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Same Sex Unions

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Yasir Qadhi

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My dear brothers and sisters, this is a lifestyle and an action that we think is unethical, that it is immoral, that it is unhealthy for a society especially to publicize you know, it's one thing to do it, you know that you do a sin, anybody any sin, whether it's drinking, whether it's drugs, whether it's same sex, premarital whatever these sins have existed in Islam, even from the beginning of time every society has them. It's one thing to do it behind closed doors, nobody knows about it. It's another thing to show it to our entire society and to embrace it and to allow people to come into it. And that is something we will publicly say without any embarrassment that this is not

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healthy. It is not moral. It is not good. It is not wholesome, it is harmful to society, to family, to our children, even to ourselves. It's simply not good for the soul. And final point, my dear brothers and sisters, all of this underscores the importance that each and every one of us has to our children, to educate to them the reality of our faith.