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Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The transcript describes several prophecies that are being read and written, including ones related to the name Mahdi Muhammad. The prophecies include a prophecy of a death in a battle, a prophecy of a large army being on the march, and a prophecy of a king being called the Message of God. The prophecies also include references to various culture and political events, as well as references to various people and events.
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I will just mention a few of the prophecies that are several. Mumma Salah Salem has even been prophesized in a throwaway book number 20 him number 21 was number six. It says that a Kuru

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he will defeat 10,000 enemies without a fight

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is talking about battle of Aza the Battle of hunda Jaffna Metallica in the Quran. And Kuru in Sanskrit means the one who prays, which is in the translation of the second name of mama Salah Salem Amma, the one who praises it says this person Manu praises that is Mr. He will defeat 10,000 enemies without a fight. And we know in the Battle of conda the enemy's approximate 10,000 in number and the battle was one without a fight taking place.

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He's also prophesized in Atharvaveda book number 20. Him number 21 was number seven. It says that the Ubuntu he will defeat 60,090 enemies and the 20 chiefs of undo in Sanskrit again means one who praises that the translation of the name masala solemn. It also said that he will be an orphan. And we know today from history that there are approximately 20 cheese of maca, which were defeated by masala Salam, and the population of Makkah against the Prophet was approximately 60,000. This prophecy is also repeated in league with book number one, him number 53 was number nine, but the Sanskrit word is sushi Rama, social man the Sanskrit disciplinary again, it means one who praises

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which is the translation of the name Muhammad Salah Salem.

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There are various prophecies time will not permit us to go into the detail. He is also prophesied in the same way.

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In Kuta, Chick Manta number 1500. It says, that hammer has been given the eternal law, he is mentioned by name also as a masala solemn he has been given the eternal law that is Roy's Quran, that is a Sharia.

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But, if you read the translation of this was because Hamad is Arabic word, they could not translate it to the thought it was a mighty and air and mighty in Sanskrit means my father. So it says My Father has given Me Turner law. So the translation if you read it differs, but the original script mentioned the word hammer and the word hammer is even mentioned in other places in the scriptures, including some with Indra chapter number 252. Is even mentioned as a hammer. In graduate chapter number 31 was number 18. In Greek with book number eight him number six was number 10. He is also prophesized by name Hamad in Atharvaveda book number eight, him number five was to 16 as well as

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author of a book number 20 him number 126 months number 14

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profit Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem besides being mentioned as

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one of his names, he's also mentioned as narration in several places in the in the Scriptures.

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And as I mentioned earlier, that narration SA is derived from narrative, which means a man a person and chansa which means pressures are praiseworthy. So, in addition some means a person is praiseworthy, that is exact translation of the name of the last and final messenger Muhammad Tala salaam into English he is mentioned by narration sir same replaces and then two scriptures in the grade book number one him number 13 was number three Rick wait book number one him no mighty in verse number nine. Rick wait book number one, him number 106 was number four. Rick Wait, book number 142 was number three. Rick wait book number two, him number three was number two. Great Book number

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five. Him number five was number two.

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Read read book number seven. Hint number two was number two, read with book number 10. Him number 64 was number three, regret book number 10. Him number 100. Who was number two? Your Way chapter number 21 Verse number 31. Budget have a chapter number 21 Verse number 55. Did you read chapter 20 Verse number 37. The other way chapter number 20 Verse number 57. JJ chapter number 28 Verse number two, chapter number 28, verse number 19, digit number 28 Verse 10.2.

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You can keep on quoting only the references where Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him has been mentioned my name as narrow shinza in several places in the Hindu scriptures.

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You can give a talk for days together only on prophecies of masala Salam, and then the scriptures

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