10 Deeds to Jannah #10 – Charity

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Don't forget furie

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salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah, he was so happy.

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So today's the final day of our topics about the doors to gender, obviously, these are not all the doors to gender everyday we did one of the doors that we should be aware of it. To agenda has many, many doors to add many paths to it many ways to get to gender. And one of the most important ways to get to gender is the way of giving charity for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada. giving charity. giving charity is one of the main manifestations of having faith in Allah. In fact, that is why Allah mentions it in the very first verse of the Quran when he's describing the believers at a flat meme that he could get echolalia but he who doesn't watch Athene Who are they a Latina, you know, he

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will you know sada huami Mera sakana, whom you'll notice how simple it is, who are the righteous and the believers, they are those who believe in that which cannot be seen, and they pray regularly. And from what we have given them, they spend upon others notice the whole paradigm is set up. This money that we have is not our money, it is a lot of money. Well, Mimara zakenna who mewn coupon, it's not our money, whatever we have given them, some of it will mimma that men hear me in some of it. Allah is not asking us for all of it. Allah is asking some of it and it is directly linked to faith it is directly linked to a man and of course the blessings of giving charity for the sake of Allah subhana

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wa tada are well known to all of us, there are over 70 verses in the Koran that encouraged charity. And Allah subhana wa tada mentions that every single Dirham were denied or every dollar or penny that we give, it is like a seed that is put into the ground. And from that seed like a corn seed, for example, it then sprouts forth, so many different plants and vegetations. And so many husks of corn are going to come from that one seed. And our Profit System told us that every good deed that we do every charity that we give the minimum that we're going to get back this tent, and we might even get back more than 700. So if you give $1 you might get $700 in reward depending on of course

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all of the circumstances put together, never will $1 only count as $1 whatever we give, it will come back to us in this world before the next world. And one of the things that I always do when I talk about giving sadaqa in charity, as I mentioned, some of the words in the Koran that Allah uses for charity is very interesting of the words that he uses for charity, of course is a cat and we all know is the cat it is the obligatory charity, and it is a Quranic term. It didn't exist before the coming of the Koran, and Zakat, it literally means to purify. It literally means God after Herman zeca so Allah called charities the cat from the noun or the verb to purify which implies that if we

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don't give from our wealth, the money that we have is filthy, it is disgusting, it is rotting, it is festered. When we give Zakat, what we do, the money becomes pure. So can you imagine if somebody puts a plate of rotting food in front of you would you want to eat that? your wealth and my wealth is worse than that food, unless we give zakat. If we give Zakat, it becomes the best of the best, and becomes the purest of the pure. So Allah calls charity, the cat to purify the rest of it, of course of the most common terms of charity is also sada. And this is very, very interesting as well. The term that Allah uses for charity is sada. And the meaning of sadaqa is again something that the

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Koran came between It was not known in pre Islam this term to imply charity sadaqa literally means the verb Sadako. Without the time of Buddha, it means to tell the truth or to believe the truth. And that's why some of us won't finish the Quran we say sada Allahu Allah. I mean, it's not you know, the process of didn't say that, but still nothing wrong with saying so Doc, Allah Allah, that Allah has indeed spoken the truth. So Doc, Allah, Allah has spoken the truth. So sadaqa means speaking the truth, and we call our workers, right because he believed his his truthfulness is demonstrated. So why is charity Why is giving for the sake of Allah, the same root word as believing. It's a very

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interesting concept. And it's in fact it's very profound.

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You see, when I hand money over to somebody when

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I give my money to you or to the, you know, the the person in the store or to what I expect is something in return for that money. No human being gives money and then just walks away. You want something back, right? So when I hand the money over, go to the computer store, I give money, I get my computer, okay? I'm doing by Brian groceries, I give money, I pick up my groceries, when I give charity, what do I get back? I don't get anything tangible back, I can't see what I get back, I cannot feel that I cannot put it in my hand. I cannot. But when I give for the sake of a law, what I'm doing is I'm showing a lot that I believe sadhaka abubaker. So do I believe that what I get back

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is going to be more than what I've given it's worth my investment is worth my handing my cash over. That's what sadaqa means. It literally translates as a proof and evidence that you believe in Allah. And that's why sadhaka is called sadaqa. Because you put your money where your mouth is, you show a lot, I believe a lot in your promises. And I believe that your professors have told us he swore by your name or a lot, he swore by your name, that if I give charity, I will not become poor, I will become rich, he swore three times and oath of person that however much money I have, it's not going to go less if I give for the sake of Allah, it will become more. And so our law, I believe that

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whatever I give, you will give me back even more than this. That's why South Africa is called sadhaka. And as well, of the terms that the Quran uses is called bandhasana allaudin has center called the center is another beautiful term, God has said that means somebody is going to get give a loan, that you're guaranteed to get the loan back and you're going to get some type of gift or good that you don't put a condition on but it will give you back. Good. So for example, a car has an in this world, if I were to give you $1,000 Okay, and I secure give it back to Michelle in a month, okay, you give the back 1000. And then without any condition because put a condition will be wrong

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without any condition you give me back 1000 you say here, here's a nice perfume from me, I'm just giving you as a gift. So I got my 1000 back, and I got a nice beautiful gift from you as well. This is Arnold Hashanah, okay, now again, you cannot put the condition to get the gift Your house is going to be rubber, the gift has to come from the heart. Now out of the house, and Allah is saying men, then lady, you call it a law of bandhasana, who is going to give to a law, a beautiful loan that allows shall return multiple times more allas out of the lesson is not going to give you back one gift, Allah will give you back all that you have given multiple times more. If you give 1000

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Allah will give you back at least 10,000 at least 10,000 if not more, and that's in this world. And the next world is even more than this. There are so many a hadith in this regard. And of course you've heard so many of them when we attend our fundraisers. But I think you should really think long and hard about what it means to have money and what it means to give for the sake of Allah subhana wa tada two simple Hadith and I'll end on this inshallah Tada, the first of them. Our Prophet says, I mentioned that once upon a time, there was a farmer, you know, praying for rain, he wanted rain for his crops, and he saw the the rain, the cloud coming and he became excited. He

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thought it was for his land. But then he heard an angel from the clouds cry out, not on this land, the other person's land. So the man said, There must be a reason why Allah is preferring that man over me. So I'm going to follow this cloud. So he followed the cloud until it began raining on a neighbor's land. And He then asked the neighbor, he said, I want to know, what do you do that is causing the rain to fly over my land literally passing me and coming to you? What do you do? And the man said, I don't know what to tell you. Except that I'll tell you the habit that I have, that whatever money I get from my crops, one third I reinvest, you know, for the crops, the maintenance,

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taking care of it, making sure everything is fine. And one third, I'll use to feed my family, and one third of the money I get, I shall give to the poor. So the man said, this is why Allah is giving you even more Subhana Allah. And of course, the reason why the cloud passed over this first man is to teach him so that he becomes to the same level as well. The reason why Allah xojo bless the other person was because he was giving for the sake of Allah so Allah gave him even more. And there's a beautiful Hadith that are always quote when I talk about giving money for the sake of Allah, and it is a heady tinted media that there were two brothers at the time of the Prophet sallallahu it said,

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and one of them was a wealthy businessman, the other one was studying knowledge and learning from the Prophet sallallahu. I sent him and he would live in the house of his brother. So one day the brother complained the older one and he said, O Messenger of Allah, my younger brother, he eats from my food. He lives in my house. He takes from my

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blessings and he doesn't do anything to earn those money, that money. I earn it. And he's basically saying a freeloader. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, No, he wasn't being lazy was a student of knowledge. The prophets of the law is Adam said that I like to reserve who mean actually he, perhaps Allah is giving you all of your wealth, in order that your brother be fed. Allah is making you rich, not because you deserve the wealth, but because he wants to feed your brother, and he's using you to help other people. So never, ever, ever feel that when you give for the sake of Allah, that you are doing somebody a favor, rather, you are one whom Allah has done

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favors to. And Allah is using you to give unto others and perhaps you have the wealth that you have, not because it's intended for you, but actually allows using you and because Allah uses you, you become blessing, because Allah uses you get a free pass because Allah uses you, you can earn that money and enjoy that money, but it wasn't really meant for you. It was meant for somebody else, that person that Allah wanted to give to the one you write the check for that so it was meant for but it was using you and and Allah is mercy when he uses you, you're allowed to benefit from that wealth. And therefore dear brothers and sisters are the most important paths to gender is the path of

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charity give frequently give consistently give small amounts every single period of time and large amounts every once in a while continue to give, never ever complained about giving always have the upper hand instead of the lower hand and a lot of xojo will continue to bless you may Allah subhanaw taala continue to give us more so that we continue to give other people more and inshallah with this we come to the conclusion of our series that we're having. Of course, tomorrow is the day of read at the kumada took over aluminium from solid or not let me be the first person to issue a blessing to eat. And I pray that Allah subhana wa Taala gives us many, many more aids to come full of Eman and

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taqwa and happiness and joy. I pray that Allah protects all of us during these difficult times of the Coronavirus. I pray that Allah protects us and our loved ones. I pray that Allah subhana wa tada makes us safe and makes our loved ones safe. I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala increases us any man and taqwa until we leave this world. I pray that we die upon the Kadima and are resurrected with the believers and given the shift of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam chisako Allahu khairan salam aleikum wa