Yasir Qadhi – Tafseer Surah Al Kahf Part 21 Recap Main Points And Lessons Of Surah

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The Surah of Allah is a powerful teaching in protecting from trials and failures, as it is linked to the concept of blessings and the importance of praise for Allah's actions. It is also essential to keep good companies and be patient with people who benefit from it. Visits the Surah every Friday to protect themselves from the judge and read the Surah every Friday to protect themselves from the judge.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. So we finished the Tafseer of Surah tilaka half. And this being basically the final quarter, what I thought would be appropriate would be to summarize some of the main lessons that we learned from sutra tilaka have some of the main lessons of suta tilaka. Have, we noticed that the surah begins and ends on the same note and that is mentioned in the revelation of the Quran to the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam Alhamdulillah Allah De Anza kita right. And in the final verse, you have Elijah the Quran has been revealed. And so the emphasis is given on the Quran and the role of the Quran, and that is why smack in the middle

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of the suta What does Allah say? bluma Ooh, la comida Kitab recite what has been revealed to you from the Koran. So the importance of the Quran, the importance of reciting the Quran. Also, we noticed that the surah ends and begins with mentioning allies rewards and punishments, both the beginning and the ending of silica how they deal with gender and now and again, when you have a chance, go back and look this up. Again. Also, the surah begins and ends with the theme and the role and the function of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the first verse and hamdulillah Angela abita Hill kita the abbot, in the last verse, Paulina mana Bashara myth lucam.

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And these two are the spectrum that our Prophet system has been given the highest praise is he is ABD and yet he is also Bashar. So the Profit System is a basher but he's also Abdullah Abdullah is the highest praise given to the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and our Prophet system is between these two, we do not praise him more than he deserves, and we don't dis praise Him and stuff for a lot less we put him in the macom that Allah subhana wa tada has pushed him, he is Abdullah he is rasulillah. And he is Bashar. He is a human being and he is not more than human. Also, we noticed that the main theme of the surah from the beginning to the end is that this life is

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full of trials is full of tests. And the only way to save yourself to overcome them is by having a relationship with Allah by believing in Allah by following the Sharia of Allah subhanho wa Taala by having a man and tawakkol in Allah. This is the theme of suta Telecom, life is full of tests. And if you want to be saved from these tests, make sure that you have that relationship with Allah and you follow the shediac. So we see this in the first story, the story of the cave, when they were persecuted for their faith. They prayed for protection, they fled to the cave and Allah subhana wa Taala blessed them with a miracle like humanity has never seen they slept for 300 years. We see this

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in the story of the two guardians were the one who does not thank Allah, He does not have a relationship with the law. He rejects Allah blessings, we see the punishment in this world. And Allah knows what will happen in the next we see this in the story of Musa and that musala his Sam, he humbled himself when Allah informed him that somebody has more blessings than he does in the area of knowledge. And notice this is an amazing paradox here. When he humbled himself for the sake of knowledge, he gained more knowledge when he humbled himself and he appreciated a lot of blessings. He then gained more knowledge and we see this in the story of the codename when Allah subhanho wa

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Taala tested to coordinate with the fitna of power, which is perhaps the most difficult fitna for any man to cope with. That is the worst fitna for any man. And that is the fitna of power, little coordinate was tested with the fitna of power and what happens we find his justice we find his his ruling in truth and what is Allah do Allah bless him with having a historic role of covering up your jujin Jude one of the signs of yom Okayama though Karna is covering a big region will be demolished. Also of the benefits of the surah constant theme of the surah praising Allah subhana wa tada at all times. The surah begins with Alhamdulillah throughout the story ascribing good to him, the people of

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the cave they praise Allah subhana wa tada the man and the two gardens the second man he praises Allahu Allahu Allahu Allah be He is Allah My Lord. He praises a lot and he says this is Allah told me to do this, he ascribes the good to Allah subhana wa Tada. They'll coordinate when he builds the wall. He says hi, Robbie, this is Rama from my Lord. And so the entire surah in reminds us that we need to praise Allah subhana wa tada and described blessings and good to him. And we already mentioned the theme of insha Allah is somehow linked to the surah three different things of inshallah the surah was delayed because of processing forgot it.

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Insha Allah in the surah Allah says never say something that you're going to do except you add inshallah and also in the surah Moosa says what Musa says such as you doing insha Allah who saw urine, so this is a gentle reminder. Musa alayhis salam said insha Allah and then we also have the story of your jujin mage that when will they break open the day that the one in charge of them he says insha Allah tomorrow you will continue when he says insha Allah, they will find the wall as it was yesterday and they're able to break through. So in sha Allah is linked as well to the whole concept of Vicar of the surah of the blessings are one of the themes of the suta we learn that

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Muslims should have a genuine concern and care for all of humanity for the well being for the spiritual and physical well being of other people. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is described as full of sorrow for his community because they didn't believe so much sorrow is causing him grief and anxiety. The man of the two gardens he's advising his brother, the story of Luke coronate. He volunteered to help out these people when Yeah, Juju harming them throughout the story, there's a genuine concern helping out other people. We also learn from this sutra and I mentioned this so many times throughout arts have to be careful of speaking without knowledge from the

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beginning of the surah Allah azza wa jal says, this is a warning for those who say Allah has children. How can ally xuejun have children throughout the surah Allah criticizes you don't know there were five there were three there were seven, some say they live 300 Some say this much only Allah knows the truth. Throughout the surah. We have clear examples of Allah subhana wa tada warning people to be careful when they speak about him and his religion. And this is especially true in our age, in our days, brothers and sisters, that Subhana Allah there is a pseudo knowledge there is a false presumption that because I have read five books or have googled or I have read this document

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that I have Mashallah achieved much knowledge, the fact of the matter and this is in Surah tilaka. The fact of the matter is, anyone who wants to become an alum needs a live physical teacher, a mentor, a tutor, the teacher, student relationship is necessary for a person to become a scholar as Moosa and how did that what did Moses say, let me accompany you, let me be with you, because what you gain from books, you can never be sure you have understood it, you could be mistaken, you could be reading the wrong books. So it is essential for that teacher student relationship as well. of the constant themes of the surah is that this world is a temporary world and this life is a short life,

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the surah begins we have made everything in this world A Xena a beautification throughout the surah. We have other examples of this and most importantly in the middle of the surah. Allah says, Allah Allah will burn Luna z nurse will hire to dunya and Allah subhana wa tada says, What is the example of this world except like water that comes down, vegetation grows, and then it withers away? So throughout the surah, Allah reminds us life is short, make sure you're ready for the next life of the benefits and motifs of the surah. The surah teaches us the importance of keeping good company and how helpful righteous friends are. From the beginning. Allah says they were a group of young men

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in the home fit to tune and obey him also the evil man in the two gardens he benefits from the good man, the good man's advising him also Moosa and how do they benefit from their company? And Moosa takes with him the best of the bunny, Isn't he a young lad Fatah. And this young Fatah eventually becomes the Prophet, good company leads a person to become good, having good friends makes you good as well. And that is why once again smack in the middle of the surah our profit system is told was good enough second, Allah Dena do not bombard you with it. Your job is to be patient and stick with those people who are worshipping Allah morning, morning and evening. Leave the rich and elite who

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are arrogant leave those who don't have any relationship with Allah even those poor people who have Allah subhanho wa Taala you stick with them at the expense of the rich arrogant people was there enough second my lady in honor of mama daddy what actually so a constant motif of the sutra choose your friends with Islam in mind with good luck with good manners with an ADA in mind and hang around those people of the motifs of the surah we learned that Allah subhana wa tada controls each and every aspect of our lives, and that nothing happens, even if we consider it to be almost liba except that there is a blessing for us, if we have to to work in a law, there is no more Seba except that

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within that mercy but there is also Baraka and blessings for us. If only we have patience, if only we have trust in Allah. If we have your pain, then there is no such thing as a pure evil coming, any harm will be outweighed by the good any evil it will be won over by the benefit that will eventually happen.

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If we have your team in Allah Subhana, WA Tada. The sudo also demonstrates for us in multiple locations, the dangers of arrogance, the amount of the two gardens and his arrogance, he believes is mentioned by by by name that can Amina Jin, because of his arrogance, Professor can under update. So we're warned of arrogance in the sort of telegraph tells us don't follow the community just because they are the ones that are at the pinnacle of civilization, they have more money, they have more power, don't be diluted by this false sense of arrogance, of the blessings of the surah. And one of the takeaways of this sutra that we learn is that we treat people each one according to his or her

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level. We don't treat people according to our knowledge, we treat people according to their knowledge. We don't treat people according to what we are doing. We treat them based on their circumstance. So when you find a person who is not practicing Islam at all, you need to be gentle with him and teach to him what is more important at the expense of what is less important. Don't be harsh with the person who doesn't deserve that harshness. And the example here we said was Musa and Hodder and Musa and the Fatah Musa and the fact that this young child, a teenager, he was to become a prophet. At this stage. He's just a teenager you should have been known when he forgets Musa

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overlooks. Even though the massage Moosa is a strong massage, his character is strong, but he knows when to be strong. He overlooks How did and he's a gentle person. How did and he's a sweet person. when Moosa messes up how there is not that gentle with him. Did I tell you Didn't I tell you for sure before, right?

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So he's multifamily why, because how did and moves that they have a different relationship than Mr. anoosh. I've been known. And also Moosa says I can be patient, don't worry, I'll be patient. So when he feels he deserves a little bit of Didn't I tell you. So we treat people according to their level, that john Hill, the army, the one who doesn't pray, he is not treated like the one who prays regularly when you find a sin from somebody who you expect more from no doubt, you can be a little bit more harsher than other people. So you deal with people according to their level, and again, much more to be said. But time is of the essence, and I don't want to delay too much. But really,

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the primary point of this sort of brothers and sisters is that the Ultimate Life is the next life, that gender and now are awaiting humanity, gender and not are waiting humanity. And in order to get to gender and or now we seek Allah's refuge. How will we decide our fate between these two trials of this world fit and of this world, our response to those fitten will be one of the primary characteristics that will decide our fate in the next life. So if we want to be saved from the punishments of jahannam then what does the surah tell us? Those who believe and do good deeds in an arena are men who are middle solid hat and if you want to enter agenda for the I'm an Amazon side

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and while I used to play by the therapy either This is the constant theme. Not only absurdity, but of the whole on you want to get up there then you need to have good Eamonn strong Eman and you work for the sake of Allah you show your deeds for the sake of Allah subhana wa tada without showing off without any arrogance without corrupting and polluting those deeds. Brothers and sisters for all of these reasons, suits and calf is the surah our prophecies and wanted us to read every Friday because life is a test every week something happens so suited calf will be that suit on when we read it, we calm ourselves down, we remind ourselves look, trials and tribulations will come we remind ourselves

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to turn to Allah, we remind ourselves to thank Allah for the blessings to seek refuge in Allah from the evil to have a strong look until and you've been in the last panel with either and because of this reason, Sunil silica is the protection from the job. If Surrattsville calf will protect you from the job. Then how about the minor trials that me and you face every day? Think about that. The biggest trial that humanity has ever seen, is that the job this is not a process that I'm saying, from the time of Adam either Yokoyama, if the 10 verses of God will protect you from the judge. Then what do you think the other verses What do you think the rest of the surah therefore brothers and

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sisters, I advise myself and all of you let us make it a habit to read the surah every Friday, that is memorize this sutra, so we can protect ourselves from the judge. And what did our Prophet says some say whoever recites through the telegraph on a Friday will have a light shining from him up until the next Friday. We want to be of those people who have that light May Allah subhana wa tada bless us with the Quran and through the Quran and by the Quran, may Allah subhana wa tada causes to be of the people of the Quran May Allah subhana wa tada cause the Quran to be an evidence for us and not an evidence against us. May Allah subhana wa tada allow the Koran to intercede for us on Yom

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Okayama and we seek refuge in Allah from the Quran witnessing against us May Allah subhana wa tada make us mean us habit or annual hostility from the people of the Koran and the chosen people were asked to that one and N hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

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What's the lock was sent him about Academy early while he was a big marine

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi summarises the main lessons of Surah Al Kahf. Some of the benefits and themes of this magnificent Surah are as follows:

  • Points related to the revelation of the Qur’an.
  • Rewards and punishments of Allah.
  • Role of the Prophet ﷺ.
  • Life is full of trials and we can only overcome them by believing in Allah and having Iman and Tawakkul of Allah as is seen in the four stories mentioned in the Surah.
  • Praise of Allah SWT at all times.
  • Muslims should have a general care and concern for the whole of humanity, physically and spiritually.
  • We should never speak without knowledge.
  • This life is temporary and short and we should always be in preparation of the Hereafter.
  • The importance of keeping good company and having righteous friends.
  • Allah controls each and every aspect of our lives and nothing happens without His Will.
  • The dangers of arrogance.
  • Those who believe in Allah,have strong Iman and Amal and do good deeds will enter Jannah.


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