Tafseer Surah Al Kahf Part 19 Day Of Judgement And Greatest Losers

Yasir Qadhi


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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi discusses verses 99 to 105 that deals with the Day of Judgement, the Blowing of the horn,Seeing Jahannam (Hell), the verdict of those who never heard of Islam and those who will be at the greatest loss.

“…and the Trumpet will be blown, then We shall gather them (all) together.”

From these verses, we gather that at the end of this world and at the beginning of the coming world, there will happen firstly, destruction of all human beings and the living creatures and secondly, the resurrection of the dead.

“And on that day, We shall present Hell to the disbelievers exposed (to their view).”

The Hell, with its different painful punishments will appear before us in its entirety and clarity and its mere observation itself is a dreadful punishment for us.

“Say: ‘Shall We inform you of the greatest losers in (their) deeds?” “Those whose effort is lost in this world’s life, while they think that they are working good deeds.”

We gather insight on the true meaning of being the biggest losers and how it would be.

“They are those who disbelieved in the signs of their Lord and meeting Him (in Hereafter) so their deeds became null, and on the Day of Resurrection We assign no weight for them.”

The verses imply that the disbelievers who denied the Divine Revelations and the Rewards of Allah have spoiled their deeds and hence, will not be worthy and respectable with Allah on the Day of Resurrection. He will not heed them, He will despise them since they have nothing which can be worthy and measurable. There will be no scale for them on the Day of Hereafter since they have nothing of worth to weigh on it.


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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam wa ala Sayyidina Muhammad and while it was bH Magnum so yesterday we mentioned that Allah subhana wa tada told us the story that those are named, locked up. Yeah, Jews and Jews. And from the stories as soon as you have within two is a lot so we just began talking about Yeoman kiama. And that trend and the transition is very immediate. So yeah, Jews and Jews were locked up, then Allah says we will leave them there, what talkin about the homeo Madina module about and because yeah, Juju Juju are one of the major signs of the Day of Judgment. So it is relevant, it is Manasa that from your jujin module, immediately the

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conclusion of the store or the conclusion of the pseudo begins, and that conclusion talks about the day of judgment about Prophethood about the concept of the Prophet system about the knowledge of Allah subhana wa Tada. So from your Juju, Juju immediately, Allah azza wa jal then begins talking about yom Okayama one who fell off his sword and the Trumpet will be blown for germana home Jamal and all of them we will gather together each one of these people of these stories every one of them and all of their opponents and their friends. Everyone in this context will be gathered together and Allah subhana wa tada says, while ragna Johanna Yama is in little cafe in Ottawa on that day, we

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will show jahannam to those who rejected it we will show them a real showing we will display them a real displaying the showing of jahannam is mentioned many times in the Quran. For example, Allah subhana wa tada says in certain schedule, where g yellow might even be jahannam. On that day, Johanna will be brought forth and the Prophet system told us about this if sorted budget, that Allah subhana wa Taala will command 70,000 angels to be dragging jahannam 70,000 angels will be dragging jahannam and so Johanna will physically be brought on to your multi ama so that everybody can see it. The Muslim and non Muslim will see Johanna and Allah azza wa jal mentioned this in the Quran,

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that letter a wounded soldier him that surely you are going to see him

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again, then you will see it with Diana Yaki with the eyes of reality. So Muslim and non Muslim will be shown jahannam but in this verse, Allah specifies only gafford Why? Because the word is not seeing let's add a winner is for everybody. As for allowed and out of the means to pass through or to pass out we'll only do for the non Muslim for the caffeine out this will not be for the Muslim. So out of nurjahan we will display out of the out of the has more meaning than just to see we have literally brought them close to it, let's say or brought them over it. We have made jahannam out of the for those who rejected it. Well I don't know Johanna Yama de la kathina Alba Who are they? Allah

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Xena, Canada you don't feel it's all in and decree? They were those who had covered their eyes from my reality from my remembrance. What can we do in a seminar and they were not able to hear anything now throughout the Quran from Baccarat all the way to the end. There is this motif of deaf, dumb and blind, the one who rejects the commandments of Allah, the worship of Allah, the vicar of Allah is called deaf and dumb and blind. And Allah subhana wa tada specifies very clearly I am not talking about the blindness of the eyes for in Tamil abbasov I'm not talking about the blindness of the eyes, while I can Timon olu allottee for sure, but this is a blindness of the arts that is in the

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chest. So when Allah says that their eyes were covered, they could not see they couldn't hear. This is not the physical perception, the physical hearing, this is the spiritual seeing and hearing which is what to recognize the truth and to follow it. This is what a lot is saying that they put a veil on their own eyes sunman book monomial formula your john, they refused when the light of Islam and by the way, so the motif of deaf and dumb, it fits clearly because the Koran is called light and allows revelation is called the light. So anybody who doesn't see this light, that he doesn't deserve to have eyesight, and this is exactly what Allah says in Surah Taha that when we resurrect

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them, we will resurrect them blind. And so the man will say, Oh Allah, why did you resurrect me blind when I could see in this world, so Allah will say, our signs came to you and you were blinded by them so you should be resurrected blind.

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So because you didn't use your eyes properly, to recognize the truth of Islam to recognize the truth of Allah subhana wa Tada. It is as if you have put a veil on your eyes, you have blocked your ears from listening to the truth. And all of this brothers and sisters sisters, it underscores a very fundamental point of our religion of Islam. Islam is simple, it is logical, it is rational, it appeals to the mind, the body, the intellect, the soul. And that is why as we have said many times, people from every faith they will accept Islam, any sincere person when they look at the simplicity of Islam, you don't need to have a PhD in philosophy to unwrap Islam. Islam is meant for humanity.

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Islam is meant for the average person and the intellectual it is meant for every single level of society. Islam appeals to every single characteristic of man, his body, his heart, his mind, his intellect. So anybody who rejects Islam, knowing what Islam is, this person from our shady eyes perspective has no mercy. However, in the in the Oklahoma however, the one who didn't know Islam, who was not exposed to Islam properly, suppose somebody lived an isolated life. Or suppose somebody only heard misinformation about Islam. Suppose a person never really studied Islam, and all of the news he heard about it was false. So say from Fox News, okay, everything is Fox News. Okay? What's

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going to be the verdict of a person who only watches this news channel? Right, and has no idea of a real Muslim? Well, we speak in generalities, we'll speak of specifics, generally speaking, somebody who was not exposed to the truth of Islam, and did not have the opportunity to find out according to our shediac, Allah subhanho, wa Taala, will test them a special test on your milk Liam. Now some people say they will be forgiven. Some Muslims, they do something, and this is not academically sound, or even intellectually sound, because if they are forgiven for being jailed, in this case, we should zip our mouths and never give our to Islam, let people remain jackin. Because if Allah will

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forgive them, then why should we teach them of Islam? No, the Hadith is very clear, the one who never heard of Islam, Allah will test him on your milk piano. And Allah will ask him, what would you have done? If my Prophet came? And what do you think the man will say, I would have believed I would have. So Allah say, Okay, I will send you, I will see you now. And Allah will then after a while on your will clamor, send an angel, and that Angel will, they will recognize this as an angel. And that Angel will say, Allah has commanded you to fling yourselves into a fire, there's going to be a fire that he has. So whoever trusts Allah and the promise of Allah, you're telling me to do this, or I

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will do it somewhere and whoever throws himself into that fire, that fire will become his agenda, that file will become his agenda, because that's the trust the tawakkol that you're seeing, do you really believe me? It will look like a fire, you will see it a fire, you can feel the heat. But if you actually jump into that fire, it will be converted to gender. This is an Ethan, Muslim armor that other Hadith that Allah will test those people who never heard of Islam with that test, and those who said, I'm not going to jump into any fire, well, then they're not fully believing in what Allah promise is, and so they will be then punished with the real fire. So these verses they apply

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to those who were exposed to Islam, and they covered their eyes to that reality as for those who were not exposed, as we said, they have a different

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category on the Day of Judgment. And now Allah threatens the orange and Allah threatens those who have heard of Islam and still rejected for hassy Bella Dena cafaro, and yet, very bad demon dooney Odia did those who reject my faith, those who reject Islam? Did they really think that they could take my own creation instead of me as their protectors? these gods that you have invented, they are my servants, they are my creation. I have created them and instead of worshiping the Creator, you take you came to the creation, you took this idol, you took this rock, you took this statue, you took this stone, you took this angel, you took this profit and you made this angel profit into God's

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instead of Allah subhana wa Tada. Did you not think that the creator would call you to task for taking his own creation and making them into Gods in Argentina, Johanna McCaffrey and inuzuka verily whoever does so we have made Johanna a place for him to remain now as is usual. Allah subhana wa tada after criticizing those who reject Islam he will then praise those who believe in Islam, but Allah then finishes this criticism with a very profound question. Who the hell noona accumbens Serena Amala? Should I not tell you of those who are the greatest losers

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In terms of actions, what is the worst category of losers? Allah subhana wa tada says, unless he you know, bottle Sir, you home, Phil hyah to dunya. They spend their whole lives in misguidance all of their actions were leading to the wrong path while home Yes, and no mercy No, no sooner, even while they're thinking that they're doing something good. You see, if you want to go to a particular place, you have to follow the road. If you take the wrong road, if you take another highway, no matter how many hours you drive, no matter how sincere you are, no matter how beautiful the car you're writing in is, you will not get to the destination. In order to get to the destination, you

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need to follow the path. And this idea is a very scary idea. It's a very scary I

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thought once he passed by a group of people, the hermits you know, the monks, they had renounced this world, they're living completely separate lives, isolated from society. They're fasting every day. And from the perspective of, you know, of mainstream Islam, they're worshipping other than Allah subhanho wa Taala. When they claim that Jesus is the Son of God, they claim these things, then this is not something that is so hate. So he saw them, and he saw they have spent their lives dedicated to this type of worship, and he began to cry. He's overcome with emotion. Because in one perspective, these hermits have done more than what most of us have done than what Armand himself

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has done. They've cut themselves off from the world, living very difficult lives, fasting, praying, but they're fasting and praying to an icon to an image. And when it began to cry,

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they said What is the matter on top? So he said, he started reciting this verse, Paula Helena, Bill Campbell, occidental Armada, Allah Dino baldassarre dunya una, una sola. These people are doing so much good. They think they're doing good, but it's the wrong path. They're not worshipping Allah. Now again, by the way, when we are very clear here, we as Muslims speak in generalities, not specifics. These particular hermits, Allah knows what their fate will be on the oval piano. It is not allowed for any Muslim to say you're going to Agenda you're going to shun them. We don't speak like this. We never speak like this. We speak in generalities. Those who worship Allah will enter

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agenda. Those who reject Allah will enter agenda. This is a general thing. We don't say, you know, Tom, Dick and Harry is Tom is going to Agenda Heck no, we don't speak in specifics. So when Omar is speaking, he's speaking in generalities that these are a group of people. They're worshipping the wrong God. And they're doing so much and Allah subhana wa tada here affirms and this is an important point, brothers and sisters, good intentions, good intentions, don't necessarily get you off the hook in the eyes of Allah subhana wa Tada. We cannot do an evil with good intention. We cannot let say raw from the rich in order to give to the poor, the Robin Hood type of attitude. It's a good

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intention, but you cannot change the laws of Allah and of the fundamental laws of Allah. Only Allah deserves to be worshipped and anybody who worships other than a law that person is simply not on the straight path no matter how sincere they are. And Allah subhana wa tada says, These are the people they have rejected my signs they have rejected meeting me and so all of their deeds will be in vain. And on the Day of Judgment, we will not give them any way to find out okay, boom, yo mo pm it was he had eaten Zaha Hadid, our professor Sam said, a man of this world who was considered mighty and noble Zhu Jaya, somebody of great respect and semien very big and very fat, he will be brought forth

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and in this world he was given much deserved, and on the Day of Judgment, he will be put on the throne on the on the scales, and he will not even weigh the wings of a mosquito in the eyes of Allah subhana wa Tada. It doesn't matter what the people thought of you. In this world he was given job. And then to underscore the point the process means that he was a big man. It doesn't matter how people look at you for how physically you are is irrelevant. The profitsystem told us that in Allaha, la jambu e la sua de Wanda Isla de San Joaquin jambu, Isla Kuru become American a lot doesn't look at how you Allah doesn't care at how you look. Allah doesn't consider how you look,

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your sewer, your exam, our doesn't look at that. What is a look at what I can do to either kulu become American, but Allah cares about what your heart is, and your deeds are so Allah is telling us here that those who rejected them on the Day of Judgment people they will not have any weight with Allah subhanho wa Taala either and inshallah I don't want to go too long. We will conclude inshallah to Allah. On Monday inshallah tomorrow we will have a pause because of the the ultimate Koran so inshallah

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will then conclude the sutra on Monday and inshallah on Tuesday we will have a summary of the main benefits of pseudo tilaka. So we will inshallah coincide completely the end of the year with the month of Ramadan