Yasir Qadhi – Preaching Morality Isn’t Preaching Hatred

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the term "transph Ser" and how it relates to racism. They argue that individuals are not just preaching hatred, but rather their lifestyle choices are causing harm. The speaker also talks about the importance of their children being included in their people's lives and the need to address their gender dys inappropriate behavior.
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One of the tactics one of the dastardly tactics of this trend, and that is to accuse us of preaching hatred and violence. They've coined the term transphobia. If you dare don't agree with the sentiment, then you are somebody who's

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acknowledging somebody who's embracing racism, somebody who's wanting to prove hatred. And this is completely untrue. They accuse us of bigotry and hatred, and potentially calling for violence, but we respond back. Inventing terms transphobia doesn't change biological facts. We're telling you biological facts, forget even scripture. You're not Muslim, okay? Forget even scripture. You can invent whatever term you want. We are speaking biological truths here. Also, disagreeing with a lifestyle does not mean you are preaching hatred. We need to say this loudly and clearly. disagreeing with a lifestyle does not mean we are preaching hatred, much less violence for

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centuries. We are saying we don't drink alcohol. Are we preaching hatred of all the people who drink beer who drink alcohol? No, of course not. That's their business. They're doing it. We don't drink alcohol. Allah was that freedom and right, nobody invented the term alcohol phobia. Muslims are alcohol phobic. No, our preaching of our morality does not mean we are preaching hatred, much less violence, that is your imagination. That is your false accusation. And it is nothing for there is nothing further from the truth. You have your lifestyle choices allow us to have our lifestyle choices as well. And we speak out against it not only because we are believers in a higher power,

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but because we genuinely believe this is harmful. This is dangerous. If a young man or woman said I want to cut my hand off. What would you say? If a young man or woman said I want to cut my leg off? What would you say? We would come together say no, no, don't do it. This is wrong. Well, then if they want to cut their genitalia off all of a sudden becomes it becomes sacred under law. It's the same principle. What Your Lord has gifted you is a gift. How Your Lord created you, is a gift unto you and appreciate that gift and accept Allah azza wa jal as blessings upon you. In the end of the day, brothers and sisters, we cannot force anybody to do anything. But we will draw the line when it

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comes to our rights when it comes to our preaching. And especially when it comes to our children. Do whatever you will you have to answer to your Lord. But when you drag in your promiscuity, and you show us drag queens in our own public schools and our own public spaces, when you spoon feed our children to begin questioning their gender at the age of five or six. Well then No, no, we are not the ones preaching hatred. You're the ones preaching indoctrination. You are the one spreading immorality and filth in places where you are not welcome. Do as you please in your personal lives, but leave our children out of it

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