, things because the process is explicitly said. But of course people cannot understand this right? How the Qibla is clearly this way. I said you know, even if you were to follow this line that you have derived from your iPhone, and follow it straight, do you think you're gonna hit smack in the middle of the

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cabinet? Think about it from here all the way to the camera, and you're going to follow this line you will get it straight the cab? Of course not. The Shetty allows it. And I tried to convince them but they didn't. But so the whole I mean, the Masjid was just really bizarre, the oriented and if they could just move 10 degrees or less, the whole must you live in completely in sync. But again people's mentality is the issues that they the iPhone or whatever it says So has it has to be this way. In any case, here's the point. If he is far away, then in the general direction, that is what is wajib when Javier de la bella to fill helper, Salah was studied lebuh hollyburn Muslimeen if he

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does not know the cabler and he is in a city, then he must ask and he must look at the massages and the Merab and if he makes a mistake in the city, he is at fault and he has to repeat the salah.

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But if he is in suffer and he tries his best and make some mistake

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repetition. Remember, we said, if the fault is yours, the penalty will be yours. You cannot make a mistake surrounded by Muslims.

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Imagine the city is full of Muslims. Like he's we're not talking about America where there are no masajid except three or four. Suppose the whole city is full of Muslims. And he makes a mistake. Clearly he didn't do his homework. He could have asked anybody gone to any Masjid. He didn't, that's his fault. But suppose he's in the middle of the desert, and he practices his jihad, and he makes a mistake. And later on, he discovers, then there is no repetition upon him, because it's not his fault. And we finish up over here, when telephone will switch to Hidin.

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If two people made HD had and they disagreed, LEM yet by a huduma Sahiba, who each one will not follow the other.

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Because who knows who is the more correct? You don't. So each one will follow his own HD head,

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even if it means they pray at 180 degree opposite one another.

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And their Salah is so high because they think they're facing the Kaaba and intimate amount of money yet.

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And the one who is blind, and the one who is completely ignorant about directions, follows whoever he trusts more, the meaning of blind and ignorant. Sometimes the blind person is more knowledgeable than the seeing person. Wallah, he sometimes the blind person can sense direction better than the same person. The meaning of blind here is not literally blind. He's giving example, the one who has no he had

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this person chooses between these two men, the one that he trusts more in what in directions for the Qibla.

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And directions for the Qibla have nothing to do with flick.

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If I were lost in the desert, and there was a Boy Scout captain, right, I would tell you follow the Boy Scout Captain over me because I'm not trained to look at directions and whatnot. Okay, so the one who is better is not the one who has more Quran and Sunnah over here.

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It is the one who knows directions. That's the one you follow. That's what we're being taught that in these sciences, Islamic sciences is not relevant, the one who knows which one to do. And then the sixth condition, the easiest one will leave it to the end inshallah. Next week, but it's just basically the NIA that you have to have the NIA and all the time is up but very simple a condition that after the NIA these are the the six conditions, preconditions of Salah, and for those who came in late tomorrow's lesson, as well will be delayed till eight o'clock. tomorrow's lesson will be delayed till eight o'clock for those who are fasting, they can break their fast and then come and

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then next Tuesday as well. We will start at eight o'clock for the class and then next Wednesday, which is the ninth of April hedger, we will not have a class we will have a communal if thought insha Allah Allah. So all of you are invited to especially those that are fasting, but it is not a shark too fast to come to our Iftar there is no shoot, come to the Iftar inshallah. So the ninth of the hedge on Wednesday, we'll have if thought here at NYC and feel free to come and spread the word. And maybe we'll have an open q&a or something or just a brief talk about either something but we will not have a class next Wednesday. Very quickly, one or two questions for this topic and we move

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on. Very quickly. You had your question.

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Your brother's answered the question. He says I looked at the app for salata, Asia, and then I followed the app. I woke up next morning, and I realized by looking at the sun, the app must have been wrong. Repeat the salah or not. No,

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no, because you tried and you followed your best judgment and our best judgment. We make duckweed of iPhone.

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Okay, but the brothers saying change to Android. Okay.

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But we wait duckweed we thought it was correct. We did our job. Okay. Yes.

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So the general rule, the general rule is that it would not be allowed. However, in our times and given our circumstances really I cannot find any other way out of this. Technically, it should not be allowed, but

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understanding that there's such paranoia in western airlines and that's why if you're able to take Eastern Airlines, where you can stand up and pray almost

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All Eastern Airlines are not going to have any issue because they understand. But in these days that we live in in western Airlines is definitely problematic to do so. Try your best, especially domestic flights. I mean, I never have a problem with domestic flights law and also militia you can figure something out to do. Okay, the problem comes international flights. That's the problem that comes and if you go Turkish airways, for example, shouldn't be a problem. And the airports there have masalas as well. If you've got any other Muslim airlines if you go non Muslim or like I understand in which case you will pray sitting down and with symbols of your thing. And we ask Allah

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to forgive I mean, I don't like giving this photo but I have to follow it myself given this wasn't the case by the way, for those of you who are old enough to remember pre 911 It wasn't a problem. I prayed myself plenty of times in airplanes you just you know pre 911 was a different world well, that was a different worlds, you know, you just tell the airhostess that kind of just pray in this corner and you just pray nobody would have thought anything of it other than you're weird. Yeah. But they wouldn't have thought anything else. And people thinking you're weird is not an excuse not to pray. But these days we'll have two military planes accompanying us if we do that, you know? So

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that's the problem Shala I don't want to

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it's not okay, but what's the alternative? So you will try your best to at least face tequila, turn your your face then the good news is when you're going to the Middle East you're pretty much facing muck. Okay, the problems on the way back on the way back and then your back is to the hub then you back into the cabin anyway, inshallah we have to finish because we're getting late so inshallah we'll continue next week inshallah. So

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girly boy,

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morning, either.

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