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Here on

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the left,

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that you are

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very important, by the way, because this

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is not just a greeting, it's not just the tie in how are you and good morning and good evening, or what's up.

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And nowadays WhatsApp

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that we used to this is more than this.

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Because this

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is a is a means of us actually asking us

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to protect the person that we greeting from all harm, both in this world. And the next is not just

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a media

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thing that we do, such as something that we do rather, it has no substance, that is, it has to act as a greeting to us.

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And that's why islamically because Islam nurtures us to be upon a higher standing and higher rounding with one another. Every snap wants us to be better after the next person. So that is why he snapped to offer this evening. But the response to the meeting is why.

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In fact, response to the meeting, we encouraged ensure that it's better than the greeting received almost

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over 200, if you are greeted with a greeting, then make sure that the response to the greeting is better than the greeting receipt. That's why I wasn't too happy with the lovers that came out of the car, it has to be better.

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Right? Because you received the gift in my car to you and you reciprocate in a better fashion. Right?

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examination is upon us.

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And this means that if somebody sees

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it say,

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even better for us to say, or

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even better for us to say why.

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But if somebody beats us and says a

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lot, then it's not enough for us to say

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that's a response lesser in status, then

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we should say at least why law or be even better as a why law

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with a lot more work. And if the reason is received in full, then the response should be included as well.

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Remember, we said his wife is compulsory to respond while initiating the reading isn't? So that's a little footnote in the talk regarding the salon.

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Because we

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need to add on another kind of was added to protect everyone from harm both in this was

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something that was announced was

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foreign to us. It should not be something something we know about. We know specifics we know the minimum requirements for salah and we observed the scanner and you know how many times in one day that needs to be observed and this was a gift from Allah subhana wa tada upon this format.

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The format that we have it wasn't specific. Right?

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If you look at the stories of the prophets before, that's what

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I said about them.

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That they used to observe the fact

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that Allah has given us the gift from Allah Subhana Allah the mighty gift is because Allah Subhana Allah legislated all the rules of Islam while

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he was on this earth amongst his companions.

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I must have worked to the heavens and gave him the Salah as a gift. What a mighty gift it is. Yes, it is a gift. Some people feel

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that it's

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rather it's a gift

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or service of Allah.

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Children of adults when we

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take a step back, and we look at

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and we

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analyze the relationship and association between the law, we can clearly see that we can pick up three categories of

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three categories of people we have the first category, this is the category of those that do not observe, they are totally oblivious with the

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s&p This makes up a large portion

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is very dangerous group, and a very dangerous hole to fall in when a person has lived his life without tasting the sweetness of placing his forehead, right on the ground for the sake of Allah

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protect us from this evil and

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an ayah comes out very clearly from the book of Allah Subhana

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Allah Yo,

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yo, yo,

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these people must understand that

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that they will be resurrected,

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that is a day, which is considered the last day

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that they will be resurrected.

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And it will stem from the philosophy of warfare and the answer

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to this one,

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with this particular AI, so this this, this group is a clear group, and it's a group that is made up of people who haven't realized this.

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And it's a group that doesn't realize that

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they never realize it almost kind of

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themselves, that carry on from all your other activities, from your studies, from your earning from your working from your research, from your socializing and so on and so forth. From all those other activities, what you are able to carry out, right what is easy for you to do, but understand that the best of all activities is the best of this activity with these activities is a solid, and who these people who have had protectors, they are people who might do good once in this world, but the punishment for them for the path which they chose and the greed which they attach themselves to.

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In this world for the good that they do. And

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they don't stand to benefit from the good that they did.

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presented to them, the rewards of they used to do before they passed away. So when they came

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they found nothing

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in store for the for the good news. This makes us understand the importance of

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the good won't matter on the camera, unless the sun assets if the salon is upright, when

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a question is asked about the house again,

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hide for benefits or fast

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piracy for parents will benefit us everything also benefits. So it's not enough to say well I do other good but I lack in solid four. So that is the foundation upon which sets must understand this particular point.

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We have to be diligent with it. So this is the first group and sadly it is a large group and we here to have that worry and that concern for them and how we can turn into this entity.

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the second group

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you can pick up when we analyze the attachment persona is a group that does observe the Salah.

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However, they are group that observes the Salah when they finish studying when we finish playing when they finish working when they finish watching a football match when they finish watching a particular program when they finish when they finish when they think so basically, yes, so that is something that I do but everything else

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is more important. Sadly they might not see but inaction inaction

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You get that impression right actually out to the world, we might not say that one of the now is more important. However, our actions speak a lot more than what we can actually articulate. So we have people delaying every opportunity and delay before the type of solder ends. And to this group, we say that they have not realized that

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was happening was,

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we say that this is a group that hasn't understood and hasn't realized that Allah Subhana Allah has said, Allah commands us towards commanding our faculty towards the establishment of the Sunnah, and also kind of warfare and essays, Lana's

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will not ask you for sustenance, though the study we do is for sustenance. And all the work that we do is

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we are going to provide your sustenance

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and the good ending for the people

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and the essence in terms of qualities with regards to the people that they are upon dishonor, on time and every time. Now this doesn't mean that we shouldn't take the means in our life and

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this about a particular time of the day, just open your mouth.

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folly to some absolutely not, right? Something having an IV drip on

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people in the medical field

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medical drugs

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is a qualified doctor.

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we say to these people that you haven't understood that, yes, you have to take the means you have to work you have to study. But the greatest means you can take is establishing the site, because the risk that you are after the provider.

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And the first step towards getting a job and passing your exams. As soon as somebody says, I want to pass by exams, what should I do, the first thing you do is establish that many times

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get past exam papers, and see the students from the previous semesters or previous years. And when you complete your exam that

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the teacher was marking our exam from the test so that we get those full marks right.

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The first step, this is where setting starts. This is where success starts. Right? This is where success starts. And the old one success and we'll discuss this a little bit more just now. So this is a group that we say not understood the intricacies of this. It is Allah subhanho wa Taala will provide us the first point

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towards your success and towards what you

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endeavor to achieve is establishing the site. Okay. We see also that this group is a group that didn't understand we are in the Quran, we had about 400 400 of our whatever Shahada

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right, Allah says that after that it died, it came those people who wish

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necessarily left it in totality, but yes, inclusive of those, as well as those who is if they bring it forward, they extend this electoral they observe it in a manner that's more conducive to the other activities that are specific to this dunya they are those who wish to decide what was the net result for those who came after it.

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What is the net result?

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They will be thrown into the depths

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of the sci

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came up with this idea.

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And he said, oh god, oh god, what are you saying my own and I think they will be from my own

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house, how? Well he understood the importance of solar and how sunlight is the pillar of success. So immediately

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Is this what I say?

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Not only will there be people who are left who left in this

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they will come people who will sell the euro for the price of this thing, right. So we need to understand this

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That the essence of successes

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and look, look for your your livelihood, right, we say that this group is a group of people who never

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said in cabinet,

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understand that

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indeed has been given to them by fixed and prescribed times fixed and prescribed time. So you place or my place to delay the solid.

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In fact, if we look at this whole concept of, of delaying matches, right?

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If your exam is on the 30th of the month, and you start studying on the ninth of the 29th,

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all the smiles.

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So, what would be a situation,

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when you study properly, it will be a high stress exercise, and what's the end result of exercise in q1 of this high stress box,

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output to output, right? through your study time management, right? It tells you that you should never let anything important we never did anything important become urgent. So studying for your exams is important. So you studied on the 20th. So, that urgent activity, so you do it with low stress, right? Low high blood

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pressure doing it, it's something you have to do something for the sake of doing it right. And if you keep important things, urgent that you live in the realm of

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everything is the way it should be done, how it should be done with the atmosphere of its production present. Right? But if

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it's high stress and 50 pages or

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something, and you forget in the example is it

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right, so cramming, and so on and so forth, and you enter the exam, and you perform poorly. And even if it ended well, that I guarantee you that after the exam before everything you learn right before right, this is what it is.

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If you ask for example, so So at the moment,

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right, so the stream is,

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as you say, officially, everything else that

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we started was q2, it was important to not

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even look at, it can be voted in it because Allah when the time kicks in, we should observe it. But for the purposes of this example, these are analyzed with a magnifying glass for the purposes of this example, if you

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notice become important. So you tell me how you will observe this

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with three minutes.

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possible, right? It's impossible. So this is a group, and we ask

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this group, and we here right now to benchmark ourselves against the groups that have been mentioned and understand.

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Okay, then we have the third group. And this is a good group, because this is a group

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you find if you possibly homes, the early hours of the morning, when the timer kicks in, you find activity, you hear the tax rate, and you see the light switch on and you hear the cars being warmed up, especially

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warmer oil can do its job so you don't mess up the engine. So you hear the cars warming up as they attempt to go to the machine to observe the solder in the rows of the Venus right. This is this third group, they are people who are on this side up on time, every time they are people who schedule the day around the time. There are people who do a massage.

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And this is a group that understood what

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I said was that

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they are people who understood that Allah subhanho wa Taala praised the foreigners beforehand as those who are who are raising for us to kind of avoid that. And also kind of like I said, Radek they

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they are the ones

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we need to ask ourselves which group do we fit in?

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Right, because this differentiates between Eman and disbelief. And this was given to Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam when Allah raised into the heavens

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This caller was one of the last advisors of the Office of Senate when he was on he said

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he knew about the idea which I shared with you earlier.

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don't give up, whatever you leave, don't leave your son, he advised me, he asked about him, and he worried about it. And that was the meat of his cheese. He's too caught up.

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Meaning again, so we can enter the

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coolness of his eyes and he said, what

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he said, has happened.

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Right, and you will hear as my dear brother, and college was telling me this

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is needed by by doctors especially use a patient and have you can have serious, retrogressive results of you and your heart and your soul and your belief. It's difficult, right? But then you enter Salah, and you redeem yourself, the Salah is, is nothing can help you get out of this not even sitting in a in a psychology session or sitting with a psychologist right to this what happens? If you go through a trauma? What does the organization do? They give you a timeout and they say as part of your revival and redemption. You have to go and sit with a psychologist and talk about

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the greatest revival of your entities your body, your mind, your heart, your neffs your soul.

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This is how you revive

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Oh you need

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assistance during the difficulties in a server which is patient and

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So never ever underestimate the center. Never underestimate this further is the means of success.

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We believe us are indeed successful, the belief is that illegals are indeed successful.

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Who are they a one on one says

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they are those who in this era, they observe it

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on time.

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And then it

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says in the insider

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indeed inside has been created

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in haste irreversible Shall we fix him, he becomes depressed

00:22:54--> 00:23:02

and stingy. He has the my attitude me myself and is mine. Right in the inside of us is all of

00:23:03--> 00:23:22

this, this lab in Arabic language is known as a list of genes, meaning it covers the entity being discussed mankind in totality. And then of course, there are exceptions to this rule. There are exceptions we do have people who are not, who are not depressed, who are they

00:23:24--> 00:23:38

have losses except those who are from the sudden lose. And when you say from the saloon meaning they have lived their life in a manner and they have adopted in their life in a way that they deserve to be called

00:23:39--> 00:23:40

me and

00:23:42--> 00:23:46

they deserve to be given that title that these are from the people.

00:23:47--> 00:23:48

So I understand.

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We have a few minutes left and

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right you from a more

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spiritual or physical angle. And this is important. Whenever we teach, we are always advised to teach people spiritually and physically because we live in a world that is physical benefits that

00:24:11--> 00:24:14

sometimes a small, right just like

00:24:15--> 00:24:24

mine was passing away. And the young boy entered into this gathering and he had his lower carbon below his ankles and as he left

00:24:27--> 00:24:30

Oh some of my brother in fact over

00:24:32--> 00:24:34

Arabic because doing so.

00:24:38--> 00:24:41

This is the spiritual lesson. What is the physical lesson one

00:24:46--> 00:24:47

lesson as well.

00:24:49--> 00:24:53

teaches us amazing things and certainly I won't attempt to discuss it

00:24:55--> 00:24:56

but I will share with you

00:24:58--> 00:24:59

number one

00:25:00--> 00:25:27

teaches us, or it's amazing how successful we discuss. Number two, it teaches us certain etiquettes. Firstly, unity. Why, because it's observed the Congregation for the mates is observed in congregations is unity, and Islam is big on unity. Secondly, he teaches us how to be leaders, for the people that have been engineered to be leaders. Right? How

00:25:28--> 00:25:29

and you need

00:25:31--> 00:25:35

to have the confidence you need to have the mannerism, you need to have the insight the way the officer

00:25:36--> 00:25:38

said, is crying.

00:25:42--> 00:25:49

Because of a child crying in amongst the rows of leaders behind him, this is a this is an executive decision.

00:25:50--> 00:25:51


00:25:52--> 00:26:04

He made those decisions. Sometimes, for example, he he advised his companions not to lengthen the prayer for in the crowd is the elderly and the weak. This is an executive decisions.

00:26:06--> 00:26:09

engineer to become leaders, leadership.

00:26:10--> 00:26:16

And if you haven't been engineered to be a leader, that he teaches you how to follow why, because you

00:26:20--> 00:26:20


00:26:22--> 00:26:38

supposed to be quiet. And when he finishes, now it's your turn to see me. Right? So you know when to speak and when not to. So that teaches us how to be dynamic in our activities and not static. When you do something you shouldn't do for too long.

00:26:39--> 00:26:58

When we study we shouldn't study in one particular way that have different ways related to your study and your method of acquisition. How do we learn this from Salah What you say? And then we observe Google? Isn't this a different version of Allah subhanho wa Taala?

00:26:59--> 00:27:10

The whole time, then we have sujood. This is another question. Right? So so that teaches us how to be dynamic in our approach to practice, right? If you go to a restaurant, and there's only

00:27:11--> 00:27:16

a few ingredients on the plates, right, be dynamic. So that was

00:27:17--> 00:27:24

a portion of the importance of rest. for insomnia, we have moments of rest,

00:27:25--> 00:27:27

the first set up from Google.

00:27:30--> 00:27:36

And then the second moment is when you observe the first food and you sit up, that's a rest period, and then

00:27:37--> 00:27:39

write a

00:27:40--> 00:27:44

rest in our life. But guess its way of proceeding 20 hours a day.

00:27:46--> 00:27:49

Three hours is my my capacity strength.

00:27:51--> 00:28:03

This is his way. And so that teaches us that rest is not at the expense of progress progress, or, you know, those corners of time management, they say this maintain this time, your day and personal time, your time and

00:28:05--> 00:28:10

effective time is the time used to achieve the vision and retain this time, it's time to use for yourself

00:28:11--> 00:28:17

a copy and so on and so forth. Right. So that teaches us how to balance effective time and retain it.

00:28:19--> 00:28:20


00:28:21--> 00:28:23

philosophy given the red flag

00:28:26--> 00:28:28

has many benefits. And so

00:28:31--> 00:28:35

just outside we have some confidence. Now,

00:28:36--> 00:28:52

I think it's something that you all should endeavor to attend this particular series on prayer. Because we've discussed now how important it is and you discuss how you actually analyze you and which category you fit in. I think the next step is for you to

00:28:53--> 00:29:03

make a solid resolve that I will change my method. And yes I can because yes you can you watch what

00:29:04--> 00:29:10

he says then we voted yes we can. So yes, you can take the means of

00:29:11--> 00:29:13

production. We can

00:29:15--> 00:29:17

hear more about it from the brothers. I love you

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for your good attentiveness and your attendance.

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Again, many times as well.

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