Adnan Rashid – Dawah in Latin America – The Forgotten Continent.

Adnan Rashid
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the "Forgotten Continent" situation, where there is a lot of political and cultural uncertainty. They explain that there is a lot of effort needed to translate the Quran into a Latin American language, and that there is a lot of potential for work in Latin America. The speaker also highlights the potential for political and cultural uncertainty in the region.
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slur Han Rahim brothers sisters, I am back again on my channel. It's been a while since I was active because I've been active elsewhere. Now we are planning to visit Latin America or Latin American countries. And we want to explore the situation there. It is the Forgotten Continent. Rightly so. Latin America, as far as the Muslims are concerned, is a Forgotten Continent. There are people who are very receptive to Islam. I was in Qatar for the World Cup. I saw that 1000s upon 1000s of Latin Americans with the families, Okay, we're coming into the mosque, and they were asking questions, we were giving dower to them. They were very receptive. They were listening carefully. They were very

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respectful. They're not like other people in the world who will basically be bored or will get tired of that discussion. They are very spiritual people. And we have forgotten them effectively we have completely ignored them. And there is hardly any Dawa taking place. There are very few noble brothers who are doing Dawa in Latin America actively, and mashallah, they're getting great results. There are people who are interested, they want to know about Islam, they want to learn about Islam, okay, Catholicism is all for them. Now. It is all this old news now. They want to move on. They know that there is some stigma attached to that history. There is some history to it. I have with me

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right now you can see the shakes sitting next to me Mashallah. This is Chuck Issa Garcia, who is originally from Argentina, and currently residing in Colombia. He is a chef who has qualified from Medina University Alhamdulillah. And he even translated the Quran into Latin American Spanish. You may be thinking, why am I saying Latin American Spanish? Because Latin American Spanish is quite different to Spanish spoken in Spain, European Spanish, it is quite different. So this is why the sheikh specifically translated the Quran into Latin American Spanish so that Latin Americans can appreciate the word of Allah subhanaw taala so that the language of the Quran is easily understood,

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or even the meaning of the Quran for that matter is easily understood by them. Sure, Isa, welcome. I wanted to ask you, Chef, what draw what drove you to translate the Quran into that particular language? Well, when I became Muslim, I received a copy of the translation of the Quran. And that copy was translated by an Orientalist. And it was in a very anti Spanish language that was speaking in, in Spain. So it was politically difficult for me to understand and because this was, was translated by an Orientalist was not friendly, right Muslims. So after a few weeks of being Muslim, I started making Dawa to my family and they will ask me a copy of the Quran, Allah so I got to the

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conclusion that if I give them this copy of the Quran, I will make them away from Islam closer, right. After many years of experience in translation, after studying Arabic language and Sharia Islamia, I decided to go.

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Low aquamarine, imagine that he watched because you simply made the word of Allah, or the meaning of it available to potentially hundreds of 1000s of people, possibly millions of people, because I don't think there's another is there another translation in Latin American Spanish to your knowledge?

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Minds is now like 10 years old. There's a new one. Okay. And that's specifically in Latin America. Yes. Spanish? Yes. Okay. And who who did that translation

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system, okay, from, from Latin America. I don't know exactly which country. Okay, Masha, Allah, Allah Allah. So this shows that still a lot of work needs to be done. This is now can you imagine the chef when he became a Muslim? He was giving dower to his family. And they were asking what translations of the Quran and he couldn't find a good one. He couldn't find a good one. So there's a lot of work that needs to be done in this continent. And that's why mashallah Sheikh is active in Colombia. You live in Colombia, right? I live in Colombia. And and you were telling me earlier about, you know, how people are receptive to Islam evil, you know, if you Tao correctly, people do

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listen, when people are normally in Latin America, Christians. Some of them are Catholics and

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Many other denominations, but

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a lot, a big group of them. They identify themselves as Christians believers, but they don't want to have any real relation with the church right now so that they are really open. So when you when you want to have

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Have a discussion

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about, you know, the nature of God. They are really, is it because of the history, the brutality of the Spanish invasion? Or Spanish colonization of Latin America? Or is it because they don't find the religion? attractive anymore?

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Well, mostly has to be with the

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the role of the church in the last 50 years right now.

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Being part of the abuse of some governments, right, it's the people.

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The abuse of

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young boys in the church, so to the,

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to the right away from the church. Okay. Okay. So, finally, I mean, just to summarize, because I want to make this video very quick, I wanted to highlight the point that there is a lot of potential in Latin America, would you agree? I agree. You and you agree, also, that is a Forgotten Continent? Well,

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if we compare the efforts done, by by the by the Muslims, it like in places like Africa, Europe, states, or even South South Asia,

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Latin America is part of law. So this is a real, urgent situation where we have hundreds of 1000s of people, millions of people who haven't yet received the message of Islam correctly. We need to take Islam to them. What they might know about Islam is negative, for example, they might watch the news or they might see a version of Islam that's not correct. So we need to actually reach out to them and do the hour in Latin American countries and it's a huge continent is a huge continent with huge potential. And most importantly, people are open to Islam. So brothers sisters, just wanted to bring this good news to you that we will be starting some work in Latin America inshallah IRA is already

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present in that continent, and we're gonna Inshallah, see what we can do. So keep us in the US and keep your isa in laws because mashallah He's done a great service to Islam, and to the Quran, we'll accept from him Jazak Allah Allahu wa salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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