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all crazy to align praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu

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alayhi salatu salam, his last and final messenger.

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Maybe brothers and sisters, few or two weeks ago, I spoke to you about

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having a husband at home, how can our sister ensure that they will have a happy man at home.

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And today is your turn,

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man to talk about the other side of the culture.

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The other half of the thing,

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the other important component of this beautiful relationship

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that also happened with Adam how himself made that time between both of you, you and your spouse

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will be

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among the signs that you have created for you from among your souls, a spouse that you can grow in turn quality with them, and leveling peace and harmony with the love

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and mercy.

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The prophets will allow

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for things among habits, and

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then the person will be among four things one happiness will ensure a happy life for you. As I said two weeks ago, that happy husband means happy family. And a Happy wife definitely means a happy family.

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Things among happens they bring happiness to your life, to have a good wife,

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a good wife,

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a good wife, as the prophets have

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and this just mentioned about the happiness.

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And also the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said doesn't matter important in the center.

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There is nothing can benefit the medium believer, the main belief after all of us.

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Nothing can benefited more than higher optimism that insight is better than not a good way righteous fun. In

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what way not

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waiting a long time. Know. So I have to move on to the next see how a man

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or a woman that he asked her to do something, see what the cooperative to obey His order. And if you look at her, he wouldn't be pleased by the way she looked. And if he asked her and ask about logic or something she wouldn't fulfill his oath and promise. And in his absence, he definitely should protect his honor as well.

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Wow, that's so great.

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And another

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mechanism? Do you want to know the best thing the best treasure that you can ever assess? Because it's not allowed to begin to ask the product or service as

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a certain relation to this study that

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give us the permission to possess wealth and to have teachers keep traders at home

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allowed us to persist to gold and to keep going as long as we give what the catch and the sort of fraud, then the profits or something so that the companions

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want to tell them about the best treasure that they can ever discuss.

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Ken's technique is not the golden the silver, not on a large fat account.

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And the bank No, it is one of

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the best treasure that you can ever have. Is you right, that righteous woman she is is the province of Southern scriber, I treasured, that something shouldn't be cherished. Something shouldn't be honored, something should be locked out

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in the solar power and he

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also said

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how to how to make a good mark on how to fulfill half of his

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That's how I look.

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It's no PowerPoint here. Some people say, you know, it's it's literally the show is incomplete and to the good man,

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this guy was saying,

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I was incomplete until I get married. And after I get married, I was completely finished.

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No, it is the half the other half that is missing, that marriage isn't supposed to be the thing that at you. It's complete.

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My brothers sisters, as a self today, it's about having

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to find a good husband, who knows how to win the heart of his work?

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Do you think there's a true with the self, that the secret of a happy wife remains a secret?

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is it true without a woman's self?

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I never.

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I never knew what true happiness was until I got married. But then it was too late.

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I don't think so. Could be the case for certain people. And I don't think that's what he does. Because Allah Subhana Allah have made the solution and describe it in very unique way.

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I was said that there is love and tranquility and peace, make it something natural to the person looking for getting married. That's the normal this the norm to be near each

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other also

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is not to live single. That's why

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he is the best among discipline he was married. That's why I said loving them never believe in dunya

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nim to kill kelela Isla

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only have one like left for me in this life, I will not want to spend that night single.

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I would like to fulfill that

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by getting them by getting them

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this relationship was awesome.

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A gun to you.

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Like a gun.

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And when you think about a gun, you think about the clothes that you wear. You think about something that suits that something that covers that something that beautified you, there's something that bring protection to you. There's something that beautified you,

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when you think about a car, you think about something so close to you this the things that next your skin, so costing you think about something so private. And that's the nature of this relationship between you and him. So when I'm seeing some of the selection in the scrub, and this beautiful description is beautiful, beautiful by saying that one unabashedly.

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You're like a garment to them, and then you're gone.

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live with them with

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what is known as good. And this is super unique, which is known as good. That means out is known according to the culture, because my in certain culture that's known as good enough, but in our culture, maybe that's not enough.

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I remember a case I have a mother in law came to me and she said my son only responsible to you know what, a handful of Barney every week and she gets

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that from should I have the books I'm a student of No,

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she's not but she's became just absolutely no just for the sake of my daughter.

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She's been my advisor, my son will be required to release that's what the opposite the old days, handful of, you know,

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King waterskin fill it up with water. And that's about it. And one dresser.

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I said maybe that's what is known in the past

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1400 years ago, 1200 years ago, but not today. That's not how the standard of living is today.

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Which is not as good as completely different.

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And this is known as good has nothing to do with only materialistic goods. Those two things beyond the materialistic

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things that you provide goes to what is known as good when it comes to treatment to behavior