Yasir Qadhi – Seerah – 65 The Treaty Of Hudaybiyya Part 3

Yasir Qadhi
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Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Jemaine about. So this is our third lecture on the Treaty of Abia. And last lesson, I had reached the point where the Prophet system and the porridge had had gone had a back and forth for a number of different emissaries, I think there's an echo in the mic was our brother Adam, then

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we have an echo in the mic if you can fix it. And so, we had mentioned the fact that there been at least three or four back and forth, and now it was the profit systems turn to send somebody of a senior rank. So he offered he chose a mobile hot top. And most likely the reason that he chose a mobile because of the physical strength of Mr, unintimidating personality, a very strong person, and somebody that physically even had the courage to walk into Mecca. So remember the hot topic, he said, Yes, rule of law, I fear that the orange might not accept me as my animosity, my enmity is well known. And I don't have anybody from the tribe of Ubuntu or Debian gab, which is his own tribe

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to protect me. And he said very clearly, if you wish, I will go, he's not backing out. He's not a coward. Nobody can accuse or motive cowardice. He said, If you wish I will go. But if you wish, then send somebody who's more noble than I. And that is worthless, even if and now, this really shows us the true fifth of Roma, the last person anybody can accuse of cowardice is well known. From the day before Islam up until his death, there is nobody more fearless than Omar. And had it been an issue of ego, he would have been at the forefront. Let me go make history. So whatever happens, but he is worried that his animosity with the kurush will cause the courage not to have a solid treaty with

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them. He's sacrificing his ego, for the sake of the Muslims. He doesn't want to be in the limelight. Nobody can accuse Omar of backing down because of you know, fear or whatnot. So he says my animosity with the kurush meaning they know how angry I am, they know what I've done. They know all of my incidents that bothered and then who I've killed and whatnot, so they might even kill me. And of course, Omar doesn't worry about his life, they might even kill me. And so the purpose of sending me which is to have a treaty, which is to enter mcca will be pointless. So send somebody whom they genuinely look up to without that animosity, and that is Earth man, even our fan, the noble the shy.

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And then of course, the main point about Earth man, I've been a fan, who is Earth man, even a fan, or it might have been a fan is the great grandson of omega and omega, and the Hashem were brothers. And so the bundle omega and the bundle Hashem. They are now two competitors amongst the Polish, and Roseman was the closest of the whole of Russia don't after it obviously it is by no hardship. It is the only halifa has been no Hashem from the other three, Ruth man was the closest intercept and lineage. Abu Bakr and Omar were six and eight generations respectively six and eight generations and earth man was four generations and it was of course grandfather, the grandfather of it in the

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grandfather process and that is but Ohashi wrote about in his bedroom. Oh my Yeah, and when Oh my year and the bundle Hashem are relatively close Not only that, the bundle Romania has amongst them some very powerful people still alive unlike bundle ID which is almost tribe he is saying nobody is loved they have died and one of them died in better and other nodes so there's nobody left nobody's gonna help me anyway. So why don't you send it off man not only is he the the baggage I have he doesn't have it. Also he has his family to protect him in case they attack. So remember the loved one who sacrificed his own spotlight if you like for the sake of the Muslim community and this is

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not as tough for a lot as some other groups interpret that Omar coward out loud rock was terrible honestly really. And what I'm gonna have Bob is gonna chicken out any This is ridiculous to claim that Omar, you know, had had a spat to fear you will live the entire life of Omar demonstrates he was a the bravest and perhaps sometimes even foolhardy, brave meaning above and beyond what bravery is required. He sacrificed his position for the Muslim community. Also perhaps the treatment of Eros remember the processes of rostrum closer we talk to about the last week and they hamstrung the the camel and they gathered around him. Perhaps Omar said look, if that's what's going to happen, then

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let's find somebody who might actually get the job done. So he thought of Earth manufacturing.

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fat and the Profit System then center of man events are fun. And as he was entering maca, there was of course emissaries or people basically called them. envoys are not spies. But I've been protectors, people blocking all of the roads to Mecca. So when he comes in, he went through a row that is called the battle die. But that was the one of the roads into Makkah. And the group that was there monitoring that road, they stopped Earth man. And they, they mocked Him, they told him to get back, they said, we're not gonna negotiate with you, you have no hope of getting into Makkah. And there is no room for negotiation. So he was about to return. But in that group, there was his own

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cousin, and that is urban, urban, sorry, urban allows, and risman urban, I found, I found inside were brothers with mine. And I found him that are similar omiya Rosemont, even that I found urban allows up to my ear. And this is about urban side and allows Urban omiya. So it's literally his first cousin. And a band was a much older than him. And he was a well respected figure, when a band saw how the people were treating his own cousin, perhaps his own heart soften, or perhaps the respect to the earth man from before anyway. So he got out of his own horse, and he took his horse to Earth man, and he said, You right, and I will protect you in Makkah, you will meet whoever you

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want to meet, and I will be your protector. And remember, this was the day. These were the ways that the Arabs gave visas. Remember, this was their entrance visa, how was their entrance visa, you need a person to protect you. You need somebody who will say you're under my man, I give you my a man. And then you can enter the city. So his cousin said, you know what I will sponsor you. I'll give you the visa, you're under my protector ship. And to demonstrate this, he puts Earth man on his own horse and on his own saddle. And this shows us the honor that his mind is getting. And he led him into Makkah. And he personally took him to meet with all of the other leaders of the Porsche. And

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with mine even I found he met with Abu sufian. Now Abu sufian is his direct relative will soufiane is his father's cousin, Abu sufian is from the tribe of omega remember the Omega dynasty who founded it, who is the founder,

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his son who is while we are even Abu sufian, while we as the first omega Caliph, right, while we have been abused sufian so Abu sufian and our son, our first cousins, some basic lineage you should know and that's why by the way in the incident in the fitna in the Civil War when it was killed ma We are sorry when Earth man was killed when Earth man was killed more our we said you have to avenge the death of Earth man. And it's as if more our we have felt this has been robbed the shrimps being harmed and your Ubuntu Hashem. So there was a little bit of attention. And while we have felt responsible, that I need to defend my relative Earth man, right, so to reiterate, Abu sufian and

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earth man, they are uncle nephew, but cousin, not direct uncle nephew, ie our fan and Abu sufian are cousins first cousins, right. And so more are we and earth man are second cousins clear. Marlin is not a second cousins. So he meets his uncle Abu soufiane, he meets the other leaders of the kurush. And none of them basically allow the Muslims to come this year. And they all they've already agreed that they're not going to enter this year. And they say the same phrase, each one of them say it says the same phrase. Let not the Arab say that they had the upper hand over us, let not the Arab say that we were forced to let them in. Also, the prophet system told Earth man, that if he is able

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to get to Makkah, then he should meet all of the Muslim converts, who were in dire situations who were trapped and tell them that Allah is aware of their situation, and Allah will make a way out for them soon. So Earth man met some of the Muslim converts who were in chains who are being persecuted, and they chose us. And of course, the Treaty of Arabia has a very famous convert who was in chains will mention him today. This shows us that there were a group of Muslims who had not yet been able to migrate to Medina, not because they didn't want to, but because they were being tortured and persecuted and they didn't have the means to migrate to Medina. So earthman was sent specifically as

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well. If you managed to get in, make sure you tell them Allah azzawajal will give them a way out soon. So in the whole negotiations, it took much longer than was to be expected for whatever reasons most likely to arrange with Abu sufian with someone with a funny bit Romania with all of the major leaders, it's not going to be something easy. Maybe each one of them gave half hour 45 minutes, whatever time slot, so we can imagine. We don't know

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Exact timings. I wish we had more details. As you know, one of the big problems with the setup, simple narrations, how long did it take? We have no idea. But realistically, it probably took up the better part of a whole day. Maybe if mine went in the morning, and up until the time no news is coming. And that's way beyond what anybody would have expected for a quick meeting and a return, you would have expected it takes, you know, one hour one and a half hour for it to take 910 hours for whatever reason. This is something that's a no news like Earth man goes in and some black box, nobody knows what's happening. So it is understandable how and why some of the people panicked. And

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small rumors began getting bigger and bigger. Just like is the case in every society in every situation. If one buddy says something, you know, then it begins rolling and gathering moss or gathering steam, whatever you want to say, until it becomes almost like a solid fact. And again, the details we have no idea but it is pretty self evident. Somebody would have said, What if he's been killed? What if they killed him? And then that one thing somebody else took it? And he goes, most likely they killed him. Then as it gets later, for sure, there must have killed him. Right, that small thing bigger and bigger, until finally there was this premonition there was this dread amongst

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the Muslims. After all, there's been so many hours, he has not come back then what has happened. So therefore, the news kinda sorta was accepted as a fact, because this man kept on being delayed because he didn't come back until finally there was this notion amongst all of the Muslims that he must have been killed. Surely, if if he were alive, he would have come back by now. And they're not going to keep him prisoner because he's too noble to give us a prisoner, they're going to kill him, are you going to let him go back. So when the rumors spread to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And it appeared that the Muslims will kind of sort of made up their minds, this must be

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the case, He then said, we will not leave until we exact revenge upon them, we're not going to let this go. This is simply too much. We send an emissary, one of their own. And this is what they do. So he says we are not going to leave until we exact revenge and we fight them. Now. Look at the circumstance there 1400 and orange, or at least triple this amount. They are tired, having traveled from Medina, and the arratia, full rested, they are hungry, water is low. Additionally, their animals are tired. They don't have riding horses. The oranges are fresh in their houses, armor, weapons, unlimited supply, food, unlimited supply, the Muslims, everything is limited supply. And

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most importantly, they didn't come prepared for battle, even if we say and this does seem to indicate again, that the process some had some armor and some weapons. It wasn't an actual war preparation. It wasn't as if they were going to offer it or to or to the handle where they're actually dressing up. They're making sure they have the arms. No, this was an omoto trip. And maybe they might have had some weapons on some caravan. But they definitely did not have weapons that were suitable for an all out war. And so when the profitsystem is calling them for a battle, this really is almost certain death. Because you're outnumbered. You're outmaneuvered, you're outflanked

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everything. And of course, this is why this oath is so important in our religion, that Allah and His Messenger have both praised this oath immensely. And a crier was sent out to the all of the Muslims saying that God has come down the roof kudos has come down to the prophets of Salaam and he is calling you to give the allegiance to him. So gibreel himself was sent down. Now of course Allah knows that Earth man is well alive. But this was a test for the believers to see if they would give their oath to the process and we're not. So the crier went out that jabril has come down here and the process of his calling all of you for an oath and a pledge to fight the orange and not turn

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back. The pledge was that they do not turn back which means they die in battle. They don't flee from the battlefield. They will, if they have to, they will die, but they're not going to turn around and run away. And this was the oath of allegiance, which eventually became called the baotou red one, or the oath of pleasure read one is pleasure. And why is it called the author of read one because a lot revealed in Surat Al Fatiha verse 18 la de la jolla, meaning if you buy your own Agata Sha, Allah is well pleased with the believers, when they give you their oath under the tree law called rhodiola. So rhodiola they acted with one it is the oath of old one, and the process was sitting under a tree.

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And Allah mentions this train the Koran, if you buy your Runic attacks that shujaa under the tree, so the reference to the trees even in the Koran, and the Prophet says, took the oath of allegiance from all of the people, except for he said one hypocrite, who when the crier came, he jumped behind his camel and basically crouched under the

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shade of his camel so nobody would see him, but to like expose them in the Hornet and it is one more even though his name who this person was. So this was the hypocrite who refused, he was scared to fight now, and he and some say this is the same person that we already mentioned that Allah has forgiven everyone except for the owner of the red camel. Some say this was the same person that this was that hypocrite. And when all of the Sahaba had finished the they are the oath. The Prophet says that and then in front of all of the Sahaba he took his left hand, and he said, this is for this man, and he put it in his right hand, and he took the oath on behalf of Earth man, I've been a fan

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radi Allahu taala and who so this is called the bear to read one. And obviously it shows us here the bravery of the Sahaba unarmed, defenseless traveling, not having all the weapons fighting the people that are arrested, healthy, firm, lots of supplies, and they're willing to fight until death until basically the end is met. And that is why the people who swore allegiance to the process of r&b are to read one are given a status that is second only to better only to budget as a whole group of course above but there are individuals and those individuals are the 10

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we hit above better there's simply individuals and those are the 10 promised gender, but generically as a group, the highest group that has been praised by the processes are the bedroom, the bedroom the people have better and then the second highest group are better to read one and there are so many ayat and ahaadeeth. Although pseudoephedrine inshallah, if not next week week after that, we'll summarize them as soon as a commentary as we know it's my methodology to try to bring in the Quran as much as possible. We did this for better and over the Nizam will also do this inshallah for a day via the spirit alfetta was all revealed for her debut, and many references are for her they be and

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Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions in the Quran, robiola, meaning Allah is pleased with them. And Allah says, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah knows what was in their hearts. And this is the highest justification that none of them were cowards. None of them were hiding. Alon knew their hearts were ready to do everything right. So Allah says for Angela Sakina, to Allah him, Allah has revealed the Sakina and Eliza which says that

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ye do law he phoca ad him a laws hand is above their hand. So you see the process in hand is like this. And the Sahaba what they do is they put it on top and they hold the hand of the process with both of their hands and they swear a special oath, Yasuda law, we will we will fight behind you and we will not abandon we will not fleet So Allah is saying that it wasn't just their hand was in your hand, but rather a law's hand was above their hands. Jago law, e folk a DM and we affirm that Allah has yet was above there yet in a manner that befits Allah subhanho wa Taala. But what a praise for the Sahaba what a praise. Imagine Allah is saying they didn't just give you the oath. They were

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giving the oath directly to me. yo la he phoca ad him, yo la he phoca ad him What a blessing those Sahaba had, what a great honor that they had that they took the oath of allegiance directly in the hands of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, and Allah is saying, it's not just your hand, my yard was above there yet. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said to them at that time, he said unto him,

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out of the You are the best people on Earth right now. You are the best people on earth. None of the people of Earth are better than you. And in one Hadith, he said after he went back to Medina, he said, that no one who has given that they are to read one shall ever enter the fire of *. None of those people shall ever touch the fire of *. And this hadith in Sahih, Muslim, none of those people shall ever touch the fire of *. And Allah subhana wa tada therefore, gave them a good glad tidings. And he said,

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that, that Allah azza wa jal will give you a NEMA. That will be shorter, a boon Allah will give you a good Bushra anonima will fetch home cubby and a major victory. And we will discuss what is this linear man? What is this major victory? This is the Battle of labor. And again, there's a lot of simple misunderstanding when people read so to tell Fattah they think this is Fatimah. And this is the biggest misunderstanding. No fur timer has nothing to do with too little fatter at this stage. So ultra fast I came down before the Potomac and the factor of who they be was a different factor that was a prelude to the Fatimah. So sootel factor is related to her baby. And the law says

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incidental factor that I'm going to give you a NEMA. I'm going to give you a victory and as a NEMA. Nema means lots of war booty, and very soon in fact, the very next theater lessons the three four lessons from now we're going to be talking about

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The biggest monetary victory for the Muslims ever since the beginning of Islam, and that is the conquest of hype, the conquest of hyper change the financial situation for the entire oma and Allah says that's the aneema. And the fact that that's going to happen. And this shows us a direct correlation. We've said this from the beginning. When you stand up for a lot and you put your trust in Allah, Allah gives you back much more in this dunya before the next even in this dunya before the next we've seen this drought this year, the Battle of butter, when they went out to the battle the battle Allah says, I'll give you one of the two good things Allah ended up giving both of them right

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I'll give you both the victory and the caravan. Next year they got the whole caravan. Right. We talked about this when we talked about it. The same over here that when those people showed their bravery, the Sahaba the Eliza gel after they showed it, when they showed it they don't know what's going to happen. They think they're facing death. And Eliza gel on the way back said Allah is well pleased with you. lacava rhodiola minion, Allah is well pleased with you, Fatima, Matthew. Kudos to him for this album funtown katiba wa Mahanama Cassie Ratan Jaco Donna and a lot of Mahanama, you will take a lot of booty. And this was the largest of aneema that they ever took down in the history

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of Islam because there was going to be one bigger thing, and that is after that is her name. That's one bigger of aneema. After that after the conquest of Makkah, but in the history of, of the Sierra, the the conquest of hybrid is definitely of the top two of honeybees that they that they got. Now, also over here we see in this incident, the great blessings of Earth man that should handle law, what an honor, the Sahaba had a great honor. Well lucky they had an honor that we should make us cry out of positive jealousy, we're allowed to have positive jealousy that they got to have the yet of the processing in their hands and they're giving up. But man had an even higher honor.

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Because the Profit System represented Earth man with his own body, and his own hand. How much more noble do you want? He said, this is the hand of Earth man. Meaning if Earth man had been here, this is what he would have done. But he since he's not here, let me stand in his place. Think about that. Let me stand in this place. Let me pretend to the earth man, and I will give the oath on behalf of Earth man. Here you have a pseudo law says that I'm testifying for a man. How can anybody utter one word against this man will lie Anybody? Anybody who says anything about this man, in his heart, there is nifa Well, la isla de la ilaha illa. Anybody who says anything about this man, he cannot

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have genuine love of Allah and His messenger is not possible. When the Prophet system is saying, This is the hand of Earth man. Then you are insulting the hand of the Prophet of Islam when you criticize Earth man, because he took his place. And he said, this is for Earth man's and he gave the oath of allegiance to himself. Imagine on behalf of Earth man, radi Allahu taala and Subhanallah the bitterness about Earth man is nothing new. This goes back to the very earliest, the hottest dates, the first group to criticize with man and eventually kill him. Were Who? The Hutterites right, and we haven't sahadi a beautiful narration that illustrates this is nothing new and viable. Heidi we

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one of the hottest guys came from muscle and the hottest dates there are some of them are from Iraq, some of them are for muscle. And he went to Hajj and he saw a large gathering around an older man. So he said Who is this man? So they told them this is our beloved bin Omar Abdullah had been so he made his way through the crowd and he said oh and Omar, I have some questions to ask you and it was their methodology be rude interrupt every gathering, the harshness that we still find presence in some groups and the type of overzealousness and fanaticism that we find this all goes back to the cottage or been around what I have some questions to ask you. When I was was go ahead ask. I asked

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you by Allah.

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Did a man turn his back and run away at or hood Brickman is the halifa right? And he's trying to find fault with earthman. Eventually him and his group are going to kill it. Right now he's alive. Did Earth man turn his back and run away from God? in the Battle of boyhood? Even Omar says you asked me by Allah I answer Yes, he did. So the man said

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was the truth man absent at better.

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He said you asked him by Allah will answer Yes, he was absent but the man said and was he missing at read one by one. So it'd be almost said you asked me by Allah. I tell you, he was missing 101 so the man said Allahu Akbar. happy I got all that I wanted, turned around and walked away. I said, Come back here. Come

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Back here. As for your first question

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yes earthman fled or hood, but a law testified in Sula earlier in Milan that Allah has forgiven them if a loved one who Allah has forgiven them, and so I testify that he is forgiven.

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As for your second question, that he would he was missing or he didn't participate at burden. Then he was married to lokoja Binti Mohammed Salim. And the prophets are some commanded him to stay in Medina.

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And he got to share over the booty he is considered a buddy Rockman Horace Mann has the rare honor of being considered absurdity even though he was an added burden, because he was obeying the process and by remaining behind. And you know, Rocha died when he came back, right, so last year was this was the the death of Roy, she hurt. She was deathly ill she was on her deathbed. I mean, of course, in this situation, you know, he was told to remain and we covered this when he covered it, and asked for your third question, What a fool will lie he would have fooled by a third one. earthman wasn't there. And Omar said, red one only occurred because of Earth man. The whole day I was because of

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this man. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used his own hand to take the oath on behalf of Earth man. So go back now with all of this to your people.

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Tell them this what I'm telling you, right. And this shows us the blessings of Earth man, even our fan and the fact that the criticisms about him, and I've given a long talk about respond, which unfortunately, I think was not recorded. But it was a detailed talk about his assassination and what the complaints were in the blessings of Earth Mother Earth might have been I found with your log data and, and there are so many ahaadeeth. And we have enough that the Profit System that said Should I not be ashamed and shy of somebody, even the angels are shy of him. This idea isn't huadian wisdom that even the angels are shy of Earth man, he's such a humble and meek and

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noble person, I'm awkward around him. Even the angels are awkward around him. Can you imagine the angels feel? They have to be a little bit extra round Earth man, can you imagine? Who is this man? Right. And so anybody who criticizes Earth man will lie, the person really is a giant and more than just a giant. So also, we have over here that 1400 Sahaba. They gave the bar to read one they participated in there to read one and the bulk of the famous Sahaba were here, Abu Bakar, and Omar and Ali and all of the famous Sahaba, Nelson all of them. And this is one of the most explicit and there are like a million evidences that we believe is assumed our Gemma that the Sahaba are worthy

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of our ultimate respect, right? This is the fundamental cornerstone of Sunni Islam. What does that mean? The group who follow the Sunnah, and the Gemma, the Gemma are who, number one, they are the Sahaba. And this is what separated us from day one from the other groups, the hotter giants, the more intelligent Morteza lights and the other group they all said we're not going to respect the Sahaba and this is what separated us from all of the other groups in the beginning of Islam. And this incident they are totally one is but one of like a million evidences literally the Quran and Sunnah common sense reason, logic, everything tells you that the Sahaba have the highest Muslim. And

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if you're going to ridicule the Sahaba, you have no religion left, because who gave you the Koran and who gave you the sooner other than the Sahaba? You have no knowledge of the Quran and of Islam except through the Sahaba. Right. And as one of the one of the the famous imams of the past said, if you were to ask the Jews who are the most righteous people, they will say, the seventh you accompany Moses on to the signer. And if you ask the Christians, who are the most righteous people, they will say, the 12 disciples who accompany Jesus Christ, if you were to ask that other group, who are the worst and the most violent and the scum of all of mankind, that other group will say, those who

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accompany the Prophet Mohammed Salah? Well, it doesn't even make logical sense, right? Think about it. By common sense. Allah subhana wa Taala will choose the best people to be around the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and anybody who disagrees will lie they have to deal with a lot of soldiers on the Day of Judgment. In this world, we can only make the algorithm and you know have

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logical debates Other than that, it is up to a large xojo to deal with them. The point being that they have to read one and the ayat and the Hadith. They have to read one even if you reject had it What are you gonna do with certain Fatah? Nakata? rhodiola? One, meaning if you buy your own aka Tattershall, how can you deny the Quran? It's right there in the Quran. When all of the Sahaba gave they are under the tree and Allah says la de la de la and that is why we

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Sunni Muslims we say rhodiola whenever we mentioned so how do you what do you say? Abubakar radi? Allahu Akbar rhodiola. One, where do we get it from? There's at least a dozen times that all the a lot of the a lot of the Allah and here we have a source and a worker was there Omar was there a man who he wasn't there, but the process of man was there it was there. I've done it myself. Was there all of the major Sahaba were there? How can anybody again criticize the Sahaba. Another interesting point before we move on again, all of this is just related to our third one

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is the issue of the tree itself some interesting things about the tree itself.

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As for which tree it was, I mean, it was a land which had lots of little shrubs and trees over there. It is narrated that one or two of the Sahaba, they might have remembered the tree. It is said that job but even Abdullah and Java, we all know the story of Java and the story of Javelin, the camera, we did the whole setup on that job with Evan Abdullah, who was still a young man at the time, he's probably around 19 now or 20. So Java lives a very long life. And he's over 80 years old when he dies, 78 sorry, something when he dies, and eventually he becomes blind. So one of those years when he's blind, so very late on, he's narrating these incidents. And then he says, as he's

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blind, he says, If only I could see. And if I had eyes, I would show you exactly that tree that we sat under. Now the tree is significant because Allah mentions it, if you by your no contact ashati. And the process of them sat there for so long, you know, getting the data. So clearly, there's a lot of history attached to that tree. At the same time.

00:31:40 --> 00:32:14

It does look like the majority of Sahaba really could not identify the tree for one simple reason. And that is that there were so many other trees and if you come the next year, I mean, we'll let you guys try this as well, that you know go to a wood or a plane if you come back in a year, everything looks pretty much exactly the same or one tree cannot be told apart. And it is authentically narrated inside Bahati that one of the companions said when we got there, you know, the next year later on the next year, we tried to find that tree, but no two of us could agree which tree it was. And this is human nature, right? One person can say no, this was it. No, no, no, this one looks more

00:32:14 --> 00:32:33

like Moses. It's human nature, you have 50 trees in the vicinity, and each one will have a slightly different memory. And it is authentically narrow that within a decade or so, after the death of the Prophet salallahu idea he was setting them the Bedouins and the new converts to Islam. They began venerating the tree.

00:32:35 --> 00:33:13

And they built a Masjid at that tree, even though I mean which tree was it? But they built a Masjid Mashallah they built a Masjid. And it is narrowed that one of the tablet tablet room. So this is a tablet tablet, and he saw this machine in the middle of nowhere, because this is outside mcca there is no civilization there is no you know, people living there. And he sees that people congregating in this machine he asked him what is this machine? They said this is the mustard. This is the tree that the processing gave the battered one he took the back to this one. So he went back to Makkah and there was say Dublin will say you inside Dublin will say it is one of the leaders of the tablet

00:33:13 --> 00:33:26

room. He's one of the most knowledgeable scholars. He's the student that we've been abuzz, and he's a monkey. He's a person residing in Makkah and say who say you said My father was of those who took the red one.

00:33:27 --> 00:34:10

My father was of those who took back the red one. And he and his companions could not figure out which tree it was. Are you telling me that your companions mini mocking this person? Are you telling me your companion is no better than the Sahaba? And will lie What a powerful statement here? Right? My father was there. And these people that are praying, they have no clue. And you're telling me they know more than my father knew and and and also Avenue and in the Masada abdulrazaq with unauthentic is not and this is a very important point. And I looked this up myself and teach classes about this. So it's a very important issue. theological issue, I would have loved to either news

00:34:10 --> 00:34:55

reached him that the Bedouins had built a message there or that they were renovating the tree. Some of them were like rubbing their backs on it, you know for for, you know, getting some blessings and whatnot. And so he chastised them. And he commanded that the tree they were venerating be cut down and chopped. Not that that was the actual tree even because that was their imagination. Right? Nobody knows which tree it was, but that he ordered that it'd be cut down and chopped. Now, this incident is a whole different tangent. And it's a very important tangent. I'll just summarize it very quickly. And that is the whole issue of venerating places, or venerating icons or objects that

00:34:55 --> 00:34:59

some people might believe to be sacred. You see, we have your attention.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:46

Between ignorant or superstitious or emotional practices on the one side, and authentic academic knowledge based Islam on the other. And this tension is nothing new. We still have it to this day. And I can give you a million examples and all of you know of a million examples and your own, you know, family and friends and whatnot. There is this tension between the emotional side I want to do something, the tree here the process that I'm sad under, even if he did sit under it, even if he did, what are you going to do? prostrate down to it, or what? You see this was the fifth of Roma. This generation, they were simply rubbing their backs and building a Masjid. If this is what's

00:35:46 --> 00:36:31

happening when Omar is alive, what do you think will happen in 100 201,000 years? Well, Lucha de la ilaha illa who if Roma had not done his job and it left well there it would now be an idol. That is worship besides Allah subhanho wa Taala In fact, what is an idol? Other than taking a holy place or a holy person or a holy saint, and making them bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger, and all you need to do is to look at the bulk of you know, so many places around the Muslim world in India and Pakistan, in Bangladesh, in Egypt and Algeria and Tunisia, so many places and one finds the grave of a righteous person, right? The Mazar the body right and people go there and some people are doing

00:36:31 --> 00:36:50

things that are relatively okay making dua to Allah that's fine. Okay. Others, such as the to the grave, to walk around the grave, making the art to the grave. Yeah, Gilani, Yama De Lima, the Diablo father. This is unbelievable, right? And where does it all start? This notion that this person is sacred now.

00:36:51 --> 00:37:23

What is the grave of Abdulkadir Gilani compared to the tree that the process of him sat under? Think about that? Can anybody compare? The grave of any righteous person with the very tree that is mentioned in the Quran? Is you by your own neck attack? Tasha Jarrah. Allah mentions it. And the Prophet system sat there for at least a solid hour, how long is it gonna take 1400 people individually giving the beta Even if you say 2030 seconds, I mean, you do the math, right? So parallel quite a while he's sitting there, with his back to the tree under the shade.

00:37:24 --> 00:37:50

And then I asked you, if you knew that that tree was right there, which of these two groups would me and you fall under? Although it's easy to criticize, but put yourself in their shoes. Right? Which one would you fall under. And this shows us the difference between emotionalism and between academic Islam. Our religion is not based on feelings, or religion is based upon what a lion is messengers have told us to do.

00:37:51 --> 00:38:32

And they did not tell us to venerate any land or any site or any icon other than Mecca and Medina and Jerusalem. These are the three holy lands Now, as for the remnants of the prophet SAW Selim like or his, the earth out of his window, or whatnot, this is something he allowed. And we mentioned in her debut as well that when he will do will do the Sahaba did this. So we say, If Allah has blessed us to be alive when the process was alive, then the remnants of his will do yes, but not where he sat under a tree. And the Sahaba understood this distinction, right? Not where he sat under a tree, this was not something that the Sahaba did. In any case, that is an interesting theological point

00:38:32 --> 00:39:08

here. And it shows us that this tension between basically mystical Islam if you like, and between academic Islam, who were the mystical Muslims at the time, these are the ignorant Bedouins, right, they feel they have to do something. And the more academically inclined, which are basically all of the Sahaba, right, all of them, they're like, What are you guys doing? You're gonna sit under a tree and rub your back on it. None of the Sahaba did that. Right. And this shows us as well, that if we are going to visit any site of early Islam, we go for historical reasons, not for what is called Baraka, tabarrok. We go for historical reasons. Yes, if we knew that, that was the true we go and we

00:39:08 --> 00:39:39

take a Buddha, we take a lesson from it. And we remember these Ayat of surah Fatah, we go to the Battle of better location. And remember, this was rubber that took place, but we don't take some sand and think it is holy. Right? We go to harden era, and we simply are odd. And in my humble opinion, by the way, there's no problem going too hard to hit up. Some of the scholars are ultra strict. And I understand that strictness and they say you should not go to *. Why? Because of these types of reasons. And I understand that strictness. But in my opinion, if you go with the right near, you're not going to venerate him at all. You're not going to venerate, but you're going

00:39:39 --> 00:40:00

so that the the the history of that area seeps into your heart so that you are overwhelmed at mica, this is where it came down. So you feel a sense of awe, but you realize that the rocks there are not something you're going to touch. You're not going to take a piece and then bring it back here. So Pamela, what is idolatry other than taking a piece of rock somewhere and then putting it in the machine

00:40:00 --> 00:40:25

Putting it here putting it there. That's not what we do. Right? So in my opinion, this is a very good example of what happens when emotionalism is left unchecked. And who can accuse Omar Abdel hottub of being somebody who doesn't love the processes because you see the tension we have in our culture, especially if you start talking like this. They will label you. They will label you either they'll call you What is it? What is the call you?

00:40:26 --> 00:40:34

Well, hobby Okay, that's Yeah, that's what hobbies there but they give you also the one who hates the process stuff rather isn't? Hmm, what is it? Yeah, we'll stop.

00:40:36 --> 00:41:13

Okay, so we'll start I don't even know this word will stop means what the one who hates insulting the * up with anybody who insults the process. We've got a Muslim. Anybody who insults the process them is not a Muslim, but their veneration of the process is something the profitsystem himself would have rejected. Right. And so these extreme groups, they have kind of sorted the kernel has been around from the Bedouins. And you can see this tension is not new. It has been there from the very beginning. Anyway, back to her debut. So when the news finally reached the Muslims, that Earth man was walking back was on his way back. So this man, the news, by the way of the Treaty of

00:41:13 --> 00:41:31

Rome, one reached maccha. So the porridge heard that the Muslims have taken a treaty so we don't know but most likely they must have kind of panicked and center of man back faster or expedited or whatnot. That Okay, we nothing here everything's fine with their companion. They sent him back. So when they sent Earth man back,

00:41:33 --> 00:42:11

and the Muslims got the emissary that he is coming, he is coming. So some of them. They said Earth man, oh, how lucky he is He must have gone inside of Makkah. So he must have done that off as well. At least he got to do that. Right. Here we are, you know, stuck here outside waiting for perhaps perhaps we have no idea. Perhaps around four or five days had gone? Since they're waiting it could they be and again, I tried to look up as many of the words we don't know how many days this back and forth is taking place, right? Perhaps four or five days, maybe even more. So. They said how lucky is Earth man, he must have gone and done the tawaf because he was able to enter Makkah protected. But

00:42:11 --> 00:42:52

the prophet SAW Selim said la Ave. Yes. And I don't think he's going to do the tawaf. How can he do that off when we have not done that off? Meaning the processor realized Earth mines, and earth man's respect, would not allow him to do something the other Muslims were not doing. But the other Muslims, they just assumed they basically said basically, why would he not? What do you might if and why wouldn't he do when, when he has been protected as being allowed to go? Now another thing we notice here is panel how eager they are to see the Kappa. how eager they've been deprived from their home, they've been kicked out, and they're missing the tawaf and the aroma so much, and they're

00:42:52 --> 00:43:33

feeling jealous. earthman must have gotten there. And we're out here. really look at they wanted to respect the Shah of Allah, the house of Allah subhana wa Tada. How excited are we to go see the cab? And here they are. They're just like the he must have gone. He must have gone and the process and said, No, no, no, you're fine. I don't think he's going to do that. And when they saw him return, they surrounded him. And one of them kind of sarcastically remarked, have you satisfied yourself now with the GABA helaas like you're done, you know, you did everything you wanted to do after having done auto off? To which he replied, what an evil thought you had of me. Did you think that I will do

00:43:33 --> 00:43:50

throw off while the profitsystem is still here will lie if I stayed in MCC for one year, I would not do tawaf until the process of data before me Subhanallah and here again we have the defense of the Profit System of Earth man now

00:43:51 --> 00:44:27

i don't think he's going to do that. That's not the nature of Earth man for him to do throw off when when we are all here he wouldn't be the one you know being friendly shows us obviously the respect that the Sahaba and especially Earth man gave to the process then how can I do the love when the process is stuck outside? how unfair and unjust and and cruel would that be that I'm going and getting the luxury one Rasulullah sysm is deprived outside while law here they kept me for a year I wouldn't do it off until they let the process that I'm due to off and again this shows us once again it shows us what the blessings of earthman Eben I found all the Allahu taala and and according to

00:44:27 --> 00:44:59

elevate healthy and is delighted and one of the books of the night. He mentioned that when the news reached the Orisha but the veteran one they trembled. They got scared. And what does that show you? a small group of Muslims right on not unarmed but not as armed as well as they are tired and whatnot. But they have a man and they can cause the mighty tribe of the polish to tremble in their houses. They got scared and this was why they decided we need to negotiate before they do something

00:45:01 --> 00:45:14

This was why they decided we need to have some treaty. And so they sent an official delegation. And initially they sent somebody by the name of mikros even have macros in house. And

00:45:16 --> 00:45:59

it appears that this was just a quick sending, they hadn't really thought things through in that mikulas did not really have a plan or an agenda. And when the profitsystem saw macros, he said to the Sahaba, that this makaras macros is a evil man, Roger Lu is he's a bad person. And this is not going to be working for us. And when mikolas approached he in the process and began negotiating, but there was simply no terms for negotiation, each mikros was given conditions and whatnot that simply were not acceptable to anybody. And as they were talking, and the negotiation was completely stalled, then from the distance appeared, the final delegation, and this was a delegation that would

00:45:59 --> 00:46:19

solve basically the problems. And there were three people in that delegation and the senior person amongst them and the main person was none other than Suhail, even amor Sohail an AMA, and when the Prophet says from source to hate, he said for the job, Suhail said hula Allah

00:46:20 --> 00:47:15

Sohail has come, and Sohail comes from the verb sir hula and several that means to make things easy. So Suhail has come, Allah has made things easy for you now. Through Suhail, Sahil will be reached and Sal means is an opening. And this leads us to another theological point, and that is the issue of good omens, good omens, positive omens. And this one phrase shows us what does it mean to have a good omen, our Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that there's no such thing as superstitions as as bad omens ladwa, what appears to Allah Hamad all of these bad omens like in our, in our world, bad omens are like Friday, the 13th, or a black cat or breaking glass or an upside down horseshoe or all of

00:47:15 --> 00:47:50

these things, you know, and then good omens are four leaf clover, all of these things that our culture is familiar with. And of course, every culture has this, these types of things. So the process of them said, all of these things don't exist that either one or the other. They don't even exist. And then one had at Santa Clara to shake up the illusion that believing in omens is a type of shit, if you believe a black cat that is going to harm you. If it crosses your path. You have some serious theological issues, really, you know, so the processor said, this is all shit. There's nothing like this. Then he said, Well, I can. You're a juvenile. But I like positive optimism. I

00:47:50 --> 00:48:08

like good omens. So he they asked him, What do you mean by alpha? alpha? Is that Arabic term? What do you mean by alpha? He says, a good word or a good phrase that somebody hears this Daddy, isn't it? Now, what is this mean? So let's give an example that is easier or clearer to understand.

00:48:10 --> 00:48:21

A good omen is to read in, there's two conditions. Number one, a positive sign a positive message.

00:48:22 --> 00:48:26

Number two, that is linked to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

00:48:27 --> 00:48:57

If these two conditions are met, then a good omen is recommended. And it is something that is a part of our religion. And a good omen is nothing other than being optimistic in Allah. That's really what it is. A good omen is being optimistic in Allah, and an example of a good omen that perhaps our culture will understand. And I can assure you, this example has never never been found in any book of faith, because this is a culturally relevant example.

00:48:59 --> 00:49:00

If one of us is making

00:49:01 --> 00:49:10

on a cloudy day, and we're making dry, we're making dry making dry, then we open our eyes, and we look out the window and we see a beautiful rainbow.

00:49:12 --> 00:49:22

If we say, this is a sign from a law, that I should chew up, and that my job will be answered.

00:49:23 --> 00:49:30

There's nothing wrong with that. In fact, it's good. The processor said, I like your job bonafide,

00:49:31 --> 00:49:59

why is there nothing wrong with that? Because Shouldn't we already be thinking that Allah will give us what we want optimism and human correct. So anything that boosts that optimism, anything is something that is is it is most to have in fact, you should always be optimistic, right. So anything that you read as a sign as a positive sign, right, suppose it was cloudy, you may you know, you may draw and the sun comes so the sun is a type of bright

00:50:00 --> 00:50:22

So your heart always feels, you know, happier when you see the sun after a cloudy days, like your heart goes up, if you say, Oh, this is a sign that my problems will diminish, like the clouds and the help of Allah like the sun will come in upon me. No problem. It's okay, in fact is good, you are Djibouti. And one of the examples of the CEO of the processor is exactly here.

00:50:23 --> 00:50:28

So hail comes from the root that means to make things easy.

00:50:29 --> 00:51:08

And when Sohail came the process that I've said, so hail has come a lot has said hula, Allah has made things easy for you. So he derived a positive Omen that highlights This is good news. Now that suhaib is coming. And our matches will be made easy for us. And in fact, that's exactly what happened. They went to Hurricane finally the impasse was broken, right? The multi days keep on going. Finally, it is broken. And there are so many other things that are said one of the examples or one of the Sahaba gave, so there's a name in Arabic called watch it. And watch it means watch other The one who finds So somewhere one of the Sahaba said Imagine you're lost, or you lose

00:51:08 --> 00:51:49

something, and you're trying to find it. Then somebody calls out to his friend Yeah, watch it. Yeah, watch it. And you hear that? And you take this as a good sign I will be the watch it to you. Does that make sense to you? I will find what I want to find. Because why did linguistically means the one who finds and somebody is calling his friend who's called Wajid Whoa, hey, why'd you come here. And then the man who's trying to find something a last item, he says this is a sign from Allah, I'm gonna be the watch it now I will find my thing. This is an example again in our culture give you some other examples. My point being whatever you read in a positive sign that a lot is sending a

00:51:49 --> 00:52:04

positive sign to me that insha Allah my problems will be solved in sha Allah my data will be answered in sha Allah my sickness will be cured. Whatever positive sign two conditions number one is positive there is no such thing as negative. So if you're making dua and then there's a thunder

00:52:06 --> 00:52:15

don't think that this is a sign that Allah has rejected my da doesn't work that way. Okay, there's no opposite. Okay? And then of course, the second sign or the second condition, you must link it to Allah.

00:52:17 --> 00:52:45

And this is one of the biggest problems of all of our bad luck things that we have it's not even linked to Eliza widget bad luck from a cat crossing your path. Come on, man. How foolish is this? Right? Where is that coming from? So only positive and the link to Allah Subhana hota. In any case, there's a lot of theology derived from today via so I have to go into these tangents. Now back to Arabia. Where are we okay, so So hey, it comes before we even move on who is to hate and what is the story of Sohail Sohail?

00:52:47 --> 00:53:22

Well, firstly, he's the highest level delegate sent in her they be everybody else is relatively low level. And Sohail is the highest level that has been sent. And he is one of those who's a member of the Nadi, basically is an MP is a member of the Parliament, you know, the corrige, they had their, their Nadi, they had their little, you know, group of leaders and whatnot. So Haley is a member of that little click that little group. So clearly, this is a politician coming now, not one of these emissaries not some messenger, this is a man who has been delegated with authority. So hey, they've been ama. And

00:53:23 --> 00:54:04

so he did an AMA is one of the high profile members of the kurush. And remember that at the Battle of butter, one, so he was a prisoner of war. And he was brought into the house of the profitsystem. Remember, some prisoners were even brought to the house of the processor. And I commented, were in the history of humanity has the leader ever house to prisoner of war in his own house, the one and only time in the history of the world is the Profit System, the elite members of the of the corporation, he housed them in his own house. And number one amongst them was so hated banana, right? And remember, when one of the wires of the process of them, she went back, she came rushing

00:54:04 --> 00:54:17

back home, this would be for a job and reveal, so there is no hijab at the time, she comes rushing back, and she sees suhaila and Amber, his hands tied to his neck, and that's how they tied prisoners of war. And she kind of slipped, right and what did she say? Who remembers?

00:54:19 --> 00:54:20

Or you who takes notes?

00:54:25 --> 00:54:59

You should have killed yourself, it would have been more befitting, like, why are you? Why are you embarrassing us by being a prisoner of war would have been better for you to be dead than I see you like this. In other words, like seeing somebody as noble as Suhail in the data of yahaya. Now a prisoner of war with his hands tied, she kind of slipped, and she said, You're humiliating us by being a pow, right? You see the point here, right? And the process of them turned her and said, Are you taking sides against Allah and His messenger? Then she snapped out of it and she said,

00:55:00 --> 00:55:42

rasulillah I didn't invent it. But I didn't understand. It's a slip sometimes, like, you know, but the point being the image of Sohail as a pow, right? And her shock shows us what the status of souhei that's what I'm trying to get across to you, right, the status of suede as being somebody that was greatly respected amongst the harsh. In fact, he was called How to evil Quraysh called evil porridge because he was the most powerful orator. And he was the most eloquent in there nobody that he was, when it comes to debate when it comes to negotiation. He was the man. That's why he's being chosen here. Right. That's why he's being chosen here. He knows what to say and how to say it. And

00:55:42 --> 00:56:01

that is why if you remember, we go back to the Battle of butter. Or Omar when he saw Suhail captured. He said Yasuda, let me cut his tongue off, so that he doesn't speak against us again. So he has a long history of saying some very powerful things, right? And what did the process of him say? Who remembers?

00:56:07 --> 00:56:09

He did say that, but he said something else as well.

00:56:11 --> 00:56:33

He said, I am a prophet, and we have not been commanded to mutilate people. It's not our shediac to mutilate, we don't cut people's tongues off. That's not our shediac. Right. So he forbade him to do that. Then he turned to Omar, and he said, and perhaps one day, he will say something that will please you.

00:56:34 --> 00:56:41

Because the type of prediction here, right now you're taking sides, the time will come, he might flip and say something that will please you. And

00:56:43 --> 00:56:50

this shows us that So hey, this is an amazing thing. We mentioned this last week. And this is a constant theme of the whole series that I'm teaching you.

00:56:51 --> 00:57:31

Because fact of the matter is, we do have quite a lot of Muslims that have this black and white view that anybody who's a caffeine has got to be evil to the core. And this is simply false from the Syrah. And from a human psychological point of view. Every one of us interacts with non Muslims, they're honest, they're upright, they're generous, they're kind, they would, some of them would defend our rights and their rights, even if they meant at a great expense. Some of them would even die fighting for a noble cause. And this is a reality. You cannot deny anybody who lives amongst non Muslims, only those who have no clue. They can spout this radical black and white worldview here. We

00:57:31 --> 00:58:16

have Sohail that, no doubt he is a cafe at this point in time. Yet, deep down inside him, there's a kernel of good. And so Hale was an enemy of Elon is messenger at this point in time. In fact, he participated in buttons, and in a hood, and in Honda, and he all of the major battles. And perhaps the only person more senior to him was Abu sufian in terms of actual nobility, yet deep down inside, there was some good in him. And the Prophet says and recognize this Omar did not. Omar did not recognize this, the process and recognize that look, despite all of his back and by the way. So imagine what must he have said, which the books of Sierra don't record that God Omar so angry, his

00:58:16 --> 00:58:55

eloquent speeches against Islam? That got almost so angry, let me just cut his tongue off. All of this has not been recorded, but the process of them saw in him some good in Yeah, the Mullah Omar Allah says in the Quran, if Allah see some good in your hearts. And so what happened with souhei? What was this prediction? Well, so he converted at the conquest he was of those who converted at the end. And so there is no doubt that overall, the status of souhei is not the status of Oklahoma. It's not the status of the early converts. It's not the status of them. Oh, hi, June. Soil is not a Mahajan. So he and his group they converted the very last batch. And Allah says in the Quran, not

00:58:55 --> 00:59:05

equal are those who converted before the conquest versus those who converted after the conquest. And so he's converted after the conquest, right? yet.

00:59:06 --> 00:59:15

The books of Sierra mention and the books of of history mentioned that out of all of the converts who converted after the conquest, the most

00:59:16 --> 00:59:18

worship minded was to hate

00:59:19 --> 00:59:59

the most Allah, the Most fasting, the most Zakah was so hated, and when the Prophet system died, so he was still in Makkah, and the people of macam. By and large, we're all converts at the conquest of Makkah. Remember, the more ha Joon had to go back to Medina right. We'll get there but you already know this. None of them will Hodges was allowed to live in Mecca. You already know this. They had to go back to Medina. So who's living in Mecca? Is all the people who converted a year and a half ago. You have the abuse of yarns, you have the swales, you have all of these people, right? And so many of them flirted with the idea of

01:00:00 --> 01:00:00

Leaving a

01:00:02 --> 01:00:30

house, the process of them is dead. Let's go back to our old ways. So much so that the Sahaba the governor that the process of appointed to be the, the, the the ruler of Makkah, he feared for his life. And he went into hiding, because commotions began, and mobs began gathering and then the news of the processes of death was a traumatic time. And that this, this governor, he felt that they're going to come and kill me. So he went into hiding, who's the one who calmed them down?

01:00:31 --> 01:00:31

so highly.

01:00:33 --> 01:00:57

So halep and Amber stood in front of the cab, and he gave them a fiery lecture hall table aurash. And he warned them and admonish them. And he said to them of the sentence that that has been recorded, oh, people have MCE look at how eloquent these phrases Do not be the last group to convert. And the first group to Renegade in a pasta size.

01:00:58 --> 01:01:24

How beautiful is this? Right? You already have the dishonor of being the last group to convert. Now you want to add to this on your resume, the first group to leave Islam, and he played a major role in bringing them back to their senses. And he was the one who brought the governor out of his hiding, and then basically reinstated him. And it was also mentioned that when they visited aroma and the color of aroma

01:01:25 --> 01:01:39

that Sue Hayden Abu sufian and others, they visited aroma in Medina. And when they went to the house of Rome, or they found a line there, you know, people are gonna go see the halifa right. And in that line, our beloved and

01:01:41 --> 01:01:55

Sahaba Rumi and a bin Massoud and all of these that they consider to be low and when the Secretary comes out and he sees all the people there, so he calls number one in line is billable available.

01:01:57 --> 01:02:41

And then he calls the other buddy up one after the other. And I will soufiane says to Sohail I have never seen a day like this before. We are here. And we are I mean, you have to realize who are these people? Right? This is if Quraysh had kings, these are the kings of course these are the MPs of Polish, right? And who is better than who is who are these other people. So I was to Francis I have never seen and they're all now Muslim, but still, you know, it takes a while to to to get to that stage. So Abu sufian says that I have never seen a day like this. We are here. And these are be these slaves and these, you know, whoever they were, they have been given precedence over us.

01:02:42 --> 01:03:26

Now look at what Sohail says. And you see the man of Sohail subparallel, where was he? Even? Even in the incident of Arabia, how harsh she was, we will see how harsh she was. But deep down inside, there was some good and what eventually the process of them and he managed to get to that good by the help of Allah, that good overwhelmed him. What did he say to Abu sufian. He said, I can see the anger in your faces. And there was a group from mcca there I can see the anger in your faces. But if you wish to be angry, then be angry at yourselves, for they Beloved, and others were called to Islam. And we too were called to Islam. Same time.

01:03:27 --> 01:03:30

They raised forward and we lagged behind.

01:03:32 --> 01:04:18

And the blessings that they obtained in racing forward. Listen to this are far more than the honor of them entering the door with Omar before us now. You understand this point right? In the eyes of a lot. The blessings they have by having accepted Islam are much more than now. They're entering the door of Oman and we're still waiting in line. be jealous at that good, rather than the good of entering the door of Oman. Imagine now So hey, we really see a man from the heart of Sweden now coming, right? And then he told them that if you cannot catch up with them, the least you can do is to exert yourself in GRP sebelah, so that at least we can try to come close and saying this.

01:04:18 --> 01:05:00

Eventually he basically signed up to join the army that was fighting the Romans in Syria, and he eventually died to Shaheed fighting in Syria. And again, that's an amazing story of suhaila banana, Who was he? Where was he? And now what did he become so out of the Congress of the conquest of Makkah, so he is considered to be the most or of the most towards the most righteous and the most solid amongst them. Now, he might have become a great companion later on, but right now he's still a bitter, bitter enemy, and the orange have sent him to basically negotiate a treaty with the prophets of Salaam and they have very clearly told him, make sure whatever you agree to that he

01:05:00 --> 01:05:37

does not enter MCC this year. And that was the big condition. The correct we're willing to compromise a lot of things. But this one condition no for let not the Arab say that he had the better hand over us. And what makes the matter even more personal for Sohail was that Sohail had two sons. And the both of them had given given him trouble with Islam. And the both of them had caused so much dishonor to his family name. As for the older son, and his name was Abdullah Abdullah has a very interesting story that we didn't mention in the Battle of butter.

01:05:39 --> 01:06:13

Now I reiterate, I've said this many times, and no doubt inshallah Tada, this Syrah that I'm teaching you is insha Allah, perhaps the most comprehensive in the English language, inshallah Tada, but at the same time, it's not everything. Because really, that's a whole different level. And I would call it an intermediate level zero. Advanced Level means you go over every chain and which one is authentic, and who said where and that's really not suitable even in the English language, in my opinion. So not every story has been mentioned. And this is a story that I actually left it out in the battle about it. And I regret having left it out, because it is not relevant here. So I'll just

01:06:13 --> 01:06:53

quickly mention it here. And that is a story of Abdullah ibn so hate Obama. Very briefly. It's a very interesting story that Abdullah bin Sohail he was a secret convert. And there was some tensions between him and his father, but he didn't want to go public with Islam. And he realized that my father being who he is, this is going to cause big problems for me. And so he basically quoted he was trying to convert publicly, but his father clearly would not allow this. So he kept his Islam secret. So when the Battle of butter happens, he sees an opportunity, what opportunity to finally get to Medina. Howe, in the very army that is meant to fight Medina.

01:06:55 --> 01:07:44

Right. So Abdullah volunteers, right? And he walks literally with them under their noses as a part of the army. And when they camp for the very first time, and they can see each other up the law, basically takes his horse and sneaks away, and he joins the ranks of the Muslims. And he fights on the side of the Muslims at butter against the side of the aurash. Now, can you imagine the shame that Suhail had to deal with back in Makkah? Right? Can you imagine the criticisms how embarrassed souhei would have been in front of his, you know, now he's the prisoner of war and his son is now watching him as a prisoner of war and brother, right? So he does it prisoner his son is on the side

01:07:44 --> 01:08:11

of the Muslims now. And this caused Suhail so much anguish pain This is his eldest, this is the firstborn all the hopes all the dreams, guess what? Once Suhail runs over to Medina, so his younger brother starts talking of conversion. And clearly he is a convert. And so his younger sorry, not sorry, Abdullah's younger brother. Sorry, Abdullah. So so he has two sons, Abdullah, and then abou gender.

01:08:12 --> 01:08:52

And gender is the one we're going to talk about right now. Right, Abdullah? Even so hey, and then his younger brother abou gender. When Abdullah flees to Medina, Abu jandal clearly expresses irritation that he can't do the same. He wants to know How come he went to go he got to go right. You know, how siblings were all the time? Right? He got to go, I need to go as well now. And it was clear to souhei that abou gender is a Muslim, because you see, the same thing had happened with Abdullah that Abdullah is trying to convince his father to convert and his father is not converting and so Abdullah basically says, okay, you know, let's not convert, but it's clear that he is a

01:08:52 --> 01:09:00

convert. Now. You understand here right? That there's the tension. And so I will gender Islam is now certain, so.

01:09:01 --> 01:09:24

Suhail, locks up of agenda, and tells the servants and slaves to torture him, throw him into the dungeon deprive him of food and water. And he is chained since the Battle of button up until now, the incident of Arabia, that four and a half solid years, the father has kept his own son in a dungeon

01:09:25 --> 01:09:51

torturing him telling him to worship the idols basically the same, you know, the same thing that's happening, right? And he is refusing to let agenda go to Medina. He says, I've lost one so I'm not going to lose, lose both of them until you convert, then you will be free and of course, you know, they're not going to lie and say, Okay, I'm going to worship the idol. You know, they're not going to do that these are they have the amount they're not going to do that. So I will gender has been locked up. And of course, the story will be the one that we are talking about here.

01:09:52 --> 01:09:58

It's part of the we're going much slower than I was expecting but there's so much to mention. Let's just go for another 510 minutes and then let's call it a break.

01:10:00 --> 01:10:20

So So hey, then. So he then comes as the as the official delegate, and the Profit System and Suhail, they agree to write a treaty. And this is the famous story, all of us are familiar with it, the standard story. And I will just narrate it to for those who are hearing it for the first time that the profit system called for a scribe, and it was the one who was described there.

01:10:22 --> 01:10:58

And so I'd even everybody began writing down and the Profit System began dictating, because So hey, there's now come to negotiate a treaty. He's the one who says, Come, let us write the solar between us, let us write the compromise the treaty between us. So the profitsystem began dictating. And this shows us the assertiveness of the Prophet system, that he's not a meek leader. He's not somebody who's gonna know Okay, let's negotiate. This is what I want. So every time he's saying something first, right, and this shows us as well. So hey, it might have been hard to have the courage, but the Prophet system is far more powerful and eloquent than him obviously, right. He cuts off straight

01:10:58 --> 01:11:42

it goes okay, let us write it. Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. So the Prophet systems forwardness is being shown here as the leader he's now negotiate. Right Bismillah R Rahman Rahim. And so hey, as we know, he says, As for this phrase, Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim. I have never heard of it before. And I don't know who is this Ar Rahman. Let us write it the way we are accustomed to writing this Mikela home. Now again, this is a matter of ego, isn't it? Right? What would souhei lose if there were Bismillah R Rahman Rahim is just a preliminary, the letterhead, what would he lose? It's a matter of ego and pride. I want to show you who's the boss, I'm not going to compromise anything.

01:11:42 --> 01:12:25

Right? And remember what our Prophet system had said. And he said this publicly, and he said it publicly so that the Muslims understand what's at stake. He said, that By Allah, no condition will the Quran ask of me. And that condition respects the signs of Allah, except that I will give them that condition, basically, as long as bloodshed is avoided, and as long as the sacred because bloodshed would be how long meaning this is the harem. And they're not supposed to fight in the house them in a harem. It's a major sin. So as long as they avoid any how long and how long, and bloodshed is avoided. I will give them any condition they want, as long as shot at an Islamic Sharia

01:12:25 --> 01:13:13

law are honored. So the Prophet system said very well, right it Bismillah Allahu now it had not yet written it down. So he says this Mikela home. So he says this Mikela home, then the process of again took charge and one second we notice he is the one showing who's the boss and the profitsystem said, This is what Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam has agreed to with souhei ebin ama. Okay, so Ali is writing this is what has Mr. sallahu Mohammed Rasulullah. So this is what Mohammed and he writes the word restored as we know, this is the famous story, he writes the word Rasulullah. And by the time Sohail hears this, he says, As for you being rasulillah, and this is very true, from his

01:13:13 --> 01:13:45

perspective, will lie. If we believe you to build a pseudo law, neither would we prevent you from the caliber nor would we have fought you but or heard. Right, rather, write it the way your family your your your people knew you, Mohammed bin Abdullah. Now again, this is major ego, right? Who cares what the title is, if you really want a treaty, but this is a matter of his ego. So hey, wants to the Profit System and the Muslims to know we're not gonna let you get away with anything.

01:13:46 --> 01:14:26

And the Prophet system said, what law he in Nila Rasulullah? Well, I am a pseudo law. Even if you deny this doesn't matter, it doesn't change the reality. So write down Mohammed Abdullah. And here is where one of the reports says and this is definitely any. There's nothing strange about this, even though it's not in some books, but it is in other books that I live in. I thought it basically said you had a pseudo law, I'm not going to delete Rasulullah. I'm not going to delete Rasulullah. And in his own anger, now got the better of him that who does this man think he is that I'm going to delete or I'm going to scratch out Rasulullah from this document. And so it is said and there's

01:14:26 --> 01:15:00

again, nothing wrong with with this version as well, that the process of basically took it and scrapped it out. Or in those days you had leather to write in, and there is no whiteout. How are you going to take something out, you take a knife or you take something, you just basically rub it off, and then it's not going to be there anymore. And so it just said that with his own hand. So the longer I sell him, he basically scribbled it out. And this shows us again, the humility of the Prophet system. It shows us the amount of early rhodiola hunter that he said, and amazingly, by disobeying the process of actually honoring him, think about it right in this

01:15:00 --> 01:15:29

One case by say, I can't do this, I just can't. He's actually honoring the profitsystem. Right. And the process of didn't persist out of he understands that his dilemma here, right, he didn't persist, I'm commanding your you know. So he takes it himself, and he simply rubs it off. And then the document resumes again. And the profitsystem said, so again, he takes charge, right, that the Orion will let the Muslims do.

01:15:30 --> 01:15:50

Notice again, he's always nice upon Allah, what do you expect from the solar system? He is no coward. He is No, he's not going to be quiet at the negotiation table every time he's the one forward. But so Hey, he's representative polish. And so he says, As for this year, fella, the No, we cannot do this.

01:15:51 --> 01:15:54

Rather, that will be for next year.

01:15:55 --> 01:16:39

So helaas that is it. Now, there is no compromise, that this year, you are not going to be able to do the aroma, rather, you will come next year. And then. So he continued. So now the Prophet says, basically, that was the main condition he wanted to do overall, right? He didn't want anything else. He has no other condition. So so he basically improvised? And he said, Yes, you'll do ombre. But that will be the next year on our terms. Now. So he adds his conditions. And if the Prophet says and wanted to do over the next year, well, then you're going to have to listen to my conditions now. So what was his condition that not a single man from us, renegades or defects over to you, even if he'd

01:16:39 --> 01:16:53

be on your religion, except that you will hand him back to us? You see, so hate especially has been harmed. His son is on the other rank, and his other son wants to go there.

01:16:55 --> 01:16:58

So So Haley wants this condition for personal reasons.

01:16:59 --> 01:17:09

And he also wants it because this has really traumatize the aurash they have lost a lot of people in this manner. Right? And

01:17:10 --> 01:18:00

the Muslim said, Subhana Allah, what an unfair condition, how can we return any one of the Muslims back to you, while he has come to us and chosen us, and a commotion began? How can we give this condition and it did not write it? Because of this commotion going on? The Muslims honor their pride has been hurt, and probably a few minutes are dragging on. And then Allah subhana wa tada wills one of the most interesting and clearly melodramatic episodes of the say there is no denying that this is the will of Allah. That right at this point in time, something happens that is simply so melodramatic and so difficult to stomach. This was a test for all of the Muslims and that is Sohail

01:18:00 --> 01:18:02

sun abou agenda jandal.

01:18:03 --> 01:18:34

Clearly, not by the words, put a footnote here. I will gender is trapped in a dungeon. But in the last four years, he's figured out a way to get out but even if he gets out, where's he gonna go? He doesn't have a horse, he doesn't have a camel. How is he going to get his way to Medina? Okay, you know, when you're trapped in such a scenario, you might figure out a way to get out. But then once you get out, he's he's gonna have a chain around him, you know, all of the people of Macondo him What's he gonna do? So he might as well just stay there. At least he's being fed and given some food and some water, he's gonna die out in the desert. He has no way of getting to Medina and realize him

01:18:34 --> 01:19:12

in those days. It's not just a matter of escaping from the dungeon. How are you going to get from Mecca to Medina, he has no money, he has no ride. The people of MK all know him as being the son of souhei. What chance does he have, so he stays in the status quo. Now he's heard that for the last three or four days, the Muslims are camped outside, he doesn't know his father has gone to negotiate however it is, he finally manages to basically get out of that dungeon, he still has his chains, but he gets out of that dungeon. And he flees, hoping finally to be protected by the Muslims. And while they're disgusting and this discussing and clearly as I said, the will of Allah azza wa jal to

01:19:12 --> 01:19:28

demonstrate this is something so clear here that they hear the dangling of the king of the chains here, the clanking of the chains. And in the distance, they find our agenda screaming out Yeah. Then Muslim in all Muslims. Finally, yes, I found you guys.

01:19:29 --> 01:19:49

He doesn't know his own father is sitting there, right. He doesn't know what is being discussed. He does not know that the very condition that is being discussed deals with Sohail and his own two sons, right. And so he turns to the Prophet said him and he says, This is the first one that this condition is going to be applied on.

01:19:51 --> 01:19:59

And with that, very melodramatic shadows that ending we will have to pause and come back in shallow data.

01:20:00 --> 01:20:00

Next Wednesday.

Shaykh Yasir delves into the events that transpired after Uthman Ibn Affan RA was sent to negotiate with the Quraysh.

As Uthman RA entered Mecca, he was met with stiff opposition. But with the assistance of his cousin, Abaan ibn Saeed ibn Al Aas, he was able to enter Mecca easily.then, Uthman RA met with Abu Sufyan who is his cousin from the Banu Umayyah. The Prophet ﷺ had asked of  Uthman RA to meet all the Muslim converts and comfort them and reassure them of Allah’s presence and help. These meetings and negotiations took a longer time than expected and hence the sahabas began to fear for Uthman RA and assumed the worst – that he had been killed.

The rumours reached the ears of the Prophet ﷺ and he decided to avenge the death of Uthman RA. A crier was sent to all the muslims that Jibreel AS has come down to the Prophet ﷺ asking the Muslims to give allegiance to him to pledge to fight the Quraysh to death. This oath was called ‘Bayat Al Ridwan’.1400 sahaba participated in Baiatul Ridwan. As for the pledge of support of Uthman RA, the Prophet SAW himself took the oath on behalf of him. These people are given a status right after the Badriyoon.

When this development reached the Quraysh they sent an official delegation with Mikras ibn Hafs. But it was unsuccessful and hence,the senior most and highest level delegate, Suhail ibn Amr was sent to consolidate a negotiation.

The Prophet ﷺ and Suhail agree to form a treaty and Ali ibn Abi Talib RA was the scribe for this treaty. The following were the terms and conditions of the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah:

  • There will be no fighting between the two parties for the next 10 years.
  • Any person was free to choose the party he wanted to pledge his support to.
  • If any Makkan went to Madinah, then Muslims would return him to Makkah, but if any Muslim from Madinah went to Makkah, he would not be returned.
  • That year the Muslims would go back without entering Makkah. And Muhammad ﷺ and his followers could enter Makkah the next year, spend three days and perform Umrah.

This agreement was a blatant disregard for the wishes of the Muslims but Allah had planned a better and far more lucrative deal for the Muslims as shall be seen in the realization of a great victory for the Muslims.


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