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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi takes off from where he had left the previous lecture which discusses the strategies undertaken by the Muslims and the Quraysh during Hudaybiyyah.

To counter the Muslims who were camped at Hudaybiyyah,the Quraysh launched a surprise attack from Tan'im at around Fajr. The plan failed miserably as the Muslims were more than prepared to tackle them and so the Quraysh had to surrender.

The next stage was the negotiations and how the constant exchange of emissaries took place to bring forth a mutual consensus. One of the leaders of Khuza'a volunteered to be an emissary and he was not Madani or Qurayshi - Budail. The first person to be sent for negotiation from the Quraysh was Uruwa ibn Masud who belonged to the tribe of Taqif. What transpired between these two parties makes up a chunk of the important lecture and should not be missed.

The Quraysh also send Al Hulays ibn Alkama from the tribe of Kinana to which the Prophet ﷺ sent a Qurayshi. Who was this? It was Umar ibn Al Khattab RA. Why was this choice made? Simply because of his strength and bravery. But in a surprise turn of events and citing valid reasons, Umar RA suggests to the Prophet ﷺ that Uthman Ibn Affan RA is the better choice of candidate. How so? Get your queries answered as we listen further into the lecture.

The suggestion is taken into account and is accepted by the Prophet ﷺ and so he send Uthman ibn Affan RA for a negotiation. What happens next?

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