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Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The "harahmatull" is used in the title of the book of unlimited movie in the sun and the Pro confident sallama report, as well as in the book of the stars. The "harahmatull" is discussed as a glorious beast that cannot be achieved with anything, and a need for daily therapy is emphasized to connect with one's loss and seek healing. Pros confident sallama report in the sun and the book of the stars also contain the "harahmatull" as a reminder to take action for future successes.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu two brothers Abraham with another Ramadan therapy Alhamdulillah This is Dr. Number 24 May Allah subhanaw taala bless the rest of the month of Ramadan from us, except what of it has passed? And may Allah give us many more Ramadan's and make this Ramadan come to its closing with healing and cure and therapy for all of us a lot. I mean, we're continuing with your hot number 24 This is a drop from the Quran but I'm going to share with you the Hadith that relates to it. So this is found in sort of the MB app. And I will link it in chat Allah for you in in, in my YouTube page, but what's important about it is the pretext of it and the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam reports is reported by savigny Abbe waqqas, who was an uncle of the prophets, I tell him he's one of the 10 who have been given promised by the prophets I tell him that he will be from the people of Jenna so while he was still alive, the prophet sighs and and promised him that he would have a seat and he was one of the greatest military generals of our Muslim oma so Sadek Navy will cause relate from the province I tell him, but also in this chain of narration is that his son narrates from him. So Mohammed relates from his father sad. So this is from Mohammad relating from his father sad that all the Allahu Allahu wa Rahim Allah Mohammed. And

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Ibrahim is the son of Mohammed. So this hadith actually, in the first three links of its chain is Ibrahim from his father Mohammed from his father, Saudi Arabia will cause for the Allahu anhu it's an authentic chain of narration. And it's found in the book of unlimited movie in the sun. And it's also found in the Muslim development method, the monster the rockabilly Mammon, Hakeem and others, contemporary and ancient scholars have graded it as usable and

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now the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, near or in the narration of limited with the Dow wetter than noon, that you are of the noon meaning the nickname of Yunus alayhis salam, if that were who if he bakunin hood, the one that he used when he was ingested by the whale? And Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Lola and condominial must have been had he not been one who was regular in his making to speak Subhana Allah Subhana Allah Subhana Allah had he not been one who is regular in his glorification of God lebbeus Effie botany he laomi but I thought he would have remained in the whales ingested by the whale until the Day of Resurrection. So Allah subhanho wa Taala reveals that

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you are of no other noon. And this is one of the dryer where Allah immediately says fess up Nanda, I immediately entered him. And we know the answer was immediate, because the word it's not a statue of nella, there is the fat that precedes it, which says fat without even the Arabic language, the fat of the immediacy of concurrence in immediate action. So a lot as soon as he received the drop of the noon, it was immediately answered by Allah, and therefore this drop is a powerful drop. So the prophets I send them teaches it this little Sahaba sadly, maybe we'll call said that the Prophet said, Tao, what are the noon if that I will have a few bakunin who's the one that he made while he

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was ingested in the stomach of the whale? La ilaha illa Anta Subhana Allah in the Quran to Mina volume in three important sentences, La Ilaha Illa. And he acknowledges the supremacy of Allah, the oneness of Allah, that none is worthy of worship, but Allah La Ilaha Illa and there is none that I will ever turn to an ask and seek assistance from except you Allah Subhana glorified Are you beyond imperfection or you know, limitation is there set upon you know, hindrances there that is before you know and awareness is there for you so behind neck complete in your glory and unchanging in that majesty, you will remain as you have always been in me, I admit, couldn't do me navali mean, I

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acknowledge my sinfulness and my transgression. I train I am one who has wronged themselves in me, couldn't do me in a volume in three important sentences that when you put them together, are a blessing to the prophets. I seldom said that these two are that was uttered by the new moon in the whale, when he was ingested by the whale that in Nehalem, yet there will be * Roger alone Muslim moon fish, a in cut illustre Jabba la hula, that there is no believer who will invoke God with those same words, seeking anything to have seeking for God to fulfill something for them. fee Shea in caught in anything that they request of God, in Leicester Jabba la Hola, except I promise that your

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Lord will answer them for what they have requested, who fulfill the need that they seek, will grant them what it is that they have petitioned for, that they will be heard and answered by Allah. So therefore, this drop behooves us it's something that becomes important for you

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And I to make as a part of our daily rituals and make it as a part of our daily therapy in connecting with a loss of Hannah to Allah, in particular in the month of Ramadan, three sentences that either acknowledge the maker acknowledge the one you worship acknowledged the one who you put your face down on the fourth floor for and nobody else will you acknowledge in that way that Allah Allah and Allah subhanaw taala says to mouza yeah Moosa in any and Allahu La ilaha illa Allah or Moses come to know that there is none that is worthy of worship but me, only I am I who is worthy of this Subhan Allah to Allah. Allahu Allahu Ahad say to them, he is a law of the eternal in his unique

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uniqueness of his one of his unity and oneness. He's the only one of him there is none that can be comparable, equal to have any share with him. Let Illa Illa and acknowledge this as a pretext of your need. subhanak glorious Are you no limit is there a new nothing I can ask that cannot be met. Nothing that I see cannot be fulfilled. There is nothing that I desire that you cannot achieve and attain for me. There's nothing that I fear that you cannot protect me from Subhana glorius are you in your completeness in your blessedness glorious Are you in your capacity to remain with your mercy and your compassion unchanging? Even though I turn to you with sin and evil subhanak in me, I

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acknowledge I am. It is my fault. I don't blame the shaitan I don't blame the neighbor. I don't blame others. I don't blame society. I acknowledge my mistake. I acknowledge my weakness. La Ilaha Illa and subhanak. In Me, me, in me couldn't Amina volley mean I'm the one who has transgressed against my own self. I'm the one who has wronged myself. I'm the one who has brought myself to disrepute in harming others taking what doesn't belong, looking at what doesn't, is not right, saying what is inappropriate doing and acting in a way that is sinful, having financial transactions that are immoral. In me controlling authority mean I acknowledge my weakness and my sinfulness

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before you are law.

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What you will notice is that you haven't made a request for what you want, but because Allah is the one who knows what's in your heart, Allah is your Creator and maintainer that this is one of the most powerful ways to get your needs fulfilled. So you're looking for marriage, you're looking for freedom, you're looking for liberty, you're looking for ease, you're looking for risk, you're looking for health, you're looking for your children, you're looking for something to be blessed with something to be removed from you. You're looking for some assistance, you're looking for some removal of trial and calamity and pestilence that has descended upon you that either Suhana iniquity

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nikken to me, navali mean, La ilaha illa Allah Subhana Allah in the Quran to me, nobody mean La ilaha illa Allah Subhana kitting Nico Mina volley mean, La ilaha illa Anta soprano getting Nico to me not violin mean, La Ilaha Illa and so Chanukah in economy navali mean, no need, that you have caught in its entirety, that you make a draw, seeking a lot through this even without asking with your lips. But what is in your heart and what Allah knows of your future will be granted for you. Even without specific request. May Allah make this idea of healing from sort of Colombia, the drought of the Prophet of Allah Yunus Ali is Salam Jonah, may Allah make it a healing for all of us.

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La Ilaha Illa and sapan agha in the Quran to you know Bali mean to you, brother. Yeah, hi Brahim with another daily reminder for you from Ramadan therapy. Number 24 was said Mr. Egan was meant to live when a cat

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