Turning Your Waste Into Rewards

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Again my hope but today I wanted to mention, especially for those that are watching online and those that have benefited from the sign language interpretation of our sister Rebecca, who of course is not physically next to me but who hamdulillah right on the side is always translating our horrible that her husband was afflicted and is in the hospital and we owe it inshallah Tada to our sister and to our brother to make dua for his healing may last pentatonic cure him and comfort sister Rebecca and her family and make it easy for them a llama. I mean, this is not a whole tubba about recycling, as the title might suggest, when we talk about waste, and you might notice that waste is in

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quotation marks. But there's a rich body of a Hadith from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that seemed to speak to a different time, and things that we often find ourselves unable to relate to because of the nature of how the world operates. Today, I came across this beautiful Hadith from the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. That got me thinking about the subject. And it's an authentic hadith from Albarado the Allahu Taala and home, where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Man Malahat Minh has 11 A will hetta what it ohada zu Cochon, carrot, carrot, P NASA, O raka sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said that whoever lends an animal to someone so that they can benefit

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from its milk. Keep in mind what I'm saying because it's very specific for a reason. I want you to think in that society if you own a goat, and you are not someone who has the means by which you can actually donate entire animals. You can't give away your entire animal. But you have a neighbor, and that neighbor wants to benefit from the milk of it at least and you say, You know what, I'm going to lend you this animal of mine, so that you can benefit from its milk for however many days and then you can give it back to me. Okay? So think of it in our times. And you'd read this hadith and say, well, that doesn't apply. But think of it as maybe, and Allah knows best, of course. But if you lend

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someone a car, you don't have the means to donate a car, but you lend them a car to get around for a few days or something of that sort write some means by which you are able to benefit yourself. Even though I can't give you what I possess, you can benefit from what I possess for some time. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, men, men ahead men had 11, whoever lends an animal to their neighbor to someone else, so that they can milk it for some time. A woman had Taiwan, or lends them a few coins, lends them some money. Okay, and what appear could be usually the scholars mentioned silver, so it's not even the best of currency but lends them some money, some coins so

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that they can benefit themselves with a small loan, so that it can get them through something in the immediate term. Oh, how does Wilcoxon or guides someone who is lost? Okay, you can't give them a car. You can't pick them up. You can't house them, but you can at least guide them along the way so that they don't waste the time and energy and effort of being lost. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, can it be Nassima Oh raka it is as if you are freeing a slave. It is the reward of emancipating a slave and of course, we know the great reward in Islam, for purchasing the freedom of someone who is enslaved. So the profit slice um so that if you do any one of these three things,

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then you would have the edge, you would have the reward from Allah subhana wa Tada of the free of a slave. Now, again, you read that hadith and you go, wow, first of all, it's like when you know, people talk about back in the days here, generations, we'll talk about the differences of how we used to interact with our neighbors. So the idea of lending someone sugar next door, or some salt or something small, these are things that are unheard of, because then they just have you know, some sort of Amazon Prime or just drop off your groceries within an hour, couldn't they figure something else out? Right? These are things that become even more foreign to us as time goes on. But think

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about that society and relate yourself to these categories. And you'll find that there's a connection here. And what I want to speak about today is a different reflection of the famous Hadith lay up you know, I had to come here to you humbly Fe may have been enough see that the prophets lie. Some said no one of you believes until he loves for his brother when he loves for himself. We usually talk about this hadith as we should, with the greatest aspiration of ethos of selflessness, and how to be selfless and their inner Matt have broken it down. The scholars have broken this down this selflessness into three categories. They say that the first level is that you

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give away what you don't need. You give to your brother what you don't need the extra stuff. The stuff that's laying around in your closet, the leftover food, the leftovers of your gardens, hello, the amount of Hadith traditions about, for example, letting the water flow to your neighbor, not cutting it off at your garden, letting it flow to your neighbor, second, irrigate their crops as well. You don't cut off the extra from your brother or from your sister. That's the first level of selflessness. And remember, the first group of people that Allah made an example out of in terms of grace, were the people of the garden, who are the people of the garden that Allah spoke about in the

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Quran are people that of course inherited a garden from their father and their father used to leave the crops out, let the poor come later on and pick what they could get their share of the crops. And so what did his children do, not realizing that it may have been the buttock of the blessing of that small act that the father used to do. And of course, I'm paraphrasing, paraphrasing the story greatly. They said, Let's go out there early and pick everything before the poor people come and try to take it. So what happened the whole garden was destroyed. So this level of selflessness, the first part, which is just let the extra go, at least give to your brother, your sister, what you

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don't need, not even the best of what you have not even the best of your income, the best of your food, the best of your blessings, give them the extra. That's the first level of selflessness. The second level, now you're humble enough, see what you love for yourself. You take things into consideration exactly as you would for yourself for your brother. So you try to give them everything that you want for yourself in mind, you hear that a mama know your name, Allah said brother here is not talking about your brother, Muslim, your brother in humanity. So you give to your brother in humanity, exactly what you would give to yourself what you love for yourself. And then the third

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level, which is the greatest level of selflessness, is that you give to your brother, even what you yourself would prefer Sirona. And for him, this is the level of the unsought, the level of the people of Medina. But we will be talking about Chatelet out in great detail starting this Tuesday night. They prefer others to themselves, they actually prefer the Mohammed in the migrants from Mecca to their own selves, they gave them the better share of the house the better share of the crop. And that was the greatest level of selflessness. Now here's the thing, when we talk about this hadith, we always go to what we go to the level of the unsought as we should the most aspirational

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level of this hadith. However, what I'm going to argue today in sha Allah Tada, and just a few minutes is, let's not zoom past the first category. There is a spectrum here, there's a cat 2.5% of your wealth. And then there's a Wilbekin while the low tide on her right. And it says it's all for Allah, I'm giving it all away, there's a whole bunch of levels in between those two, where you are sinful because of the neglect, if you don't meet the first part, to a place a level that the prophets lie, some would not even let the companions the other companions reach, because they did not have the amount of faith of bubble bucket or the low tide on who there's a lot in between there.

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And so this first category, the food, the extra food, your leftovers, the extra wealth, your use clothes, these things that people literally consider waste throw away. And they could actually sustain the world as it is today. They could actually sustain the world as it is today, the things that we waste. And so I want to speak about this from a mindset perspective, a mindset perspective, the extra things that we have, that we've gotten so used to being destructive with, and let's forget about saving the world right now. Right as in, you know, again, the great aspiration, let's just talk about the way you approach what you have, the way you approach the gifts that Allah subhanaw

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taala has given to you. And I said this quote was not going to be about recycling. I mean, not entirely about recycling, right. But even that, you know, maybe you're not going to reverse climate change and everything that's happening, but at least you have a connection, you have a mindset of thinking very deeply about the consequences of your small things, the consequences of the small things that you have the small actions, and so it's a mindset.

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If you go to your closet, and you see things in your closet that you haven't worn for a year or two, that means you don't need it, give it away, and they'll just throw it into a bag and not bother ironing it and making it look nice and presentable. Give it away as a gift, do the best that you can with it. You don't have to perfume it but you can iron it and get it cleaned up and present it in the best way. Subhanallah the discrepancy when we ask people to bring blankets for those people that literally freeze to death in Dallas in the winter outages, right. Some people threw their blankets and you could have just cleaned them up. Some people went and bought the newest ones the way to do

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Kitson, I can tell you Subhanallah the look in the eyes I'll never forget, when one of the workers in the convention center saw a weighted blanket, he said, Well, this is a weighted blanket, he started telling the other workers you know what this is, as if it was, you know, the most the most precious asset in the world. And you might not even be thinking about that when you're just throwing things right. But think about it. Those things that are in your closet, it's actually an assignment for you to say those aren't practical go to your closet, if you haven't worn it for a year or two, give it away, it's time to go teach your children that if it's a toy that you haven't played with, I

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don't care how much you love it what your game console is you haven't played for played with it for a long time. Give it away let's package it. Let's give it away let's make something special out of this your old phone I know that people try to keep up with the models right and you try to get your trade in value. You don't take it to the store and you get this much in return your old iPhone could be a new iPhone for somebody else. And it could mean something to them much more than the trade in value that you get there do something with it your your old car mashallah we have both ignorant leaf and maruf taking our old cars, cleaning them up getting them ready for the refugee population that's

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here, give it away think about it if you can, if you can afford to do so make it a mindset that these extras for us have a lot of potential in the sight of Allah subhana wa Tada and can mean a whole lot to somebody else. And then the last one that I mentioned, here is the memories. What about the memories? You get sentimental, right? Your old wedding dress and I'm getting a little personal now right old suit from your wedding. Your old Tux this old dress this thing that meant a lot this little this this thing that was passed down?

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Your brothers and sisters Hala someone mentioned this to me once about the the weddings in Gaza. Last pants on make it easy for our brothers and sisters. And because in Yemen, these places were these these things that we take for granted. I mean, there's a practice of having group weddings, because people can't afford to do weddings as individuals, right? So what do they do if 50 People get married at a time? Right? 50 Grooms 50 brides, it's really a sight to behold. And someone was saying, you know what if we took our old suits and our old wedding dresses,

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we steamed them up nice, got them clean, and we found a way to send them to one of these places. Think about that. Maybe it's an idea that will settle in someone's heart or mind them shell and you take it up as an initiative, the blessings of Ramadan, the leftover food, when it's packaged up properly, and gone and delivered to the homeless every single night special, it means something to your brothers and sisters. And I want you to think again, about your memories, those things that you have that are laying around the potential of those things, what they mean to Allah subhanaw taala when you give them with sincerity, and what they mean to the people that you give them to turn your

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occasional memory into an eternal reward with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada take that small thing that you look at every few years and say, Oh, this was great. Let it be something that you get to stare at with pleasure on the Day of Judgment eternally and in Jannah because it is one of the means by which you qualify for the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala so and with this you know when you're trying to trade in your car you think of trade in value, pawn shops, even that at some point will probably go away all of these little things right what's the trade in value? What can I still get out of these things when I've lost when I don't really care for the extras anymore? The extra leftovers the extra

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food the extra use clothes the extra things? Hadith from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and agreed upon narration from our shuttle the Altana. She gives the scenario the prophets lie Selim gives the scenario to her of the family. And he says sallallahu alayhi wa sallam either uncarpeted automata AMI BT VEDA must see the kana Lucha Lucha Raha Bhima and for Kotwali Zoji ha ADRA who be Marchesa, well, Hosny, Mytho ALEC, the prophets lie Selim said that if a woman were to give away the extra part of the food in her home,

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right, and there's no mention here that this is just like the first idea that I mentioned. This is not the super valuable stuff. This is the extra stuff that we're talking about here. This is the first category the extra stuff and she said that you know, I'm going to give this away and the assumption here is that she was not the one that earned it right. She's at home and she's eating it and the husband was the one that earned it so the profit slice and um, such she will have the budget, this woman in this scenario would have the reward of what she gave away even though she did not necessarily earn the income in that situation for the food that was there, but you'll have the

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full reward and the profit slice on him said and the one who earned it will have the full reward as well. And even the highest

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The one who keeps it the one who preserves it. So think about the one who puts the food and puts it in a box and says I'm going to be the one that delivers it. And this tastes the one who stores it away has the full reward, the profit slice, I'm said la young Kosovar ads robot, and not a single one of them will take from the reward of the other one person has the reward of the test the earning, the other person has the reward of the in fact, the giving, the other person has the reward of the transferring the, the transferring, or the preserving of that charity, and Allah counts each of its each particle of it for each one of them fully without taking anything away from them. That's

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what it could mean to you what it could mean to that person another Hadith from it solo the Allahu Tada Anna, where the prophet slicin I'm said to her, to set up a barrier between herself and Johanna, what will be shipped the Tamra even with half a date and the Prophet space. And I'm said for in the heart assuming that Jerry must said to her Minister chabanne, the prophets I saw him said that it settles the hungry in the place of the full. And what that means, according to many of the scholars is that the sweetness of that date, you know, someone who's very hungry, maybe that date is not going to fully fill their stomach that half a day, it's not going to fully fill their stomach

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but the the nutrition of it, the sweetness of it would at least make it more bearable.

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You know, in the Syrian refugee camps, many of you mashallah donated what you donated, those toys that you give out there and those Syrian refugee camps, the kids are not asking What color is it? And is it the latest models, it's a toy, they will line up and they'll take the toy because that toy to them is the same as an Xbox or whatever it is for your child over here, it means something else to them. And so that leftover meal for them, that leftover used dress or clothing for them that leftover blanket, that extra food, think always about the Hadith of the Prophet sighs tell them if a person would even take an animal over to their neighbor and say benefit from its milk for a few

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days. And that's the reward of freeing a person from slavery in the prophets lie some sets of free someone from slavery is to free your entire body from the fire channel. Allah writes it down. So let's take that mindset of the profit slice of them and learn through that detachment from this world. detachment from greed and increase in shot Lazzara in that focus on what these little things could be. May Allah make the mountains of reward for us on the Day of Judgment? May Allah subhana wa Tada allow our hearts to be connected to him. And towards that which benefits us a lot more I mean a cooler quality Hado stuff Laurie rockin risotto Muslimeen festa fiddle in a hotel for rocking.

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Al hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah on early he was sabio Manuela La Nina with me now it's all Muslim. You know what Muslims are here in Humala march in the Casimiro party when Modi without Allah awful in our home no Wi Fi no Allah to either problema wala and phocoena when I'm tougher, Linotype Hamner, then akuna minal Casa de la mina, careful when Karima to Hibbeler for foreign Allah, Allah fritillary Dino or Bahama comfortableness e la Robin habla and I mean as far as you know the reality you know Kurata Aryan vagina in Sakina Imam olam so if one and Mr. Athena FEMA shall kill all of them Avada Allah so they finally installed in a female child or the mother Arabia,

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Allah Allah Allah give lightning in a bit Vitamina expedition I was one and then veniam Saudi mean about the law in the law here. I'm gonna get it with Exxon. When you talk a little bit about Manhattan and fascia, you wouldn't want to carry that burden you're overcoming Allah Conterra karoon fastco Allah has got to come. Watch Kuru vada Nana is it Lacan? What are the crew? Allahu Akbar? Allahu Yamato. snarling welcome with sola