Sajid Ahmed Umar – Selflessness – A Prophetic Virtue

Sajid Ahmed Umar
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You gotta love what Mr. Pulido is barely below Overwatch he was far worse than lohagarh Bronco for in the Kumala relaxer code, oh servants of Allah. And oh Children of Adam will begin in the name of Allah subhanho wa taala. We praise Him, we seek his blessings. We seek His guidance, we seek His protection, and we seek refuge in Allah subhanho wa Taala from the evil of ourselves, and the adverse consequences of our deeds. We testify that we serve Allah guides, Lincoln was guide, and whomsoever He must guides and can guide and we request praises and blessings upon our Master, our teacher, the final messenger, how many of the love sallallahu alayhi wa sallam? I agree with this,

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that there's no one worthy of worship besides one Allah, and that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is his messenger. Brothers and Sisters in Islam. Imam of poverty. Rahim Allah. He mentions in his scene at Def Farah about Korea.

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But a boo Karim narrated to us all had definite evil for me, and Abby, and Abby has even have you heard about some of the stuff.

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He says that it will avoid

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narrated from his father and his father narrated from a Gu hazard and above has been narrated from Abu Dhabi, Allah one and incident.

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That was the reason for the revelation of the verse that I cited at the opening of this hotbar.

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a person visited Medina and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam expressing his extreme hunger and his extreme thirst, seeking food and rain from the prophets of Allah, Allah He was the prophets of Allah, Allah, He will sell himself had nothing. So he said, this messenger to one of his wives, to ask if there was any provisions in her home with the guest, and she responded in the negative, the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam then set the messenger to the next one, the same response was received, and then the next ROI, and so all the wives of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, all the homes are visited by the messenger of the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa

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And the responses were all in the negative. There was no food in his wife's homes for this guest. So the prophets of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he doesn't give up on asking. He turns to his companions. And he says, Who from you will take on this person as these guests will have mercy on him?

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Because he had, he decides that he wants to be from the foreigners. And he stands up and answers the whole of the messenger salAllahu alayhi wasallam, knowing very well, that his provisions at home are also deleted. He takes this guest home, and he asks his wife to feed this guest. His wife responds to him saying that we only have enough food for me and you and the children. So he says to his wife, switch off the lights, put the children to sleep. And we will act as if we are partaking of the meal with a guest was letting this guest of the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam eat and this is what they did. The next day of OpenHAB comes to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as

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he will always go to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he wasn't going for some special recognition, or for a discussion to happen, about what happened with this guest last night. Only for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to say to Abu Talhah ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada was amazed with the actions of you and your wife last night, that you know how you

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are servants of Allah. And we truly have Elgin clearly we

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This religion the religion of Islam, is not just a religion, but an entire system and a way of life. Islam is not just about the heat and the worship of one Allah subhanho wa Taala but the system of the heat and the worship of one, Allah subhanho wa thyme. And that is why it is not strange that the students have the best teacher that ever walked the face of this earth, the Sahaba of the Allahu

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Allah describes them in the Quran as Rohana vailable they were merciful to each other. And Allah describes them as as the letting and meaning they were humbled and in the service of the believers.

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And we see directly from the mouth of the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in verbatim he says to his companions Rohit go ahead, Dooku Hector guli uffi My goodness, when none of you truly believe until you love for yourself until you love for your brother, that which you love for yourself.

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Look at the attachment here between that which we love. And the idea of email if you can avoid that, further highlighting to us that Islam is not just about worshipping Allah alone, but the systems of worshipping Allah subhanho wa taala. I know that Eman is of levels and at levels and none of us will truly believe until we put others before ourselves because this is from the mandates of la ilaha illa Allah, Muhammad Rasul Allah, this Brothers and Sisters in Islam is the idea of evil, the idea of self lessness and throughout my talks to you, in this Masjid has been highlighting time and time again, how we are the solution to humanity. The carriers of the legacy of Muhammad Ali Abdullah

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Saleh Allahu Allahu wa sallam a legacy of self lessness as collective carriers of his legacy, ethos and selflessness has to be our member.

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The Sahaba of the loved one like many, they never just took these lessons from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam but as we can see, they put it into practice. And this is just one example. We have the examples of aboubaker Allah why we know what he did after La Ilaha illa Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah, He entered into Islam fully. And immediately the mandates of Eman was seen in how he spent his personal wealth in freeing slaves who are persecuted because of la ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, and how many did he bring to Islam, and they were announced to be from the 10, who will promise gender before they passed away. And from the 10, who were promised gender before

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they passed away, how many stories do we have from the lives of selflessness, examples of how they will give land between mountains, to relatives, when they were asked for some soda. They were asked for some soda, but they were given in Solokha lands between mountains, hang on, man, this is what they did. Brothers and Sisters in Islam. So they had a MA in the heart truly, and the masters of this world in their hands. The first that I cited for you from Sudoku, Tasha version of the night.

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Before this, we have verse number eight. And in both verse number eight, and nine, when we joined them together, we learned Brothers and Sisters in Islam, that the idea of wealth and the idea of the dunya is not something cursed in and of itself. becoming rich, isn't something class in and of itself. It isn't something frowned upon in and of itself. But when you become rich at the expense of your email, this is where the issues come to be when you earn their own wage, and spend their own way. This is where issues now develop. When you remove Allah from your heart and put your dunya in your wealth in your heart. This is where the problem is for the Sisters in Islam from the five or

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from the 10 that will fall this gentleman before they passed away. Many don't know five out of them were multi billionaires in today's currents, and we're talking about wealth which they held in gold and silver coins, but he had currency which devalues at the taking of a handle across Brothers and Sisters in Islam, but they were promised jet before they passed away because the money was in their hands. And Allah was in the heart. This idea of being selfless was easy for them. And we seem sort of refresher, Allah subhanho wa taala, praising the unsought

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Han Allah and raising them in rank from amidst only my monster Omar Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam because of this reality, the wounds Medina, the first city of Islam and the Eman and they love for their brothers what they lived for themselves and they would love for the mahadji rule

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that they would benefit even from that which they knew they needed for themselves. It wasn't a matter of excess wealth. It was a matter of necessity. I have this as a need. I have this as a requirement, but my brother Islam needs it. My sister Islam needs it, the cause of Allah subhanahu Attallah needs it. I will put these entities first before myself. And thus Allah subhanho wa Taala raised them in status and raised them in rank. And we are verses that we will recite until the day of am about them. The answer weren't from amongst those who were the earliest of Muslims persecuted in Makkah, we know the right of the Mahajan, right? We know the rank of the Mahajan, Brothers and

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Sisters in Islam. But here we see the power of ITAR, the power of Islam in bringing to us recognition with Allah subhanho wa taala. This idea of not being famous with the depot, but famous with the angels of Allah subhanho wa taala. Because Allah subhanahu Allah is amazed by what we do. Thus the angels are aware of the amazement of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada about us realist kind of work our grant is the understanding, we almost kind of enrich us but enrich us upon the mandates of email, whereby we have our wealth in our hands and not in our hearts, but Allah Subhana Allah and His system and from the system, the system of selflessness in our hearts, I mean, your brand I mean

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BarakAllahu li Walakum Elohim whenever anyone here we had he say the toppling of occult stuff Raghava having a journey that he went through, but he said he was I mean, I mean clearly them you were for the first few in the bukan at awaba. First of you in the womb kind of a flower or to LA for in Canada to work.

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No family left, when I was 31 way to study on our own villa in Aishwarya fusina. I will say yes, yeah, Marina, may

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Allah, Allah you brief Allah Hi, Deanna, foreshadow Allah Allah, Allah wa the hula actually kind of why should you enter Muhammad in Africa who was Zulu or something, you will hardly know what to whom will follow me? Salama took Dr. Salah Muhuali for me he was on several workshops

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which are already you know we did but

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we knew her Kalahari had lazy and high level magic and lead by example, Lucha embed Allah with double Yeoman to Rivera fie in Allah, to let was cool enough civil servants are homeless, or servants of Allah in alternative Ed, this idea of self selflessness is not about sacrifice. Rather, it's about investment. Because this time, and one that we use to develop and achieve the station of selflessness is an investment for a really fun, sacrifice can only happen with that which you own. Not what that if you don't own and the reality of this wealth of servants of Allah, and the reality of our time, oh Children of Adam, is owned by Allah subhanho wa taala. And this happened in a

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transaction between us and Allah. As Allah says in his book in Allah hashtag Amina, we need to some What am Why don't we and then Jana, that Allah bought from the believers, in exchange for the well almost panorama, both the wealth and time from the believers in a transaction in exchange for gentlemen, in exchange for Paradise, we took ownership of paradise and Allah subhanahu Attallah took ownership of the wealth and the time, which he gave us and then he distributed it back amongst us in different capacities. So some people are given more wealth, so they were richer, and some were given less wealth, some were given more time, so they lived longer, and others were given less time so

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they didn't live as long. And this is why we will be questioned about every second that we spent on Earth. And every time that we earned and spent, why would we be questioned? Because it's Allah's wealth, and his Allah's time? If it was ours, there was no need to be questioned. Because we are the owners. It is up to us to do what we like.

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When we understand like this Brothers and Sisters in Islam, being selfless and sacrifice, you cannot sacrifice what you don't own. It's about investment for if you spend your wealth

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In your time how ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada asked you to spend that time and that wealth you are invested in with Allah based on the Promise of Allah on us dopamine Allah he had eaten woman acetylcholine Allah healer, who is more truthful than ALLAH SubhanA wa violons promise can be more truthful, then the Promise of Allah subhana worth Allah and Allah promises us that for every second and every dime that we invest with him, he will multiply it to Pamela 700 times and more subhanho wa Taala and this is easy for Allah subhanho wa Taala for individual Hollywood, Hamid Indeed he is the perpetually absolutely rich one, the owner of praise and the praise one, Allah subhanho wa Taala can give us a

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give us and give us a human deplete the dominion of Allah subhanho wa Taala in any capacity and way. And again, this reality was understood by the Sahaba when they said they're in a heilala Muhammad Rasulullah it was not just words on the tongue, and they live with it in practice as we've had, and the tambourine those who came after them, learn from them. Thus we see amazing stories from the era of the tambourine as well of servants of Allah. We see amazing stories from them Imams who will say that if the entire world and all its treasures was placed in a morsel of food, and I was given ownership of that food of that morsel, and I found someone from this owner in need of it, I will

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happily give it for what is this morsel of food in front of the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala his happiness

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from them the stories of the soul of saying that IBD for example, there's so many stories flashing up in my mind right now say that IBD, the grandson of alien Fatima robiola. And why was he titled

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memory? Why was he titled Xavier RBD the most beautiful of worshippers because of his special relationship with Allah subhana wa Terra and his selflessness understanding how Allah owns his time and owns his wealth. He said that when he would make Mizzou, his face would go red and escape would become yellow. And they will say to you that what's going on with you Subhan Allah, I reply back to them and say, I'm thinking about the meeting I'm about to enter into now. And the role that is going to meet me in that meeting. I'm thinking about it now, as I make Hulu. And this is causing me to feel what I feel, and the reaction is being seen on my skin. So how long can this man? How about him

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he would, in the darkness of the night, cover his face, and walk within the city and visit the homes of widows

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and give them the portions of food he would look after. For decades Brothers and Sisters in Islam. And the person who was doing this was unknown to the inhabitants of the city until when, until the day he passed away. When they washed his body, they found the marks of the sacks that he would carry. And they knew that this had to be the man. And the actions of those coaches of food after he passed away made those windows realize that he had to be the man. What made people like this do this brothers and sisters, what took them from where they were and their grandfathers from who they were into becoming what they became giants, upon whose shoulders you and I try to invoke and balance upon

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today. Subhan Allah that Allah has given them a remembrance until the day of TM, it wasn't about what they spent on themselves. It was about ether and selflessness. It was about the selflessness. It was about how they use their life and use their time for the sake of Allah Subhana guotai in ways and mannerisms that were beloved to Allah subhanho wa taala. We have to make to our brothers and sisters in Islam. Today, we have been accustomed to selfishness, unfortunately, because of the nature of the 21st century, and the nature of capitalism. And we're and in the few moments that we are charitable, we consider ourselves to have done something amazing.

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Such that we opened the door to Shere Khan for recognition and the creation of goodwill, in terms of our status in society as well. Where are we from the people we read about Brothers and Sisters in Islam, know that the Muslims are from the most challenges of people. And I read the statistics of mashallah, the amount of charity that is given by Muslims in the UK, for Brothers and Sisters in Islam, how much of this charity is second? And how much of the charity so being child to do with soccer is nothing that requires recognition.

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For the work that you're getting was never yours in the first place. I'll put it in your account as a test. The rightful owner of that portion of wealth that you have to give the guy somebody else all you did, was complete that which was upon you to complete

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What about soccer.

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And by the way, when it comes to soccer, it's only 2.5%. Nations before us were told to give 10%

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from their wealth, as soccer. And we know that soccer is not specific to this old man, it is something that existed in the religions have previous messages that were sent to the people. But Allah honored this old man, knowing the status of this woman, that Allah declared and decreed only 2.5%. Because this OMA is an omen of selflessness, the rest will come from themselves, and they will get rewards that the others won't get because they did it because it was something obligatory. This is who we are brothers and sisters, the topic is a big one. But before ending very quickly, three ways for us to develop this idea of ether and surpluses in our lives. Number one, go back to that.

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Go back to the beginning, the barebone basics, there is no one worthy of worship besides when Allah and Allah created me to worship Him.

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And ether is an act of worship. Very simple brothers and sisters. I was created to worship Allah worship, not in a select few modes, but worship in its entirety, or the houfy. Still McAfee as Allah revealed in his book, enter into Islam fully,

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wholly, not partial.

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That's number one. Number two brothers and sisters in Islam, develop your ability to be merciful. develop the ability to be merciful. Allah hates evil good for your health. There are studies about this, about how selflessness improves people's health, their stress levels, they are the neurons in their brains.

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Subhan Allah, the development of neurons that AIDS general wellbeing, a feeling of happiness, develop your ability to be merciful.

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A number three brothers and sisters in Islam. No doubt. Number three, what we need to do is midwife Allah subhanho wa Taala for Allah is a Salah is the perfect one. And perfection stems from him. And if we want perfection in our lives, we need to be in within some kind of way. Some of it is coming Brothers and Sisters in Islam, no doubt, Ramadan is is not an endpoint but rather a mark. We don't worship Allah Subhana Allah to Allah only for the Allah of Ramadan is Allah every month of the year. But what an amazing point for us to become ready in terms of our ideas in terms of our paradigms in terms of our observations, in terms of our thoughts regarding the reality of this de Ramadan gives

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provides us an environment to recalibrate ourselves to audit ourselves there has used these days and weeks to think about us our relationship with the dunya that Allah has blessed us with. And this idea of South lists lists my dearest Brothers and Sisters in Islam for we as an OMA can do more. And as I've said to you before, at the end of the day Allah when the angel of death comes to us, they will be bills that need to still be paid but we won't be thinking about is the real. People say shampoo busy Allah he will always be busy. The day you die they will they will be things that you were supposed to do that you didn't do. You were supposed to do them you are still busy. But our

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meeting with Allah doesn't wait for us to clear our scheduled Brothers and Sisters in Islam. Right. We always have time for the important things make these qualities and the system have to heat important for you and Allah you will see an immediate difference. We have a panic attack ALLAH forgive our past inspire us address our futures I mean by the loving of Muhammad.

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Medical care and for Palatine food and Karima in the Lahore Mallacoota Busan Island Navy, he will add an element to it he was sitting with a schema for the palace of Allah for me he was selling them on some of the ideas so that he doesn't some olive oil add or sha Allah Buddha for Sunday was selling more by requiring the Kamasutra commandment after the holiday will occur in the Rasul Allah Mirza codify Rashidi and I met him like the lady that will help you were busy can we ever do any more Amara was my no ID or inserting the Sahara to temporary from interior on gifts and in Isla de

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Allah who is an Islam

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Allah Maricel Islam obviously Allah who is an Islam when Muslimeen was living before gonna come and see what our Pella Allah Allah filmin Ruben Aquila, the virgin Lucha Silva have to have the what are the recurring there are plenty

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of protein casein protein either but now, if I don't know in the world

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The world said we tend to the pullback we inherently fracture in the nuclear battery you're either going to the coal was kulula is gonna come through via StumbleUpon Well, I think what he talked about Allah we are

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working with celestial chemicals.

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Whoa whoa, whoa Yo

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for the moment is for the

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along with battle

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