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Do you know how much I'm paying every single month on these loans? I under $707? You know how much of that actually goes into the loan itself? 64 $64. The rest of that goes into interest. $643 goes into interest, like How Does that even make sense? How is that even legal, I understand is loaning money at interest, and that it is one of the biggest sins and problems in North America today. Plain and simple. It's a sin, and it is cursed by God. So, if you are a real country, you would make it illegal. Period. That's it, make it easy illegal to start a business that loans money to people at interest.

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That's what the Bible says. And that's what God wants. Don't argue with it, just do it. usury is loaning someone money and charging them interest. That's what usually is. Now in our modern vernacular, the word usury has changed meaning conveniently, for those who practice usury, see usury today means you're charging an excessive interest rate above 29.99%. So if you're charging 30% plus, that's a crime. That's usury and whatever, but that's not what the Bible defines as usury. Oh, no. The Bible defines any. Any amount of interest being charged as usury is a proven from the Bible.

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To the show, how are you doing? And how are you doing? I'm doing great. Ramadan. That's amazing. We made it. We made it it's only like 1011 days over. It's crazy. Dr. Otto? Yes, sir. Dr. Arthur, Huck, Huck is coming in all the way from Dallas, Texas, Dallas, Texas, warm weather, Dallas, Texas. Now, tell us Is this true? I mean, when I heard these staggering numbers, 44 million Americans

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are nearly one, these are the students now are nearly 1.5. Not billion or million, but trillion in debt. Exactly. So actually, $1.5 trillion of student debt is a second greatest debt in the US. And unfortunately, many, many Muslims are also part of these 44 million students that are in debt Subhanallah it's a it's a very dangerous number, and it's gonna have a really big impact on our economy soon.

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I mean, those those numbers when you when you when you think about that, you say that I it just it just mind blowing? And now how does that relate to what we're going to be talking about? That you ended up trying to make a difference? And you started an organization? Was it because of how it was the name of your organization is a continuous charity? So how does that connect now to this debt, this problem that we're having? Yeah, so the student debt crisis it has is having a lot of repercussions. So a continuous charity is the first and only Muslim nonprofit organization that gives interest free loans for college, university and grad school. So we're not a bank, but a

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nonprofit organization, that its sole goal is to promote education amongst Muslims and to make it ruber free or interest free. That's our main goal and hamdulillah we started in June 2000 1300, we started with this a small kickoff kind of fundraiser at my father's house, and we'll get to his story a little bit later. But we were able to raise $50,000 at that night as like the seed money for the organization hamdullah, six years later now, where we've given over $1.5 million to Muslim students to help again promote education and to protect them from going to war with Allah and His Messenger sallallahu datacentre. Do you think now, the the consequences? You know, it's interesting,

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how these words have changed? Because many people they don't they're paying the interest? Which is usury. Yes, exactly. And usually people play these games, you know, say, well, in the Quran, it says usury, I'm paying interest. Have you heard these, you know, arguments. And we've definitely heard these arguments, I feel that people are now kind of getting to understand exactly how bad student loans are. Because it's now it's not only affecting normal sense, but affecting their own children. And so they're now seeing the repercussions on their own children, this generation that has now become part of the educate higher education. So it's definitely is this clip. Now let's play this

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clip. Do you know how much I'm paying every single month and these loans? I under $707? You know, how much of that actually goes into the loan itself? 64 $64. The rest of that goes into interest. $643 goes into interest, like How Does that even make sense? How is that even legal? I understand, sir, and we've tried to lower the payment for you Take me 30 years to pay this entire loan off. And even when I do, I'm paying triple the amount of how all our loan payment schedules work. So let me get this

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You can't drink alcohol till you're 21. But you can get $100,000 loan at 18. Explain that to me. I had no idea what I was signing up for. My parents had never been to college, so they didn't know either. And what's even worse is that they cosign on my loan, so even if I can't pay you back, you're gonna go after them. I'm truly sorry to say this, sir. But this is just how these loans are. Even if I die, you guys are still gonna come after them is that

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I can you

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can even buy a car?

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Can you buy a house?

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I can't do anything to move forward, my life is frozen. I feel like I'm in a prison. These loans have taken over my life. I feel like there's just there's just no way out anymore.

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There's gotta be something guys can do. I mean,

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just just just gotta be away.

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I'm truly sorry to say this, sir. But this is just how these loans are. And you will have to pay them back. Is this clip? Did you guys put this together? Where you have this student he's calling in to have some mercy from the people? Oh, yeah, this actually a true story. So it's it's true story. And we we reenacted the scene, but it's a true story. So highlight, and it's really sad to see how much how much student debt or debt in general can impact not only your health, but your mental health. And this, I think, is a really good example of what it'll tell us about this story a lot, did you not you know, the brother well, so I didn't know the story. I didn't know that brother

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personally, but we, you know, just doing a lot of research going to different websites, reading about different people in different situations. And this is just one of the stories. So this is just this is just an American, this is a regular student, American American, you know, American citizen who go into school in the Western society and seeing how difficult it is to come out of any kind of debt. And not only that, his impact his immediate life, and just how he feels, but he's getting married his parents who are co signers of the laws. I mean, it affects not just you, but your family, your future wife, your children, and all the decisions that you make for into the future

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seems like people you're chasing this dream that's painted. And at any cost, you want to get it. And obviously, it's nothing wrong, you want to be the best in your field, you want to get an education, but at what expense now, and now it's the beauty. The beauty of this, Dean, is that we have these perimeters, you know, these guidelines that we live by, and it's for our protection for our well being. So you go out of those. And now you can see like from this story, this student now, okay, yeah, he gets the education, but he's enslaved. He's done. I mean, he can't like now it just compound interest upon compounded. And then now what turned out to be what was what would you

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estimate something, an average student loan is I mean, so right now, it really depends up from graduate school to like just regular bachelors. So you're talking about being $28,000, all the way to even 40 or $50,000. For a graduate school. And even like, if you're talking about law school, medical school, we're talking about $128,000 on average for these people to come out of zero gonna eventually be enslaved you sit and slave to these debts that you're going to pay over 10 1520 years, and eventually paying two or three times it's actual amount that you got out from the bank, and it's okay to simplify. So you get a loan for 100,000. At the end now, like he said, In the video, I'm

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paying monthly, What was he saying he was paying, he was paying like only it was like 90% was going towards just interest, just the interest Exactly. And the way these banks are, is they will Front Load the interest. So you'll start paying only the interest, and then eventually, you'll get to the principal. So it's a really difficult situation. So if you can't pay these debts off immediately, or like I said, having an interest free debt, then you're not paying almost anything to the principal amount. And you'll see that numbers stay exactly the same. Even though you're paying $780 a month, that principle will stay the same, unfortunately. So now if you get a loan for 100,000, at the end,

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when you finally if you do make it to paying it off, then what is it it triples quadruples, what is it so it depends on how aggressive you are. But generally what we'll see is that at least two to three times more, you'll pay off unfortunately, and especially and also depends on the interest rate you get on general, we're talking between six and 8% is what we're seeing now. But in the past, interest rates are much lower. But unfortunately, what the availability of getting loans is interest rates and the need for getting as these the perceived need of getting a higher education. These interest rates have definitely climbed. It's interesting when you look when you go back in time in

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history, you had the church had forbidden this, this was something that was outlawed. You had you know, philosophers were talking about this, even if we don't don't even you know, bring up the Quran or the Sunnah. But you had people wise people of the past they were warning against this and it was outlawed at one time Yeah, history about this. Definitely. Yeah, definitely. I mean, it's it's amazing how Islam in general has this ability to protect us not from our just our spiritual bodies, our health, anyone from finance is a complete way of life. And a lot like you said, even if we don't need to talk about what ends in law, but just in the fact that like Allah has made this religion

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complete and perfect, and it takes care of every single facet of our life.

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And this is just one of the negatives that people are now delving into so much in interest that is that it's now now affecting us in a really, really awful way. So I can't I can't imagine because truly when when you live debt free, you do live a free human being, I mean, when you're shackled, you know, when this is shackled by something like this over your head. And what happens if you die? Now, let's say if you die, or if you declare bankruptcy, what happens? So that's a really good question. So student loans, unfortunately, it's such a such a predator type system, I mean, any other debt, like if you go into debt from with your house, your car, you can declare bankruptcy, and

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they'll just wipe that away with student debt. It's unfortunate, like you can't just declare bankruptcy and they'll wipe wipe all your debt, they'll go after you, they'll go after your job, they'll go after your parents. Um, it's a really the only way you can really get out of it is if you die. And it's a terrible system. And it's so sad that students are trying to benefit themselves, but not benefit themselves, but their family's future generations and the society. But this society, in particular, these, these banks and the government are taking advantage of them. And these people who are in like the prime of their life, and they're unable to get out of this debt, and that affects

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like not even just their health, but their the decisions they make on a daily basis. It's it's a really sad situations model. I mean, this is criminal. It really yeah, I mean, it definitely is, just to put it like black and white, straightforward. This is this is criminal. And that's why in the verbatim Word of God Almighty, Allah, the Quran, it that's why there's such a harsh language, you know, condemning this and really having people putting fear, you know, into the the person is living by this, by the guidance of the Creator, to stay far away from it, don't indulge in it. So we're giving some points where I'd like the person in the video, which is linked back to a true

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story. He was like, I was young, I didn't know I didn't, you know, he's like, you have to be 21 to buy alcohol. But you let me get this loan, signed my life away pretty much to be indebted at 18. No, that's crazy. It's crazy. I think it was one of the things that our organization, it continues, surely does is to provide education. For the students who are maybe they might be the first person in their family going to college. And their parents are maybe immigrants, and they don't know the college system, the higher education system in the US. So we try to provide education on which is the best, how's the best way to go to school interest free, and even if we can make a debt free,

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let's make a debt free, even if it's interest free debt, but but no debt is better, right? So we try to provide education on how to get scholarships, how to apply the FAFSA, how to get Pell Grants, different things, because at the end of the day, you want to get your education and you want to start your life, you don't want to then have to go back and be enslaved to your own your financial decisions you made at the age of 18. For the next 30 years of your life, you want to kind of move on. And so that's some of the education that we do with our with our nonprofit, a continuous journey is to help these kids make the best financial decisions, even though they're you know, 1819 and

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maybe don't have the best experience. How did you make it because you're, you're a medical doctor? Yes, our profession. So you have to go through this is how did you get through all this? So you know, that's a really great question. And it really goes back to my father, my father at a very young age was instilling education into us. And I guess it's part of like the Indian Pakistani culture is you have to be an engineer or a doctor. So he actually grew up in India in poverty. He used to say they used to study under the streetlights. So he had to, you know, he had a really difficult time, but hamdulillah he was able to, you know, surpass that go to medical school in

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India. And when she comes to the US do residency, and now Michelle has a full time, you know, critical care doctor, and he's been able to provide so much for his family and even his extended family. So since he had that experience, he was then, you know, impressing that upon us. And because He impressed that upon us, we have, you know, it really just sparked why I wanted to make this organization a continuous charity, it was the lessons from my father. And on top of that, it was just what we see in society, like you said, like we see, I used to do a lot of youth groups in San Diego, we had a lot of smaller refugees, a lot of Afghan refugees. And, you know, they had no

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guidance, they didn't know what to do, how to go to school, they were kind of doing dead end jobs, but they're so educated, intensive, like they were very intelligent when I met say they're very intelligent, hardworking, dedicated, even more so than myself. So it really inspired myself and my team to you know, to make this organization to make it a reality for other people to get higher education without having to get into interspace debt. So your father I mean, so he helped you now that's interesting. You said studying under the lights? streetlights Yeah. This realize, yeah, I mean, Cipolla in India. At that time, he actually his father had passed away when he was younger. So

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it was this. He had Tim and he had like, six brothers and sisters. So the brothers had to work. And they would always try to get him to work because he's like, Hey, you need to support the family. Your mom's at home. We don't have that much food. But he's like, No, I have a vision that education will bring us out of this darkness out of this poverty. And they were they were working in their bicycle, delivering newspapers, delivering food, whatever it might be, but he was like, No, you guys I'm going to study and I promise you, this will have

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pay dividends in the future, and supply laughter even though it took 20 or 30 years. Now, all my entire family was living in the US, they all have migrated here and have been living better prosperous lives, not only just from financially but even islamically as well. So he was he was 100%. Right, that education can change the trajectory of your family in a giant time. So how did they get around this? Again? The, the falling into this deep debt?

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Well, I mean, my so my father, my father. Oh, yeah. So the way that or at least the way that I avoided it, which is yeah, I forgot that was the initial question that you had. So my father, being a physician, wanted to meet also become a physician. And I was telling him listen, you know, I, I, it's okay for me to become a physician, but I'm not gonna go into interest based it just to, you know, satisfy your dreams. So I told him, Hey, if you want me to become a doctor, you're gonna have to pay for it. And then he was like, I really wants to become a doctor. So so he ended up paying for, and I think that's a nice for me also to start the organization, because for me, I'll lead bus

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ride, obviously, I had no decision on who my parents are going to be right. But a lot put me and chose me in a particular situation where my father's doctor and my mom is also a doctor as well. So they were able to financially support all of their children and send them to medical school, without falling in that in the usury interest trap. Exactly. Yeah, suppose it was a really big benefit of a huge blessing. And so I felt like, you know, there are people out there that are smarter than me, that are more dedicated to me that have so much more desire to help themselves help their family. So I'm like, well, Allah put me in a situation where I didn't have to go through that. But it wasn't

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anything that I did myself. So let me try to bring that to other people as much as I can. And that's kind of what our team what our goal was for the team that repeated and hamdulillah. Now, six years later, what we're trying to do our best to, you know, alleviate this stress from other people. I mean, it doesn't stop there. And this is good that people, anybody, I want anybody who is considering getting a student loan, somebody who is in the state of higher education now, and they have to consider that they, God willing, they can watch this episode, and now really get to ponder and think some more, because we're bringing some very valid, crucial points. The next thing that is

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linked to this debt is suicide, depression. What are the you talked about some of the numbers there that you have? the direct result of this is now what happens from there, suicide, depression, these things, so death, I mean, there's a lot of research that not only our team is doing, but obviously bigger organizations have done in the last 2030 years in showing that debt in general. So we were saying that mortgage debt being number one, then student loans, and then I think credit cards and then cars in general, are the are the biggest debt in the US. So just being in debt in general, like, and you'll see on this video, that it not only affects your health, but it affects your mental

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health. So we have seen an increase in depression, we've seen an increase in suicide even in Chicago, I think within the last six months, there was actually a person who specifically committed suicide because of the death there that they were that they were suffering from being from going to school. I mean, it's a staggering number. I mean, just even, I mean, one death enough from suicide from a financial reason. I mean, it is such a significant, it's such an impactful thing. And, and we think as Muslims, sometimes we live in a bubble, but unfortunately, this bubble is has been popped a long time ago. So that same effect that non Muslim Americans see Muslim Americans are seeing then as

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well. So we're definitely being affected by this financial burden, called interest or interest base debt because of student loans.

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When you go deep into this, you see that this is just another point of reference pointing to that, indeed, Islam this Deen is from the Creator, that this is another proof someone says how is that Eddie? Because why would this man, Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him not only brought,

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you know, on his astounding character, you know, pristine character,

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a believable message connecting with all the other messengers, they brought the same message, the worship of the Creator, not the creation, pure monotheism. But now at the same time, he's bringing the Quran the ultimate proof, but in there, why would he, if he wants to gain followers, he's going to prohibit alcohol, he's going to prohibit fornication, he's going to, you know, prohibit these things in life that people gravitate towards, they want to enjoy and now on top of that interest, why would he do that? Right, exactly. It doesn't make sense. Sure. Sure. I mean, it's like, except proven itself. This is a complete message. It comes from the Creator who knows us in and out what's

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good for us what's bad for us, not only just from, like, separate spirits perspective, but in all realms of our life, including finances. It doesn't make sense now, you know, fasting 30, you know, where we're at right now in Ramadan. But for each one of these, if you look at, if you look at from pork, tell us something from from a medical perspective. I mean,

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these are the things that at that time when it was prohibitive, we didn't have scientific facts now, of the health, you know, you get one of these worms in your brain. Yeah.

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That's true. Yeah. I mean, it's crazy, I suppose. You know what, especially back in the day we didn't have as like maybe sanitary conditions and they weren't cooking the meat as much and you don't have

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Like this idea of microbiology and things of that nature Yeah, for sure. I was reading an article on CNN, it's like, you know, you take even many Christians are coming out and speaking against and I'm gonna correlate this with what we're talking about here the interest specifically but with pork you we posted an article and I don't know how anyone it was from a Christian it's actually from Dr. Axe.

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He's one of the leading nutritionists in the States, he's a Christian and he gives all the common arguments that someone might have on why they might eat pork The main thing is the if you if it's undercooked, then you the chances are so high of having a health disaster but you know, he even addresses that Okay, so that's one thing the alcohol The World Health Organization estimates that every 10 seconds someone is dying from this drug alcohol so again, now Now we start to see things unfolding of the love that Allah has towards us so why certain things are prohibited fasting, look, all the health benefits, I'm sure now you know, as a medical doctor, yeah, one of all so many health

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benefits, many are even there's new research now of it fighting cancer. And we're talking about now the harm of interest. Yeah, protecting humanity. Exactly. As I made a beautiful religion, I was perfect. on all aspects of Allah. So how do people now get involved? So this is your you're offering a a, a alternative. So we, we take away, you take away the alcohol, and you give them all these beautiful smoothies and you give them all of these nutritional drinks, right? Yeah, you take away the the pig, and you have all these different beautiful meats, you got lamb, you got beef, you got you know, sushi, you got all this stuff, you know, now you take away this interest, what are you

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giving them? It's a good point. So so we are basically offering interest free loans for higher education. And so far, like, I feel this organization is almost like a David and Goliath type situation, we have this Goliath of interest based loans, that you can get it anywhere, it's everywhere, it's as freely available you can get at any age you want to. It's almost like you said, like, like alcohol and drugs, you know, it's very, very easily accessible. And this other alternative, we're trying to change the system. You know, we're trying to be that underdog that's trying to then overcome this huge obstacle that's lying in front of us. And as an organization,

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Hamdulillah, even though we've given like you said $1.5 million in interest free loans. And while that seems like 1.5 trillion, it's less than a percent of the of the whole pool of interest based debt, unfortunately, but we're trying to work together slowly to amount a big response or a huge response against this entire system. So that what we're offering these people is better not only just interest free loans, because that's one thing but we're offering education, how to go to school we're offering by taking an interest free loan, you're going to negate all of those negative stigma that comes with interest pay said that every time you pay a monthly payment like me like you will

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see in the video 90% of it will go to the interest bearing in Japan you won't be able to you'll be able to be have your payments on time, you won't have that mental stress I'm there's so many benefits to like following the religion of the one Creator God last panel data by taking an interest free debt. I've seen I mean, I've seen people try to collect money to pay off somebody's loan. I know, a medical doctor, medical doctors who have completed a school and then I've seen some of these statements that they have of debt, I believe it was almost 400 how to get almost $400,000 that's because you are in slate and you still you're still trying the person still cannot get a job.

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They're still trying to they finish, you know, the residency but it's not just like, okay, you're guaranteed you're going to get in and now this debt is still coming in, and you're not paying it and now it's compounding is coming. And you're just digging a deeper hole in a deeper hole. And now you just end up now you get the job. And you work in like it's no easy job being a doctor. Yeah, it's an it's not work. I mean, it work you like a slave in and of itself. That's true. That's true. You get it from one way then you get it from the other. Now you've got this this this debt and what if you die on that? Yeah, that's a guaranteed that you can now you got it, you're working. And finally,

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let's say you pay it off, you pay it off, you finally pay it off.

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And now your health goes bad. Right? Not all that money's coming in, right that you finally are starting to make some money and how you got to go pay pay off, you know, bills for to try to regain that health that was caused by this stress of this interest base. Or maybe the worst case now you die in that state as Yeah, that's you know, you got to go to war with you know, with the law, what the law Yeah, and one of the things I think people and it's hard to really, I guess see the benefit of blessings or Buttercup or what we call in English blessings of your wealth. One of the things that God does is when you get your wealth from a sacred source, if you get it from the * out or

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acceptable means that there's an added element of buttock or blessing that comes with your money. And it's something you can't really read on a scale something you can't really count. But in essence, if you get your wealth or education is based off interest based loans where where that is going

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against the Word of God, that it will then suck out all of that blessing and extra butter that you have in your world. And like you said, you'll have the stress you'll have, you'll be fine. You might be making a bunch of money, but where's all the money going? You might not only just be going to the debt, but you might be losing this, your car might break down your house won't be on fire. I mean, it's it's amazing what can happen in the stories that we've heard of people who have been, like you said, debt free, interest free. I mean, the extent that their dollar can go is like, you know, let's spend $1 would be like 10 or $15, just because God will put blessing into their wealth, because he

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they chose not to disobey the words of God, that's deep right there. What motivated you What got you to a point, I mean, really, that you stood up and you told your parents

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that love Look, if you want me to go, you got to pay for this. I mean, you obviously we you are committed to your deen, what got you to that state? You know, I mean, there's not a single thing that I did to deserve what in this situation Allah has really blessed me and guided me to the path and Sharmila continued got all of us to the straight path. But you know, just him I think, when I was younger, in college, you know, we had like an MSA and then you they were influenced, I felt like influencing that right in the right direction. And we definitely listened to some lectures and, and you know, just really, truly I mean, there's nothing really I can pinpoint other than just the

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blessing of Allah, He chose to put me on this path and inshallah I'll be able to preserve this path and continue to move in what was it about Islam? Obviously, like, you know, you get to go into school. Now you get to study and you get, you know, tested, you know, people usually you go in that academic setting, it's trying to the Dow is to pull you away from a crater from a dean from this system, right? I usually don't say religion, because Islam is more than that. So it's complete way of life. I'm sure you were tested, you want to, you know, many tests, what Kevin, many do go through these tests, and they fail, right? They drop off, you know, they leave. But What kept you committed

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to this, Dean? You mentioned this, but what were some of the because we know this Dean, Islam is based on proof is proof and evidence is not just blind commitment, right? What was what were some of the things that you look back at? And you saw that confirmed? You making a conscious decision that Islam is deed, indeed, from the creator? You know, that's a good question. And I come from a family who, you know, we're Muslim by birth, but maybe not the most practicing Muslims. You know, we, we definitely pray in fashionable lawn, but outside Rome or Milan, maybe you might confuse this with just that the average American, right. So I think when I was 19, actually, I specifically remember I

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was down on myself, I was in a situation where I really had to choose which direction I wanted to head, you know, and I really, I felt like I really turned to a lot and made a conscious decision of like, Hey, you know, I was born a Muslim, and maybe I was born Muslim for a reason. And I really got to, you know, stick with my principles. And I think when I was like, did I specifically when I was like, I was in summer school as a UCLA. And I was literally living by myself, it was really a really, I was really in a tough place, you know, like, no one really wants to be themselves eating by themselves and always doing things by themselves. And it really was a time for, like, personal

00:27:48 --> 00:28:19

reflection. And I think based off of the decisions that I made, at that time, I really felt that Allah had opened up the doors for me and you know, when you when you allow opens up a door for you, and you take it, you'll open up another door of good and just like just equivalent just if it opens up a door of bad and you take that or bad there might be another 1000 doors that he could open up for you potentially. So I felt like since I try I chose to follow the path of Allah, the path of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, that Allah continue to open doors of good and this is just one of those that I felt that I could give back to the community. And so this this path, after starting

00:28:19 --> 00:28:58

this organization has been really truly blessed. And even though we've, you know, we've met obstacles with myself and my team, I have 100 a great team. I felt like we were able to overcome those obstacles and to continue to push forward. You know, the worst things, the worst things but a sad thing when I go, and I see a group of doctors and drinking Coca Cola, and they're eating all these, you know, fake foods. You're not one of those. No, I'm definitely not just water for me. Yeah, but how the reason I bring this up is because I heard also that you you also you're into nutrition, you also train Gracie Jiu Jitsu. Yes. Right. Yeah, that's true. Yeah, I felt like I mean,

00:28:58 --> 00:29:31

it's amazing that I think a lot of us we like to invest into like, you know, like a great car and a great house. But just I think the importance of what you're putting inside of your own body is equally and ever more important. So definitely I think nutrition is a huge factor in staying healthy and living in like an Islamic lifestyle i think is part of what the prophet SAW some word to wanted us to do is eat healthy eat, right, eat correct. And I think definitely, you know, these fake foods, like you said, coke and all this fast food places. I mean, it's, I mean, it's really like destroying our health and you can see the epidemic epidemic of like diabetes and just bad health increasing the

00:29:31 --> 00:29:43

rates of cancer even amongst the young. I mean, things that we see in the hospital it's amazing and you were mentioning about alcohol being a drug. I mean, there's so many people that I see in the hospital that have just end organ damage from alcohol

00:29:44 --> 00:30:00

and Oregon Yeah, so like whether it's their kidneys whether it's their their liver, whether it's an alcohol from alcohol specifically from our boys, it's amazing. I once they get to a certain level of like, for instance is called cirrhosis, like death of the liver almost. I mean, these people are in and out of the hospital and we Oh, you know, the wind can

00:30:00 --> 00:30:29

Bro blow the wrong way and they can end up in the hospital and die. You know, it's it's such a sad situation. But I think this goes back to the point of this Deen being a complete way of life. And Allah and the Prophet salon and some of the laws and peace be upon him or wanting us to, you know, part of that is this nutrition eating correctly and staying healthy. And you're like that includes exercise and doing Jiu Jitsu, soccer, whatever it might be, but just like keeping active keeping healthy. Yeah, that's deep. Why do you think that doctors in medical school, they don't learn about nutrition? You have to go outside? Most likely, right? Yeah, that's true. So yeah, that's good. So I

00:30:29 --> 00:31:00

feel like Unfortunately, there's like a, there is like a general track of knowledge that people want you to follow. And I think it's all comes back to money. Because eventually, like this allopathic School of Medicine is going to, you're going to be reimbursed for the evidence based guidelines that you follow these protocols that you follow. And because of that, if you were to Veen outside and something were to happen, you might be able to you actually might get your show, you might lose your license, because they're like, Hey, this is what everybody's doing. And your peers are doing this. And now you've done that and not like, Look this bad outcome happy, even though if you do this a lot

00:31:00 --> 00:31:35

of bad outcomes, outcomes happen as well. But But just because everybody's doing that, it makes it easy to you know, prove, will everybody else do it, and it's just part of it. It's just a regular complication. But if you were to do something outside of that, you know, it could become you know, you can lose your medical license, for instance, a lot of people are obviously not going to do that, because they work so hard to get the license in the first place. I've heard from from many experts in the field that, you know, you have a lot of evidence based science behind many things, but it doesn't, it takes years, almost like 17 years where it trickles down into the conventional system.

00:31:35 --> 00:32:10

Like how you have so much research now on being done. Proven scientific research on what we're doing today on fasting, but you don't have you don't see any doctors, you come to the hospital, you tell me go fast, faster, but there's science behind it. Oh, for sure. Yeah. 100% I think unfortunately, like, the way that the US at least a Western Medical Society is is that we want to treat everything with a pill. And don't get me wrong, that there is definitely a financial benefit from the pharmacy companies I like they don't want to study this puts too much money into fat benefits of faster eating correctly. Because they know the American people would like to eat what they want to do what

00:32:10 --> 00:32:41

they want to take a pill and then that they'll benefit from that American people will get some, you know, some of that quick satisfaction that they can get from eating whatever they want. So it's a really, it's a really sad circle, unfortunately. But that's kind of the system that we're in and living in the 21st century. I mean, it's hard to break that cycle move outward without having like to sit facing some other other difficulties. Or I can go on and on. There's a whole different topic. But this is important. I mean, like, you know, Hippocrates said Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food because doctors take that Hippocratic Oath right? Yes. And he was like the

00:32:41 --> 00:33:13

father of medicine Yeah, right. That's it so this is this goes in line with the sooner this goes away. You know where last month a lot. The Creator is telling us there's one thing between eating halau but people have gone away they don't even reflect with tayyiba. Yeah. The God Almighty law saying eat have to tell you about the good food and good foods and other faithful. Yeah, that's true. Yeah. So and then and then also talking about exercise, doing some jujitsu sports, you know, and then but now really, as a student, stress, eliminating stress, and you're not going to eliminate stress, if you have

00:33:14 --> 00:33:47

enslaved yourself to this debt, exactly. I mean, the only way to eliminate all types of stressors in life is to enslave yourself to a law, and to follow his rules and regulations. And by taking interest based debt, especially in it and I'm not blaming anybody because it really it's it's not an individual fault. It's a societal level, like as a Muslim community and as an American community, we have to understand that these students are not just educating themselves so they can become rich in the future. But they're educating themselves so they can help their children their families for generations to come and society in the selves I'm how many how much benefit has our American society

00:33:47 --> 00:34:17

seen just from the benefits of people going to school, and then finding the new novel innovations and, and making things better than they were in the past. And unfortunately, we've we've gotten to the point where word then crippling them with this debt, and that prevents so many people from then, you know, going out, like say they have a certain job, well, they have to work extra jobs, they can pay their debt off and pay their bills, and they're not able to go out and volunteer, you know, they're able to go to help help build someone's house, rebuild someone's house or do community service work, it becomes very difficult, very stressful. And so unfortunately, we're in the system

00:34:17 --> 00:34:50

and our organization, a continuous charity is trying to revamp that and to make a difference in people's lives by providing giving them the ability to live a life of you know, interest, an interest free life. And that's really what our goal is as a religion is to really like an interest free life, at least from a financial perspective and that we've seen a lot of benefit from our statement like you will end with that enslave yourself to the the one who created you to the Creator, God, Almighty Allah, and then you live by the guidance and you have that's how you have trust, that trust and you obey. And now knowing that anything that's harmful for us. It's been

00:34:50 --> 00:35:00

prohibited for a reason. Is there any good books or anything else that someone can now because a lot of times things, someone can be really, you know, academically savvy and they're smart, but a lot of times

00:35:00 --> 00:35:37

When you don't go down these rabbit holes, you don't look into this specific thing. You know, a lot of this is now new for someone is there a direction you can point them in? They can look further into this. Because you have a lot of not yet Muslims non Muslims out there who who are who, you know, there's a really great interview by a it's called a book called The confessions of an Economic Hitman. This is one is there anything else that you that you recommend someone read or to get more educated in this area? and interest? Yeah, definitely. Good question. So I think on our website, I so we have different resources for people to use. Yeah. So if you go to ACC So again,

00:35:37 --> 00:36:08

ACC educate org, you can find a list of resources, not only just about reading about these kinds of things, but it's specifically about education and, and even going to scholarships and other interest free loans. And, I mean, there's a lot of different things that we can offer just from our website. And if you obviously contact us through the website, as well, we can also provide different information as well. We actually have a launch good campaign as well this this year. So launch, slash interest free, you can also learn about more about organization on our website and you know, get more resources as well to hopefully then take yourself out of this interest based life

00:36:08 --> 00:36:44

to an interest free life. Therefore, you know, submitting yourself to the one only create a thank you as well nice having you in a program. And thank you guys for tuning in. And it's in your interest to go ahead and not just attach yourself to something that's temporary, but something that's permanent, and as genda and you have the guidance here and we touched upon some of the wisdoms and from there inshallah, you can go ahead and leave some of your takeaways in the comments below. Subscribe to get more of our programs sent to you, inshallah, God willing you have a blessed Ramadan and we'll see you next time tune in every week, here at the deen show. Until then, peace be

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with you as salaam alaikum

1.5 Trillion Dollars of student loan debt In America. The Quran and the Bible agree this is Evil with Dr. Athar Haq from

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