Lost & Found – A Spiritual Life Journey Of Ups And Downs

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The transcript describes distractions between Islam and politics, where female individuals express their desire to be killed and sold farm. The importance of forgiveness and avoiding regret is emphasized, along with advice on achieving a "sweet spot" in life. The speaker also emphasizes the need for a culture of sex and provides advice on achieving a "sweet spot" in life. The speaker also touches on the negative consequences of regret and the importance of practicing to stay true to oneself.

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And sees a lack of acceptance and an anger and a rebellion against the law

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the faith turns into a permanent condition. And you can see this with people. So common law, that they are tested many times, but it's removed from them and a lot opens to them. And you see the opposite, that a person has given a little test but it lingers for days and weeks and May Allah protect us years for only one reason that they have not made peace with the loss of Hannah Montana.

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third aspect of maintaining a successful hedge is your finance. And so kinda law people. Yeah, I remember they would email how much money should I bring? And it's a subjective question everyone, you know, everyone can bring as much as they want and can spend as much as they want. But one of the important aspects that we find in our Deen is that our financial transactions directly directly affect our Eman relationship with Allah subhanaw taala. If you consume Riba, your Eman plummets, it's, you know, we know it's a financial transaction. If you're unwilling to repay a debt, when you are able, it affects your emotion with a loss of Carlota either. If you're unwilling to give in

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generosity to the one who your heart moves you to, and you're capable of it.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala

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gives that opportunity to help another to someone other than you.

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Sometimes you will see that there will be people around you in the harem, who are in need. And it could be that there's someone who's looking for,

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you know, a ride.

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And the person's asking him 50 bn, and they say I only have 20 I only have 30. That's not

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anything other than you hearing an opportunity for yourself. Well, I

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will lie. And I give you evidence from the story of a DA DA DA DA DA DA Juana.

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He's sitting in the magic with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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And here's a young orphan, come to the masjid of the prophets. I send him his father's recently passed away, young man, very young. And he's crying to the prophets I said and had eaten mahaya Muslim and he says Yato, Sula, LA, my father has passed away. And he has kept for me many daughters and I know I'm his and my mother and otherwise he had, and, and the state that we have has no fence. So every day, the sheet that we hold that I have been given to look after in his place, they run in the desert and they die. So I came to my neighbor. And I asked him if I can cut down the tree that blocks the place where I need to build the fence, if I can buy it from him, or if he can give it to

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me or if he can look at whatever. He's refused me all this time. On messenger of Allah, it's gotten too much. I can't bear it anymore where all of our property is being destroyed. Can you speak to the neighbor? The Prophet calls this man but the Allahu anhu one of the messages I send him and he says to him, check it he's complained to me about this, this and this.

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Yeah, who he sent him the tree sakana Rajan la Rasulullah sallallahu is and never will I get this treat after what this man just think. After raising me humiliating me in front of you like this will not he'll never sell it to one law. He'll never give it to a law club. It's hard close.

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The profit center it's your property, I can't force you. And with that, listen is hearing none of his business. He's just sitting on the side listening to this exchange. The Prophet says to the man one more listen. If you give him this tree or sell it to him, like a piano lesson for gender, Allah will write for you and inocula a date palming. Gentlemen, could you imagine the province I sell them gives you a signed contract of real estate in general, with your name?

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What would you give for it? It's guaranteed. The man says well, it may not even 100 now ilaha illAllah.

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He leaves with a wealthy man in Medina. He owned that most beautiful date orchard in all of Medina, but your loved one.

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He ran after that neighbor, that man and he said to him, you know who I am? And you know, my farm? He said, Yes. He says, Give me that tree. For all of my farm.

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I'll give you my whole farm. You give me that one tree that you refuse to say

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sakala Rajan, the man said to me, You got something, you okay? He said, Give me that tree

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and take my whole garden.

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He said he had a bit sad, NASA let him refer to me as you

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take this evil tree that has humiliated me in front of the profits of the law holidays. I've ruined myself. He knows he's ruined himself. But his arrogance will let him go back, won't let him fix it.

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I would have sold this whole farm.

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He runs up to the orphan. And he says to him, you know the tree

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to hear the story to him. I bought it for you. It's yours. I give it to you as a charity. You don't need it anymore. You don't need to worry cut it down. Do whatever you want. It's your property.

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That young man was overjoyed he went and secured his home his life.

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And that was that that comes to the prophets. I send them and he says to him Yasuda by the license.

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I gave my orchard in lieu of that tree. The province I tell him stopped him and he said, I'll be held Bay Area of Atlanta. What a good deal you made that would

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come in Canada. Yeah. But how big is your tree and how heavy are a dates in gender that I see now I have a data

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that runs home happy twice has no idea.

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And he waits outside the gate of his farm. It's not his anymore. He's outside. Takayama da da da da da get out.

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She goes Maverick. What happened? Karla Perpetua. We've sold this farm. Honestly men to

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I sold it to Allah and His Messenger sallallahu

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takala Robbie has

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a good deal you made She doesn't even tell where they're gonna stay that night. What a good deal you made java.com

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she picks up her son who was about to eat a date.

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Time infamy. She took it out of his mouth and she says now Hi Linda. We sold this to a lot you can eat this out.

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Four months later. The Battle of offered which you will stand in front of in sha Allah its site when we visit Medina Bismillah he tada

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has martyred in that battle.

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And the prophets I send them in the nightfall asks the Sahaba to look for the wounded or the injured or the deceased, the market from his owner. And they said we've gathered everyone you're missing. And I said no. There's one more missing. There was a couple of Sahaba he said the sentence about they said we are almost in Java. And he went and he found out with Dada and he carried him some a lot while he was sending them. And as he's carrying them with that data. He looks at his face and he said probably help if

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I told you you made a good deal. Or I would die. Meaning his martyrdom

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wasn't what gave him the elevation engender the thing that blessed him in general was what? The father that good that preference of someone to himself that compassion that he learned from the fountain of compassion Mohammed Salah la vida us

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so look for opportunities to use your wealth, your privilege as a Canadian.

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I don't mean sign your contract over to another brother. But I mean share your food. Don't sit and eat something unless you've shared it with someone. Buy a cup of tea for yourself and another brother. Bring something up to your room and share it with those who are my roommates. They know how much candy Have I given you guys where's the room?

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They live in at large lava. I I brought candy for all of you for Amina Allah Hey Carrie from Australia. I said no if I buy it from here, it's easy.

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You have to think of of your charity what you want to do. You might say it's a lolly it's a snake it's not no it's something big you've thought of others

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want to pay for the taxi that you've shared with other people

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want to purchase an extra meal with the long line that you've been waiting you see that lady who's waiting at the end she's not going to get there for another half hour you're at the to buy something extra and say if one who's waiting for a meal you can have this one as you're walking out. in Medina buy a few shower master Wendy's sandwiches as you're walking there 5 million each with a bottle of water six Rehan

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to the cleaners who are out there in the heat mopping up all the dirt, don't you don't have to give them money. Give them a second give him something to eat. Some of the clothes that you say I'm not going to take this back with me. Some of the cleaners here would appreciate it some of the people on the tour they will appreciate it. Nothing goes to waste. Make that as a part of your financial outlook in your days in

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number four so that we end quickly in shot long, we don't go over time and that we can make it for so lots of negative

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number four from attaining a successful HUD is your Toba to Allah Subhana, WA tada and Toba. It has particular simple requirements that you stop. And at hamdulillah we're immersed in an environment that allows us to stop using that we used to hear is in there. I'm not talking about music, halal or haram. But some of the things that that used to distract us from like the TV that was always on. Do you know anything about what's happening in CNN or the world? What What did Trump get up to lately? Well, I don't know. Right? You're Danny, you're immersed, it's in a different place. And all of a sudden, it becomes very advantageous an opportunity for you to recognize inequities in your life in

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my life. All of us have them the prophets I send them says, couldn't you add them? Every human being has been prone to error? Well, hydrosulfite in its own, the best of them, are those who returned to a lot in repentance. So the first is to cease and desist the mistakes that were upon. Second, another, another moral failure, that in your heart, there's a pain. And that pain is not measured by other people. It's only measured by Allah, it is called regret. That regret is known by Allah that within yourself, there is a story of what I had done or what I had missed to do,

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and unlock and feel that it's not about calling someone saying, Listen, I'm in Mecca. Now please forgive me, I'm sorry for what I said or did or not, it's about that inner inward look.

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Number three is that you intend it perhaps you may return to it. Perhaps you go back home and you fall again prey to it. But your intention at the moment of your tailback is I'm not going to do it again. Now, if you actualize those three things in the things between us and Allah, we are forgiven. And it is the Hawaii bridge the heretic, sect the extremists who believe that if you return to it again that the First Temple wasn't accepted, that is a non orthodox belief as Muslims, if you repented, then it is a law who is accepted it if you were regretful and intended not to return to it again, even if by chance you made that mistake again. The fourth aspect of Toba is if it involves

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another person, just say there's someone right now that I know I have wronged.

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To make my Toba complete, I have to amend it, I have to return their property. I don't have to tell them, Hey, I'm the one who took it. But I can mail it to them I can mail an equivalent amount. And the man says Allah He says, If you no longer have an opportunity to repay that person, meaning that person signed What good is giving money to his son or that it's finished?

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He is I injured someone in hygiene. I know I was wrong. I cut them and I can't find them again. I don't know them. So then the only consequence that you can do is to increase your good deeds as much as you can. Because on the Day of Judgment, they will take from them so have something leftover for yourself so kinda law to worry.

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There's nothing you can do. Because they will see you on the day of judgment and they'll controller in the

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rain inside Buhari. After you cross the slot. You've made it overnight, you cross you turn these 800

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miles Allah save me from you. And you climb up a little hill you're gonna see another breed. You can say that hold on, uh, who was a nebula? Hello sighs and it's at that moment of the Nevada that's where you will be asked about your inequity towards others. Not on the surah the Surat is between you and Allah Selassie Yamanaka, all the things but now you've made it between you and ally. You're clear. How about you and mankind? It's at that moment.

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prophets lie Selim says, Allah subhanaw taala says and as Hilah Babu from Alibaba Do we have two best friends will be avowed enemies on that day to one another except the righteous because there's no reason to be upset with one another. I haven't wronged you. You haven't wronged me. We were brothers in righteousness. It's on that day you mean? You're going to run from your brother will only he will be your father, your mother. A lot tells you Katara bukanlah taboo Illa Yahuwah bill

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You're gonna see mom and you're gonna take off cuz the Huck you owe to your mom has not been complete to your father's incomplete while saw he but he webedi your wife

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and your sons

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who's left unmentioned? Your daughters and your sisters? The prophets I send them says men Allah Jerry is the one who is blessed to look after two or more young girls until they reach an age of maturity. Well as an attack de Bahama and treated them well with good manners. Who nella hijaab Amina, they will be the barrier between him, them and Jana, you're going to look for your sister, I have the lab blessed with two sisters and a daughter. Some I got a little bit of a moat around

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the profits of a law where majority of them the fathers of daughters

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call your Amina who's a capital one.

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Always in the Quran, the preference was to have a doctor

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to have a sister that you can raise and look after and honor because it is a way of you being brought towards a lot. And on that day of judgment when you run from everyone you will see him and therefore on that bridge, that art bridge that then leads you to that are often gender you will be stopped by those people, your wife, your brother, your father, your mother, the loved people to you in the dunya

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in them in as well. What do I do when Allah says in the Quran from your wives and your children will be your enemies on the Day of Judgment male law protects us young.

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Finally, as a last point of advice for our sex and we'll continue with the same inshallah tomorrow and the day after from assuring and seeking to have a successful Ramadan is to exert ourselves

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to be tired to get tired of reading a plan. I don't mean become tired of it, but Yami to the point where he's had some kind of love okay, but I'm going to do one more page to just struggle as much as you can to earn reward with a lot.

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And magenta magenta The one who struggled will find what they struggle for. And the prophets I send them described the Hajj as a jihad. So Pamela, it's a struggle within yourself to come to a place of betterment for yourself. You have to push and push and push yourself to doing the things that heal you and complete you between yourself and a loss of no time. And of the three things that I found most beneficial to myself during the days of hug first is your thing.

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It is the easiest thing as an active evaluator to do but the most difficult to perform. Yanni some hand a lot will be humbling. Every one of us to Pamela what we haven't been so Pamela would be handy 100 times a day wipes your scenes even if they covered the ocean like foam or, or stuff covered in ocean 100 times a day. And no one does better than you in that day except someone who said it more. So Lola while he was in.

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prophesies, lm said the one who reads is and cruelty after every solar. There they are in Jenna, the only reason they're not there yet is because they're still living. Hello, genders guaranteed. Why for one, Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the one who reads I am cusi when they wake up and before they sleep, the lolly happen a guardian protects them all their day and all their night from any harm. You won't trip or hurt your toe or stumble or get cut or fall or find out your disaster waiting for you when you get home. Why I used to because of the lightning episode reports the prophets I send them said the one who reads ayatul kursi t Beatty. He couldn't Lila, Sophie's our

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Java, the one who reads it Tim Cook every night in his home before they sleep. His house is protected and none of his neighbors like my neighbor Steve, the guy named Steve.

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The only reason he doesn't get robbed is me.

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At your

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you're guarded by Allah subhanaw taala.

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Right, you and your neighbor.

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The prophets lie Selim said I was given from the treasure of the auto tshabalala to versus the last two verses of sort of Alba.

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The one who reads them Kappa to the one who reads those two verses in their day.

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Once a day, it is enough for them. Some of the images they said enough meaning it's enough of the Quran that they read. Yani you can say in front of a lot or a lot I read for Amina format a couple others it's enough from any harm any difficulty you will find in life. Love and

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exert yourself not by doing the big thing you're doing the big thing I

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don't think you have to exert yourself or have to go to Mecca and do a lot. Now. It doesn't have to be that complex. First. Your dick with Google law has a cron era. And typically, before you sleep when you wake up, let the first thing and the last thing you say is the name of a muscle kind of remember a lot. Number two, connect yourself with the origin and the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala if you recite it fluently helps someone who doesn't just say put on the group said Mike and brothers after so lots of fun I'll stay back for half an hour anyone who wants to practice reading the Quran with me I'm happy to help

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just amongst your room if you don't read well put on the group Don't let Don't let shyness prevent you from good say brothers I need to polish up my Khurana does anyone who has time to help me? I'm just doing I was trying to memorize subotica lady with a moon girl I'm trying to read yours i'm not i want to complete Judah I'm not in our 10 days. Make an effort. Push Push your limit with the origin and third and finally is your drop and check Mohammedan shot lochia has important important sessions you can miss my session but not sure if Mohammed session I'm telling you honestly. Sure Mohamed, Mashallah. He gives it to you straight. So he has this session about drama and these kind

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of things. It's unmissable in shot lobby there tomorrow. I don't know if he's doing God's tomorrow. He has one on anger and you know, just amazing kind of stuff that I always learn and benefit from. So when, when you have that opportunity, get your draft list in order, as I said before, and I say it again and I will say it again. You do it is about what is meaningful to you. zecharia What did he want? He wants a son. So what was it? I want a son?

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Moosa I'm scared to face it, I own them, I stutter. Oh Allah, is your suffering, where suddenly I'm gonna make it easy for me. What does that mean? very real stuff. Ibrahim, Yala. I let them in a place that nothing grows. It's inhospitable. Open it up masala. I hope they will continue with their prayers. I make that dry.