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AI: Summary © The segment discusses various topics related to fasting and the importance of staying ahead during the day. The speakers provide examples and examples of how people avoid breaking fast and avoid causing harm while eating. They also mention the importance of staying ahead during the day to prevent accidents and prevent future accidents.
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My family always make a special before if thought

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is this special time

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of day. And if there's any special should be set at such time

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there is no doubt

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at the start time it is highly recommended. Allah Subhana Allah when he taught and sorted out about fasting and the ruling of fasting in the middle of these verses, he said what he does I like it better de nieve in Adi Wuji Buddha

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my servant asking you about me, luck.

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I am near a last panel with data set I answer the call of those who supplicate to me. Failure study hibou Lee What do you mean ob la alone yoshu do so let them respond to my call the call of Allah is what? Pray to me supplicate to me. So Allah encouraging us to supplicate it being Kathy Rahim Allah said, it's very interesting Harless has Allah make that request from us to pray to Him. And many of the verses that talk about fasting Why? Because fasting is where do they do out most likely to be accepted? And obese Allah wa sallam said as ns reported, three people alike said there and one of them the problem said, there are two side that the door of the fasting person and also in nebby

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salatu salam told us that the fasting person upon breaking his fast he has a dog that is Mr. Jab, a supplication that it will be answered and it will be accepted from him or her in a lot of him a lot debate it is this should be the before you eat, or while you eating or after eat. Many scholar said before you eat because the problems are outside the door of the fasting person you still fasting and also some scholar added one more point they said because when you're fasting at that point before you're weak you are humbled you show your weakness and your need of your Lord and blessing of Allah Subhana Allah to provide food for you and allow you to eat so you're ready already purified yourself

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the whole day during fasting and now after he'd been purified the time to make that while you're pure so that's very famous opinion amongst some of the scholars others said no you do it after you break your fast because part of the drought in Derby sauce alum that he said they have a llama with a button that thirst gone so that means that there was made after you drink after you eat and there is another Hadith is gonna be the masala which is there is weakness in it alone Monica some to artistic I've thought I fast for you and I'm breaking fast my fast with the provision that you have you are providing for me or you can do it while you are fast while you are breaking your fast. But

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what I would like to mention here is a mistake that some people do, which is they delay their break breaking fast to make drop, that's not correct. So that is called he doesn't or she doesn't break their fast because they are making you know the the right course of action when they have is called when the time arrived is to break your fast not to make this to actually take place few minutes before or while you're eating and after you finish your your breakfast as well.

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And so, there is many things you can say you can make a lot of dirt as as much as you want with whatever you want. There is some ahaadeeth that are some of them are hassane some of them are weak, and there is many draft from the companions or the Allahumma Audubon. For instance, I'm delighted I'm not going to ask reported that the process alum said that when you the fasting person upon his or her

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breaking the fast there is a drought that will be accept. So the narrator set up the live number that is used to say alone men Yes, I look at the metric I asked you by your mercy. And let us see Aquila shales comps, everything and Teleflora Lee so you forgive me. So he used to say this from his own or maybe he earned it from the process I love but we know that this is his drive.

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Also, we know that there is another region from the live neuroma in the harbor they allow Anwar out of La that as a very happy Rahim Allah said and he used to say Yo RC and Mo Farah l fairly Oh the one who has vast

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forgiveness or his forgiveness is so vast and big and huge. Forgive me and he used to say this after mentioning the Hadith and evisa salaam that there is a door out would be accepted upon breaking the fast this is shows you that you're allowed to make even your own

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upon breaking fast one thing also it would be good to know is to make the out for those who provide food for you. Because NSF pneumatic or the alarm reports of the processor whenever he used to break his fast at someone's house, he would say after I saw a moon well I cannot Akuma abroad witnesses Alitalia Kumara cahuachi at Kuma, Rama outcome apart sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that he will make do out for the people who provided or he hosted the Prophet sauce on them. So that's something you should also try to do if you break your fast

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at somebody's house or somebody brought this to you in the mustard or Farben purchased and gifted to you.

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