Tafseer Surah Al Kahf Part 20 Paradise And Conclusion Of Surah

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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi now discusses verses 105 to 110 which deal with the connection between Eman (faith) and A’mal (action) and also, the Conclusion of Surah Al Kahf.

“Verily those who believe and do righteous deeds there is for them Gardens of Paradise for their entertainment.”

The verses imply that the Garden of Jannah contains all the bounties and among it is the Firdaus that is the best and the most privileged gardens of Paradise.

“Say: ‘If the sea became ink for (writing) the Words of my Lord, the sea would certainly be exhausted before the Words of my Lord were exhausted, even though We brought the like of it to help’.”

Kalimat Rabbi means the divine promises and the created things or Divine revelations and whatever has a sign from Allah. Thus, everything on this earth with its each and every cell is one of the Words of Allah.

“Say: ‘I am only a mortal like you. It is revealed unto me that your God is (only) One God. Therefore, whoever hopes to meet his Lord (in Hereafter) let him do righteousness, and make none sharer of the worship due unto his Lord.”

The last verse of Surah Al-Kahf contains a collection of fundamental principles of the religious beliefs such as Unity, Resurrection and the Prophet hood of the holy Prophet ﷺ.



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The title "verbal" in Islam is used to express one's personality and behavior, including sex. The "verbal" concept is discussed, including the use of "verbal" in the context of sex and the importance of having a strong will to achieve success. The speaker emphasizes the significance of strong will and the "will" of Islam in achieving success, as well as a mythical figure claims to have the "will" of Islam.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Ali he was talking about so we now resume with our Tafseer of suited calf. And we had mentioned that Allah subhana wa tada threatens those who reject him with the punishment now throughout the Quran we always see after threats come rewards after threats come promises after as outcomes Rama because Allah subhana wa tada does not want to leave us with a pessimistic note with something that is only anger and threat. Always Allah subhanho wa Taala pairs together his anger with his mercy. Allah says in the Quran.

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Allah has shadowed one Allaha foodora him know that Allah is Severe in punishment, and he is also Forgiving and Merciful. So both of these are there. So right after threatening those who reject Allah subhanho wa Taala the next verse in Xena and what I mean who saw the hottie Canada home genital Ferdowsi newsreader, those who do good those who believe and do good, they shall have Jannat portal, portal of gender where instead of dos Nasrullah, as a place to live as a place of residence. Now, notice here, Allah azza wa jal mentions two conditions to get up there. Number one, he man number two, I'm a lasagna. And these two conditions are paired together in over 70 verses in the

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Quran. Brothers and sisters pay attention to this point. Never in the Quran does a lot praise a man without

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never in the Quran. Does a law praise a man without armor? Why? Because a man without a man is not really a man. A man without a man is not really a man. If you truly believed in something, and you genuinely had a love for something that would cause you to act. If you knew your family was in danger, and you love your family, and you're capable to do something to save them. It is humanly impossible to do nothing. And let your family perish. It's not possible to imagine this situation. So how about love of Allah subhana wa tada? How about fear of punishment? How about hoping the loves reward? You see it this is human nature. It's not even athlete. It's not even theology. When you

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truly believe in something, you will act in accordance with that belief. So a man must be followed by must be accompanied by a man in the Latina ama know what I mean? Oh, sorry. Hi. And this negates that type of philosophy that we find amongst some groups of other religions. And unfortunately, it has been imported to Islam, that the person will say if he doesn't pray, he doesn't fast. Oh, don't worry, brother. My heart is good. My heart is clean. Allah knows my Eman is over here. So Pamela, this is a false lie that the person has tricked himself. shaitaan has tricked himself into believing. And if he man without Amel would have been would have been of any value, then the best

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candidate it would be none other than he believes himself. Because he believes think about this is a believer don't misquote me. I'm talking English. I didn't say he's a Mormon. He's a believer.

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Think about this. Does he believe believe in Allah? Yes or no? Yes. Does he believe in Allah power? Does he believe in your middle? kiama? Does he believe Allah sends prophets? Does he believe Allah sends books? So then why is he not a believer with a capital B or a movement? he is a believer with a small B means he believes in a law in the Prophet did not at least say oh my lord, allow me to live until the day of judgment. So he's affirming a lot to be his Rob. And he's affirming there's a day of judgment and he's affirming a lost power because he's making dua to Allah. So why is he not a believer? Why? Because when Allah told him do he said I will not do.

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He refused to what? act, not believe, act. So in Islam, Eman and Amma decided are always paired together in the Latina Armando Armando salejaw. Where shall they be kinda home Jana to fulfill those they will have many Jannat were in Philadelphia now. This is a beautiful point here. genital hurdles, we have all heard it is the highest gender. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the fair dose is what sorts of gender what gender

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Fear is the middle of gender, and it is the tip of gender. So from this our scholars have derived that gender is shaped somewhat like a pyramid, meaning the higher up you go, the fewer the people there. Right so fear those is the whatsit and the Allah, the pinnacle for those is the middle and it's also the highest. So therefore the lower you go, it will get bigger and wider, right. So somewhat like a triangular shape is going upwards. So fill those his outlet agenda, what was such an agenda, and the professor said, um, said, and it is, be nice, the outage of man, and the throne of man is the roof of iOS. So the throne, there is nothing higher than iOS. There's nothing higher than

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for those, by the way, just a bit tangent here, for those that actually comes from ancient, Persian, ancient fantasy. And from this as well, it has made its way into English, and we call theodosian. English, paradise paradise for those is the same route, think about it. So paradise, the English word paradise, it comes from this ancient Persian word, and similarly the Arabic for those that also comes from this word. And there are many words in the Quran that are of non Arabic origin, but the Arabs have used them and the Arabs have acquired them, and the Arabs have made them a part of Arabic. This is the way of all languages every single language it takes from other languages, every

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language it incorporates words from other languages, so Arabs as well they took from Sanskrit they took from

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Latin as well. So this word story and assaulted history and assaulted they took from Persian so this is for those which is the English equivalent of paradise. But for us, for those who is not just any paradise, it is the highest paradise, it is the highest level of paradise. And our profits are seldom said that in a hadith could see that in that level of Paradise Allah has set its ID, the processes that Allah has said, I have created for my chosen servants, what the eyes have never seen, and the ears have never heard, and the imagination has never conceived. The rest of Jenna, we are tempted with they are beautiful

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grapes over there. There's beautiful pomegranates over there as Janet over there there's a We are, we are given a picture, the highest level there is no picture to draw the highest level beyond imagination. Even if somebody could describe it, our minds could not conceive of it. Whatever descriptions exist, these are of the lower levels of gender, the highest levels, which is just not to fear those What does Allah subhana wa to understand the audience could see that in it or that which the eyes have not seen the ears have not heard what a haka. The man has never even thought of such things. And another Hadith, the Prophet says Adam said that Allah has planted the trees of

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those with his own hands. Allah has planted the trees or for those with his own hands. Now, look at the ayah those who believe in do good will have many genetic those as a place to reside. Question those who believe in do goodwill, all of them get to fill those.

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No, yet Allah is saying those who believe in true goodwill have many did not answer those. And we know for a fact that not all believers will get up there. We know this is of the elite. This is the highest level. So why then did a law say those who believe in do goodwill how jannatul feel those when only a small percentage will get there? Their response? Those who get there will not have any tricks. There's no secret it's the same thing that all of us are doing but they're doing it better quality and better quantity in the Latina Amen. Oh wow. I'm so sorry that it's not as if they have some magical superpowers. It's not as if they've discovered some secrets. It's not as if they have

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something outside of the book. No, they're doing exactly what all of us know. We have to do pray and fast and be righteous and have Taqwa and give charity and and and it's the same Ama nwamitwa saw the heart but they're doing it with true Eamonn and they're doing the AMA with the quality and quantity that is beloved to Allah subhana wa tada because you see brothers and sisters after a while you reach a point where you cannot increase in your actions. How many hours a day can you pray, how many days can you fast once every second day, the faster the old? How much charity Can you give, you still need to pay rent and take care of your family. There comes a point in time frankly we have not

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reached that level but some of us inshallah there comes a point in time where you cannot go more. So then what is the difference? That is where it is the quality. It is the relationship with Allah subhana wa tada and not the quantity and has no Bosley, he said Abu Bakr Siddiq did not Will you in the race because of the quantity of his deeds. Now, by the way, he's speaking to the tablet room. They are praying 200 every night and reading Quran every week, that's their cat their level. He didn't proceed you buy something of the quantity of his deeds, but it was some

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thing that Allah gave that settled in his heart. Now when you get to that level, then you can say Eman is going to be increased in the heart only. Once you get max out basically, when you max out your actions, then there is a look with Allah, there is a son, the relationship that Allah is watching me, and that will happen to the elite. So those who get to fill those, they don't have some shortcuts. They don't have some extra knowledge in the Latina M and one Minnesota had the same door for all of us, they shall have jannatul for those as a place to live hard enough. They will be in it forever. Now you have hoonah and hawala. They will never want to move away from it. And in this is a

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beautiful look at a lot of interesting points here. No matter how great of a thing we have. Eventually we get tired of it is human nature and will lie every one of you has experienced this in your own life. You're daydreaming of a car, I want this car, I want this car, I want this car. 234 years, you get that car hamdulillah for one week, two weeks, you're on cloud nine. Then all of a sudden you notice another car in the parking lot. And you're like I went back to her now. Right? House same thing. Wife No, that never happens. Wife Marshall, that's about a cola. It only goes more and more. I'm good enough. But every blessing. We always have this that handler we want something

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else. We want something other. It's human nature. However for the dose Allah is saying, no matter how long they are there, and this is something Think about it. How long can you remain in a mansion? How long can you remain in a palace? How long can you drive the same car after a while you get tired but not in a dose hard enough Hee ha la una and haha they never want to move away from fear though Sunday shows us that the pleasures will be eternal. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala concludes the surah holo Canon baharu Metallica Mata Robbie nafi del baharu Hubba antenne feather Kalamata Obi Wan Kenobi, Mythili Hema de se, if all of the oceans were the ink for the writing of the speech of Allah

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Subhana, WA Tada, all of this ink would be diminished and finished, then a fiddle bar, all of the oceans would finish up before the speech of Allah finish finishes. And even if Allah doubled all of those oceans again, still the ink would continue to finish and the speech of Allah would be infinite. And this it is said that one of the reasons this verse was revealed was that some of the blue nodes in Medina they they complained to the orange that How come you're a prophet, so I said them? He says that? How come the prophet in Makkah he says that, that the knowledge of Allah is more than the Torah, when the Torah is all that we need, and the Torah has everything that we have, we

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don't need anything more than the Torah. So Allah subhana wa tada revealed that the knowledge of Allah is infinite. And whatever knowledge we have been given is very little, and a lot underscored this point in a verse that was directed directly to them. One on one they asked about the role of the Spirit. What did Allah say? They asked you about the spirit, say the spirit is from the command of your Lord, and 182 minute enemy illa calida What have you been given them knowledge except a very small amount, well, not with me. Illa Allah, so Allah is saying, my knowledge is infinite. You cannot compete with my knowledge in another verse in Surah docman, Allah subhana wa tada says, say,

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if all of the trees of this world were to become pens, and all of the oceans were to become ink, then still all of this would perish in the under speech of Allah would still continue. So it doesn't matter the speech of Allah is infinite. And it doesn't matter how much ink or how much pens we have, but the knowledge of Allah and the speech of Allah will remain forever. So Allah subhanaw taala is concluding this surah by telling us look, I've given you some knowledge, you didn't have a little codename? Yeah, Julian, Jude, the people of the cave did that and Moosa, but the fact of the matter is the knowledge that I have is more than you can ever encompass. You will never have all of that

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knowledge and then Allah subhana wa tada concludes the verse that after telling people that a lot as Virgil has so much knowledge, then they are reminded Who is this man who is telling you this knowledge, this man who is telling you the answers to your questions, he has given you this answer, who is the coordinate who is the agenda, Jews? What is the ruler who are those habits you have? He has told you all of this, but never forget Yasuda law you go tell them all in an Bashara myth. lucam say I am a human like you. This knowledge is not from me. I'm not the one giving you this knowledge. I am but a human being in a room with lucam and this is as we know, a very common sequence in the

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Quran. It comes at least four or five times in an eyeshadow mythical. Our Prophet system was a human being he ate what the people ate. He goes

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Angry like the people got angry, he got hot with the sun and he would cover it himself. He got married and he had children. He walked into school he purchased and he bought like all of us. He was born and he passed away. This is our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he is a human being, but what makes him special you have in a year. This is what makes him special. Not that he has divine powers, but that Allah has chosen him to be the recipient of direct communication. You have Elijah, Allah has inspired me, and what is the main thrust of this inspiration? And Isla hukum Allahu wa, that indeed you have one deity that is worthy of worship? This is the gist of Islam the essence of

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all revelations, La ilaha illAllah This is the purpose of the whole Quran being coming down. So from an kanungo God corabi whoever truly wants the mercy of his Lord fell Yama laminam salejaw let him do good. What are you Shrek be rebellious Europe be either and let him not associate any one in the good that he is doing. Once again, the same two conditions, Eman and Umberto Sala. Once again we have you have to do good and your allowance has to be for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and this is our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he used it to talk about not worshipping idols. He used this to talk about minor schicke and minor schilke means a Muslim who does a good deed for

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the sake of Allah. But his intention is polluted. And he wants to show off that good deed to other people. And this ayah tells us that if you want to show off your deed, you want to show off you're praying Mashallah to botica law, you're you're fasting enough and fast, you're giving charity if your need is to show off, then this ayah applies to you. That Allah subhanho wa Taala saying, If you truly want Allah blessings, then do good deeds, and don't take any one as a partner besides a law and a part of being a partner is to one reward, spiritual reward of a good deed from someone else. And that is why when we do any deed of a bottle of soda or soda of some any good deed, we must

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monitor our intentions. Make sure that it is only feasts of eternity tada and if we find our intention is being corrupted, immediately we need to turn to Allah seek refuge in Allah. We say our ooh Beloved, we say aloha in Aruba and oshika de cache and our demo was sulfuryl Kadima and mo This is the dua that are processed on top of a bucket that if you feel you're showing off then make this drop a level remove that showing off so we may go out to Allah for his loss, we always monitor that we're doing something purely feast of eat enough and the topic of showing off Andrea is a long one, but the the verse concludes by reminding us that if you truly believe in these promises of Allah,

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then these promises will be true and will be given to you as long as you do good and as long as you do it for the sake of Allah subhana wa tada inshallah, in our next quarter, we will summarize the final quarter will summarize some of the main lessons of suta Telegraph and we will continue inshallah tomorrow with cinematic Mohammed's Allahu Allah. Catch you