A Hindu Girl has a Live-in Relationship with a Muslim Boy and comes Close to Islam

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I am a Hindu girl. I was in relationship with a Muslim guy for three years. We were in a kind of live in relationship. However, through him I started liking Islam. Now we are dumped me without any reason. Will Allah be angry with him? What punishment will he get? I cry everyday thinking of him. We both are from India, but studying abroad

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regarding this Hindu sister

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that she felt that he was in love with the Muslim boy. And they were living in a living relationship that we live in together without getting married and staying together and

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and you know what happens?

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But after some time, he left her and he dumped her. But she got close to a sum because of him. And now she cries thinking about him shall question is that will Allah Punisher

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and what punishment we'll get? Number one living relationship in Islam is haram. It's not permitted at all.

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girl and a boy who are Nam haram, living together

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is totally haram in Islam. Only after marriage can husband and wife live together or brother sister fine, but the unknown man and woman

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unless they marry, they cannot live together and live in in relationship just to experience that for haram. So for that it is a major sin.

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We will Bieber live in relationship

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there a benefit

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relationship and it becomes the 10th major sin in Islam, adultery or fornication. And Allah will punish him for that.

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Then the question was that you cry?

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Thinking about him?

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My fuzzy to use SR is that I would look at it in a different way. In your question, you said that because of that, boy, you came close to Sam.

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So according to me,

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if I was in your place, and you started liking Islam, what I would have done, I would have actually thanked him because he has bought too close to Islam.

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What he has done with you is wrong. I am not condoning him at all. If he left you for three then he left to I don't know. But if he has promised you that I'm going to be with you and he left you It is haram. There may be various reasons unless we don't know the reason why he left you I will not be able to tell but live in relationship itself is haram will be punished for that. But the good point is this the silver lining in this is that because of him You came close to Islam. It is like someone giving you a million dollar and then robbing $1,000 from that million dollar and your crime. Why did he rob that $1,000 You should not be pessimistic, should be optimist. You should be happy. He gave

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you a million dollar. He wrote $1,000 is wrong. But he's given you a million dollar

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home that million dollar $989,000 yours you only wrote $1,000

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And Allah says in the Quran in surah Baqarah Chapter number two was the motto one and 16 that you may hate a thing which may be good for you. And you may love a thing which is not good for you. Allah knows and you don't know this situation if that boy has got you closer to Allah subhanaw taala has gotten to closer to Islam, and we have learned about it, then it is worth it. If we if you distribute your data mistake, Allah will punish him. What my suggestion to you sister is that if you have come close to Islam, accept Islam, study Islam. I'm sure you may be believing that there's no God but one God Allah subhanaw taala you should not associate partners in that God, you should not

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do idol worship and believe that Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him international funding messenger if you believe that there is no God but Allah and Prophet Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, you become a Muslim, that is worth more than all the wealth in the world will end all is a small example.

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Because on the Day of Judgment, the unbelievers when they will be put in hellfire, they will not complain to Allah that you are ingest they will say we do not mind giving you the full world and the wealth in it to save us but God will say Allah will save too late so what do you have got is a treasure sister love it and cache it see to it that you practice Islam surely you will find some good Muslim boy

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who will like you who will marry you and inshallah life be better. Maybe later on thank Allah that okay it was infatuation that I like the

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Previous boy, but the new person who you have married will turn out to be a better husband will be love will be loving you more. So look it in the positive sense and maybe you start doing dua to the boy that left you

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to look at with an optimistic view sister, not a pessimist view and inshallah maybe you start praying for him that what he has done is closer to