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Episode Notes

Ustadh Ammar Alshukry presents a series on the 99 Names of Allah with real life reflections.

In this 33rd episode he talks about the name of Allah – Alwakeel

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The history and meaning behind certain names and characters are discussed, including the lawyer's role in protecting affairs and the lawyer's role in protecting them. The speakers also discuss the importance of the book on the 2012 on the Prophet satellite and its symbol of pride and success. The speakers touch on the concept of hustling and being satisfied, as well as the difference between being content and being satisfied, and how wealth can lead to satisfaction. They also mention the importance of "slack" and how it relates to their own values.

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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages. Welcome to another episode of the 99 Names of Allah. I'm your host Fidel Khan and I'm here with Mr. Joker who has gone through an outfit change to match my pants.

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No, I did it. Sure. Last last rasulillah salam aleikum. Everybody, welcome to the 99 names. So today we are doing Edward keela. Elva kill not the lawyer. No, I don't know. What do you mean by that? Is that what to do? Yeah. Okay. There's a lawyer. Yeah.

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So a law as he says, Oh hussmann en La Hoya and Mr. Wilkie? We spoke in a another video about an hassy Yes. And how these two are paired together has been Allahu enamorado key. Allah has the gel is enough for us and He is the best Disposer of affairs, okay. Joaquin is similar to tawakkol because you trust Yeah, and trust your ally you rely on who? Another Joaquin? Yes. And that's why you know that we call them our cake. That's why another lawyer is okay. Okay. Okay, got it. So Allah keel is the one who you entrust your affairs to.

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We don't call a lawyer okene but someone who you entrust affairs to like an agent, okay, that person would be lucky. Okay, because you're trusting your your issues or your affairs to that person? Well, if it would be like a killer Eliza yes as Raka fabula keela. A lot is sufficient as a lucky as someone who disposes of affairs or someone who affairs are entrusted to analyze or just as well who are adequately shaken Joaquin, Allah says, and he is our keel over everything.

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And so, Joaquin is the one who has taken upon himself the care of his creation. Through his knowledge, what's lawyer in Arabic, Mohammed, Mohammed, okay. What is that? Like? How does that translate to like,

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what is a HMI?

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Is there another word for so? Hey, Maya, okay is to protect okay. So the lawyer is the one who defends you. Okay, one who protects you so in the Arabic context he's a defender Yes. Okay.

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So Allah azzawajal is the one who is the were killed the the one who and interests The one who takes care

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of his creation of his creation. And we spoke about the verse in it and Ron were allies again he says that the believers they said it was said to them that the people have gathered against you to harm you and they said Eliza gel is enough for us and here's the best disclosure of our affairs also of the meanings of Joaquin is a theme and they'll caffeine I'll pay him is your thinking about a week now? I'll pay him is

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the one who maintains Okay, the one who preserves the one who looks after okay. This is different from another week. Yes. Oh, clearly different.

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Pay him Karma Karma means to stand Okay, so the one who made a jello ko Mona Island Nisa, okay men are the whole they have this status of karma the projectors and reflectors maintainers okay, right. Once you look after, and so ignore him. Even though pay me Josie is that is that what you thought? I was thinking about? Yes. Okay. I

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am right. Famous scholar. He's this Amata soon me to be too scholarly.

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Josie is his father was the principal of a school called Ella Josie. Okay, okay, so he was the principal he was the pay him he's the person who looks after he's the one who's in charge basically. Right of the school. And so he was known as even pay him or the principal son or the headmaster son or the person who's in charge. So his father's name was not like him. He was that was what he was. Yeah, so it might as well be like he's the son of the principal. In principle, that's exactly it. Okay, that's exactly it.

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Okay, and so Allah azza wa jal is elokim Allah is the one who takes after people's zap their their their provision, Allah as again is the one who is interested to take care of everything okay, so Allah as a yes as Romania talk Allah Allah He for who a hospital that this just makes me wonder what it was even the actual name.

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Okay, we got to look that up actually. He's like he's got the he's the son of the principal from this place. Oh, famous. That I'm forgetting his actual name.

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I just threw a mon into attention.

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It's like It's like a he's that guy was the son of the principal from the city.

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This is like What kind of name is that? shamsudeen shamsudeen. That's why I said it's one of those maraka named shamsudeen abdillah. What's a Moroccan name? Raka means shamsudeen Salahuddin. Okay. Mohammed did okay, who names together? Okay.

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So shamsudeen IV Abdullah Mohammed Nabokov as zuri Okay.

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At the mashpee, Sophie's from Damascus, for sure. How do you mean me back? When did he leave his Mohammed?

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Mohammed bin, I'll be back. So as father's name was a walk, I'll tell you considering maybe

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understand how boring This is gonna be for a person who's watching this.

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For those of you who are wondering, well, not wondering, probably not wondering. But one of the ideas is after we're done with the 99 names is to have Ahmad do one of the books by Eben Pagan will Josie on the

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on the Prophet satellite send them which is is it an actual book? Or is it just a series of books or what is that it's this book? There's a famous book called the provisions to the hereafter. Okay, the

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six volumes on the life of the Prophet so a lot of sediment from different aspects. But yes, his name was shamsudeen go close to the mic. Yeah, so his name was Jim said Dean Mohammed him Navy book. Okay. What year was he? Was he alive? Well, he passed away in 656 650. Oh, so he's like my Malik's time. No, no, no, before that. No. 656 hijiri. Oh, that's way later. Yeah. Okay. Medieval, I don't know. What's that? So 656 that is six centuries after the time of Rasulullah. Salaam. So seven plus six is 1415 century.

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Is that late? Yeah.

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But the century probably passed away. 630. Okay, that's 10 add. Okay. So then you add 650 years to that. So you're in the 12th you're in the 11th century or 12? Something? So maybe 12. You gotta understand 1300 the death row. So salon was around the year? Six, something gregorious at 630. Okay, so 636 32. So this is 600 plus years. So 13th century? Okay. Yeah. So during the time and this is Josie is where dimensional Damascus. So he lived during our best periods. When the Timmy demon hydrothermally mahatama. The law and the prophets of the life centers, this famous Hadith, he says, if you were to depend on allies, or jet, like a bird depends on Allah. Or sorry, he says, if you

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were to depend on a lot as he deserves to be depended on, then he would provide for you like he provides for the birds, birds, they leave out in the morning hungry, and they come back for. And so this Hadeeth is a great symbol or metaphor as to what eloquent actually is, to what good does not mean when you say you entrust your affairs to a lot, does that mean that you sit at home and you don't do anything and you don't work and you don't, and I'm just, I'm full of Tohoku, and a lot of love's gonna take care of me. That's not how it happens, right? You gotta do your work. And the example that's given is the bird it leaves early. So the bird leaves its nest early in the morning,

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and it spends all day searching for food. That's what it does. And every day it's taken care of. And so the example that's given to us an example of gotta have hustle, hustle, work hard, all of that. But as your body is doing all of these things in your mind that your heart is always constantly engaging allies. Oh, yeah. And you know, that as you knock on every single door that you're supposed to knock on? Yeah, that allies. Oh, that is on who's going to open these doors. Yeah.

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And so that's what it is. And that is who and Joaquin is. And when a person remembers this concept of a lucky they submit their affairs to a lot. Yeah, right. They, they,

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they disclose or they, they, they entrust their affairs to Allah as the origin. And what that creates is, after I entrust allows my affair, I'm okay with the outcome.

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I'm content with what the outcome is because who is the one who declared or decreed that this would be the outcome Allah, Allah ke al Hakim, Li Li, l Javi. All of these different things. You know, I was just thinking, right now, you know, sometimes we and I'm sure you've you thought of this. Have you ever thought of for example, man, if I was in control of everything, I would make it so that these poor people would have wealth. I would make it that nobody would go hungry. I would wake so that if I if I could control all of these things, but Allah is the one who controls all of these things, like we entertain these thoughts and we think sometimes like

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Man, if I could I would change this person situation or

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this person wouldn't have died or like I'm over come with mercy, right? Yeah. But we aren't at Hakeem. And we aren't lucky. And we aren't we don't have the wisdom. We don't have the so a lot as he says, If allowed to open up the gates of, of bounty upon everyone, people would transgress. You don't know how things would play out, maybe they would play out completely differently than what you were expecting. And so I entrust my affairs to Allah, I'm okay. I'm content with the decree. This, this brings us back to the whole alternate realities. thought how many times right? But it's like the failure scenario, right? He's doing these things. And he's like, well, if I didn't do it, like,

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you know, he drowns the boy. Yeah, right. And Moses, like, What's going on here? Yes. And he rebuilds that wall and then and when we get to the name load roof, that's what we're gonna discuss because there's a roof means the merciful and man or Rama means mercy. Yeah, that often means mercy. But what's the difference? There's a mercy and we're gonna get to that when we when we get to the roof. So and here with Riverside Joaquin was the lightest and how much it

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will take. Okay, so takeaways basically depend on and be be true to ourselves in the sense that, are we doing our job of hustling, hustling, and then being content with what you get? Okay, well, is there a difference between being content and being satisfied?

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Being content and being satisfied? Yes. What do you mean? Because I would think there's, there's the idea of content, but then like, you never, like you're never satisfied.

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You still want more? You still feel like sometimes from your own site. Maybe you could have maybe could have hustled more, or what came to these like, well, I wish like, because, okay, what you got you got finding content with it, but you know, you want to hit that next level. Okay.

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What do you mean by content with it? Does that mean are you saying basically this contentment, go against ambition? Maybe? Yeah, so you're saying, that's part of the thought. Okay. So should I should I want more? The question then becomes what is your motive? Okay. Why do you want more?

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Right? Do you want more of a large bounty for what reason? And if it goes towards a reason that is praiseworthy? Then it becomes fine. It's praiseworthy, okay, goes to a reason that's negative. I want more because I want to crush these people or I want to keep up with but what if you just have that level of competition in yourself? Right? I want more because

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because I can do better than the other dude.

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Do what better and for what? lifestyle? Just I mean, just for oneself? Maybe? Okay, so there's nothing wrong with a person wanting more of a law as good as bounty. Yeah, right. So

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should a man or a salon he asked and he says, oh, Allah grant me a Dominion the likes of which nobody has ever seen. Yeah, so he's talking about dounia. dominion. Yeah, right. However, again, so the whole point, the crux of it is that the dunya should be a person's it should be in a person's hand and not in their heart. Okay.

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So can you tell that man is it Okay, okay, in contempt has to do with the heart

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was the heart but the fact that if something is in your hand, but you want to be able to have more of it in your hand, but not necessarily your heart is a different thing? Yes. Okay. And you know, what wealth can be wealth is, you know, the Profit System says nemid model slide, how excellent is hell? righteous wealth in the hands of a righteous person. Okay. Right. When you know, when you have wealth in

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your life, and I've said it, so when you have wealth, a righteous person will do good by that wealth in a way that nobody else can. Yeah, benefiting people

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spending it in head out on themselves and in their family and all that heads up, it becomes something that's amazing, but wealth as they say, money is a excellent servant and a horrible master. The problem that we have with this is that for a lot of people, money becomes their master, okay? And it's not their servant. It's beautiful, and it's a servant, and it's a horrible master. Gotcha. Cool. It makes sense.

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Okay, Salaam Alaikum.