Kamil Ahmad – The Day of Regret

Kamil Ahmad
AI: Summary © The ongoing vicious cycle of the dams has caused regret and return of the Galion Viper. The Galion Viper is a return of the Galion Viper and the Galion Viper is a return of the Galion Viper. The return of the Galion Viper is a return of the Galion Viper and the return of the Galion Viper is a return of the Galion Viper. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for the upcoming return of the Galion Viper.
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In Alhamdulillah

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Muhammad who want to stir you know one is still futile

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when our hoodoo Billa Himanshu Rudy and fusina women say he TR Molina

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Mejia de la who Fela movie Lala woman you believe who fella had yella? Wash your hair do Ella Ilaha illa Allah hula hula Sherry Kela

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wash your hair do Mohammedan do who was Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala ala he was heavy woman Tabea whom the surname Isla Yomi Diem

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Yeah, uh you Hallerin Malou Taku la haka Ducati

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when Arthur Mouton Illa into mostly moon

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yeah, you should talk to Rob dokumen Larry Hall aka coming FCM Wahida

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wahala come in has Oh Jaha well, that Semin humeri journal and catchy wrong when he said what Taku Ah, * Eddie Tessa Luna be he will or hum in the law. How can alikoum Rokita?

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Yeah you have Latina man otaku La Hoya Kulu Colin said EDA, useless la comme la come. Why Ophir lecom Zulu vacuum for me up a la hora Sula, who recorded data as I thought was an Halima another.

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My dear brothers and sisters,

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each and every single one of us

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in the life of this dunya, we live in a vicious cycle.

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A daily routine. From the time we get up in the morning, until we go to sleep at night, we have a certain pattern, a certain routine.

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And then when we wake up the next morning, we repeat the cycle.

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And so we're conscious where we are constantly in this vicious cycle, repeating it daily,

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but not realizing

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that this vicious cycle

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it is continuous,

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although it is daily.

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It is not a never ending cycle.

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It is a cycle that very, very soon is going to come to an end. And when that happens,

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when this cycle comes to an end, it's all over.

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And there's no chance there's no chance to reverse it. There is no chance to put it to a stop. There is no chance

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to avoid that end.

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And so my dear brothers and sisters, our life in this dunya

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it has a beginning. But it also has an end.

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It has a beginning

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and it has an end. And our lifespans are short.

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Some of us and very few of us will live beyond 70 or 80 years of age.

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It's a short lifespan.

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On the other hand,

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the life to come. The Acura

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is a life

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that has a beginning.

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But it has no end.

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It has a beginning

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and it has no end. And so this is why

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you could imagine that when that life begins on the day of judgment on the day Allah subhanho wa Taala resurrects each and every single one of us. You can imagine when you see the state of the horror of the people, as they will be in a state

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of horror in a state of panic in a state of anguish, wishing,

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wishing to be given a second chance, wishing that they can return to the dunya for her Lana I mean Schufa for yesh for who Lana on that day they will see are there any intercessors Do we have anyone who can intercede on our behalf on this day? Oh or

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Elnora do

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for now I'm ella y urunleri Kwinana ml or do we have a chance to go back to the life of the dunya

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to change to do something different than what we used to do? What Oh TA is walkie fu Island Neri for call Ooyala Atana NeuRA do Wella Luca Viva di t Rabina. One Akuna meaning they will say,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says, If only you could see them on the day that they are standing before the hellfire.

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What will they be seeing? They will be seeing if only we could return. Go back. If only we have that second chance, and not disbelieve in the ayat of our rub,

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and be from among the believers. And so you can only you can only imagine

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the regret, the remorse, the anguish, that feeling of disappointment.

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When you see the people

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and they are looking at their deeds

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and the punishment that is right before their eyes. They start to make impossible wishes.

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wishes that will never be fulfilled.

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Your Kulu yalla attorney Kadem truly hayati on the day you see the punishment before your eyes. You see,

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I wish if only I had put forward something for this life, which life this length of the Acura

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that has a beginning but it has no end. Others will say yeah Letona auto and auto Anna wha ta ta no Rasulullah we wish, if only we had obeyed Allah and obey the messenger

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and another one he will say

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ye Ommaya the volley more Isla de

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on the day the oppressor. He will be biting his nails in anguish in regrets and he will say your Kulu yeah lay attorney. It has to Muhammad Rasool e sebelah. I wish I had taken the path with the messenger, Yahweh letter. Later knee lemma, Turkey, the Fulani and kalila I wish

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war to me, I wish I had not taken so and so as my companion as my friend in the dunya.

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And so you could imagine,

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you could imagine the regrets and the anguish. When you see

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right before your eyes.

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You turn

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you turn

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to the righteous servants of Allah subhanho wa taala. Imagine on that day.

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Imagine on that day, you look

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to the righteous servants of Allah subhanahu wa Tada the ones who had succeeded the ones who receive their book of deeds in the right hands, and they are standing with none other than the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam drinking from his pond from his blessed hands, and you see them and you make a move towards them.

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And you approach them and suddenly you're prevented.

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Imagine you consider yourself to be one of them.

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Am I not one of the believers? Am I not from his Omnicell Allahu alayhi wa sallam should I be among them? You go towards them.

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And certainly, you are prevented from making it to his pond. And he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sees you?

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And he says yeah, Rob.

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He was from my honor. He is one of me.

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And then the answer comes back.

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You don't know what they did. After you

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Imagine the state of horror, the state of anguish, the regret you feel

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on that day. Yeah lay tell me according to my own self whose death I was and how we now I wish I was with them so that I could also win the prize that they have won.

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But will these wishes be of any benefit on that day?

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Not a single wish on that day will avail anyone

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no matter who he is.

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BarakAllahu li Walakum fille Quran Alim whenever anyone here can be Matthew He mean it was decreed Hakeem Akuto Mathis maroon or Estelle Pharaoh la Haley welcome Melissa Eden Massimino and Coulee Dam been hoppy festival few who in know who who will vote for him?

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hamdulillah Anna if Sani

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Will shockula who Allah Tov up one teeny watershed, Allah ilaha illa la hoo hoo, luxury Kela hooter we Malaysia. Why should one no Mohammed Abu rasuluh Adair Blaney,

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solo Wahoo Allahu Allah. Lee Kuan, he was learning women's our island he he worked at Arthur who era Yomi Dean,

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and the bad for taka la vida de la haka taco Taqwa. rakibul houfy serie one Najwa. Yeah, you already know, man otaku la Hamilton don't have some academically heard. What the whole la in LA hobby room de Mata I'm alone, my dear brothers and sisters in this life.

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When things don't go, as we wish,

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when we plan to achieve certain goals, and we don't fulfill them,

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and many times,

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the reason is because of our own shortcomings.

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We didn't work hard enough. We didn't do things the way we should have.

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Then if it is something

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that could

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be replaced. If it is something that you have a second chance in, you tell yourself

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it's not a big deal, I have another chance. I'll make up for it. I'll do better next time.

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Or it is something that can never be replaced. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity. And you wasted it.

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And so you fall into regret.

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But eventually,

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over time, you get over it. You learn to get over it.

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And you move on.

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As for the Acura

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and as for the Day of Judgment, once we leave,

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once we leave the life of this dunya

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the regret and remorse

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that we will feel the disappointment that we will feel on that day

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is not even something describable because it is a regret that will be everlasting. You won't have a second chance you won't have any opportunity to get over it.

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It's a life that will never end. And that's why Allah subhanho wa Taala has warned us of it in the Quran and described it to us with such terms. When he SubhanaHu Attallah said what nd Romea woman has wrought and warn them of the day of what

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Allah did not say warn them of the Day of Judgment. warn them of the Day of Resurrection. No. warn them of the day of Hazara the day of regret.

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Yom Okayama is the day of regret. And Allah does not stop there. When they're home Yeoman hestra it could yell Omro

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when the matter will be concluded, that's it. It's over. There's no second chance is

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kulula Maru, we're home fi reflet in Oahu, Naomi noon, while in this dunya they are in a state of hafla. They are in a state of heedlessness, and they do not believe. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala has warned us with many warnings in the Quran, warning us of that day, calling us calling this the day of regret for a reason and describing our current state of hafla of heedlessness living this vicious cycle in this life of the dunya. Waking up in the morning, going to sleep at night in between being heedless of Allah

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being heedless of the fact that death is around the corner, and I haven't done anything for it.

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Living this heedless life.

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The question is, when will we wake up from it?

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When will we wake up from this vicious cycle?

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Will it be while we still have a chance? Or will it be when it's too late?

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When you go to sleep, and then do wake up,

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not in this present dunya

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but you wake up standing before Allah subhanahu Attallah

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on the day of regrets, my dear brothers and sisters,

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if you have been sinning

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then now is the time to repent. The door of repentance is open

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and it will never shut except

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once the soul is coming out from your body. Do not delay it. Because that time when the soul is coming out from your body is not a time that me and you know of.

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For many of us, it comes suddenly without us being ready for it.

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My dear brothers and sisters, turn to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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Flee to Allah subhanahu wa taala while you still have a chance, Flee to Allah subhanho wa Taala today,

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before the day comes, when you will be driven to Allah subhanho wa Taala pushed to Allah subhanahu wa taala in a state in which you don't want to be meeting Allah subhanho wa Taala in turn to Allah subhanho wa Taala today, repent to Him before it is too late. Allah subhanahu wa Tada

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is Al Karim He is the Most Generous, he is a tough job, the off repenting, he is a fool of far, the one who forgives.

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He wants us to turn to him. He wants us to flee to him. He is not one who we should be afraid of not wanting to turn to him, but rather as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that as long as you turn to Allah

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even with a hand span, he will turn to us with an even greater distance. If you turn to Allah walking, he comes to you running.

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Turn to Allah subhanahu wa Tada with a sincere heart or regretful heart regretting today, instead of regretting on a day in which regret will be of no benefit.

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Has also Luiselli Maura Hema qumola I don't know. Mohammed bin Abdullah, Morocco Mira liqueur Boukenger Luffy Allah for Allah Tala Colin Karima. In Allahu Allah Ekata who you saw Luna Allah Nebby Yeah, you already know and also Lu Allah He was a Lima Taslima Allahumma Salli wa Sallim wa, ala Nabina Muhammad, Allah Allahu Allah and whoever you are. A diva Greenwire Omarosa man Oh, Ali Wang, either Sahaba T edge Marine,

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medical coma Koto Mika acraman acronym Allahumma Eisele islam al Muslimeen well, they should care well, Mushrikeen but the Mirada Dean, Allah Huimin Aradhana Oh, Roger musli mean at the zoo, for sure will be enough. See, watch it to be your Rahu Teddy me Ron Isley hiya Kuya Aziz, Allah nephila Muslimeen Well, mostly Matt, will mean me not.

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Even Humala Ahmad in Nicosia, Mian Caribbean Mooji Buddha what Rob Bharati dunya Hassan, wholesale Irati, Hassan Joaquina, other than now

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The La Jolla model deal ideally Well if so, anyway either way and hi I'm Sasha you will Moon curry what you do Camilla come to the karoun Sadhguru Allah Allah we manage jalila Calm which guru who Allah near me as it cold weather the Crow law he co Allahu Allah matassa Nahoon

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