Islam and the Dunning-Kruger Effect

Yasir Qadhi


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The speakers discuss the importance of being aware of one's actions and experiences to avoid becoming annoying. They stress the need for students to be mindful of their own actions and experiences to avoid becoming annoying. The "slack culture" is real and needs to be looked at carefully, and students should not be seen as just a victim of "slack culture."

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salon to salon Marisa Allahu Allah Allah He also heavy you want to learn more? Today short thought that I thought I'd do something different inshallah we'll make some psychology with Islam learn something in sha Allah beneficial and link it to our tradition as well.

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modern psychologists have documented a phenomenon that is common in all disciplines in all fields is a human problem is what is called the cognitive bias. And that is something known as the Dunning Kruger effect. Okay, Google that after the Dunning Kruger effect. It's a very interesting phenomenon. And what this phenomenon indicates, and this is across all disciplines, is the following. When you don't know something, you know, you don't know it, and you give weight to the people of authority in that field. But an interesting phenomenon is observed. The minute you start learning, and you will master level one,

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you get an overall boost of confidence, and you think you know exponentially more than you actually do.

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And you have a sense of such confidence that you feel more qualified than majority are many experts. And it takes some serious mistakes to cause you to come crashing down, and then slowly you build another so the Dunning Kruger effect has actually been charted. If you have confidence with knowledge, you start at zero, it shoots all the way up with a little bit of knowledge very high, and then it falls down slowly. And then very slowly, it begins to rise again. Okay, so if you had a chart of the Dunning Kruger effect, it would be straight up like a you know, straight sharp angle, and then is going to go down on a curve, parabolic curve, and then slowly is going to go and that's

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going to be real knowledge. Okay, now we see the Dunning Kruger effect. Most commonly, every parent is going to love this in teenagers. Okay? The notion of that when the teenagers learn how to drive when the teenagers Google a few facts or or they study something in college, they think they know, you know, and maybe they do know that one fact better than you do. Maybe they do. But obviously they don't know life do they they don't know experience when they drive cars. Okay. Why is it that every 19 year old gives his parents heart attacks when he's driving? Because he's overconfident? He thinks he knows everything. Right? He knows because he's just learned how to drive and that's the Dunning

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Kruger effect. Okay, the same goes for every single discipline. Now, how is it linked to Islam? Our scholars say that the first sign of the students have knowledge of studying Islam and learning Islam is arrogance. When you begin to learn hulless you think you know you heard a fatwa, you heard one of these? You heard one ayah Hollis, you know, if you hear one chef give a verdict. You think this is how converted, that's it. And you will fight over it and consider everybody else to be wrong and deviant. But as our teacher said, the more you learn, the more tolerant you become. The more you learn, the more humble you become. And the sign of a person of knowledge is humility. And a sign of

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a true person of knowledge is acceptance and tolerance you understand where others are coming from, and a sign of the Dunning Kruger effect is the beginning student of knowledge, the one who just learns one opinion. And that's why our teachers would say when we were studying overseas, they would say, diversify your teachers learn from lots of people. So you learn the spectrum of opinions. Don't just learn one, don't just learn one opinion or one person that's gonna then you're not going to be you know, open minded enough and another classical alum of the past he said that, you know, without mentioning the Dunning Kruger, but this example is exactly the Dunning Kruger right? He said that,

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you know, the beginning student of knowledge, he stands at the shore when he's just beginning he looks at the ocean, and he knows he knows nothing is too far away. Then when he gets on the boat, he gets confident I can conquer. I know everything. Okay? Hello. So I'm here when the boat goes in the middle of the ocean and he can't see anything. He realizes what does he realize? He knows nothing. Okay, this is the example of that when you really know nothing. You know nothing Hello, that's the ocean there. But when you just get into the boat and you feel I can drive I know this is the shore there the water there, but just wait when you go deep in the ocean. Wait when you are completely

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lost, you cannot see the shore then you realize that there is a barrel here.

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ALM is a knowledge that has no end to it. And that will only come once you have comfortably left once you have gone forward. So the bottom line and what is the purpose of this in every single field, every single field, we have to be careful that we do not become guilty of that overconfidence. And Allah reminds us in the Quran, do not speak without knowledge. Allah reminds us in the Quran, ask the people of knowledge if you do not know, final example. And then we conclude another example that was sometimes results in a tragedy that in the time of the prophecies and famous example, I've said this before, that there was a group of Sahaba on an expedition. There were

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no scholars amongst them, but there was one person studied a very little bit and in the battle, one of them became wounded. There was a wound in his head that is frustrated, it's pus, and for whatever reason, then he fell asleep and then he woke up he had to do also and there was no scholar in the expedition. So this minor student of knowledge and he is a Sahabi. He goes no the fatwa is clear, the Ficus clear you have to do also, even if there's a wound and his festering you have to pour water on it. This is the Dunning Kruger effect. Okay. The guy didn't know any better. It's also have a he did also poured water on the festered wound, and obviously it became worse and he died. By the

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time they go back to the medina he died. The Prophet system was visibly angry. And he said, How could you have said this? In fact, in one version, they He literally says, oh, Buddha would Cthulhu who Katella hula, they killed him with that fatwa. May Allah curse them this actually a hadith that in your overzealousness you think Islam doesn't have any leeway? Any concession and by the way, look at what is happening. Well, I don't want to go to a longer look at the foolishness the stupidity look at what happened in the COVID crisis when minor students of knowledge did not want to and we were saying and people were saying we need to shut the massager down. This is a crisis but it was

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those minor students of knowledge. No the *tier this Yeah, okay, the surely I want you to live it doesn't want you to die. The *ty takes into account common sense. But this is the Dunning Kruger effect all over again, the same footwork that that person gave, oh, he has to do hosel and the Profit System said you killed him. That's not what the *ty I says. Why didn't you ask the real people of knowledge? This isn't the Hadith. Why didn't you ask if you didn't know why did you think you knew when you didn't have that? So the point being again, much can be said here but to Allah He Dear Brothers and Sisters, we see the manifestation of this reality Call it whatever you will, that

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obviously modern psychologists call it this effect. In reality it is human psychology. We find it in these Hadith as well that it is a phenomenon of human nature. Be careful do your brothers and sisters do not take knowledge from those that are just beginning to not take knowledge from in any discipline in the in the field of medicine when cutting edge stuff? It needs to go to the senior those that have wisdom and experience and long, you know, degrees or pedigrees I should say not just degrees long experience and not to the beginning students of knowledge may Allah subhana wa Tada bless us with humility and with iman and Taqwa and May Allah guide up all of us and guide others

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through us to Zachman Lafayette and I'm wondering what I was able to catch