Mohamad Baajour – Fasting the 6 Days of Shawwal

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of fasting during quarantine and the potential for taking advantage of the pandemic. They suggest combining the six days of fasting with the three white days of Sha titles to avoid missing too many days. The speaker also mentions the possibility of finishing one's quarantine days and being asked about their daily habits.
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Usually my cutter is on Thursday, but this is time sensitive. So I said let me say today in JAMA SMIL Alhamdulillah. Wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Salam wa salam gave us an amazing amazing offer any Subhanallah imagine they say that Apple Store is having 75% of

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what happened? You will sleep one night before,

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two nights before

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50 plus 75% of Apple Allahu Akbar. Listen to this offer which is forget about Apple oranges anything. This is a real deal. Man sama Ramadan will adapt will be certain men shall learn come on Summit that

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Allahu Akbar whoever fast the month of Ramadan and follows it by six days of shall well as if he has fasted the whole year. And if he or she does it every year, as if they spent their whole lifespan fasting.

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Yanni what does that mean? That means if I finished Ramadan, and I stopped doing the six days of Shawwal and in the al Qaeda in the hedger, I would be eating and recorded. Fasting Subhan Allah by many questions number one, people ask, should it be consecutive? Does it have to be consecutive like six days in a row? No. Many people have a lot of burnin, they broke their first on eight and then they started right away. Today's their second day many, many of our brothers and sisters, which is great, and they're gonna continue until they are done with the six. That's one great option. Second, you could pick any six days.

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Or you could do like me, I do a combo intention. Monday and Thursday, and the six days to show one. And that's why I said time sensitive customers Thursday. Tomorrow is my first day of the six days of Chawan. Okay, so I can do Thursday and Monday because there are at least four Mondays and Thursdays right? So look, you're talking about eight so you'll definitely get six out of that. Or I can do Monday and Thursday and three white days. Can I do three white days intention to shiners? Yeah, you can do two summers together. When I walk into the Masjid. I can combine diet and measure to Sunil Fraser with Toora Kozani right. Similarly, I can combine the three white days with that the Aryan

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Chawan there are certain Chawan right. Now the biggest question, which is mostly for our sisters or anybody who traveled or was sick and Ramadan? Should I cover my days of Ramadan first that I missed? And then do the six days of Chawan or should I do the six days of Shaolin and I do my Ramadan later, but do the Mufti say

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and one first that's one opinion. Second Opinion show well first telephone

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the scholars differ

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Okay, listen to the Hadith min sama Ramadan

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and followed by six days of shall well whomsoever fasted Ramadan if I missed three days of Ramadan did I fast Ramadan

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I still have that right? I still have those two days I missed the three days I missed so the Hadith said min sama Ramadan whomsoever fasted Ramadan, I did not completed yet I missing two three days, five days, six days, whatever. So

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what if I die in show? Well, what will I be questioned about the six days of shot what are my days that I missed? And Ramadan? Right, I will be a question about the field. So by the way, there is another opinion that about your world, but this is the stronger opinion. Finish your Ramadan first, finish your debt. This is a debt I owe these days. It's not your 66 days of your world. If I do not fetch them, I will not be sinful. But those two days. Why am I like for example, somebody is giving silvercar And he owes the cat. You understand? somebody's giving sadaqa and he always got a handle so it's better to fill it finish your days first and then inshallah to Allah you do the six days of

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Sure. Well, these are the main questions and Charlotte Allah may Allah give us the ability to perform this beautiful Ada and I said about Monday on Thursday on purpose because in sha Allah Tala maybe this will carry on to the months after if I started Monday and Thursday now for a while and I make the intention. Yeah, Allah make it my daily monthly habit. And in sha Allah Tala will continue after and that will be amazing. Zachman lockets

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got the f let me know Moon A levena woofie Asana de human force your own. Well levena umani love we weren't born when Levina homeless Zanka differ you will Lavina

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have only four or D him have you hone in

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as Why do you

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get Amen?

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Now whom will you marry me

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