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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the difficulty of reciting the Quran in less than three days and how many people do so. They encourage people to stay away from reciting the Quran as a habit and to try it every month to achieve success and growth. The speaker also asks for Allah's help in making people aware of the benefits of reciting the Quran.
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Is it permissible to recite the entire Quran in less than three days?

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Although it is not a very common question it does come up and the short answer is it varies from person to person. And generally according to the vast majority of scholars, it is mikuru. It is disliked or discouraged to recite the entire plan in less than three days. However, let us look at the reality of the situation how many people are actually reciting the Quran in less than three days or in one month or throughout the entire year. Some people are not reciting the entire plan throughout their lives and this is something we want to encourage people to stay away from why you find with the recitation of the Quran as a habit every month that there's a lot of growth, a lot of

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connection to a lot a lot of blessings in our lives. So I will summarize by closing with one statement, I believe in mustard, only a long run who said recite the Quran in seven days and do not recite it in less and let every man be strict in guarding his daily re citation of one just so try at the very least to complete the poor and the citation of the Quran every month. If you're not able to every few months if you're not able to at least aim to complete the Quran every single year and you will find inshallah an abundance of blessings and happiness and success and growth and repentance and so on and so forth through your daily connection to the Quran. We ask Allah to make

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us amongst the people of the Quran and Allah knows best

Alhamdulillah, amongst us, we have some individuals who are blessed with the strength and time to recite pages and pages of Qur’an on a daily basis. However, is there a limit to reading the Qur’an? Is there anything said about not reciting the entire Qur’an in under 3 days?

Shaykh Suleiman Hani answers

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